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Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 3

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Independent Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Long Beach, CaliforniaViet policy support fades lbs might not win endorsement test by Jack Bell Washington Senate support for presi Dent Johnson s Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to mus Ter a majority for any Broad endorsement of h i s asian policies. An associated press can Vass which found 84 Sena tors willing to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally sup port what the president is doing against 40 who Dis approve of his actions for one reason or another. A breakdown showed 27 democrats and 17 republicans backing the president. Those opposing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans. Those who criticize the president do so for contrasting reasons. They in elude both the most con Vinced doves and most Mili Tant Hawks. Thus even though they list themselves As sup porters some Hawks assert strongly their belief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the conflict to a Swift and Victo rious conclusion. On the other hand the doves complain that John son is escalating the Strug Gle dangerously by b o m a ing near China targets is failing to get the South vietnamese to do their share and is leaving no o p e n i n g for a negotiated peace. The s u b s t a n c e of the comments of individual senators indicates there is S.C. widespread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorse ment of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in August 1964. In All the Congress Only Sens. Wayne Morse d ore., and Ernest Gruening Dalaska voted against the 1964 Resolution. But a num b e r of senators including chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate for eign relations committee have said they would not support S.C. a commitment now. Still there seems no likelihood that any attempt will be made to put into operation the machinery noted by Johnson at his news conference Friday that is available any time con Gress wants to rescind its 1964 action. Sen. Thomas j. Mclntyre d-n.h., said he still sup ports the president s course but i must admit that i m shaken a the mood of the Senate is changing Over he said. It s becoming he said he is shaken by the inability to catch the enemy by the inability to get the message through to Hanoi with the bomb sen. John o. Pastore d r.i., previously classed As a Hawk said we re in this for a mor Al r e a s o a and it can t be justified by immoral acts S.C. As invasion of the North or intensified bomb ing. We re pledged to give the South vietnamese a free Choice and that can t be had without a free elec sen. Edward w. Brooke r-mass., said he has been discouraged by the Way the War has been going but he puts great store in the Viet Nam elections. I stand practically f goes up on Hanoi outskirts Hiltons from a and Highway Bridge Over the canal pcs Rapides have mile from downtown Hanoi after . Bombers ranged far into North Felz Osier Mission of destruction. The Bridge was wrecked and a nearby factory damaged according to the . Air where 1 did in March when i said that i reluctantly support our present m i 1 i tary position in he said. After the govern ment is elected 1 would Hope there would be negotiations w i t h the left and with sen. John g. Tower r tex., announced he is Leav ing the ranks of those who approve the conduct of the War to join those who Dis approve. He attacked what he called the president s con t i n u i n g and apparently open ended policy of Grad u a i i s m in the War and said it amounts to a never win policy. But sen. Russell b. Long d-la., assistant majority Leader who described him self As More of a Hawk than the said he is standing behind Johnson. Sen. John s t e n n i a d miss., who remains classed As a Hawk said there is still no Clear Cut policy which allows the military to use their forces most effectively and to s t k e at the enemy with a Well executed plan to defeat him or Force him to the peace to Sens. Strom Thurmond r-s.c., John l. Mcclellan d-ark., and Paul j. Fannin r-ariz., said the president in t doing enough to win. But sen. Frank j. Lausche a Ohio a presidential policy supporter said he is disappointed there has been no recent bombing Lull to try to get negotiations started. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy do a s s., said he sup ports the nature of our commitment in Lions should be helping us sen. P h i 1 i p a. Hart d micli., said if the presi Dent s policy can be de fined As unrelenting but controlled pressure combined with an Active search for peace negotiations then yes i support sen. Clifford p. Case r n.j., called the president s conduct of the War a failure to Date. He has not succeeded in getting the South vietnamese government or the military establishment to do the Job that Only they can Case said. Sen. Roman l. Hruska it neb., said the president has failed to convince the american people that he has been completely candid about our position in Viet this cannot help but raise serious questions about the Wisdom or Neces sity of committing an additional american men to the Hruska said. Sen. George Murphy r calif., disapproved of John son s course. 1968 May see four parties Washington on aug. 31 the National conference for new p o i i tics will Convene in Chica a gathering Liat could Lead to an anti Vietnam to h i r d party presidential ticket next year. Add to that the possibility most democratic and Republican strategist e x Eccl it thai former gov. George Wallace of Ala Bama will be a third party states rights candidate. The National conference for new politics is a new York a a S.C.d organization which has formed a Loose affiliation tic for a number of anti War and civil rights groups. D r. Martin Luther King jr., spokesman for negro rights and a Strong critic of the Vietnam War is to be the keynote speaker at the Chicago meeting. There has been talk of King As a presidential candidate but he has discouraged it. Or. Benjamin Spock whose syndicated advice on rearing babies was the last word to millions of mothers for Many years figures in this talk As a possible vice presidential candidate. 1 f presidential entries from the new left and the old right do eventuate there will he some parallel with 1948. That was the year president Harry Truman confounded the pollsters and astounded Many of the democratic party s own leaders by defeating Republican Thomas e. Dewcy. There was a leftist Effort that Yeier by the progressive party which nominated Henry a. Wallace for presi Dent and Lefi h. Taylor for vice president. Then there was a states rights run by Strom thur mond now a Republican senator from South Carolina but at that time a demo crat. Fielding to. Wright of Mississippi ran with thur mond. Do. A. In a-3 school chief bans miniskirts los up girls will not be allowed to Wear m i n i s k i s in City schools when classes re sume next month or. Rob Ert e. Kelly associate superintendent for secondary schools said saturday. He said since school is a place of h i n e s a Stu dents have a responsibility to dress or. Kelly said that while acceptable skirt lengths might vary from school to school in the 125 Junior and senior High schools in the City miniskirts generally will be unacceptable. He also advised against wearing thong sandals to class primarily because they Are a safely p l a n n i n g to move you la find an amazing number of Homes in today s classified ads. Check them now. But i have reservations about aspects of the administration s he said. For example i m for a bombing cessation i m for j negotiations with the Viet Cong. I have reservations i about the troop increase. I think the other asian a i . Fears Cong to stage pre election murder wave Washington up the Viet Cong Are Likely to engage in political assassinations and other forms of intimidation in an Effort to disrupt the upcoming South Vietnam elections . Officials said saturday. The officials reviewing the course of the election Campaign which concludes with balloting sept. 3, said there was every indication that the Viet Cong through out South Vietnam have been Given instructions to derail election procedures by terroristic tactics. These indications have come to attention in . Circles both from radio broadcasts and interviews with Viet Cong defectors. However the officials said they were hopeful the South vietnamese govern ment would be Able to counter this subversion More effectively than during the april june balloting for Village councils and Hamlet chiefs. 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