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Independence Examiner Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 5

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Independence Examiner (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Independence, Missouri Comics Page 5 the examiner wednesday May 16,1990 Batman shaken the rep hoop s lieutenants gather after the meeting. By Marshall Rogers shoe by Jeff Macnelly Fox Trot by Bill Amend Jason mom what�?~5 it 5 it wrong or. Rawer Trot wanted it to itt too know Tow i Hatt to a Max too to i k mpa prow a fou a Cal slog Man pvt tort on it pl5k. In great. Per Manint Ink. Larry Here will show too Whort the a Hor is kept bit too Frank and Ernest by Bob thaves Dilbert by Scott Adams 15 it True you used steroids to gain your ha551ve size ? 6 it no i 5wear i Jost Ose this Uthe a radio. I Don t even own a steroid system Mother Goose amp Grimm by Mike Peters my Caris pressing room. In about to meet my hero Hes everything in of a Java Uia Stepto be he s s Bravin. Rubes by Leigh Rubin Ripley a believe it or not in it Virgin Wool. id pm Holz Worth of Raynham a lost Ina 6n0w-fill&d Forest. Was it warm by his 006 Shadow Quot until k6cufr6 found him o How a Prev n labs my Mack i com of. M y the born loser by Art Sansom t Armold r a few bowl Coin-wa6h&r, has. Over f 15.5 million in coins in the let Zusy far 5-\6 Pwll of the warms a tribe in Venezuela decorate their hair with Honey. And fish Scales Alley top you want sure m going to have so what s fran by to i look \ to get Back to my j that got go with us 1 Alley. Comic strip whew to do with u this is All Over a him by Dave Graue crossword Puzzle across 1 Singer Horne 5 married woman a title 8 wild sheep 11 poetry foot 12 pined 14 act As a a servant 15 cries 16 As far know t7 More streamlined 19 raise 21 old age 22 mess up 25 dancer 28 same comb form 29 Hipbone 32 Glossy fabric 34 killers 36 joyous 37 boor 38 not at All 41 Western Marsh Plant 43 a voyage 44 Poland so Walesa 48 statement of regret 51 actress West 52 no longer Active 54 Lucy 56 move like a spinning top 57 shaved off 58 Holiday suffix 59 Pigpen 60 Freshwater Tortoise Down 1 insect 2 metaphysical beings 3 nothing 4 High cards 5 me 6 ebbs 7 shirt a ii a b a i p i s i a d i t n a a a e c i a s a i s a i a a a a a b e i f e n s e r n e s t a y answer to previous Puzzle c r e we a a t clo n or a eos i n s us 5f j pm i n a a ribs a Lilii i lit a n l f Cul Dohs la t a Tel 8 More growling 9 dress Border 10 billboards 11 construction beam 2 was tit 15 by by to or to in $ to Al 35--w pm my is 1 rtt 57 Leo 13 atoll 18 sign of the Zodiac 20 Baba aug 23 addict 24 without much flesh 26 prophetic sign 27 batters 2 9- rhythm 30 cookout 31 fills with air 33 sesame 35 most lordly 39 forested 40 participle ending 42 heroic 45 Georgia University 46 went spelunking 47 hear 49 raw minerals 50 cry of pain 52 up Speed 53 time period 55 escape site e 1990 by Nea inc Horoscope thursday May 17, 1990 your desires for material growth Are Likely to be stronger in the year ahead than they have been in the past. Your newly aroused ambitions will enhance your chances for Success. Taurus april 20-May 20 of your ego gets in the Way today you might find yourself Over matched in several competitive situations. Done to be too proud to Back out or Back Down. Gemini May 21-june 20 caution and self doubt Are not the same even though today you May believe them to be similar. Tread warily but do not subdue the Hope in your heart. Cancer june 21-july 22 under most conditions you tend to fare rather Well in collective endeavours. Today it might be Wise to avoid participation in joint ventures. Leo july 23-aug. 22 today if you Are required to make a judgment that affects another As Well As yourself Don t be Cavalier. Major decisions must be treated seriously. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 your Powers of observation give you the ability to Render useful criticism but today your comments might be More caustic than constructive. Libra sept. 23-oct. 23 be selective regarding your social companions today. You won t be comfortable in the company of persons who Are domineering or dictatorial. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 an unproductive Day could be in the offing for you if you team up with someone who views oppose yours regarding ways a critical assignment should be conducted. Operate on your own. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 you must properly acknowledge anyone who goes out of the Way to be helpful to you today. Ingratitude could turn a Friend into an adversary. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 extravagant inclinations could supersede your Means today so try to steer Clear of expensive boutiques. Restrict your shopping to Small Cash bargains. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 19 of your Boss is insistent upon having something done his her Way today comply. Ignoring directives and doing it your Way could Lead to a crisis. Pisces fab. 20-March 20 today you May be tempted to do something against your better judgment in order to placate a disagreeable companion. Be Friendly not foolish. Aries March 21-april 19 do not entertain unreasonable expectations today in situations where you Are looking for material returns. Unrealistic Hopes could be shattered. Well to be \ y Mekaj \ Why not with honest i could fran by j his Talent and use some help j would. On the strip / work some training / willing to he could be / take him a super a Quot under your cartoonist j Wing i guess Winthrop by Dick Cavalli Laurie Gunstock called me bus eyes Quot today. And i didst smack Ker. Vi6 i think i m in love the Gri Wells by Bill Schorr Eek amp Meek by Howie Schneider

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