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Independence Examiner (Newspaper) - April 28, 1990, Independence, Missouri 350saturday, april 28,1990 Independence to Index comics 48 obituaries 16b 8 record 18b 7 religion 8. La sports in 32 pages 2 sections vol. 85, no. 286 weather the weekend wit be sunny but cooler than it has been in recent Days. Page 16b necessary with the changes in Eastern Europe is the b-2 stealth bomber still needed Page 4 adopt a kid show works la television Battle looms 14 pc losing Streak continues i the examiner anti abortion rally Aims at regaining offensive Washington a anti abortion leaders Are hoping for a a massive display of opposition to abortion at a rally today at the Washington Monument that will help put their movement Back on the offensive after months of political setbacks. A we Hope to impress the Congress. We Hope to impress the nation a said or. . Willke president of the National right to life committee. President Bush will address the crowd by Telephone Hookup As he has done at previous anti abortion rallies and As president Ronald Reagan did before him. Vice president Dan Quayle will speak in person to the crowd. The National right to life committee the leading anti abortion lobbying group and the rally a sponsor declined to predict the size of the crowd. But Willke said he hoped it would be the largest rally Ever on the Washington mall exceeding past crowds of More than a Quarter of a million people. A yes its a numbers game a Willkie said in an interview. Willke said their intent was a to take More of an offensive. To give a massive display of opposition to abortion. In the works for More than a year the rally comes at a time when anti abortion forces have sustained a series of losses in elections and in state capitals. Since the supreme courts so called Webster decision last summer in which states were Given More leeway to impose restrictions on abortions supporters of abortion rights have succeeded in a series of major elections. Candidates who support Legal abortions have won elections for governor of Virginia and new Jersey and lieutenant governor of Virginia and they have succeeded in blocking abortion restrictions in Many state Legislatures. Please see rally Page 14 officials give Clarks plan mixed Marks would pay for scholarships by Mary Doyle the examiner superintendents of some area school districts Are giving mixed reviews to a proposal by . District judge Russell g. Clark that would award College scholarships to students who switch to Kansas City Magnet schools. The program would award scholarships to White suburban students who enrol in Kansas City Magnet schools minority Kansas City students who Transfer to suburban Public schools or minority Kansas City students who remain in the City schools. A was an incentive it would have some affect a Robert Henley superintendent of the ii Lepen Dence school District said of the scholarship program. A it might be an effective tactic to get some suburban students to enrol into the magnets. It might be an effective tactic to get some suburban students to enrol into the Robert Henley Independence superintendent a if you re going to spend Money then helping a student into College is As effective As anything that you could spend the Money on. It benefits the student but superintendents from the Blue Springs and fort Osage school districts say the program would be unfair to students in please see plan Page 14 Cheney looks for More cuts next Navy and air Force rally volunteers Pound in rows of crosses near the White House each representing a life lost by an associated press abortion. Sponsors for today a rally for life expect the largest crowd Ever for an anti abortion rally. Door to door census begins Bush a lets get moving Washington a president Bush said Friday that completing the nations problem plagued 1990 census is becoming a a Mammoth undertaking and he urged americans who Haven to returned their forms to a get thirty seven percent of the 95 million census questionnaires sent in March Haven to been returned. A i simply want to. Urge every american who has not returned the census form to do so to stand up and be counted a Bush said in remarks to a group of state legislators at the White House. A we really need to get moving on in his first comments on the difficulties vexing the . Census Bureau Bush said census takers had begun a to visit All addresses from which census forms have not been received a Mammoth undertaking in Light of the poor mail response. Rep. Thomas c. Sawyer a Ohio chairman of a House subcommittee that oversees the census Bureau estimates that Fielding the expanded army of census takers needed to Cope with the Low return rate could add $180 million to the $1.3 billion earmarked this year for conducting the census. Bush told the american legislative Exchange Council that helping persuade americans to do a better Job of returning their census forms was a a project that needs your a census data will help you make important decisions for the states. And it really fits into this theme of decentralization part of the decentralization of government of putting our Trust where it belongs a with the people a Bush said. The census will help determine distribution of hundreds of billions of dollars in Federal and state Aid among states and local communities for the next to years. It also will be the basis on which congressional and state legislative District lines will be redrawn. Preliminary data suggests that As Many As 14 of the 435 House of representative seats May shift into different states As a result of the 1990 count. Some democratic critics have assailed Bush for not doing enough to guarantee an accurate census even though he frequently talks to Republican audiences about the importance of congressional redistricting in sol defying gop gains. Some analysts have suggested that a census under count could work to the Benefit of please see census Page 14 Washington a defense Secretary Dick Cheney acknowledging his warplane cutbacks could be just the beginning of major Pentagon changes predicted Friday that americans military is destined to be a significantly smaller than it is Cheney met with reporters one Day after he informed Congress of plans to nearly halve purchases of the b-2 stealth bomber and the c-17 transport Jet and delay production of the Pentagon a next generation of fighters. It was Cheney a most significant step to Date in his Effort to realign the nations military expenditures in response to the nations budget woes and the lessened soviet threat. But during his testimony Cheney also indicated he a looking at paring the Navy a Fleet of aircraft carriers from 14 to 12 and that he was considering further cuts in air Force tactical fighter wings. These statements come on the heels of disclosures by top army officials that they May be forced to trim hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the Force in the coming years. Asked about such developments Cheney noted that the service chiefs Are scheduled to give him their Long term spending plans next week. This will set off a debate a on what we think that Force ought to look a a there a clearly going to be a smaller Navy clearly going to be a smaller Marine corps smaller army smaller air Force a Cheney said. But he added that there Are several assumptions that must be taken into account in any plan to draw Down the forces such As the successful completion of the talks in Europe to reduce conventional forces a Cheney a aircraft review called for reducing the proposed number of b-2 bombers from 132 to 75 and reducing the proposed Purchase of the c-17 Long Range transport plane from 210 to 120. Gorbachev faced with pollution woes Moscow a president Mikhail s. Gorbachev was be reged with complaints Friday abut foul water and air in a City so polluted that children have Rawn pictures of smog and writer a i done to want to die a after two Days of addressing re dents worries about the Sag ing Economy in the ural Moun tins City of Sverdlovsk Gorba lev travelled to nearby Nezhny Agil and confronted a new Issue pollution. A Metal is Metal but people Mikhail Serg Yevich Are not Iron a a metalworkers told the president As they met on the shop floor of the Nezhny Tail metallurgical Complex. The comment was reported by the Tass news Agency. The City of 403,000 people is among 36 in a government a Black books listing the most polluted areas of the russian federation pravda reported in september. Other news reports have said smog from the 45-year-old Coke burning furnaces at the steel Complex Burns children a skin As they walk to school and causes serious lung and heart problems. Factories in the area 900 Miles East of Moscow spew out More than 600,000 tons of pollutants annually about 1.5 tons per resident. Local children last year sent the complexes managers drawings of a smokestacks smog enveloping living areas and the Handwritten words a i done to want to die a a the newspaper Komsomol Kaya pravda reported. Huge demonstrations have been reported in Nezhny Tail and other soviet cities As residents demand a cleanup of air and water. A they say the pollution was caused by a government policy that emphasized production at All costs even at the expense of Peoples health. The Kremlin chief saw the pollution and its sources first hand Friday taking a walking tour of the sprawling metallurgical Complex stopping occasionally to Field what a soviet television correspondent said were thousands of workers questions. Soviet tvs nightly newscast see Gorbachev Page 14 Robertson blames bomb on a hatred Virginia Beach a. A a bomb in a package addressed to the Rev. Pat Robertson exploded Friday at his Christian broadcasting networks Mai room injuring a Security guard can officials said. Police confirmed there was a bombing but refused to release details. Robertson said the package was addressed to him and suggested it could be related to recent attacks on a Houston preacher and gospel Singer Sandi Patti. A this could be part of a pattern of attacks against evangelical christians a Robertson said. The package had a North Carolina postmark and looked suspicious to station workers said Frankie Abourjilie a can spokeswoman. Security guard Scott Scheepers was summoned and the bomb exploded when he opened the package Abourjilie said. Scheepers 33, was taken to sen Tara Norfolk general Hospital were he was in stable condition with shrapnel wounds in his left leg said Hospital spokeswoman Rhonda Hoover. Scheepers who estimated he has handled 75 to 80 suspicious packages said from his Hospital bed that he opened the Brown paper parcel Only after checking it twice with an a Ray machine. A it appeared to be Safe it Wasny to heavy at All a he said. A a in a opened it about a half Inch and it just Robertson a 1988 Republican presidential hopeful noted two recent attacks a the explosion of a letter bomb at the Church of the Rev. John Osteen of Houston that injured his daughter and an arson fire at the Indiana recording studio of gospel Singer Sandi Patti. A this is evidence of extreme hatred by some deranged individuals who want to silence the Christian voice in this country a Robertson said. A they should realize that devices sent through the mail will never reach those for whom they Are intended. Their victims will be innocent men and women who have devoted their lives to serving Virginia Beach police spokesman Lou Thurston declined to give details about fridays bomb. A we done to want to jeopardize our investigation or prosecution a Thurston said. He said the explosion caused no damage but debris from the package was scattered about. Participating in the investigation were officers of the Federal Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms the Fri postal inspectors state and City police and the City fire department. Petey Childers prescriptions free prompt delivery 252-6131�?advpolice say girl taken legally by the associated press police in Leeds Summit Friday dropped their investigation into the disappearance of a 6-year-old girl after learning that the people who took the child had a Legal custody order. Two people had been arrested earlier after Holly Wise was taken thursday As she waited for a school bus in Leeds Summit said Jim Oakley information officer for the Leeds Summit police department. According to a neighbor a woman got out of a Black Van and called to Holly with open arms Oakley said. The girl was swept into the Van and it raced off the witness said. North Kansas City police later thursday stopped the Van and arrested the two suspects. But two other suspects a woman and a Man were not inside and were thought to have fled with the girl Oakley said. Virginia Beach letter bomb explodes in can Headquarters examiner graphic

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