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Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1955, Page 254

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Independent-Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - December 4, 1955, Long Beach, CaliforniaSunday newspaper phone hem logic Hemlock 2-5959 Cloudy with occasional ugh temperature near partly Cloudy tonight and monday. Bat High Low 40. Long Beach l2, Calif., sunday december 4, 1955 256 pages Lizard hits Prairies and great lakes 40-mile wind rips across Grain Belt dropping Snow Load Csc ago diver Ful snowstorm with winds expected to reach 40 Miles an hour pounded the nation s Middle saturday night blowing Snow Cut Down visibility to one Quarter mile in sections of Nebraska South Dakota Kansas and Minnesota and Snow piled up As High As seven inches. Storm was pushed by a of Arctic air that is expected to Knock temperatures Down to 10 below Zero in North Dakota and As Low Jis Zero in other states in its. Path. As the storm began the weather Bureau issued heavy Snow warnings also for upper Michigan and Wisconsin where residents braced for an eight Inch fall before morning. The air disturbance which pawned the new storm reached As far South As Northwest missis Sippi and parts of Tennessee and Arkansas where the weather Bureau issued severe weather forecast with a possibility of tornadoes. South of the storm area and in a narrow Bend reaching through Iowa and into lower Wisconsin Gleet and freezing rain made driving hazardous. Murky skies and drizzle dominated the weather picture in Illinois and Indiana and showers fell along the Southern Atlantic Seaboard As far South As Florida. The Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain states were pelted with scattered Light snows. Chilly weather prevailed in California also where the fruit Frost service said night temperatures in the Citrus Belt would drop to 32 degrees. I rain forecast in la. Today occasional rain was expected to fall on the Long Beach area today. Of the weather Bureau predicted the storm would be a Light one. No Snow fell in the South land s mountains saturday. Some fell thursday but the weather Bureau said skiing conditions were not Good this weekend. A few showers fell saturday in the san Francisco Bay area but there was no precipitation in the Southland. Did after Locking himself in the bathroom for an hour 2-year-old, James Pat Rick York of 232 Euclid "ave., saturday was still defiant when he emerged with the assistance of officer Maurice Astley. As an afterthought a. Slipped into photographer Joe Risinger. Or his pants before confronting staff go five teeters die As speeding car runs under truck Shafter Calif. Teenagers wern killed saturday night when their speeding car hit the rear of a heavy truck and trailer loaded with baled the California Highway patrol reported. Patrolmen said the car a 1955 Mercury was estimated to be travelling from 90 to 95 Miles an hour and the top of it was sheared off As it rammed under the rear of the truck s trailer. All five in the car were killed instantly. The victims All of Shafter were identified As Finis l. Ash More 19, the Driver Ronnie col Vard 18 Freda Brown 17 mar Vin Tabor 18, a Marine and his sister Viola born acc Tabor 15. Conference on youth to Start monday Washington joint conference on children and youth will begin Here monday under shot and started to run toward sponsorship of Marion b. Folsom Secretary of health education and welfare. _ or Fisherman Falls n o i d 20 feet to rocks boy 2, locked in bathroom sent to when James Patrick Yorke 2, yelled. Go Way Momtle you bother was the last Straw. His Mother mrs. Jeanne Yorke promptly called police to get him out of the r bathroom where he had locked himself up. A. As his friends Call him had sauntered into the bathroom of the Yorke apartment 232 Euclid ave., at about noon saturday. J almost an hour later he was rescued by officer Maurice Astley. Just after j. P. Went mrs. Yorke said he called for me to get him out. Then he said he was going to take his Bath. He changed his mind and announced he was going to Wash his Pant finally he told me to go away. He said i was bothering him. That san Pedro a the Cliff at it. Fermyn resulted in possibly serious internal injuries saturday for Charleshe Wicox 20, of 402 n. Palos Verdes St. Wilcox said he was climbing Down the Steep incline to go fish no when he lost his footing. He Ell about 20 feet onto the Rocky Shore. He was Given emergency care at san Pedro receiving Hospital and then Nonte Hospital in. Hollywood i girl if n seen in Lotta fog Madrid Iowa Lou Lincoln 14, her 9-year-old brother Mannle and their Collie dog went looking for a Christmas tree on their father s farm sat urday. It was foggy and visibility was poor. A Hunter Alan Mougin 38, n Woodward Iowa Farmer saw the Collie on a Knoll in a stand of Timber. He did t see the Cal la Drin he thought the Collie was a Fox and took two shots at it with a insurance on quakes by t. Judder Washington sen. Kuchl Calif wants earthquakes and Forest fires to be included in any Federal program for natural v a Senate committee is study ing proposals to authorize a fed for Vic Tims of hurricanes floods am other forces . In. Writing to Lehman dem., n. Acting chairman o High powered Rifle he said. One he the pro. Toldo to Kuchel said. Although Mannle she thought she had been am aware that limitations must the House. She ran about 15 feet and fell dead authorities said. . Says Douglas will pay Many Puoplo ask. Why does t Douglas pay Hali or All Tho Cost o the pro clod Oxton Slon of Tho Airport run it is quo lion since the main object of the runway of tension is to assure continuation of the Douglas payroll of 22.000 workers. Because it is a logical question we have sought pm answer. We were astonished to find out How much Douglas will actually pay when it builds the Large commercial planes in the local Plant. According to estimates the Douglas controller the company will be paying in direct City taxes some 000 a year More than it now pays. In addition it will be paying to the school District. Since Long Beach pays same 80 per cent of All District school taxes this Means Douglas would be paying about which continued on Page a-2 embodied in any legislation. I the d m s the r s 1 i unions Rock gravel negotiators in All night talk Hope to attain pact before Union conference today aiming to reach an acceptable agreement before a Union meeting scheduled for this afternoon labor and management representatives began a meeting saturday night with a a commissioner to discuss issues in the 62-Day-old Rock products strike. Keep talking in in reach an agreement even we have to stay Here until the time of the declared commissioner Earl j. Ruddy of the u. A mediation and conciliation service. The Union meeting was called j for p. M. In the legion stadium in Al Monte. Members of the Al teamsters Union will vote on management s latest offer to end the strike which has delayed an estimated half billion dollars Worth of c. The company and Union negotiators were meeting in the ambassador hotel. In los an Geles. Rudely. Said talks would continue throughout the night Gas. Elmwood 111. Two men overlooked by a fire department Rescue were asphyxia Ted a backyard septic tank after helping save a neighbor from its deadly gases saturday. Deputy Coroner Horace Payton pieced together .this-1 version of the tragedy David Schisler was cleaning the underground tank at his Home when he was partly overcome by Gas and for help. I v two of his Clifton Clark 3d, co publisher of the Elmwood Gazette and Keith Lucas 30, a Linotype operator for the paper ran to Schusler i Aid. Clark and Lucas jumped into the tank and pushed sch scr part Way out before they too were overcome and slipped a Way from the tank opening a fire department in Alator squad summoned by another neighbor arrived hauled Schisler the rest of the Way out of the. Tank and. Began reviving him. I not noticing the other. Twp Mon firemen replaced the top of the f it was t known that Clark and Lucas were in the tank until Schisler regained consciousness about 15 minutes later and asked f where Are Clark and firemen then removed the two men but it was too late. Both were dead. Sch scr suffered no ill effects. Us rebuffed no. Industrial officer v new York id Nion to join the the newly merged. Was sharply is puffed saturday night by or Ames a Carey a top Leader of the former several officials of. The or 00-member teamsters revealed a Leir Union planned to join the f. Al Cio s Industrial Union Der Arment a unit n tended primarily for. Former and carry morning. The latest offer by the Industry Calls for the men to re turn to work while a locally operated pension program i s worked out. The offer also Calls for a 17-Ccnt-an-hour wage in crease. The. Pension been one of the principal issues during the negotiations. Registered wave Yoti registered to vote if Joii Haven t you la to particularly interested in Tho in formation about registration compiled on Page a i. Train Auto crash hurts la. Driver a Motorist was seriously injured when his car was hit broadside by a Southern Pacific freight train at Alameda St and Pacific coast Hwy. Saturday night. _ Winfred a Adt fms St., was treated at Wilmington receiving Hospital for severe head lacerations several broken ribs and a possible hip injury. He was later transferred to Harbor general Hospital. Wilmington police said Hoyt failed to Stop for the crossing signal and was hit by a four car freight train travelling 10 to 12 Miles an hour. , son Sailor in robbery quiz photo on Page a-4 a Long Beach father and son and a Navy Man were jailed in san Pedro saturday suspected robbers and forgers. Police nabbed Harry r Clark 39, and Jack Clark 21, both of 2375 Chestnut ave., and Thomas Padgett at san Diego. The three were taken into custody by officer Raymond e. Can fluid As they were Ridln along Pacific ave. Near 2nd St later detectives confiscated a Cache of arms and ammunition it the Clark As Well As in Cash hidden in an ironing Board cover. An oxygen tank and cutting torches were found at the Home of friends of the pair in Lakewood. Det. Sgt Chet Bald Ridge said the evidence Lindl catch the oxygen tank and torches were taken in thursday night of Elmo priest a welder of 12166 Beatty St Norwalk. The men Are checked As possible suspects in a half dozen other Southland robberies Baldel dec said including a Bank Holdup in West Covina. Three Days ago and a liquor store Rob Bery in Torrance. Saturday morning. None of the suspects would admit any robberies. The Clarks arc wanted on seven warrants charging them with forgery in los Angeles Hunting ton Park and Lynwood. The son also is wanted on a warrant charging Battery and warrants continued on Page a-4, col. 3 it s another record papier again it s a for the second consecutive sunday the Independent press Telegram reports a rec Ord total of pages. The new Mark is v today s big newspaper Onca More is your Best and most Complete guide to Christmas shopping. Radioactivity up in Japan i i a i Tokyo Otami nation of the sky Over doubled since the firs of this japanese Sclan tests reported saturday. Or. Yasuo Miyauc and Penjin Ishill officials of the weather re search Institute said they hat flown to an Altitude of feet to Check the radioactivity. The two scientists said they detected artificial radioactivity from feet up. They said the density of radioactive dust was twice the amount detected Las january the scientists said the Curren radioactivity was carried by winds to Japan fro the North Russia. A v there has been a flood ports of radioactive rain and Snow nil Over Japan following the recent soviet announcement of new nuclear test blasts Stimson widow Dies Huntington n. Mrs. Mabel Wellington a Whit widow of forme Secretary of War Henry l. Stem son died. Saturday at her Wes Hills Home she u since thanksgiving. Jack Scruggs was there years ago next wednesday in the japanese Oncak attack on Pearl Harbor All but 289 of the men aboard the ass Arizona last their lives. The following Story it a remembrance of one of the american in Lloris for whom the Nhill of the become a Monument by Spence ii in user the Story of Jack Leo Scruggs began on March 9, 1919, at Hanford. He was the first child born to Henry Trust that your will Paui Scruggs and his wife Elsie. Not Overlook such devastating of Curran pcs As earthquakes and Forest fires. These unfortunately have on occasion inflicted serious sometimes including heavy loss of life in my Kuchl mentioned l the Long Beach earthquake of j933 and the Bakers Flold quake of 1952 As examples of the devastation and destruction caused by Earth shudders. The California legislator also expressed Hope that a plan can be perfected by which private Enterprise May extend greater Protection to property owners and suggested a system of joint government private assistance is desirable. Eagle wanted it. Jackson the 101st airborne division is seeking a live Eagle As a Mascot. A division spokesman said a Young Bird is preferred so it can be brought up m the in Fantry Jack weighed 814 pounds and had Blue his Mother recalls. We were so proud of to. The family soon moved to Taft booming Oil Center in the san Joaquin Valley. Jack welcomed a sister Pauline just two years younger than he. She is now mrs. Jack Ellis 3969 Locust ave in Taft Jack s dad was employed by. The Midway fishing tool co. When Jack was 13, his father was transferred to the company s Plant in Long Beach. He is in his 28th year with the firm this year. J in 1938, the family purchased a Home at 919 Junipero Aye. Or. And mrs. Scruggs still live there. Y a v like most youngsters Jack enjoyed outdoor life. But to Jack there was so thine More important y. Music. Music reigned his his Mother school work. Jack Scruggs Down went Crew continued on Page a-2, col 3 or. And mrs. Scruggs read jacks poem shy was wont to pitch and loan Carey the Anu ters Aid flatly Cio Secretary treasurer and head of be electrical workers number Oner the teamsters Are not in Industrial Union-1 two they can t adhere to our objectives. Three for reasons they Are not eligible and four we won t take them Carey declined to elaborate on Leses the teamsters often have been f Rotl clued by both Cio Hions outside easter jurisdiction _ and Largo ring. Allegedlracketin0u 4 the teamster move appeared to Lave stirred the first major , labor movement eve of its first convention monday f Keuther who and been top Man in the Cio and is due to head the id was n lined to minimize the whole situation. He said the id won t dually be established until authorized by the convention next others pointed out the id probably act separately on the merits of each applicant Reuther told the Cio i last convention Friday t Industrial Union depart ment will like every other de Arment of the merged organza Ion to open to membership of j f very Union in the Cio or Al continued on Page a-2, Colit see Molotov ouster topic for session a London Oie the soviet government s sudden Call for an o of schedule session of russians allament increased saturday he rumours that foreign. Minis or v. M. Molotov is about to Lre the Manchester guardian speculated that sex Premier a m.1. Malenkos now elec Ric Power stations also on the Way dlr radio Moscow announced Fri Day that the supreme soviet will meet dec. 23, for Thel third time this year. It is the first time in history that the organization has r met More than twice in one United press staff Cor respondent Henry Shapiro re ported from Moscow that lets Likely to come up at unprecedented soviet session in clude a report by Molotov on the abortive Geneva foreign minis tors conference and a communist Boss n. Is. Khrushchev and Premier n. A. Bulga Nln on their current tour of India. And a Moscow broadcast saturday said Molotov and other top so Voct leaders Are taking do strict political Moscow in an atmosphere of great political amusements Bridge w-13 f classified d-l-16 editorials .cr8 or military is obituaries .b-8 badly to real estate. .c-7-15 school menus w-15 ship a. Sports women s news w-l-201

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