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Independence Examiner Newspaper Archives May 11 1990, Page 4

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Independence Examiner (Newspaper) - May 11, 1990, Independence, Missouri Opinion page4 a the examiner Friday May 11,1990 i is Bentsen candidate for office guest editorial taxpayers have right to be angry senator says he wont be running in 1992 at this Point neither is any other democratic Prospect at least not visibly. Bentsen said a candidate without a National reputation would have to be Active by now to stand a Chance and a name candidate would have to get started no later than next fall. Can a Democrat defeat Bush a was of today no a said Bentsen. A but 1992 is a Long Way away politically. One Day can be a Bentsen said his role in trying to change those Odds will be in urging a consensus on moderate lines to broaden the Appeal of a future democratic ticket. A so far we Haven to had a candidate that could Appeal to mainstream America a he said. But again he said he does no to plan to try to be that candidate. Still he a tried National candidacy twice before. A take it from one who has the scars to prove it a he said in a speech this Spring. A National politics is rough game. But if we Are Tough if we Are United if we stand by our principles and step up to leadership we can Bentsen sought the democratic presidential nomination in 1976, but it did no to go Well. Senate floor is one of the perquisites of seniority and legislative Power. That is station of the senator from Texas 69, a senator since 1971, chairman of the finance committee vice presidential nominee who came away from the 1988 Campaign regarded As the stronger figure on the Defeated democratic ticket. There is a parallel 20 years Back. Sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine no. 2 on the democratic ticket with vice president Hubert h. Humphrey starred As the understudy on the 1968 ticket and seemed the Man most Likely to succeed to the 1972 nomination. He tried but his Campaign collapsed before the season was half Over. Too bad said Bentsen. A a Good but he sees no bearing on his circumstances. And those circumstances Are Good ones for a Man who might run because he does no to have to. A i enjoy the responsibilities i have a said Bentsen who Heads the Senate a tax writing committee. A and i can make a difference where i age would have to be a Factor Bentsen will be 71 when the next round of presidential primaries be Washington a sen. Lloyd m. Bentsen a potential Campaign for the democratic presidential nomination is at that awkward age a too promising to preclude but with too Many Uncertain ties to begin this a soon. No he a not running Bentsen says in one breath. In the next no he a never been one to shrink from the kind of Odds that would favor president Bush for reelection in 1992. And in the breath after that a lot of people come to see him to suggest that he run for the democratic presidential nomination two years hence. A if anybody had told me i d get in a race for vice president and get my Tail beat and come out of it better than i went in id never have believed that a Bentsen said Over a salad in his hideaway office at the Capitol. An office in that Warren near the gins in the Winter of 1992. That solder than Ronald Reagan when he started but not when he finished. Reagan a presidency defused age As an Issue. And with the eclipse of gov. Michael Dukakis now limping toward the end of his term in Massachusetts Bentsen is the survivor of 1988, in demand As a campaigner and fund Raiser for democrats. At times he travels the Way a National candidate would travel in behalf of his party a 1990 state and congressional candidates. Coming up North Carolina then Kentucky then a a in be forgotten what other states. They just Point me and i but Bentsen said when he was pointed toward new Hampshire he declined the invitation because it would have prompted speculation that he was getting a head Start in the first 1992 primary state. A if twas seriously interested in the race i would be out there trying to pre empt the Deal right now and raising All the funds right now getting All the commitments right now a Bentsen said. He said he a doing none of that. A i have no plans to american taxpayers should be outraged. Other than defending the country from outside enemies the most important Job of the legislators we Send to Congress and the president we elect to Lead us is to spend our Money. The Job they be done lately is impressive but for the wrong reasons. The National debt they have incurred in our names is $2.8 trillion. Our indebtedness is just about to reach $3 trillion. If you count a Penny a second 24 hours a Day it would take you 95,129 years to reach $3 trillion. When the Reagan Bush administration came into office the deficit was $1 trillion. Not one Penny has been used to reduce the National debt in the last decade. Congress and the Bush administration have just told the american people a by crack this Calls for some severe so they have formed a task Force. It May take awhile to figure out How to convince us. The taxpayers that they have devised a Way to avoid deep cuts avoid tax hikes and balance the budget. We used to buy that line from Ronald Reagan. We re Wiser now. Not Only do the politicians get 45 cents of each Dollar of Revenue from us As individuals but they also get their jobs from us As individuals. They Are worried we will realize they done to know what to do about the fact that the nations finances Are truly messed up. They Are worried we might realize that just about the time some of us drag ourselves to the polls in november. Without agreement on major spending cuts and or tax increases from the newly named special budget negotiating committee the government will face mandatory cuts of up to $100 billion this autumn. That Means just about every Federal program will get a meat a whether it deserves it or not. The problem of course is choices. With an increasingly limited pot of Money there is less and less for the programs we have come to expect from government. But we should be outraged because increasingly the choices Are made not publicly but in secret. The lobbyists for special interest groups pal around with our legislators and behind our backs expensive choices Are made for us. Sometimes we never know about them for years and years. The White House has decreed and Congress has agreed that the budget negotiating Summit must do its work in secret. The White House Hopes that the secret negotiations will be done quickly and end in a Resolution that will be presented to the american people As the a Best judgment Quot of How to decrease the deficit a not the National debt you understand just the amount we overspend each year. Doing the Peoples business in secret especially when it involves their Money is no Way to win votes and influence history books. Scripps Howard news service Walter r Mears remains identified incorrectly is a Cincinnati St up we really cant 4ff0rd to in th0 Moron dr0a/w. What Mould it Cost to r0nt Gas for a week Washington Johnnie Parish of Joshua Texas lost his brother Frank in trend to have profound effect the examine the evening newspaper a More kiddy somethings. The sound we hear is the snooze alarm on the biological clock. From 1977-87 the Fertility rates of women aged 30-39 Rose from 40 to 50 births per thousand women. The new data indicates that this increase among older women apparently continued through 1989, More than overcoming a slight ongoing decrease in the Fertility rate among teen agers and Twenty somethings. The Rise puts the United states within Range of returning to the tar a replacement level of 2.11. That is the rate required to keep a population just stable Over time not counting immigration. But because America accepts a solid number of immigrants we May already be at or slightly above the replacement equivalent. Accordingly when the census Bureau does its next projections the a most Likely calculation will probably no longer show America losing population in the next Century. The difference Between the 1.8 tar used in the recent projections and the current 2.0 rate generates More than 20 million additional people by 2050. The potential economic effects Are great. For example the social Security shortfall would be Cut and growing american markets would Likely yield a future boost for existing businesses. Americans competitors Are in no such Happy Mode. The japanese tar is falling now Down to 1.64, an All time Low. The growth of feminism in Japan May lower the rate further. European rates Are More Complex. Three of the four big nations have for the moment stabilized at Low or extremely Low Levels. England and France remain at 1.8 while Italy is holding at 1.3. The West German tar is a very Low 1.42, but it is up somewhat. The biggest european demographic news comes from Sweden where the tar went up from 1.65 to 2.02 in four years. That follows newly instituted Natal policies including better paid leave for women. There Are caveats. Fertility May be up Only because the Economy has been healthy. The newest numbers Are Only provisional estimates which can be revised. The trend is of Short duration. America is still below the 2.11 replacement rate. But there is intuitive sense to what is happening. Many Young adults Are sensing that a life without progeny can be unfulfilling. The society partly through changing Day care and taxation policies is beginning to respond. An Era May be ending. Eastern Jackson county s daily newspaper since 1898 a stauffer communications inc. Newspaper Ben f. Weir jr., publisher Irene Baltru salts advertising manager Dan Potter executive editor Terry Cochran circulation manager Sheila Davis managing editor Corwan Akers production manager Rob Schlotterbeck news editor Lori Schubert composition manager Becky Denzer business manager Friday May 11,1990 vol. 85, no. 297 published daily except sunders Jan. 1. Memorial Day Independence Day labor Day and Christmas Day. Second class postage paid at Independence to 64051. Postmaster Send address changes to the examiner . Box 456, Independence. To 64061 uses 2605-4000 Home delivery Selee mail Sale rates Tex subscriptions tax i year.$69.60 4.12 Jackson county-1 or. $67.00 a 3.97 1 month. $5.80 a 34 other to Countiea-1yr. $70.00 a 4.15 outside Mo-1 or. $73.00 a 4.32 254-8703 to Start Homo delivery or tor circulation customer service 254-8600 a other departments att numbers 816 area code 254-8705 to place a classified and 816-836-3805 fax transmissions office hours. Customer service hours 8am to 5pm monday thru Friday 7am to 7pm monday thru Friday 7am to noon saturday 410 s. Liberty St . Box 459, Independence to 64051berry�?Ts world sizing up the flight attendants based on some insurance figures of How much men and women should weigh according to their Heights. A an Alert efficient image who Are they trying to kid if there were some safety reason Why people with a bulges Rolls or launches a be Light attendants such As being unable to move up and Down the aisles easily or per form correctly in an emergency you could understand such a weight Chart. The american airlines Rule Book Isnit talking about performance its talking about the image of performance. Never mind if the attendants Are Alert and efficient do they look like what american corporate Mackety mucks perceive As appearing Alert and efficient this is a poor disguise for their real aim. Can to believe it a a sugar this is Texas a she replied. In be been flying Back and Forth to Texas for a Long time now and in a Happy to report the billboards Are gone and i Haven to seen a pair of hot pants in years. It seems that both the male and female attendants on All the airlines in be flown Are getting older and fewer of them Are of the hot Pant variety. I was beginning to believe we had truly turned a Corner toward equal employment Opportunity for flight attendants until american airlines instituted their Wacky weight policy. According to americans Rule Book a a firm trim Silhouette free of bulges Rolls or launches is necessary for an Alert efficient they also have a Chart of weight standards for their attendants to meet that is out my window and to my Surprise i saw a giant billboard for Southwest airlines featuring at least one stewardess in hot pants. As Luck would have it i was booked on Southwest to Houston and i had a thigh level View of two sets of gorgeous tanned legs As the Young female flight attendants moved up and Down the aisle. There were no male flight attendants with corresponding hairy Gams in hot trousers. A what the Devil is that All about a i asked my Friend when she picked me up at the Airport pointing up to the billboard As we passed it. A ooh they re just trying to woo the male business commuter a she explained. A but i thought the Days of a Coffee Tea or me a were history a i said. A and then the first time i get on a plane ifs a i in a Patty. Fly i under funded and Wismann so a Mem

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