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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Hutchinson, Kansas Whats on saturday Tracey Ullman starring Tracey Ullman on the Fox network Channel 24 Wichita Channel 16 Hutchinson june 1990 morning Tbs fishing with Orlando Tisi it Hob movie the Grea outdoors 11988 Dan Aykroyd John 31 Foj Usa Law and Harry Mcgraw Daybreak Nick mysterious cities of super bargains 1 p can what you dont know can Hurt you m mtg video disc jockey 3 mouser Cise Aie Golden age of Tele Ion Span Public policy Confer ence 2 fun Fedors world movie Cherokee strip 1937 Dick Jane 1 30 Mclaughlin r 1 a sips program guide m Tbs Between the lines Fri esp motor week illustrated Fri can International correspondents we Nick spartacus and the Sun beneath the sea to a she bugs Bunny and friends m show movie who Harry Crumb 1989 John Jeffrey 1 29 Fri can paid program so Dis you and kid h comic strip m ate heroes made in the h fun scuba world Fol Usa s can paid pro a esp sports enter m can Daybreak by Nick adventures of the Little Koala m can your country Home t to a she speak out a Community forum program which allows members from our Community to share their ideas and opinions about topical to Max movie High spirits t9b8 Peter Daryl Han 39 Welcome to Pooh Corner comic strip ate All creatures great and All Fol life sell improvement guide fun outdoor encounters fishing in North a Mcnac Media beat 3 Tbs Nwa wrestling Power hour 1 Peppermint plact m Hob High powder Dick and Timothy Van Patten Star in this Story of drug abuse and peer pressure on a High school ski r 3 Usa Cash Lor the asking outdoor sportsman farm report in sports close up Dinick Noum a she fun Lastic world Fudd Langton Bur t Dis dust it circus i comic strip i inn great getaway game Llantin Altwal velvet deals r 0 Little do m Usa financial Freedom i nightly business report scheduled Market by Ilion Oum Kurtman with kick Mcnely Phi Staky do Niczik Micat can ideas la Best kind Pili inc world show Dracula 15 b can Zak tales of Dis Good Mickey a h comic strip m ate journey to adventure m Span viewer Callin taped t i fun As you like it int travels of Jamie Peeters Obi Cnoc Home and family r d Tbs National geography explorer featured Thailand Snake business Louisiana Bay Ous weapons Industry of Darra Pakistan David Macdonald study on foxes Louincy from bal to Australia via in 1 Camp Candy Raj Tho movie Plain clothes1 t988 arms Suzy Amis 38 California raisins Icenet Lehrer news hour m esp fishing ultimate outdoor re Disney adventures of the my bears qty can big Story la Nick Heathcliff to a she Fantast la world Richie Rich al can Gerbert Dis Paddington goes to the movies Paddington the Bear captivated by the Silver screen after a showing of Songin in the b comic strip h ate global affair ii fun travel world is Max movie fantastic voyage 1966 Stephen Boyd 1 j9 b Captain n the game o b b 08 Jim Henson muppet Foj Nash backyard America featured homemade gardening tools Lawn diseases building a backyard in stereo m Usa paid program q sesame Street r to esp Fly fishing the world till John Barrett new adventures of Winnie the Pooh j can news update 3 can Yves Rocher hour i so a she Funtas Lic world so p7rted Ujj can Sylvan Ian families 8 mtg video disc jockey 1 in disc Prol Lesol nature Bwol Rock Power hour i b ate living dangerously parachutists compete in free fall and air r fun video Cycle Hondo Ken by business View can health week Flower in stereo m Usa Hollywood insider scheduled Arnold Schwarzenegger Kad eem hard son different r Washington week in review in stereo t esp Jimmy Houston out ill Sll Merl and the real Host Bushlen 1 it can Man Tywlak Fri Nick inspector Gadget Fol a she munsters today m show Casino Roy ale 1947 Peter Ursula 2 Cin hello Kitty furry kid Joy of gardening featured How to Start an annual disc me Wim with Harry is Dana id Duck presents it what every Baay the pint three years featured a Young boy must and lust Tokhli mothers i Span Public policy addres fun world through celeb rifles eyes d b d a a Peewee playhouse m Nash Side by Side f Usa tales of the Gold Mon key q Wall Street week the by picture from Pittsburgh guest Richard Federated be q mister Rogers Fred Roger reads the poem r t esp Fishl whole my can news update Fig Nick inspector Gadget is can women fashions my secret identity 8 can in telling a a mtg yol mtg raps i s disc secrets of nature Thi endangered grizzly Bear Popula r a Dis movie Vaca Tronini with Mickey and friends 1984 Mickey Donald i 30 synchro al research h i ate Peter Wimsey unpleasantness at the Bellona club the captains killer gets what i r Partok 1 life attitudes featured actress Catherine Helmond de signer Patricia Underwood Mak ing Over Thrift shop Span closeup foundation fun trave View internal int How the West was won ii Cnoc real estate report q Tbs movie Battle of the urge 1966 Henry Rob 3 10 can Showbiz this week Hob movie starman w84 Jeff Karen 55 b of Garfield and friends Nash celebrity outdoors matured Mel to lulls fishes for Small Mouth Bass on table Rock Lake near in stereo b Mclaughlin group Victory Garden Jim Wilson reports on the renovations at Cal Laway gardens in Pine esp crooked Creek r b beetles Nice can style with Elsa Klensch Nick count Duck la a she out of this world can new generation Max movie the Black ill Lon 1979 Mickey Kelly 43 b quantum International 9 fun perfect trip sports business full pin program guide world cup soccer Romania from live 2 5 chipmunks h remodelling 4 Deco Feal rating today in stereo Usa youth quake firing line a King Speaks Lut King Constantine of Greece collectors Art Deco furniture and jewelry Maxfield Parrish prints flapper Era in stereo esp monster truck Chal bit Bunny t Tweedy show to can news update w Nick finders keepers is can women fashions i Fri a she lost in space Fri can Bonanza disc Iii Burrdus animal Odyssey featured Beaver cities in North America the cat me a j ate mils mar to the body Elm Library miss Marple lets a trap for the killer after a second body is r part 3 of 3 Hutchinson news june Page 16a p life frugal gourmet be Smith prepares pot roast with to beef with Blue cheese an beef in wine on Span communication today is fun Holiday world your working life outdoor Magazine 10 10 m can science and technology week saved by the Bell rude dog t the weel t Nash country Kitchen tured Kathy and june of if forester Sisters prepare mama pot in stereo Usa dance party Usa i Kansas week r i new Yorks master chefs Hesni ameday n can baseball90 p Nick dont just sit there j Dis Best of Mickey Mous 3ub in stereo College mad House life Esquire about men Lor women a fun vacation magic moving Over Stone t Harvey Kitchen r q b o a a Whf wrestling Nash this week in countr music i in stereo m Usa movie the spirit i willing 1967 Sid ver 2 John Mclaughlin one on one Justin Wilsons Louisiana Lookin Home grown stuffed pork baby Back ribs and in stereo esp College Tennis Mcaa division i mens championship from Indian taped 2 by animal crack ups m Nick Dennis the menace can collectors Corner h a she bionic woman of show movie Superman in 1980 Christopher Reeve Margot 2 7 b can virginian h mtg Janet Jackson week end 3 29 disc nature of things the conservation of rare Breeds o farm animals the feeding behave Lor of the an unusual r 55 Dis goofy Salute to father goofy stars in a show dedicated to fathers r 1 american gladiators 1 ate kingdom of the Sun a k at a Dwarf Mongoose and How it uses its skill to avoid predators r 1 in life supermarket sweep 01 fun Arthur Frommert almanac of travel 1 smart Money r 1 flight of the dream b q better your Home topic f r port sans Friend Hob movie paternity 1 Burt Beverly 1 35 2 Nash Side by Side q this old House putting up the Frame at an old fashioned barn b Welcome to my studio How to paint drapery is the focus of this Flower in stereo re weekend special the to caper an adaptation of Art Buchwald childrens Story about an african Golden Leopard and his efforts to save his species from r qty can Evans t Novak Fri Nick Dennis the menace m Max movie the year of living dangerously 1983 Mel Sigourney i life Rodeo drive Span Public policy Confer ence pin horse show pin Oak taped 2 afternoon b b Pimm help me b twin stir productions Fri sports saturday Colle world series Champion ship game from Rosenblatt stadium in live 3 m Nash celebrity outdoors featured Mel to lulls fishes for Small Mouth Bass on table Rock Lake near r in stereo b new Yankee making a Pine bedside table inspired by a Shaker ssi p Chari b frugal gourmet pasta with anchovies and Sweet Pepper cabbage pasties ii in stereo by superbly m Nick Lassie m can collectors Corner Miksha Buck Rogers m collectors Journa featured Malcolm Forbes or vate museum decorating wit Antiques Norman Rockwell Clas r Dis movie Ollie hop noodles Haven of Bliss 11988 James Jerr 1 h movie a girl name sooner 1975 Lee Remlick Richard 2 w ate crack doctors a visit to the me Star trauma Center h Washington where doctor train Tor army combat hos Ted by Jack r m life Days and nights o Molly Dodd 19 fun travel world movie station West t948 Dick Jane c movie the lion o Nebes 1964 Mark Forest Yvonne 1 55 a Mcnac real estate report r s Tbs movie for those loved 1984 Michael Brigette 4 b b movie Motos gamble7 1938 Peter Lynn 8 american discovery Nash remodelling t Deco rating today r in stereo q Adam Smiths Money world the global race for High tech guests Erich Jake b this old House pouring the basements Concrete slab stain ing clipboards Interior parti r b b future legends of baseball q can news maker saturday Nick Lassie Fri can Rifleman is disc tastes of the world wines from the italian Region of r so life Day by Day 51 fun a Mcnac sports business r b runaway with the Rich and famous h Hob movie the pos seized 1977 James Joan 1 18 s Nash country Kitchen Fea tured Kathy and june of the forester Sisters prepare mamas pot r i in stereo cd Usa movie framed 1974 Joe Don Conny Van 2 Victory Garden Jim Wilson reports on the renovations at Cal Laway gardens in Pine q new Yankee workshop a Birch plywood Bookcase inspired by a visit to old Sturbridge villages Stone r Fol esp cheer leading College championships from san an taped 1 it can news update to Nick Brave Little tailor a boastful tailor is forced to live up to his claims of to can collectors Corner 1 81 a she Batt Lestar galactic m can Iron horse 88 disc America coast of coast the anasazi an ancient culture whose villages and Cliff dwellings have become the worlds largest archaeological r is ate movie stay hungry 1976 Jeff Sally 2 s life moonlighting b fun that video souvenir Mai Cnoc consumer speak out featured fraudulent cures for 1 can health week r show rown Hood Robin Hood must Rescue the priceless Cross of circus from family Tih to Nash gospel Jubilee Fea tured Gold City in stereo Ejoy of painting an Early a in Lake b him time contracting a Home installing carpet and Ceramic tile finish carpentry and r i part lot 10 liquid litre style with Klisch Cookli m Nick Wren and the Bear a Small Wren stands up to a Fox and a 5j Max movie the enemy below 1957 Robert Curt 1 38 fun travel world pin racquetball National Gles championships from r world cup soccer Italy Austria from live 2 5 boo Tennis French open irom Stade Roland Garros in someday tape Nash Tommy Hunter its Buck Owens Pinkard Bowden Becky in 1 Justin Wilsons Louisiana in b motor week Mercury Capri convertible new technology by Lotus a trl spi three wheel be j esp surfer Magazine highlights and Fly q Aba Bowling showboat senior invitational from Las live 1 30 can on the menu m Nick kids of Degrassi Street Martin has doubts when a Tough gang asks him to be its h can collectors Corner 1 is a she Matt Houston show Robin Hood the mad seeks his re Venge on 1 pm can big Valley mtg Janet Jackson week end continues 11 disc Jack Absalom Australia the Region of where heavy rainfall provides hydroelectric Power for is Dis preview show q movie Young the for gotten Kennedy 1977 Peter Barbara 2 so life Macgruder t loud a fun vacation America movie the enemy below 1957 Robert Curt 2 americas vital signs t Hob movie poltergeist ii 1988 Tom Nancy q sometime contracting a Home where to the materials to use and subcontracting the installation of House r part 7 of 10 gentle doctor veterinary Licine ethical questions facing caregivers world wildlife funds preservation 3 esp racing across Amer Ica Belmont live 1 m can your Money m Nick paper route a new paperboy gets a Choice route be cause his lather is the news papers top is Dis movie Superman ii i960 Christopher Margot 2 7 Span Public policy Confer ence 2 30 t fun Bienvenue in France b in pea Goll Western in third from Butler National Golf club in Oak live b Nash Church Street station featured Garth Brooks the girls next i in stereo m Usa double trouble 0 wonder works the finding As his 10th finding Day a an adopters inheritance causes trouble in his 0 q Rod and reel m can news update i Nick you cant do that on television s can reflections jewelry 1 show movie murder on Orient express 1974 Albert Ingrid 2 7 Eibon gun smoke mtg top m a Law count 3 beyond 2me h Ati biography he Rohlo of Japan the last Banzai a por trait of the late japanese emperor who remains a Symbol of ancient culture in today industrialized r h life Spenser for hire fun pm Vislen Money and emotions Max movie return of swamp thing 1919 Louis 17a q o medic

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