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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 64

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Hutchinson, Kansas News june 1990 Page whats on saturday r in stereo it Hob movie pump Al head 1988 Lance 3 b can Moos far fun i Lahore by a she Mustof Reward Brigitte can paid program prime time Oprah b i in miss Kansas Pagean go Nash inn music City new country awards from the Gran Ole opry House in 1 26 o b 08 b Nash on stage featured Lionel r in stereo m Usa movie lust in disc America coast to coast the Ana sail an ancient culture whose villages and Cliff dwellings have become the worlds largest archaeological 7 n m in Dean and Barbara 1985 Tab r present country music Freddys Nile mum Channel 6 Ensign r categories voted on by Bot Nashville network viewers lonesome Pine special Singer Charmaine a4e movie a Man i love 1917 Greta Peter of Pinnol 7 Mai o of music City Houston and 2 30 plays stereo 2 Miller fuse pop life sell improvement Channel 12 Cousteau Amnion o Lawrence Welk show Orleans in stereo Gionni Artter Frommert Sinatra songs esp baseball of travel continued from Page 1ea Heather 1 revue featured dancer Edward Vllella so Challenge of the sea an exploration of crocodiles in the night an that life Ken delo and All the Way Bob can capital gang r m Nick on the television Najj can Peridot jewelry 1 ska Dawn with Morton r 11 ii a Jinn travel 28 j Nash on stage featured Lionel in on a four of the school o american r Span Ford Are born in the Florida fun As you like it in Iamb american movie t esp saturday nigh Thunder weekly series which can scarecrow and mrs 3 mtg head Aiters Ball Obj show Colon in Sean Robert 2 8 Usa my sister Sam inspiration of painting finish ing the water Section and i Fri fun travel world int bugs Bunny 1 pals Humphrey Bogart a Proll of the life and career of act Humphrey current Auto aut personalities and various motor sports featured 59 disc to ctr Jouralis give James examines the Obj int movie milk than Mem Rama Clark part 10 of 13 3 esp Auto racing Nasca grand National series from son live 1 30 Fly a horse r3cino business View 1 it Tbs world champions he wrestling 1 to m Abc b o b my two dads Joe throws a party and wakes up the next Day to discover he has mar red a female r Sac sprints from in b b movie Columbo agent for murder 1990 Peter Falk Patrick 2 of the 1 Dis movie the Knees Day 196 Richard Jon 3 b life Spenser for b Kon Avny Witk the mkt 9 d movie drano Roland Keye 1 x stakes the third jewel in b b p Kate can Showbiz this week fun can Rin Nelll r ratings triple for 3year old thoroughbreds from Nash gospel Jubilee Fea tured Gold City b b of prime time Opra in the name of Nick Green acres of can ideas to beautify movie daddy Long legs 19s5 Fred Nick Dowie Ginis Fri a she War of the worm Park in Elmont live i 30 u can future watch a a Nick out of control m fun vacation magic it Nash country beat in stereo in Usa she in stereo q shining time station the Cal Dren Are disappointed when Harry postpones a fishing i esp Auto racing Barbe Saab pro series from Topeka r 03 of Winfrey talks about self esteem with actress Drew writer Maya Angelou intercity youths in Chicago and a Virginia Coa mining i 3 Nash Church Street station featured Garth Brooks the 1 s a she b open House the real estate office is compelled t hold a seance when Margos be loved cat r in stereo is disc wings the Boeing 85 Strat fortress was part of the strategic air command for 2 30 movie my nigh be 1960 Doris re 2 m Omi Cnoc later with Bob Costa 10 to b b b saturday night live in stereo ill can Pam program b Span Penlick policy conference 9jiamc american movie let the life and career of actor Humphrey r Gnu Cnoc Steab t deals r q Degrassi High Heather i afraid Erica will go too far can Pinnacle is Nick mister r in stereo t Usa movie 30 r b ate movie a Man b b Fol movie the son of Monte Colsto 1940 Louis Max movie planet master Paul Irene her new q nature of things Fin can show movie who Harr Crumb 1989 John Candy Jeffrey 1 29 1987 Adam West Jon Mikl 2 q Lawrence Welk show 1987 Greta Pete 2 30 in life Joan 12 3 Nash grand Ole opry live r in b b Byron Allen scheduled actor David Coulier q5 Nick wizards world of can out n about Fig a she can Zorro a woman from Santa be who has been Corre spending with Don sounds songs include thl is a great country and hey Span journalists round table discussion taped 1 i esp sports enter b Abc news 5s can sports the Jetts Young actress Danle Mayron r in stereo 1 fit can Tor a wonder works african movie the Nick Patty disc just for the big Luke and Thimba form the Bobby Oxer 1947 me improve Hob movie stand by me outdoor life Bond As a result of Myrna 2 fun Holiday wll River Tance record for driving a tract on two wheels q Victoria Jackson beaut great Bobby Orr Hunts to Canada geese near Buzzards a in r g Charles in Tulane is reunited with her in stereo Par 3 of 3 go esp Auto racing americas vital sign hydroplane racing Aba championship from business View 1 b movie Back to me 1917 Frankle Annette 2 it go Nash Rodeo Mesquite Clamp Tromp in stereo is australian Royal Bicentennial concert Olivia Newton John Denver and Clif along with a Host o other International gather for a musical Celebration of fun Over so evening b b b b Hee How cohost or me guests Charley Pride Daniele r offload championship grand prix from 1 b b Mission impossible the if team sets a trap at an archaeological site in Egypt to r 1 b b b Singer 1 sons series premiere Dell operator Nathan Singer Harold Gould hires his housekeepers sons to work in the in show movie Honey 0980 Clio Fernando 23 d Tbs night tracks in stereo 1 ii w Fol Nash inn Mink City Fri can International Carr Phi twit cod 1 Moat tar to Cook 1 Rallas 200th r Ultra nationalist who has can East meets awards from the can Jewtik voice life movie obsessive love 1984 Yvette b b d news in stereo 53 Nash conversation ancient r in stereo 1 Donna Reed a she b Tracey oilman opry House in hosts Jimmy Dean and Barbara mtg Vico Oft jockey 1 Simon 2 is fun nightlife new York wifi lamp daddy scheduled actress Suzanne in stereo 8 Usa Miami can Prim news 1 it can 11 Gold jewelry pro considers a Liaison with an italian stranger in an air plane r in present country music awards in categories voted on by both Nashville network viewers disc secret the of Macki Aii the development of the washing r legs 1955 Fred Astaire of the National a she b cops an fun world through of music City ois movie Solomua ii 2 30 specials a look at is apprehended for stereo j Christ other Margot Man from smart Money r 1 sit pin pro Beach past and q second voyage of the Mill the Crew sights a Light on the Cliffs the Royal Observatory in a double homicide in a r in stereo show movie who framed Roger Rabbit 1988 Bob movie the left hand of god ims Humphrey Gene 1 30 in Tbs olympic Gold nature the role of computers in managing the Everglades and whether this Freshwater Marsh will survive the effects of b movie Battle far Ike planet it the ants it73 Roddy Claude from san r 2 t 05 q Tbs fishing with Roland 2 esp 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International sedans from Lime Rock Conn new wilderness 5 life movie into thin sir 1915 Ellen Robert 2 m Span America 1 the courts featured the 20th anniversary of court service by Justice 1 is fun journey to adventure a Mcnac later with Bob movie deadline 19s2 Humphrey Ethel 1 30 Myrna Loy so Nice to come Home to a portrait of actress Myrna including anecdotes and highlights of some of her hosted by actress Kathleen r 1 bin by showdown with Snow movie Gotham 1988 Tommy Lee Virginia 2 o can Hardcastle and Mccormick w mtg yol mtg raps 1 b disc War Lorlei two John Ford documentaries exploring the Pacific Battles of world War include Larry 1 b after Fao Stoat of Man frontiers the Border dividing the and r 1 s life whats Lotker topic parents sinn Scuka world pin Tehois work team cup its from Abc Neon Tim nigh tracks in Siena m Usa movie horror of the Lior Wolf Paul h b esp Ami Simsa cup series from ume r water Klong pro Max movie dead West r b 6 Abc news 3jj can new Swatch m Nick hey san r 2 7 Tbs major league baseball san Francisco giants at b b b the wedding Day arrives and everyone is holding a collective r Sam Nicole r movie Whin the t Alovie the Cone 1m7 wll Claude can Prate me Loral i do can your Home Ohice live 2 45 1972 Richard my Najami r i s a she Hill Street blues d can Bordertown the Montana ranchers association comes to i r week in Rock disc sporting Lyle a diving venture in the featuring a Chance to feed Sharks by r b Max movie Scrooge 1988 Bill Karen it Hob movie Plain clothes 1988 Arlliss suit 38 something special 0 wheel of Fortune weak in country music r in stereo b degress High Heather plots to get wheels alone Lucy visits in esp Speed week m can sports saturday Nick Looney tunes 11 Nash grand Ole opry live on stereo w Nick bewitched 6 a she b hidden video rebroadcasts a Man sets up his wife to watch an army Lank drive Over her r in stereo 93 Dis movie close encounters of the third kind 1977 Richard Francois 2 15 8 fun Moscow j in life hotel b Funni Arthur Frommert almanac of travel Mclau Ihlen r 1 Tennis Japan classic r 2 b b pm Ted discovers Leeanne husband has been cheating on in stereo Fol Hob tales from the crypt can evens Novak r m Nick mister can paid pre ram b disc Terra t the spartan me of the hindu r 8 life Day by Day fun perfect trip Gnu Cnoc Dick Ca Vert Tbs Ravlo foot Aas Bluff 11961 Clint Lee 2 b smash hits scheduled Bolint r 1 hrs Msj Max movie Daja of sanity Hon Anthony Glynis b show movie Pon Montlary Tel no7 Loon of talc Anthony 1 11 movie to mask of Mancke w3j Boris i 41 Dummy 51 Dis Avonlea Sara holds mtg Janet Jackson steals a deals r i in Usa movie vampires Martini magic lantern show to b b b Golden girls Usa Alfred Hitchcock 19m Money Tor the town r 1 or disc natural world delights for Todd 2 secrets mysteries my secret the wildlife in the hedgerows of the English a runaway pregnant teenager and blanches paroled Nick firewood 2nlght Span Public policy can news update 1 Nick make room Lor Mowla Vaca Tiaa

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