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Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 2

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Independent Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaN report Ike Appel . Says county smoke1 screen continued million for a downtown auditorium scheme will seem but the cold fact is downtown scheme will Cost much More than million Lor land and con it will Cost two or thre. Times As much when interest is paid on Bonds. This is an expenditure and obligation to Placid on taxpayers of entire allowing taxpayers to on it. I three times the people of los Angeles voted Down a similar but far leu costly project. But town los Angeles interests have promoted scheme to provide the facilities using county taxpayers instead just Thovie of los in addition j included a 7ioo-car parking scheme to Cost Over million. This too will an obligation on county t taxpayers. But great Benela Clor will Down-., town los Angeles the promoters of los Angeles scheme say parking spaces in nine Story buildings and. An under ground garage will lie so profitable they will pay losses on auditorium and music Hall. But they fail to admit or reveal the fact that perching Square underground on City property in five years has failed to pay City any profit. It is time that county areas los Angeles City awaken to the fact that they about to taken for a costly most of los will equally placed on sucker list to provide expensive facilities for downtown los Angeles which that Section should provide for itself. interests concentrated in that area would foolish to expend such Money ii they can make taxpayers do it for them. Natural continued from Pago Al ported rep. Glen Imp comb lot a Siz Able amount of it Alto criticises the president directly. Most of thai Type of mall comes people who Slyn t h e 1 r letters Taft Republican or lifelong merchants father of thetear1 to gain Long list of handsome prizes in suicide try reunited with mate other congressmen re ported that some of their con Salt cunts feel that they have been double crossed by the president and they use that word to express their feelings. Rep. Edgar Hestand s office said criticism of Ike is coming from regular party workers who to. Have played an Active part in Bride nest Ca Malm. Poison to herself Ai past campaigns. A Mutt her in expressing their attitude husband asked for divorce w toward the president the Vot tearfully reunited with him Are writing that he does t her Hospital room saturday. A find meeting was arranged b or Hospital chaplain fur mrs Samuel 28. Had Lars 4-Cffmt stamp this new four cent commemorative stamp which portrays the american Flag in its natural colors will go on Sale in Washington july 4-Llndepentoe design was closed saturday by the Prat office War photo uie Rosi Winner of the title of father of the year in the Long Beach area is to receive some valuable prizes which will give him a Well rounded wardrobe. Tong Beach retail firms Are contributing the awards Willel the Independent press.tele-1 Gram sponsoring the contest j will give the Winner a trophy with hit title. Father o the in addition there will be a special Section in the Sun bather of year inde pendent press Telegram 6u and Pine ave Long Beach. The nominee does not have congressmen Jum Uius Camuei Nad firs that much of the criticism comes refused to see set. Roy Samue from right Wing republicans who arrived late Friday nigh mindful of from emergency by they will willing to pay their share of the county taxes when it is spread Over All lies in the county. But Ai a smoke screen or. Will comes out with a glow ing picture of what All sections of the county Are to get during the next ten Yean. It is also designed to cover up his budget calling for a 17 per cent county tax increase. A it is a warning to All county arean that Thini will put Over unless the county supervisors change their attitude. They should be willing to place project on the ballot for All county voters to pass on. The plan will be placed before tha Board on tuesday 1 june 4. It will then be known whether the supervisors believe in the people s right to vote on Luch important if they deprive the people of that right when certain individuals and groups put the pressure on them. It is time for a . S column like other columns an expression of personal opinion us not reflect the considered opinion of c emergency leave from h stripes of republicans however station at Mcchord air fore one lawmaker warns that the base Tacoma Wash president May have misjudged we .7 the Public s attitude in Choos lne Thyl to each to defend his budget in fireside a not the chats. Chaplain a minister of the re organized latter Day Saint Church talked with Samuel be while reporting his con Cern Over the attacks on Ike Hillings to the Presl Dent s did he the Young Southern Cal for Nunn who ii a Pouble candidate for the a. S. Senate in 1958, said he thinks it la time to answer the question does our country have Good leadership and Good government before Retting around to his answer which was Hill Ings noted that he has no Rea fore taking the airman into mrs. Samuel s room. Then he left the couple alone. The meet ing was described As tearful. Their three children who drank Only Small portions of Thi Poison served by in. Samue at a Tea party for them were reported recovering sat Factor by. Police said Samuel on arrival went first to Headquarters my read a. Suicide note in which flood across Oklahoma kills nine u. Yuichi Wii in Ion to be politically Beholden to his wife refused to Grant him a or. Elen Hower inasmuch As Fig. Divorce but wrote pretty soon i ures show i received a higher percentage of the vote than the president or any other Candy continued from Page Al of rain fell in the South at Mannford. 39 Miles i Section of the state from its Mouth and at the Washta River was out Well ahead of the to its Banks in the South on the Arkansas Abov sections from Lindsay the nine inches fell to Lak Texoma in the upper Arkansas cres was above Ralston 55 mile the Highway patrol Laid Keystone where a Stag was warning property three feet above the flow and residents along the is expected. To be on the Alert for momentary evacuation. Dozens of person already had forecasters although they acknowledged the Arkan Sas Crest would reach tuls their Homes than they had thought some in lands in the by predictions the rive area were flooded. The River Rise to 35 or 26 feet wet perts warned residents on 19-foot flood stage Anc sides of the Arkansas they june 1923 record of expect a severe flood when flood s tardiness enabled Crest hits. City to bolster its defense Kraft Toff it the expected surge. I univ Vui Liju ence of the Cimarron and missing t Kansas seemed Likely to it quickly through want double crests on the Rivers. Dial he 2-5959. Clarran s was due Moon tides 1 Insp indent phbs1.teiso.nam Munro i 10 in Publ Libaud sunday Only t sixth at. Pint Long by my Calif. Knt Trad m mind Tilaia Mattar turn cml Lun Titi 7im. Eldit Alghi my to bowl 0.2 toot it Lim , and e.7 Fml at 8ll2 it Lino baath or month Par Liimol Moonlit i Carlar Dallary a 17.20 by null to pm to Natl 7lu, Alghi Ful at 1155 . And 1.1 fat at 4i4t . Date in my District last no vember. Amono the Good things to be said about the administration said were that it has balanced three budgets in a Row. That it Cut taxes in 1954, that the government payroll is smaller. Any fair appraisal would show that the country Good hands and the future is Bright said Hillings. -7 Hope Preil Dent s critics will keep this fact in mind and not allow oppose ton to certain fiscal policies prevent their recognition of the food work which has been despite this defense of the president. Hillings talk he has voted to Cut the budget and will continue to do so because i think it is too large1." this is a pattern Many other gop congressmen Are follow ing. Whether the president the Hospital said the sergeant was denied admittance to h wife s room on orders of her attending physician who Sak not be permitted to see mrs. Samuel until so agreed he could. The airman then visited Sottrel Mohra Wool tropical sul ils children Roy Eugene 4 David 3, and Dorothy. 2. Mrs Samuel and the children drank the Poison thursday afternoon police reported. The of. Roy Eugene said his Mother old them it Wai my Dudne but e and his brother and sister Only sipped it because it did not Aste Good. Police found in the samuels1 ome a letter from the sergeant King for a divorce so he could marry a woman he had met in Washington Day Independent press Telegram announcing the Winner with his lecture. On the cover. This will appear sunday june 9, a week ahead of father s Day. In the special Section will be advertise ments and stories on special gifts and gift suggestions to Honor dad. Deadline for submitting nominee in the contest is my night next sunday May 2t this will give the judges amp time to Check All entries. Karl e. Mundt us said he soil Reserve i Washington Rufil it sen. Is confident the Senate will re verse the disastrous and ill tempered House vote to kill gifts the winning dad i receive will include a j10 gift certificate from rom Buffus sport shirt Fror j. C. Penney co., Robe from Montgomery Ward co., Ever pen and Pencil from Law sons Straw hat from Andover shop. Also an Eastman Kodak Star lash camera kit from win Ileal Box of Wing White shirts from walkers paper mate desk writing set from Thrifty drug Annel Slacks from Levins men i rotarians flood nto Luzern Luzern. Sol therland up _ of officials of rotary internal onal powered into Luzern sat Day for the big Geifer internal onal convention Ever held in Waltzer land As Many As rotarians expected to be in this Lake de resort and adjoining towns Wear sport shirt from Foreman Clark. Entries should be submitted in 50 words or leu to the the acreage Reserve part of the administration s soil Bank pro Gram. He said in a news statement that apparently the friends of agriculture were caught by sur prise when the Horio took that action wednesday by adopting la. Wife finds husband suicide Harvey m. Deskin 43, apparently committed suicide sat urday by inhaling Carbon Mon oxide Gas in his garage at 3374 easy police reported. Deskin was found by his wife. The body is at Leper s Mort an amendment to the agr cd Ture appropriations Bill for t coming fiscal year with virtually 80 cent of the Fuifui Lycans oppor ing this action 80 per Cen of the Democrat voting for to Garrison amendment Wulc killed the acreage Reserve pro he said the party Len were clearly drawn and it obvious some Advance demo cratic planning entered into the Surprise but successful attack n agriculture. Mundt a member of the sen ate agriculture and approx la on committees said partisan ill does not operate in the Enate committees in the a. It raised its ugly and destruct be head in the House. I am confident we will no use an appropriation Bill on the Senate Side to drive a knife into the Back of the american he said. Bruce Rogers Book designer 37, new fairf1eld, Conn. Bruce Rogers one of the world s leading Book designers died saturday at his Home october House. He was 87. I to be resident of Long Beach but May reside anywhere in the Trade territory served by this newspaper. And. Persons Mak ing nominations need not be a relative of the Man they would have honoured. Entries have 1 been received for scoutmaster. Ministers school teachers and j merchants who Are doing youth work. The entry should give the Rea. Sons Why in the writer s open on. The nominee deserves the Honor listing some actual in f. Tances where the Man has done outstanding work. Neatness of the writing or spelling will have no bearing on decision by the judges., 2 die As car knocks bus info Stream colonial Heights greyhound bus and an automobile collided on a Bridge spanning Swift Creek Juit North of Here saturday night tending the bus careening into the Creek. Two persons in the automobile were killed but there apparent y were no serious injuries among the j8 bus passengers. Police said the passengers made their Way to safety through the rear emergency Oor of the giant double Decker which was in route from Lac hmong to Norfolk a the bus plunged Down a Steep 5-foot embankment smashing rough a Metal strip Barrier at he Edge of the Bridge and came o with Only its Forward and submerged. Its rear re Larned on the Shore. Author wanted . Publisher k. T. On. It in. M. N honk Mim Lilart ii no Irani. N i Lloil non. On. Boru to r or Hoo Kkt air loll Kirool b int. Change it through his two budget speeches remains to be the mall in response to his first appearance five Days ago is Only beginning to arrive n Washington. So far the White House has refused to comment on the reaction. Fit at toil . V or. Norman t. Madoff Uin ounces the i with him old. William l. Matzkin phys Kiili in Sung Cuni . 21722 so. Ahmed to. La. 10 Dominguez 24-hr. Emergency Smicz pm the if no 4-m66 2 John Norman Fine appear jul removal Sal for men Bixby knolls store Only leave this world your free bul Ary pending Coroner s Examina ton i take Lovely children with we Are. In the process of moving our Bixby knolls store from 4350 Atlantic ave. To 4512 Atlantic ave in order to make room for new merchandise we would dearly love to Eli min Etui Omeo Jet old. Sale continues through May reductions from 7 3 to 50vo on Ali Chandise Small charge for alterations ii it Knou Stom Holt Frank Brothers is proud to introduce a Premium Broad men who methodically tie each tuft into place. The loom in the old tradition. Here is luxury suit a truly remarkable carpet. Soft deep feeling that Corries Only from the very finest v Bombay is an extra thick broadloom with a carpeting. Native Wool from the High country of India unique uneven texture. It is hard wearing but luxuriously is carefully elected for its outstanding durability and soft to the touch. It is one of our finest carpets. .1 41.- resiliency. The Wool is then hand Woven by native so. Cd. 2400 american Avenue Garfield 4-8137 open monday and Friday evenings

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