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Independence Examiner Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 4

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Independence Examiner (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Independence, Missouri Opinion Page 4�?the examiner wednesday May 16,1990 guest editorial from Brooklyn to Carpen tras racial prejudice and violence Are among the depressing constants of human behaviour. They crop up in one form or another in virtually every time and place. So it is unsurprising that at two far Flung Corners of the supposedly enlightened tolerant West a at Carpen tras in Southern France and in new York City a episodes of ethnic violence have broken out and caused Public revulsion. Beyond punishing those found guilty of crimes there is Little government can do to stamp out anti semitic vandalism such As occurred at the cemetery in France or brutality Between clans in poor City neighbourhoods like those of new York. But political leaders can help Shore up the peace through what they say and through symbolic acts. On behalf of society at Large leaders must step Forward and condemn ethnic hatred and affirm the principles of individual rights and equal Justice a As French president Francois Mitterrand and David Dinkins mayor of new York have admirably done. By personally joining a silent March through the streets of Paris alongside prominent religious and political figures and tens of thousands of Ordinary citizens monday Mitterrand left no doubt where the nation stood. Dinkins made an unusual televised address to his constituents Friday As the City awaited the verdict in the murder of a Black teenager by White youths. Then after a new incident in which a vietnamese was beaten by a group of Blacks he visited the victim in the Hospital and spoke with the press. As new Yorkus first Black mayor Dinkins carries a special Burden. Some thought he should have been Able magically to Calm the racial Waters. Others feared he would Bow to advocates of Black group rights. But Dinkins said what his constituents of All races needed to hear. He asserted his Faith in the jury system As the fairest Way of judging guilt in individual cases. He rejected group guilt. He said that violence against immigrants or neighbors of a different color is just As reprehensible As the lynchings of a bygone South. Echoing Martin Luther King jr., he said solutions lie not in government but in a the Content of our what these two politicians did in the Light of publicity lesser authority figures must repeat every Day. Employers preachers College presidents teachers parents a All must continuously reaffirm in words and deeds the elusive old Ideal of brotherhood. Scripps Howard news service letter policy the Best letters Are fewer than 300 words Deal with a single subject and state a specific Point of View. Longer letters will also be accepted but May be edited for length. All letters May be edited for spelling and style. Send letters to readers views . Box 459, Independence to 64051. Letters must be signed and include the writers address and phone number. The phone number will be used for verification Only. The examiner a the exerting newspaper Eastern Jackson county s daily newspaper since 1898 a stauffer communications inc. Newspaper Ben f. Weir or. Publisher Irene Baltru Saltley advertising manager Dan Potter executive editor Terry Cochran circulation manager Sheila Davie managing editor Corwan Akers production manager Rob Schlotterbeck news editor Lori Schubert composition manager Becky Denzer business manager wednesday May 16,1990 vol. 85, no. 301 published daily except sundays Jan. 1, memorial Day Independence Day labor Day and Christmas Day second class postage paid at Independence to 64051. Postmaster Send address changes to the examiner Box 459, Independence to 64051 uses 2605-4000 Home delivery sales rates tax 1 year.$69.60 4.30 1 month.$5.80 a .36 mail sales subscriptions tax Jackson county-1 or. $67.00 a 4.14 other to counties-1 or $70.00 4.32 outside Mo-1 or. $73.00 a 4.51 254-8703 254-8600 to Start Home delivery or for All other departments circulation customer service All numbers 816 area code 254-8705 816-836-3805 to place a classified and fax transmissions office hours Sam to 5pm monday thru Friday customer service hours 7am to 7pm monday thru Friday 7am to noon saturday 410 s. Liberty st., . Box 459, Independence to 64051 Berry a world i Nea. Inc a now i Are a graduate. A hey that a a Good one son. You re just kidding Aren t you Tell us you re just democrats want Bush to dive first budget negotiators May walk Plank together Washington a a political pact to walk the Plank of an election year tax increase would take both Trust and timing so that re publicans and democrats go Over the Side together. Democratic leaders would prefer to hear president Bush splash Down first although they be been talking about a settlement that shares the blame. Budget negotiations began tuesday. The democrats Are worried about a tax trap and insist that any Revenue moves come with a Clear commitment from Bush and the republicans. That would be insurance against an escalation of the gop Campaign theme that paints them As the tax and spend party a potent Issue for Bush and a theme in this Walter r. Mears years congressional campaigns. At the leadership level the tone has changed although politicians in the ranks on both sides Are hammering at the tax dispute. House speaker Thomas s. Foley said he expected Good Faith budget discussions. A a we re not going to attempt to politicize them on either Side or. To renew old political Battles. A i Trust the White House on that until i have reason not to and i have no reason not to a he said. Trust but verify As Ronald Reagan used to say. Foley is assigning majority Leader Richard a. Gephardt who has become a political Point Man to be chairman of the House democratic negotiators and wants him to preside Over the talks unless president Bush is present. Across the table rep. Newt Gingrich of Georgia the Republican whip whose instinct is to take the offensive. While the talks were being arranged Gingrich repeated the Republican Campaign refrain that democrats Are addicted to tax increases. Another player John Sununu the White House chief of staff who As a thinly disguised senior official was quoted last thursday As saying that the democrats Are free to argue for tax increases in the budget negotiations while the administration has the prerogative of saying no and probably will. That a not the Way the democrats understood the ground rules. Bush a spokesman said the president had repeated that a this position is no but the comments attributed to Sununu feed the democrats suspicion that anything they say about tax increases can and probably will be used against them. Senate majority Leader George Mitchell said whoever it was that made the comments a they were very very but both sides have too much at risk in a budget crisis to let the bargaining collapse without some kind of agreement on spending and taxes. A i think that is a question of walking that political Plank together a said sen. Lloyd m. Bentsen of Texas chairman of the finance committee and one of the Senate negotiators. Bush proposed the negotiations and got them going by swallowing his 1988 Campaign pledge to a read my lips no new taxes a or at least enough of it to agree to bargain without preconditions and with every option on the table. That was followed immediately by a word game which continues. Senate Republican leaders Are at it tempting a retroactive refinement of the Bush Campaign vow saying it applied to Federal income taxes. Two problems that a not what Bush said in 1988. And democrats Are Likely to insist on elimination of the income tax Marlin Fitzwater the presidents spokesman tried another tack. He said some people have argued that without preconditions taxes Woultz be on the bargaining table. A but no preconditions Means just the opposite a he said. A it Means the table is Sik Llyn curtain to did fee go mors Iro i a diffs int in 4misting tor pkg. Cina Wip Twa. Your to4st i d0ar sounds Long to be remembered to anyone who Ever has had Kinaesthetic Contact with the neck of a violin with the intent and desire to learn to play one of the fairy instruments hearing the symphony sunday afternoon at the William Chrisman auditorium was a fulfilment. The a meditation from thais played by Mark Snopak was a fitting dedication of the John Sipe instrument Given by David Mcknight to the Independence symphony in Honor of a president of the United states Harry s. Truman. A the More a violin is played the better it performs a Mcknight said. My poor instrument lies in its Case and Hasni to been played nor hardly even touched for years decades really. It has been mute for so Long but in its Best Days was never the instrument Given the symphony. Audrey Stubbart Mcknight was impressed with the Independence symphony. A you have a Fine orchestra Here a he told me not knowing How impressed i was to even get to speak to a musician of his stature both musical and size. A aging like Fine wine a John Mcdonald said of the instruments promised performance. And Dvorak a Largo movement was like Angel music. A going Home a earthly words to the Largo movement. What a Lovely tribute to mothers Day visitors philanthropists come in All shapes and sizes and also with varying amounts of Money. At the graduation exercises at Warrensburg saturday the speaker Allan w. Ostar told of an unusual philanthropist whose parents came from Russia and settled in a Midtown. Not knowing any English they worked in the Mills. Neither went to High school but they helped their son to get his degree. The son worked the third shift in the Mills and went to High school in the daytime to prepare himself for service to humanity. Now retired he volunteers to teach the i lit Law does not cause deaths Robert r. Bobbitt 711 Arapaho ave. On May i the examiner printed a syndicated column that was critical of an Indiana parental notification Law. Indiana requires a minor to obtain permission of one Parent before an abortion can be performed. The article recounted the death of Becky Bell a 17-year-old Indiana girl who aborted her baby without the knowledge of her parents. The death of the baby and her Mother is certainly a tragic circumstance. But the author of the article or. Patinkin went beyond this to suggest that the Indiana Law actually caused Becky a death. Or. Patinkin intends for us to draw the inference that because Becky speak to her parents about her pregnancy she had no Choice but to seek an illegal abortion. We live in a society that recognizes a minors ability to make sound decisions in Many areas. We require minors to obtain parental permission in areas ranging from driving a car to entering into binding contracts to what movie they can attend. It used to be that a minor was anyone under 21 years of age. But now or. Patinkin suggests that a 17-year-old girl should be allowed to make a decision fraught with tremendous emotional and physical consequence for both herself and her baby. Forget the parents. Let Becky and planned parenthood decide. This kind of convoluted thinking undermines the parents role As the primary source of counsel. In addition this article mistakenly leads the Reader to assume that Becky a Only alternative was an illegal abortion a fait a comply. Therefore it was that Nasty old Indiana Law that killed her. Rubbish. The Law did not kill anyone. Tragic As Becky a and her child a Story is abdicating the role of parents to a Public Agency will not solve the problem of abortion. Using such heart wrenching stories to pander to our emotional Side does not provide a solution either. Or. Patinkin Only provides More irrational fuel for what was already an letters intensely burning fire. Ruhlman trying to save face Wray Worden Blue Springs in what appeared to me and in a sure All in attendance to be purely a face saving political move Independence Council member Jim Ruhlman left the Council meeting just before the vote was taken on whether to reopen negotiations with Deffenbaugh to reopen the dump on Woods Chapel Road. This left a tie vote which Only temporarily Defeated the measure. It will be brought up again soon according to Council member Callahan. If the vote by Ruhlman had been counted it would have been very embarrassing if not damaging to the Council there was a packed Council chamber that spilled into the hallways of people who were overwhelmingly opposed to any reopening of the dump. Ruhlman has argued in favor of the dump reopening in past sessions. Some of the Council members appear to have no regard for what is Best for their own City or its residents a Only what is Good for Deffenbaugh. Overpowering evidence has been presented to City fathers showing the tremendously detrimental effect to the City and surrounding areas that the dump and its operators have caused. This testimony includes City staff and engineers ecologists past Council members residents and the list goes on. The City spent Many thousands of dollars in time and Legal fees trying to shut Down the dump and finally won but Only after asking some of its own residents to help. Now it is turning its Back on the very people who came to its Aid and helped win the court Battle. Big Money just keeps hammering away to get its Way at whatever Cost to the Community and people. Whether any of Independence a trash would or could be dumped there is irrelevant. The dump was improperly and illegally operated and was ordered closed and should remain so. There Are soon to be new solutions to the problem of where to Send the trash and that is Why i believe Deffenbaugh is in such a hurry to get his Way. Jack Anderson Erate 32 hours a week to make a a Kinder gentler of course an education is expensive. From the gallery one Mother looked Down on the graduates and said a what a lot of Money there is Down there a the speaker seemed to think so too for almost As a continuing conversation he said a there Are so Many of the graduates in debt any one of them getting married could say a with these debts i thee a educated people can make an Impact in the world he said. A leaders can clean up the environment fight illiteracy and make it a More liable More lovable stringed instruments and the human voice make music like drawing the bows across Bare flesh. Devon Whites offering on the cello and Paulette Rescho a voice made a Day Long to be remembered. The graduates will remember longest the implied Promise in Ostarr so a in la Tell you what Henry Chi told his wives a i wont keep you a Audrey Stubbart is a columnist for the examiner. Woman charged for threat Washington there is no question that the president of the United states needs to be protected by secret service agents. Death threats come with the territory. But who would want to kill the Secretary of agriculture or Interior we recently speculated in this column that Cabinet members surround themselves with a muscle bound entourage because they like the trappings of Nouveau Royalty. Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher has since Learned that those trappings can come in Handy. A woman has been in a Washington d.c., jail for a month awaiting trial on charges that she threatened Mosbacher a life. Nancy Crawford allegedly wrote Mosbacher a letter saying a there is your Choice marry me or die. Ill kill you before you Hurt me Mosbacher refused to answer our questions about the woman. An Fri agent who questioned her said that she spoke about her relationship with Mosbacher and blames him for some personal problems. A is pfc stated that Secretary mos Bacher was destined to be her Mentor and in a mystical sense the father of two children she has seen in her dreams and has always hoped for a the Fri agents affidavit said. Crawford moved to Washington from Brooklyn n.y., earlier this year. She is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is competent to stand trial. Crawford refused to Tell us whether she had actually met Mosbacher. A a in a not a threat to anyone a she said adding that she had tried for a year to get an appointment with Mosbacher. A i am Iii fact in jail because i wrote a letter to Robert Mosbacher a then she added a a it a quite possible i should be married to Robert Mosbacher a Blit she said he was the a last person she would want to marry. Ifs not Likely that Mosbacher would be killed for his stand on japanese Trade issues or Eastern bloc technology Transfer. The flamboyant Mosbacher is a More Likely target for threats from the lovelorn than the politically disillusioned. The handsome Silver haired millionaire and his stunning wife Georgette were hailed needed addition to the flagging Washington party circuit when president Bush appointed Mosbacher. Many top government officials done to think their jobs Are controversial enough to warrant tight Security. Our associate Scott sleek polled the Cabinet and found that a few members have no Protection at All

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