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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 2

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, Hutchinson, Kansas Democrats Battle Over defense Hutchinson news March 199q Page 2 by Dan Morgan the Insl Washington at least five groups of House democrats with differing views about much to Cut the defense budget for fiscal 1991 arc engaged intense behind this genes mane vering to influence the House budget committees decision on defense defense committees will de Termine How to spend the but the of the Overall figure can Case or intensify pressure on them to Cut Back major weapons systems and reduce the figure also affects Domestic pro since president Bush has ruled out new taxes and every Dol Lar not spent on defense can theoretically be spent on non military activities or to Cut the the focus of the inter party lobbying is an item in the annual budget Resolution with the James Bondman name it is the Bot Tom line of All defens related including military construction and atomic weapons pro the fixing of As it is called on Capitol will he the first major Milestone in the process of adjusting the nations huge de sense budget to a changing whether the House democratic factions can unite will he the first test of the party ability to come together on priorities for the Uncertain decade 050 is said bar Bara with Marly is leading an informal democratic group in the budget committee that favors sleep cuts in fiscal 1991 defense if we want to do anything feed the fight the drug War theres got to be a shift of but this fight proves the Point Ive always made the democrats Are a very diverse most democrats have indicated if we want to do anything feed the fight the drug War theres got to be a shift of but this fight proves the Point Ive always made the democrats Are a very diverse Barbara Boxer that they want to trim the billion in defense outlays proposed by president bus but disagree merits among defense conserva members with military bases or military contracts in their districts and Liberal reformers who favor a drastic shift in National priorities have set off a feverish round of private meetings and Cau the process by which the Fina figure will be determined Sheds Light on the internal politics of Capitol much of which takes place behind closed through constantly shifting and sometimes overlapping who is also co chairman of the congressional military Reform has her sights set on a 1991 defense figure ofj2s9 billion j14 billion less than the president re but Norman the 2 Democrat on the House appropriations de sense wants a num Ber closer to the Dicks congressional District is next door to the Headquarters of the Boeing a major contractor on the b2 Dicks fears that too Low an 050 figure could jeopardize the Navy Home porting and other projects that Benefit his Dicks has forged an informal Al Liance with two other key pro defense democrats Marvin who sits on the armed services and budget com and Dave Mccurdy d another senior member of armed tinker air Force in me curds will be maintenance Center for the which Many Liberal democrats Are targeting for cancellation this but Mccurdy insists that his interests in a gradual scaling Down of the 050 number Are not the expectations have in creased he our concern is that you cant move As fast As some arc the outlay savings Are difficult to we need time to prepare a Lon term boxers figure looks almost hawkish compared with proposals under study by two other informal groups playing a behind Lescene one is Barney Franks budget for a Strong America favors out lays of billion next year and predicts that of four big ticket weapons systems the my rail Garrison and midget Man missiles two will be Cut to almost nothing and two others will take Hig Franks group includes outside disarmament groups and peace a its regular members Are Boxer and Thomas Dow and Are often joined by los congressional Black caucus chairman Ronald and Charles d Downey has had his influential thursday morning defense and arms control group in operation for the past six the group has met the last two weeks but has not settled on an 050 speaking for Downey you need to show up with a number like billion billion below Bush to really catch Peoples big City Small town coming March 1618 Spring expo Kansas state Fairgrounds an exposition of Energy re products entertainment Buhler singers Wichita wings players Hutch High expressive hoc vocal ensemble dragon Aires chair s50d daily drawing heres whats or red Duke Dillon lecture March 5 sports Arena 1030 am senior cd teens discount Flay March 6 Hul Chimson Mill stare 3a basketball tournament March 710 spoils Arena the drunkard acc theatre March 810 Fine arts Center 8 pm Home Garden show March 911 Hul Chinsan Golden gloves boxing March 10 convention 7 30 pin re boat Sale March 011 kans is Liilo Fairgrounds for information on Hutchinson Tollfree from out of txoo65x1777 an unidentified South korean army colonel saturday explains the drawing showing a North Korea built under ground Tunnel in the demilitarized the shown is the fourth discovered since North korean Tunnel found under demilitarized zone by Paul Shin amoeba led Irum Wiur demilitarized Korea and South korean military engineers unearthed a Tunnel saturday allegedly dug by communist North Korea in the 1970s As an invasion route under the demilitarized zone that divides the two it was the fourth secret Tunnel apparently dug by North Korea inside the wide Border and South korean officials said there might be up to 20 North Korea has denied dig Ging any the Tunnel was found in a re Mote mountainous Region called the about 100 Miles Northeast of the Region was the site of bloody Battles during the korean War from 1950 to working from it recently dug intercepting engineers drilled through 10 feet of Granite to break into the 145 Yards below breaking through shouted about 40 South korean troops who were sent into the Tunnel found rail Road a stack of old dynamite and an empty steel a slogan painted in Black on one Granite Wall lets unify the Marks on the wet Walls appeared to have been made by hard implements used to dig the manmade water inside flowed which officials said Vas evidence that the digging was done from the lower Northern you have seen today a Doz Tunnel that apparently was dug by North Korea to invade the said the Chiet command army Linke said the Tunnel was first detected after a army investigation team drilled into a Tunnel like cavity on Christmas closer observation confirmed the probability that a Tunnel sex and work to confirm suspicions began Linke South korean officials say North korean Leader Kim ii Sung ordered tunnels built in the Early 1970s to infiltrate behind South Korea front defense South korean army Park Younik said the Tunnel crossed about Yards into the Southern sector of the Neutral Doz zone and was about Yards ii cd photos officials said the Tunnel was six feel wide and Teet Large enough for a full regiment to pass through in an it was unclear just when the Tunnel was but Park said he thought North Korea would have needed at least five years to dig in View of the changing global situation and our sincere peace the construction of such a Tunnel into our area across the truce line is a serious Viola Tion of the armistice agreement and an intolerable act of Daggres South korean defense minister Lee Sanghoon speaking in Lee urged North Korea to Stop provocative acts of aggression and help Pur sue methods to reduce tensions on the divided korean Ken and Schmiedbauer Dean Vomer catastrophic health cake your investments March 8 Delos Shepherd Center Olsi m Loktu Sii Mina China seeks common ground Kightlinger s 316 6626481 where you buy the Best for less Railroad both landscape 5 Gollon joint 6 treated fencing per 8 Section where you but the Best for less Kightlinger 316 Spencer rear of 1301 4th Kansas 6626481 Washington api the head of chivas communist party says the massacre of protesters in Tiana men Square last june should not stand in the Way of economic and cultural cooperation 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warranty Large selection of colors 3 Tab All Roll we make our own trusses and Preang our own doors before you with us5 Kightlinger 316 Spencer 6626481 where you buy the Best for less the Hutchinson news 316 6623311 1800fonnews 1 8003666397 Oil jog e que editor Ana Puu d e l s editor Julie Chilor circuit Ign promote ii or veg 0 room Loro ruin Lorman single Cepro 39c Fli Llly lie ail in Kansas a Cir sub it non uni plut Ian 1 monent Sib plus Myrtil out i state Vair t Martini s 4 so Mai Noi accepted m c delivery Terri Terv Moor delivery by earner 57 so per r motor re Woff 9 h3 per plw9 sunday Carrier and Weslor n 00 per including second Pottage Al Hulen the Mulc Vinton Box Hul Ninion 6soj subscriber service Vidu Toul Al receive your Hutch Union me beware 6 3d a m if Vidu don1 receive it b Call your Carrier or Ine circus Julio a prof a 607 Jim 36t our of of tub Triberti same Day delivery Miji Only d Mao i to to Covo l 9 00 m in mul Ninson for Molnrr service Bur Day and sunday prospects in the Jiang general Secretary of the chinese communist told news world i suggest that we look Forward and try to find common he said in the appearing in the March 12 in such Fields As economic cultural contacts and other areas there is still a lot of room for More Cooper but Jiang emphasized we do not or sri time ours Hes for the Way we the Tian amen we believe it to be an internal affair while the is saying that we have gone against values and the american View of human Jiang said continuing tensions with the United states resulted from a big created by inaccurate Media accounts and a limited perspective on the part of the and who became party chief last june amid International can damnation of the chinese govern meals said his government would continue to Welcome investment and open the because business is not based Only on one you have to take the Lon term said continued economic development in his country would help change and International opinion of he scam continued from 1 Cally fill out an application and sekt it into a although she didst report incident to Law enforcement offi Dawson said she wanted others to know about the tempted he sounded very professional on the he was convincing up the she i would hate to see someone get their credit cards in theres nothing you can do about these but be Wise about

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