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Independent Press Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1812, Page 1

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Independent Press (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, Lancaster, Ohio <‘»EA80N AND TÍIVTH SHALL DIC _■■    .ti ^PKIMT£D ÉFMXY S£TUKBjiY, fi ' ■ . AND LIBRftTT^MBPlSB. '—POJt THE PR0PM.1&TQH.S. LANCAStEft, (OfilOi ^Pf-EidBER 12, 1812. • .I n,..,    líMíi’ iM »«' i.ni.;.,; ,'(r •' ,1 I —r,.-—>—■ jj..-.---^—: —, [NUMBER 70. %■ mi of • THE ENT PRESS. p»Ni»iiNT PkBSS shaH be 1 shee^ wi)^ 9 THE STATiyiTf^HIO, "I LKKiHjaJ%ihk{x,    - j /M-    ^ JEhnn    fUeiu^TmuMry    term^ 18 Ij. MathijA Denman) vi„ • Roswell Eowlcjr, ;n^nd Domestic. ,}<i 3i?hc íéxpirai^ oif iliJ :yc«f. Apjr kind of coautry produce will taken in pafment al markfi prkci delivered at this o(Bce. 'r    "    ’ ."’-v ■'    -    • iy^¿ y JÜ* ADVEntiUHsiENT»* not exceéíí^ e sqoar^ win ^be iQ^erted three weeks tor one dollar, and twentjr-fird eent& for ^dry fttb^quent inscriion. IV. No lübscAption taken tor lé^ than ti&months«-nor ^ill^yimy ))aper b^^dls-contiáded ^nüi iÁ áf^arageé are paid. ■ .'i.» .    ''    ’►* H;T All cQmpninications and advertisements addressed to the proprietors of, the JPÉESS through the medium of {be mail Ibr publication, must be t WORKS, ^ ■,... tUB PUBLIC formed that we are now .ON of a superior quality, aht quu^ equal to Voraey idi^>^%ufacturing Iron is sive^»e usual, which obliges 1^99 k little in our former pii* ^ Mi daUars p«: Pordgn Attach mcut 'Malhias Denman has ed out« tha^^ouft of common P^a , ithe coimty atei-ciwid, a    attathmeni' kg^nst the ^tSlwiBentSi,^^    nghtscj^tsii mhpiéa and rÉbctafol UoiweH Rowley, i non-resulcnt'ofthlh    01 Ohjh, 4of the stjm two hundred suidfyihirty-feeven dolT fell's,and Ihirty centSi^Ths^id Roswell , %>wley is hereby noticed to appev «Vfbd May term, of ourkald court ni'qn^ pleas, to. be hplden in and for^ coU^j|r aforesaid, give s[)ccial bail, and fe*i cei^ a declaration at the suit of ihe lilbiiv tiff, or jddg^ment will be entered by default, ¿ndrthe estate, attaehed, vriU he sold t»gre«thi^ to law, for the beücfils of the creditOfit ,    . StEfHEN M’pOUGAL, QkÁ -    '    C.O.    F.    L.    C. ^ EHdtnziiQit^YtGtn^    ♦ Amrneyfor PbiniiJ}\ f * ton, ' win wáríaht all Iron that u stamped 9d,pti4,^s.    - Wo;^ll also he able, to aXcomodate our eustomqrs with an unusual proportion of tmill vbiw this sehsODA such* as small potS) •pideri»    ^ ‘ Every ld\cnüott will he paid to the oix dert 'ol punctual cwoni^rs, and we calcu-Ute <m being able to dii all orders this season promptly. ’ .    ' MOSES DltLON £c SON. ^I4cking \Vórk8, Au^si 23,1812.    68' N —4. I Í T ’ Great Bargains! r ■ '    '    i    . The S«bicnt>cr will expose to puWlc sale ’ on Thurstlay» the first day of October ^    lu    o^lbckt A M. Twelve Uoia of Lani, each contairtng .25 acres, slt^té on the .east side Ü the SciotoJ 'about two miles from tlm^w 'City of Colutaibus. From each ol tM Loti tliere tirtltbdl:i||^ wag-OU ^dkWing to Columbus. Persons Jg^^urchdse méf# tlmn 25 acres In one tract, can be oyomcnod ücd. Terms of sale—KID# ^hi^ij la be paid at the time of purcUa«||J\' Mm remaining two thuds in tifo annual tnstniments with interest. The Subscriber we^I attend at the office of the Fi*rin FranMÍn-ton, on iheVnuirain^    diy of lialc, nnd proceed    premises with those    td    purch^. wW iohn Fakner. FranfcHntoni August 30, 1813'.    68 '-----it r NOTICE ’ To all those who wish to raise good t WHISTLE i. Will stand for Uief^U ot the siihsrnber five dollars ihc i-.ommending as that to all those n at them, and il I pay them for Au^^ui! 20:h I iie stKble pi i( ejW s no re ently do and look m I wil G3 Cotfff^/Cpm/íSíí Jüjiuáty tcrnty The same, 1 tra, , h foteign .fitachmenti.^ ^JotbGrifi^,/    / HimcAk IvliithHs Denman h sued out eff the coovt of Common I or the County aforesaid, a w’rii^ of a mait«iwturnable at ^bh te|A,&g«t an^t dements,    jSitftlcs, crerfi^ monies mtd éffej^f JWb GrUhn, a BDi|ítiiídéht of the    oite,    fw    the suHBi :jlf S555 93 ceJC The said Joalf jfiS^.ja herpW'ny^ad .taa&xmai:id.ifie next May term óí^ébr aijtHxíiírt^ mon l^leas, to hbMen in and ^ for |d county afbresaS^giVe speciaTb^Catid r ce;v#a^clar^ón at tt{e suit of tfie Plain- iff}^ |d%ement witt be entered by ‘ailR, apdf thd cMaie    4¿p{d agVee^le to lafar STEPHEN ■ A '    ^    if    C.    0|    F    ' /.EbcnezCr Granger,*    ^    ' 4ttm%ey/of^ Pidntif. *    Aug.    Í9. i *Latcd Frotn England.' Mood^ lasti Mr. A. Henderson, Mr* Stqsvart, of New-fintn on .board the shm _    ‘c i-.f-    '* 6». of N from    Siiodn^.    AVc    feel    untier Hende^]^' faV * .,V máde %^us > Hendéf^ dso made folowk>g^ eommunicaipD t , ,.    , deij^estd^bie féwibuodía^ flset j^ 92 ié'üig^teóf sbffe'rtd bl-. “ On eastward passed ibroii^ sailvunder a con 20guns;, boa tq.^rocccd; the y||9.ug^be had hearA DorcoDceive bunself m.    ' turé American vessels. S j^t^iofsly parted donvofi A« ^p^opteh> fil'om Llver|)oó!r tma brZght to soon after, and we remained,' uffercd also to procccdl The boardlng t Lieut, mcntbocd their having, also al- Í.    i i^ed tho'Atiilide^ „|vbifih they had sfkAeh    Liverpool for Ddfimore, to prosttcnte her voyage ; ' boili tnesc vcssyJiflwe full of gq^ds. d ^    '/*'    * ^em, from Malaga, last from Gi ladeiir'.^ttill^8aU; siippli-’ and ^focmod her of {none had taken place in Scotland) nearly quelled.'* . »•# * Boston, Auy. 18. A gentkman from Halito informs, that Jt"'<    ' v’ •    . A hr was assured by 4dglmil Sawyer, that Sd written to ibp SeutetaiV at War of rb: ^ i let, cMmunicating in Coun- ,^iK^H|fM‘l^yWGofernin®nt of the U. shouldbc.happymsus-ufitil tbe, re(^ was of-m; in the interim, ho the squadiorf on our . . j The British frigate 4'casts, fapt. Kern of 56 guiHi^yid3í«m«>,»íi|i^«-^ Hal. .jfix ite siS or    for the \ye«r iik^i«l then jS^ ,ocroíí« • foi the'Ü.'s:fi^_^^ TÍo .^,1. » one of the Hófimt iV0n k the'Biiiiali ttkvy. Wheii    the C,rlow, aog at the rpte/of U sprung her ^¿4op. TO men on bo¿r|f When .,|lncc ourlasutbJ^^'jvíiígdé» h S^ch^]^w|ttiSi vsloal^ éatgo of dry fppdj, ¿¿|d p amcuiBit li» SOO.OOCfl. stcrli^-_.rfBiirti*^of-with Britbh 'g^i and tít'ítislí licñiMi!, majt be expected daiijr. ,.*<r February 22, 1812, 61 IS. 'filE STATE OF OHID," LICKING Ct^pNTY C&ítrí of Common fueas^ Janmu term 1812. The same, us. ^ I* For^gn attachment vComeUus SIbéu'm» W    - ■ • HKUKikS^Matbiaa Denmah has isMi-ed out of the court of Coramon^leas. for the county afortfSaid/A writ ofaRstfibicht, rciui na^o at this term, t^ainat the lands, tenements^ goods, chattel's, ñghUr credits, monies and effects ol Cohlél|LiÍi ^fdcmn, a non-resident of the aifitewf Ohm, Ibr’thfc sum of 711 dollars arMl ié ,    Teh saidCorncUus Slocura, is héroby notified to appear at the next MaV térét, of our said.court of CofMiK» Meas, to be holden «|MUtlblS5 thé westward of the banks ribuApúrsUlveSon the clearing a^sy^of a fovéfy near a ship of war, a iwo detk-cr, thich shewed Eiigtiah Colotes, we shewed ours», she fimd a guh ,^nd gave chf :«, she neared us.    thé^t br4^ze lrethened,'8hd, after •f’e^ato of istWri, theim«»:^intf gaw i opr ilu,i    é*W»í wcjgb m    ii^maikxt    was te- celS^edcmboar^ ^a^vicesI^^ reached IxajdéotSrCotii^ Ls^vB of Margos    i    but the ini^ination was doubted*^ a Every ihmg^ ic^led peace snd trapqutiity bctw|^    U. Staiies. An classes s^e^ th    on a final ajustmcnt qf    %    cpnse^ qucnce of the rcvocal^ sí _ths orders in Coimcil, which had become very populaf in 6t for the 4»umy\£ii|aid, give special bail, and recede a dedi^tft^ the suit, except wife    Merchants, of lbs    j    - #|itace HÍdfbcéií nu.;.;.    4IU    Port#.    hiNsn teredb^ defaultj) Win h, a^.agfre.Oilb'i?!«»»fer th* tlit of th.»pditor». , íiTli^Eíí M’OOUG.M, ClTt. ' *    C.    C.    p. L. C. Sifmtzti etJHCz», . Fcbrtiavy 2VWl^* A“/    " ^ ■ • mei shiiihitlieHb ewisf ing between CWljidr Pbmroja^Hiri^fn ntii^ ^Qll, was d)^olveé«^^M    of ^ly. ^    Utf7U E It e firm' ill' Ih? «rhbj^clsa toJi^ke ymwjtio    ' rilKAIt XvdSElI.. i| «8’.3.    - VAllthow h( Property of the American Antiquarian Society Russia pM Hit Pórte. Waí^Wd been forn»,W,'^i»'^ Idilio*» «iaiow P“»- Tl^ias<^iil^Aih-    VecaitMÍ^ at ihe oiotnen^. tiirSwBhg. A” fre^|i »de with Russia Ía* irtwiMwwli «s^cWd. -« The sivit^fanctf, Rogera. f<» NeW* Xorlt, WM to sail 8 days »fter the Paih),, cuU¿ foil, but toiEnibsiSO might b# ex^ pÁted.    ' <i''EreÍ7 Amerlckn vessel' .t Livortiool) ■ miUttee Clyde, w* |w*ag>¡t«í goóds; ihtr^liwcsiule tonjWfOlV reposing con- ^¿iá^jice In    Non-ioi- tion Ait wobld dease by the Pi t sL d^’ilfe'Udamaiions *»lCiops very |)rt*misiug, lüí no fsU in prí¿b ofirajo. The lieia in LngUiid, —“X-i— ►ox, JuJjf Just before tíip papci was put^iy^ press we pcecfvedP Monitevm aOd tklter -^is papers to the 24th ult.    *    . hónaj^ilé ar|;ived at' Koningib'érg ort -the 13th ,from Dantzic.' On the next day, thé Mboheur saya,'** hb received thq division Qrao^ii, cooijistiog ol Polish troops.P    '    / %>    iA I    •    t    ,    * VlENxÁ^JÚnf IÍ. ^ “ The armies itNfco^Dutohy of Wara^tw; ^'aie Irt'A giWat pari 0| ^ French |na auxiliary troops have p^wsqd the V^tul^ at Goáudtnts Thoru and 1^1# am) appieacli^; 'the frontiers. Gen. I^ossieckjf    >he    ad- yancet!f|Qard of |ba Chianif Duchy^ has adiii^'dWyirds    pn    the    BUg, .opposite Bizc^ T¿e ‘ Saxon noopi bailé (aben rhes9mc’<|jlrcci!on» and Gau. Rpgolei* is byond the Wufpc^ nDpesdek, June II. Xbe*bcad quarters'df the Viceroy of ’fealy have beeHMTumuded to SoWan. Thb^gulhs iia9 atriyed from Lisbon with several transports. She sailed on the 29th, {four days Uter'than, the dale of the liA ,Mail) and brings the intelJi-gcncc^hai ilheodav^ before she saMcd n tourkr Had sirwcd from fee army wivU the bifarmadonii that'Lord Wellfogioa was inpldly advimcing iptb Spain ; il»at on ib« iJlb tbp »4«ttncé¿bguard was within trti miles of jSaliimsinielL^ The last despatch rccflifW by govcrhment f cm In* Loidship dated on the lOtb. His head quartei|s were then ut Fuente Guin-aldq^ London, July 4. The Tresch papers till the Sl^lh ult. ( ontaiD wiue Kiiclligence frcm Cat* loiiia, wl.il c thcv U>.ya* the Frcncb army ORIGINAL STAINED
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