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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 4

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, Hutchinson, Kansas Editorials March the Hutchinson news work now we know what work in attorney Bob Stephan for Mally ruled Friday that a member of the Kansas racing commission and the commissions executive director were really not being entertained when they flitted among the social Zers at a reception thrown by a Racetrack Kansas state Law makes it a mis Demeanour for a racing commission member or an employee of that commission to accept any com or service from any track the two racing commission officials attended a reception in sponsored by a prominent lobbyist for the Wichita greyhound Stephan says that its unclear if food and drink should be viewed As he said the states ethics gurus have previously described food and drink As if Kansas is to believe Stephans a cozy social relationship be tween Licensee and licenses would be merely one of those dirty jobs that somebody has to or that Licensee and licenser can come to Gether for fun and games and not be influenced in their future arms length relationship As regulator and the one regulated you gotta be the Case once the desperate need in Kansas for for Mal ethical standards of and for High Public officials to recognize the need for those licensing racing operations to stay at arms length from the beneficiaries of those history lesson Johnson county Maverick state Kerry Patrick offered his col leagues in Topeka a Chance to up Date history the other without checking much with the folks in Dickinson Patrick suggested to his fellow committee members that they help give Dick Inson county people a Chance to vote on whether or not they like to change their county name to i would Challenge anyone on this committee to say who Dickinson county was named Patrick As he tried to line up he didst get any by the Public no answer to his historical which May have saved him from it asked him if he could identify the Man for whom Johnson county was it certainly want either of two former Parsons Birds heaven forbid that anybody think we have anything against purple but since Parsons has asked the we feel compelled to re Parsons has asked the Legisla Ture to declare that Parsons is the purple Martin capital of because so Many of the Graceful Birds return each March the migrating Birds reach the Midwest each year precisely on March the experts to nest and raise families before returning to South America in late while the designation of the City As purple Martin capital of Kansas seems frivolous to it really represents a Community Effort to promote tourism and provide a Home for much of the year for a very attractive Parsons Mike Johnston we know things Are Tough in but this is stretch ing things a bit to get some tourism purple Martins nest in houses All the Way from Arkansas through the Midwest each though Parsons May qualify As we that if Par sons they will have the decency to admit the flip Side of this since purple Martins Are drawn to their nests by available food Supply As much As the neat Little White apartment Type the food Supply should be Given proper Billing in the off we can see the slogan now the purple Martin Capi Tal of Kansas from March 16 through Midsummer and the Mosquito capital of Kansas until the arrival each year of the purple eminently qualified the word from the East coast is that National Republican leaders have been twisting the Arm of famous author Tom Clancy to run for Congress in Clancy is it certainly deserves consideration civic duty and All Clancy Clancy is 42 and one of the nations Best one of his the Hunt for red is being Well hyped with the release of the but his latest Book is even his latest Clear and pres ent is a masterpiece of Clancy is Quali fied for Placebo the democrats always quotable Marvin Barkis had it right Friday in after his colleagues in the House of representatives voted overwhelmingly to approve a watered Down Law requiring very Young girls to Tell somebody about their planned Barkis described the result what were it seems to he is a political its a its a place to few would they because what the Paren Tal notification hassle most needs is the sort of muddled Compromise represented by the collective wis Dom of the Mike Hayden had started the Ball rolling by demanding a Tough Bill that would order doctors to Tell both parents in writing 48 hours in when an 18yearold or younger girl sought an doctors who would have ignored such an order could have been found guilty of a As the watered Down proposal goes to the it would apply Only to girls under the doctor could notify a a blood rela Tive older than or a member of the in the girl could go to court to avoid any Noti and no criminal sanctions would be applied to this is the sort of Compromise that should leave both extremes in the abortion fight with the great mass of people in Between both extremes merely that is precisely Why fridays political Placebo makes Flat on wfolnk5 More than weather is fickle Jane Bauman the weather changes sides faster than a Windshield but you cant fault late february and Early March for being because much of their fickle Ness has been take last when greening wheat Fields were soaking up Sun the Way hot Toast soaks up dog rebel and i trucked to town past a cattle and both of us gazed serenely at the sight of baby calves blinking sleepily in the Sun As they Lay cuddled closely to their reclining moms it was a scene of total and i mused maybe we will have an Early but that optimistic thought lasted about As Long As a Butterfly in a be cause two Days on rebel and i revealed in a totally different but yet delightful to our three inches of Snow top hatted Fence posts weighed Down Cedar drifted along driveways and spread thick White cushions on Patio Lawn a Beautiful sniffing Rabbit tracks in fresh Snow whoops up rebels spirits higher than the Price of fresh if weather has to be it pick better and enjoying it beats the Heck out of keeping up with the fickle Side of the because lately it seems that weve had a surfeit of what i Call shrug for i shrugged when i heard that the Donald Trumps were so who thought they celebrate their Golden wedding anyway and i shrugged when baseball players decided to let the greedy players and owners deserve each and the announcement that benzene polluted Perrier was being recalled rated another i rarely drink and i dont own any Perrier then Home furnishings Trade news papers announced that Dusty shades Are no More Dusty Pink and Gray so now my Basic colors of Bright red and Orange Are Back in but since it didst Bug me when they were that big news merely got a then everybody shrugged at the report of yet another change in Cess female network female cohorts last about As Long As fake fingernails when you Wash then i shrugged twice when i read that models pouty lips Are but fat ear lobes Are it seems that years of Wear ing dangling earrings have produced a crop of sagging so fashion conscious women Are getting their flabby lobes pumped up with injections of fat from their bellies and it takes Only 10 minutes but costs from to and your body absorbs so the procedure has to be repeated every four to nine Amaz the Wall Street journal reported that Many women have it i really Shook my head More than i shrugged on that if you let fickle news can get to so just for the Nitt Gritty of son Max and i planted a gamblers Garden of a few potatoes three weeks before Pat Ricks then i baked the Pillsbury Takeoff Blueberry poppy seed the Little Box of poppy seed was and the blueberries were More than two and the cake want that if youre tired of fickle news and and you dont want to bake a cake or Plant go see it is the Best movie weve seen in a Long and there is nothing fickle about i Western front Kansas needs program to Aid chronically ill once Lyndsie Baird needs your Lyndsie is a 4yearold Little girl with which has caused severe dam age to her kidneys and eyes at this she is now covered by a health insurance but our already High insurance premiums have increased by an additional 80 our insurance Premium each month is we cannot drop our coverage on or she will never be covered by a health insurance policy our health insurance company is now rating premiums according to claims in Stead of age last our insurance company paid out less than in Nur i feel that we have Beenu mainly in All the years we have had health we have never received a refund for not using our nor have our premiums Ever gone but since weve had to use our our premiums have in creased i would like to enlist your assistance in getting the Laws governing insurance rates controlled so that it is affordable to All i would also like your assistance in starting a state financed program that would cover the medical expenses of the chronically the High risk and the uninsurable people of our other states have such programs Why cant Kansas this program would give the families of such people a Little less financial As with Al families in our we have great challenges and adjustments to be made in our daily with a state financed medical some of the financial stress would be lifted that was one Beauty of an edit your editor is at it again reference his comments in first things first March 1 editorial about the miss Usa at least Wichita is holding the and it is bringing business the news editor still presses for a horse track at the Doest he you know it i recall the wording of the ordinance which will move Plum Street to accommodate the it says that City officials May arrange with the chamber of Commerce to guarantee the repay ment of the Cost of moving Plum from convention and visitors Bureau funds if read the track fails to pro vide sufficient funds to make the pay this fund is tax Money dedicated to encourage not to pay Back the City after a Flop Wichita is getting people and notoriety with its c v Bureau funds whether you like them or pageants Are not becoming obsolete like the buggy whip or the racing crop come editor there Are lots of progressive things to and bad things to View with without beating a dead horse Gordon Sparling 112 East 13th commends work of traffic directors i would like to publicly thank the traffic directors at All acc Home basketball games this year for a Job Well this is a thankless and Low paying but we Are fortunate enough to have serious and Ca Pable men to at the Hutchinson Butler county the traffic directors received some bad publicity for directing cars into the Circle drive at the Fine arts but the police department did not enforce the tickets that were none of my traffic directors directed these cars into the Circle drive or other illegal parking if you receive a parking ticket in it is very easy to get out of paying we would not direct a car into an illegal zone or in any Way endanger the on the other we do not appreciate obscene gestures and foul words for doing our most of the fans Are and we enjoy serving them in an orderly Bart Newberry head of traffic acc from our and we would be assured of the medical coverage that our ill with our coverage As it is i wonder How Many times i would seriously consider not taking Lyndsie for medical knowing our premiums would increase next renewal period because of please write to your con Gress and elected representatives asking that Laws governing insurance rates be changed and that a state financed program be started for the chronically the High risk and the uninsurable of our please feel free to Contact me with any ideas or thank you so kindly for your Jol Baird Dodge City heavenly explanation a recent news article reports that re searchers have found clumps of galaxies occurring in a regular pattern Over a vast this cannot be explained by cur rent scientific assumptions about the his tory of the these researchers conjecture that since Gravity could not have produced the it May be a Fossil imprint from the very Early uni the More reasonable explanation is that the recurring pattern is the fingerprint of an creator god who produced an orderly universe because he is a god of the heavens declare the glory of and the firmament show eth his psalm Harry Shenk Partridge apologies to Kerr on i wrote a letter to the Western front accusing Dave Kerr of not supporting Bill to restore cuts in the sri i am As i was informed by Kerr and have checked the that i was sen Kerr did vote for the both in the committee and on the Frederick Markham when was Cal Thomas named the spokesman for god one might who named Cal Thomas spokesman for god the moral majority according to history our founding fathers did not have the same religious Early coming to America for tried to Rule communities and towns in the new after Reading the editorial by Cal i am most grate Ful that the founding fathers were Wise enough to write about the separation of Church and most citizens do not want to support another persons idea of religion with tax Money and civil Many religions believe in yet in different All christians do not interpret the Bible in the same thank god for those people who managed to place the Christian Bible in the hands of the average it was not without bloodshed and where is there room for prejudice and excessive Pride when you love your neighbor As yourself your neighbor May be a the actions of Many Church groups speak louder than their words of kindness and the Bible does thou shall not the Rule should apply to everyone god knows every person Hurt with Reju or killed in political and religious Power seems to corrupt every facet of Billie great Bend

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