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Independence Examiner (Newspaper) - June 3, 1993, Independence, Missouri Soc thursday june 3,1993 Independence to Index 41 obituaries 111, a opinion 4a a of Abby to of town 3a to 7a record in heals once a sports la 24 pages 2 sections vol. Is no. 9 weather Friday Witt a Cool with a Chance for showers. Page 12b dear Hillary americana Are burying first lady Hillary Rod Ham Clinton s office with Matt on health care p�ge2a plague of software pirates child drowning Protection trojans switch coaches 2a 8a in m or the evening newspaper Hie examiner athletes drive for eating disorder puts woman a life on line by Dale Brendel the examiner Christy Henrich says she a in clods hands now. The one time world class gymnast is suffering from life threatening eating disorders which have spiralled out of her control. Weighing less than 60 pounds Henrich says she is fighting to control the demons inside her before they ruin her heart and other vital organs. A my life is a horrifying Nightmare a Henrich 20, said. A it feels like there a a beast inside of me like a monster. It feels Henrich has returned to her family Home in Eastern Independence after a week Long stay in a Kansas City area Hospital where she was fed intravenously in an Effort to restore some of her weight. She suffers from anorexia Nerosa and bulimia Nerosa eating disorders which Are caused by an obsessive concern about weight loss. A what people done to understand is this is a disease a said Christy smother Sandy Henrich. A a in be never been around anybody with a drug addiction but they say its worse than that. You can to believe How it takes Over the Henrich has the love and support of her family and of her Fiance of three years to Marino. She and Marino would like to write a Book about her life a teen age athlete who Rose to prominence As one of the country Stop gymnasts but turned her determination into an obsession that has nearly Cost her life. Known As �?oe.t.�?�, for extra Tough to her teammates at the great american gymnastics express in Blue Springs Henrich sacrificed a Normal childhood to pursue her gymnastic dream. From the time she was 8 years old she dedicated herself to a rigid training regimen that drives away other prospective gymnasts. It was not something she was forced or pushed into by her parents it was what she wanted to do More than anything. Please see gymnast Page 9a mum minting women s sports with the highest percentages of reported eating disorders sports sonnets staff perfection goes wrong disorders often hit teen agers by Tarry Young the examiner submitted photograph Christy Henrich performing on the balance beam As a teen Ager Rose to the top ranks of american gymnasts before her starvation dieting and subsequent injuries Cut her career Short. Although Christy Henrich looks anorexic one of her Counselor believes she now suffers from bulimia. A she eats All the time but she purges All the time a said Gail Vaughan a licensed professional Counselor in Liberty to. A bulimia is one of the most severe eating disorders a that and its fairly common for patients with eating disorders to be both anorexic and bulimic at the same time health officials say. Its also common for a person to be anorexic for a period of time and then bulimic for a period of time then both and then go to one or the other. With anorexia a person starves the self to achieve severe weight loss and May try different methods of purging to further lose weight. With bulimia an individual will consume Large amounts of food in a few minutes or Over a period of several hours. The eating is followed by purging self induced please see dieting Page 9a Webster guilty of corruption facing jail time highest state official convicted by the associated press former Missouri attorney general William l. Webster whose political future once seemed limitless pleaded guilty to Federal corruption charges and faces an 18-month prison sentence. Webster became the highest ranking former Missouri elected official to be convicted of a crime when he waived indictment wednesday and was convicted of conspiracy and embezzlement charges As part of a plea bargain. A there will be those who say we have been too lenient in our treatment of or. Webster a said interim . Attorney Mike Jones. A there will be those who say we have been too harsh. We firmly believe that today a Resolution is a fair and just one won for the Benefit of All citizens of the state of . District judge d. Brook Bartlett after appearing ready to reject the plea agreement during a 2la hour hearing accepted it and released Webster on his own recognizance pending a pre sentence investigation. No sentencing Date was set. The plea capped a two year Federal investigation of Webster once the state Republican party a brightest Star. The son of the late Richard Webster a powerful state legislator William Webster was the favorite in the 1992 governors race until news reports of the probe doomed his Campaign. Webster 39, Missouri a attorney general from 1984 through 1992, left through the rear Entrance of the Federal courthouse with his wife Susan and did not comment to reporters. The Federal charges carry a combined maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $500,000 Fine. Under the plea bargain prosecutors recommended Webster serve no More than 18 months in prison and surrender his Law License. Websters attorney told reporters he did no to consider the lesser prison term a Victory. A i done to think its a Victory when a Man who probably would have been governor but for the investigation is pleading guilty to criminal acts a attorney David . Helfrey said. Asked Why Webster did no to seek a jury trial Helfrey replied a is there any need to go to trial when the trial would reveal a conversion of state funds a for two years a Federal grand jury in Springfield called websters associates behind closed doors to inquire about his fund raising office administration and personal business dealings. The conspiracy charge accused Webster and others of soliciting Campaign contributions by promising rewards from the second injury fund a workers compensation fund administered by the at please see Webster Page 11a Colin Braley former attorney general William Webster leaves the Federal courthouse in Kansas City. Webster pleaded guilty wednesday to Federal corruption charges. Courtroom turned into sideshow stage Webster showed political expertise by uni Hill the examiner a sea of satellite dishes surrounded the Federal court building. It is the first sign that a big event is happening. Inside a third floor Federal courtroom a Man who had hoped to hold Missouri a highest office is standing before a judge not As a prosecutor As he has done hundreds of times. This time he a the defendent. After More than six hours of court proceedings former attorney general William Webster pleaded guilty to two felony counts of Public corruption. The courtroom was filled with journalists court employees and attorneys curious to watch a politicians career end. Every word uttered was scribbled Down into dozens of notebooks and the pages of history. Potsy Childers prescriptions free pro rpt delivery 252-8131�?adv. The hallways of a building that Only a Day earlier had echoed with single footsteps now resembled a cocktail party. News reporters from 30 different organizations paced the floor during the Short recesses of the hearing searching for a Road map through the Legal Haze of plea bargaining judges refusing themselves and the Legal wrangling of an attorney caught by the Federal government. Pay phones were jammed with journalists trying to be first. Video cameras and zoom lenses barred from the court building were aimed at strategic exits in Case Webster tried to sneak out. Inside . District judge d. Brook Bartlett was refusing to accept websters plea without Webster admitting to his guilt in the courtroom. By Webster with the experience of a politician was choosing his words carefully. Bartlett stared hard at Webster As he listened. A i do believe that occurred in my office a to give you credit for trying but you re going to get the same treatment As anyone else. If you done town up to it in a not going to accept your d. Brook Bartlett tailing William Webster he accept a plea agreement unless he admitted his guilt Webster said with his attorney David . Helfrey standing next to him. A i am now aware that other people did in fact use my office to help my political Bartlett did not like his answer. Muffled chuckles spread through the audience As Bartlett raised his voice. A once a conspiracy is Over of. Webster you can to join it. It sounds like you re saying you did no to know about it. A you have the right to choose not to be convicted. Put the government to their proof. You re not admitting guilt ill give you credit for trying but you re going to get the same treatment As anyone else. A lot of other people have stood where you have stood. If you done town up to it in a not going to accept your Bartlett called a recess to give Webster time to talk with his attorney. And to think about what to say. Shortly after 6 p.m., Webster began to comply with Bartlett. His composure was intact but his voice wavered with fatigue. Bartlett ran through the counts asking the same question after each Reading saying a you knew it was happening. And you allowed it to a yes sir a Webster answered quietly. Spectators leaned Forward to hear cupping their ears. In the end Webster and his wife left out the Back door. The Media was there. Falls made it through 5 rounds by the associated press and the examiner staff Washington Jackson county a spelling Champ stammered out an extra letter in the fifth round of the National spelling Bee eliminating her from the Competition. Jasmine Griffith put an extra a a in in the eighth grader from Center Middle school in Kansas City was one of 131 youngsters who began today a Competition. She got there by correctly spelling a Invulnerable a a iridescent Lye and a photo phys oust in wednesdays rounds. In the fourth round this morning she spelled As the sixth round began this afternoon 69 spellers were left. Of the Missouri and Kansas entrants Only Ali Soleimani of Olathe kan., representing the Topeka capital journal remained. The first 11 to step to the microphone today breezed through a tendency a a snooper scope and other words. Then a a illiteracy tripped up Alison Greene 14, of Spruce Pine n.c., and she was the first to make the Long walk off stage. Twenty nine spellers had followed her by the end of the round. All of the contestants win at least $50. Fourth place pays $1,000 second place pays $4,000 and third pays $2,500. By the end of today there will be Only one Winner who will collect $5,000. The rest will walk off stage some crying others grinning sheepishly. That Means almost everyone a a loser at the nation s top spelling match or everyone a a Winner a depending on your perspective. A sometimes i think the most important thing about the spelling Bee is that it gives All these real Bright kids a Chance to fail a said Alex j. Cameron the events official pronounced. A Many of them Are so Bright and so Young that they be never had that Chance. A they discover its not the end of everything a Cameron said. Many of the youngsters Ages 9 to 15, studied an hour or More a Day for five months to prepare for the contest. They tried to memorize the official lists of More than 1,200 words that lots of adults have never heard before. Those words make up the first two please see Bee Page 12a t

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