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Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Independent Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaHow does if feel to escape the Gas chamber see Story on Page a-5 Southland s own sunday newspaper Independent phone Hemlock 5-1 161 classified hello Csc 2-5959 Long Beach 12, calif., sunday August 18, 1957 vol. 5 no. 52 the generally sunny today and Mon Day. Some Patchy Early morning fog along the coast continuing warm. High today 86. High Satur Day 81 Low 63. 138 pages victim plotted to be blown out of Airliner sky blast mystery cleared envoy s daughter branded red spy by yank agent Washington Morros counterspy for the Fri has named Martha Dodd Stern daughter of a former . Ambassador As the soviet spy who once tried to betray him to the russians the House commit tee on in american activities announced saturday. The announcement came tar the committee took Sivorn Varia and a member of the testimony from Morros Holly jul. S. Intelligence Agency in Wood composer director who were involved in so cantly disclosed his spy work. These persons career in International under were not named. Cover work. For 12 years he worked in what the russians believed was the role of spy for them but he really was an agent for the Fri. The House committee said it had gleaned much valuable testimony from him including statements that 1. A Secretary in the u. S. Embassy at Prague czech Oslo Alfred k. Stern wealthy broker 2. Morros superiors in the soviet espionage network asked Lim to get compromising in formation about High Ameri cans including president Eisen Hower. 3. They also asked him Toi Ilant a spy in the office of car Dinal Pollman of new York to report on the Churchman s activities. 4. Fifty five business firms in the United states were covers for soviet espionage. Martha Dodd Stern is Thoj daughter of the late William e. Dodd who was ambassador to Germany from 1933 to 1938. In 1939 she came to Public no Tice when a Book she wrote was banned in Germany by the nazi secret police. Entitled through embassy eyes it related events when her father was envoy. She recently departed from Mexico with her husband Alfred k. Stern wealthy in vestment broker and belief was expressed they went behind the Iron curtain. Chairman Walter a a of the House in american activities committee said saturday or. Morros testimony clearly establishes Martha Dodd daughter of the former u. S. Ambassador to Germany and her husband Alfred k. Stern As part of the soviet bridegroom s taken during rites the Swank Long Beach wed Ding of a local Oil Hen Ess and a healthy texan was marred sat urday when it was discovered hat the bridegroom s baggage Nad been looted of s2.055. Thomas j. O Brien of san an Tonio tex., told police he re turned to his room after the ceremony in a private club and found he had been robbed. 1owans gather for big picnic Here Are some of the former Lowans who flocked to recreation Park saturday for their summer picnic. On speaker s plat form is Marshall Craig former Allison Iowa resident and master Martha Dodd Stern accused by Morrow Mercury due to hit High of 86 today Ocean breezes kept saturday s High Down to is in Long Beach hut the weather Bureau predicts a maximum of set today. In los Angeles saturday the Mercury bubbled to a merciless 95 degrees making the time this year it has topped 90. Normal number of Days is 12, the Weatherman said of ceremonies. Speakers included California Goy. Goodwin Knight and Iowa gov. Herschel c. Loveless. Picnickers came equipped of a shnmw73vi sex Lowans Jam Park picnic by Jack Mcdonald More than former Lowans went Back Home in spirit saturday at their 52nd annual summer picnic in recreation Park. Sponsored by the Iowa asses. Of Long Beach and Southern California the picnic was scheduled to begin o been son of Jerome j. O Brien vice president of Mon Erey Oil co., married Mardel Raham daughter of Oil pro Ducer Douglas h. Graham of 4029 Chestnut ave. Best Man Jerome j. , member of a local Oil family a he and o Brien were absent from the room from 11 . To . The Money consisted of in Cash and 5-150 in traveler s checks police said. . Solar research plan urged by William Broom Presa Telegram capital bureaus Washington Craig Hosmer saturday said he will introduce a Bill in Congress monday Call ing for a s10 m Ilion research program aimed at harnessing the Sun s rays for. Power. He called for a 10-year solar research program aimed at find ing the key to unlock one of at noon. But Long before that time Lowans cars were choking the Road approaches to the Park. Equipped with Fried Chicken and memories they pitched their tablecloths in the Shade of the eucalyptus Trees and prepared for Day Long visits with old friends and relatives. F older migrants quickly gathered in Little knots to Dis cuss bygone Iowa droughts won Derous Corn crops or those Iowa Winters. As Harry Ftp fridge president of the Iowa Assn. Of Long Beach put it the clocks Are being turned Back 40 and 50 years a Good Many times other. Sex iowans clustered about the 99 cardboard registry ins. Tion signs tacked to. Eucalyptus Man s two remaining to provide rallying Points sources of Energy the Sun Syfor former residents of All the Iowa counties. Hosmer j Many a migrant walked up to intense his county s tree looked doubt fully at the Man next to him the other source said already is under Aid Washington up the american red Cross reported saturday that expenditures to Aid nearly Louisiana and Texas families victims of Hurricane Audrey already have reached study. It is controlling the explosive thermonuclear Power of he a bomb. The congressman minted out that the original re search on atomic Energy also was financed by the government. He pictured solar Energy As ultimately useful for thou Sands of purposes. It is needed More immediately As. A cheap Power source for de salting sea water thereby providing a so Lution to drouth problems in the l.6.c. Cuts questionable policy Tho state department is faced with an embarrassing problem As 41 Young americans plan to visit red China. The trip is referred to As subversive by the department. That is because the department has put in effect a Rule that americans shall not visit red China. Recently a few newsmen violated the Rule and anyhow. Now the Issue is again raised by the Young people who have had a play in Moscow. These Young people and the newsmen Are old enough to be responsible for their own decisions. When they deliberately break a Well known Rule concerning our foreign policies they deserve to critic continued on Page a-2, col. 1 la Liu i i Uulu in Nih. Nanu 3rlq. Uuna Uijun Western United states and Why i know him. I used to the Hawthorne Cor other arid areas of the work with gov Loveless Hospital. Hosmer said. Isaid. Then burst into a smile of recognition and a big hello. That s the Way it was with Iowa s present governor Herschel c. Loveless and his wife Amelia when they approached the Wapello county the governor turned abruptly from greeters and clapped i hand on another Man s shoulder. Knight Brief Cas awol if speech the big Iowa picnic Satur Day in recreation Park went off without a hitch but aides of governor Knight had a few bad moments. Shortly before the formal speaking program was to begin an aide discovered his briefcase was missing. It contained All the copies of the governor s eight Page speech. Hurried search of the speak ers platform and the aide s route to the platform failed to turn it up. At the last minute it was located. Another Well mean ing aide had removed it from the platform for safekeeping. The governor got his copy in time unaware of the flurry of excitement. He did t need it anyway. Much of his talk was improvised. Clim . Jiw j i with Fried Chicken and by Bob Shumway lost found tire blown out dc7 lands safely san Francisco up a four engine passenger plane with 61 people aboard landed safely Here saturday with one of its giant tires in ribbons from a Blowout that occurred As it left Idlewild Airport new York. The United air lines dc7 came Down smoothly into a brisk wind at san Francsco International Airport on a runway lined with eight fire trucks tubes on each Side. Which had been ready for hours. A Large crowd had gathered to a halt. He turned it around and taxied Back to the Airport with a triumphal escort of three fire trucks police cars and a bus Load of newsmen. It was just a routine said Parlette a Veteran of 20 years with Ual and 20, 000 hours of flight time. That s Why we have two tires and two dynamite purchased by Friend heavily insured jeweler s intrigue per led passengers. By Jim Phelan 1357 Fey Independent press Telegram a Fullerton Man Pur chased four Sticks of Dyna mite for a North Hollywood Eweler a week before the Eweler died in a mysterious air explosion on a West in air lines plane the in dependent press Telegram earned saturday. Simon schuster 48, of 1466 Vest ave., related n astounding Story of intrigue concealed identities and deep Ion rivalling an Alfred hitch Ock suspense movie. He said is Purchase of explosives was he second instigated by the Orth Hollywood blast victim. The jeweler Saul f. Binstock 2, of 5739 Rhodes ave., North Hollywood was blown from the Lane it flew feet above the desert july 26 on a night flight from Las vegas to los Angeles. He had purchased two flight insurance policies totalling with his wife As . Twelve other persons miraculously escaped death when the Airliner made an emergency Landing despite a 7, by 8 it. Hole in its fuselage. Schuster said he was tricked into buying the dynamite by an elaborate Story that the jeweler needed it to demolish a Moun Tain Cabin. "i1 completely taken in by the Man s schuster said. Schuster said the jeweler tried to talk him and his wife into making the plane trip. My legs Are still wobbly when watch the drama. The Pilot capt. Clyde far Lette 53. Of san Carlos calif., brought his big Craft quickly to 2nd Harbor blast hurts Man on boat san Pedro the second boat explosion in los Angeles Harbor in two Days resulted sat urday in serious Burns to a Man aboard a 30-foot fishing boat. The blast on a boat docked at berth 206 at the Fellows Stewart yacht Landing injured Floyd de pledge 35, of South Gate. He was taken to Wilming ton receiving Hospital with hand and face Burns then trans Maureen eager for court Call Hollywood fiery Maureen o Hara is eager to go into court to fight a claim she engaged in a Tori off camera love scene with a latin Over in the Back Row of Grau Man s chinese theater her at Torney said today. Attorney Guy e. Ward said he relieved he would be Able to prove that miss o Hara was not even in the country when the alleged Grauman chinese incident took the red haired Irish born film Star hotly denied the Testi but he showed signs of Strain and wore a Short stubble o Beard which he had t bothered to shave off before Landing. He said he told the passenger about the blown out tire when the plane was Over Sacramento about 70 Miles away. He said h had Felt the tire was out of jin1 on Takeoff and had noticed vibration while retracting the Landing gear. Think about How close a schuster says. Schuster has told his. Story of the dynamite Purchase to the Fri and to an attorney for insurance company. A spokes Man for the Fri confirmed that they had interrogated schuster and said we have no further plans to question midget racer hurts crewman my Siar Nouy .u Delbert Mora 52, of Gardena Mony of a defense witness in was seriously Hurt saturday the criminal libel trial of con mint when he by .d Hosmer said. Research and development work on solar Power is going Forward at a Snail s Pace hos Mer said and should receive government assistance without delay. The Hosmer proposal would authorize the Secretary of Interior to make research Grants and contracts with universities and private and government laboratories. That s grinned the other Man. Don Pendergraft of Colton. In Ottumwa years ago. We were civil engineers to gether.1 gov. Loveless got b k on vacation Moscow communist party Boss Nikita Khrushchev and Premier Nikolai Bulgarin Are expected to Start their usual four week vacations today. Top soviet officials normally take their vacations in August or september. A Chance to talk Over even earlier Days with or. And mrs. John w. Lentz 3056 Studebaker re. Herschell and Amelia and i went to school together Back at Ottumwa explained mrs. Lentz. We be known each other All our the Rentzes recent migrants to Long Beach served As official greeters for gov. And mrs. Loveless. More unexpected Lowans Jack Mcadams 40, Auto sales Man injured in a blast Friday aboard his yacht Meridian was recovering in Seaside Hospital from a left ankle fracture and Burns and bruises. His condition was not serious. Parlette then got touch with the control Tower Idlewild which informed him that pieces of tire had been found on the Ruvay and that another Pilot had reported see ing something fall form the undercarriage. After delivering his 56 Pas sengers and four other crewmen safely at . Parlette seemed surprised that Airport officials had made such a show of Landing. Continued 1 lords. Tut Tut London Beaver Brook s daily express saturday called for abolition of the House of lords and denounced the whole hereditary aristocracy Short of the Royal a liability to the if carried out the proposal would Cost the famed publisher one of his own jobs. As a peer Jha is a member of the House of Fidentia Magazine that she was involved in a sexy escapade with an unidentified in the theater nearly four years ago. She sued the Magazine shortly after publication of the Story. M Ward declared miss o Hara was eager to go into court and fight the accusation which was among sizzling Testi Mony about Hollywood s biggest names who Are faced with the defense Promise to Call As Many of them As necessary in an at tempt to prove lurid Magazine stories about them Are True. Miss o Hara has been subpoenaed by the prosecution and in All likelihood will be called As a rebuttal witness to the Tes Timony by defense witness James Craig 27, a former assistant manager of the theater Juho Friday acted out the alleged get racer at the american be Ion Racetrack at Huntington Beach. Police said Mora a pit Crew Man stopped in front of the car driven by Orville Allen of Mon memorial Hospital in Newport Beach. Back Row scene by sprawling continued on Page a-3, col. 7 the Fullerton Man still shaken by his experience said he gave the following state ment to the Fri in he first met Binstock Fiva it months ago in Downey where schuster worked As a Salesman for a jewelry store. He introduced himself to As a or. Schuster said. That was the name i knew him by until i talked to the Fri a week and a half Bostock represented him self As a retired jeweler who was looking for a place to set up a watchmaker s shop. He was a polite Well dressed schuster said. A seemed kind and dignified. I Al ways called him or. Bostock and never used his first schuster drove Bostock around Downey and nearby areas and finally found him some space in a drug store at Fullerton. Bostock opened a. Watch repair shop there but closed it after a month. Schuster said Bostock called him several times a week do or Viii Adieu us Ivun Mora was taken to Hope and visited him about eight or. On Page a-4, col. Where to find it i Long Beach s entry in the soap Box Derby Jim Pryor of Bellflower will go All out in an Effort to win the finals today in Arkon 0. Story on Page a-2. He owns More books than he can count for the Story of Bertrand l. Smith and his fabulous acres of books see today s Southland Magazine Page 4. Regular i it features follow automotive .b-6 amusements c-6 Beach combing Bridge w-8 classified .d-l-15 death editorials a-13 military .a-13 radio to. D-18 ship sports women s news.w-l-10

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