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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 61

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Hutchinson, Kansas Whats on Friday City starring Valerie Harper on lbs Channel 6 Ensign Channel 7 Hays Channel 12 Ortii Imit from Pip 13a the George Hamilto and John Allter for her first Var r Brady Bunch decades 70s 1972 a year of Nixon Victory and the life supermarket sweep 1m fun investment advice fragile Rock Gobo unwittingly places Wembley life i danger when he sets out to solve famous a picnic business View 1 australian rules Foo Ball teams to be 4 Tbs Beverly Hillbillies As Max movie the Nake gun 1988 Leslie pros cilia 25 r bad Abc news b it Oil lbs news i stereo it Nash top card in stereo 0 nightly business report scheduled Market Abc news m Nick i make the Grade b a she Kate it Allie m can Rin tin tin cop disc wildlife chronicles the Tactual basis behind some of the bes known sayings Abou b Dick Tracy behind the badge behind the scenes the making o the movie Dick starring Warren Beatty and a Kiaie chronicle h life Rodeo drive m Span viewer Callin live Johi fun alternative invest menu Isitt bugs Bunny t pals Tbs Andy Grill Ullh Evi Nino of Nash Wulk Row veto in stereo go Usa Miami vice b Macnell Lehrer news hour h esp Sper Scenter i Nick Dennis the menace icon craftsman tools i a she Whei the Beiser can scarecrow and 8 rendezvous Dis Mevie Willy Wonka and die chocolate factory 1971 Gene Jack 1 Hlf Hway to heaven by a new wilderness b life moonlighting fun Market wrap movie the purple heart 1944 Farley Dana 2 Media Leal Fortune Cereby Iii 9 wheel of esp cellist baseball Mcaa world series if from live l b mtg pirate to i disc Werm Vanlier i am Wermel survival i fun perfect meter Cycle racing As t Speedway i j Tbs Maier league baseball sen Francko Glantis at Atlanta live Bay Walchli a plane crash nine Ocean turns into real trouble after the when the con tents of a suitcase Wash r in stereo i i Ami thin Frem the crypt a ventriloquists Dummy learns some r in stereo Fol Are you Kirwin j a celebrity panel is told unusual 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live 1 1 h8 Nick Green acres is can fashion formulas i Fly a a she Evergreen Anna Lesley Ann Warren suffers More loss with the deaths of her Hus band Armand astarte and Paul Ian Meshene tries to renew his Romance wit part3of 3 disc american album to Marshall looks Back at the Charlie the suf Ragette movement and the of break of world War r 1 p Idis movie big 1988 Tom Elizabeth i b Wallenberg a heros Stor with hitlers installation of More militant regime in Hungary Wallenberg Richard Cham despite an attempt Upo his own resorts to More per Ilous tactics to combat the thir Reichs attempted exterminate of 85 ale movie treasure is land 1972 Orson k 2 movie they made m a criminal 1939 John Garfield Gloria 2 americas vital sign Mclaughlin group in b just the ten of us coach finds himself working or a Stu Dent when he moonlights at a fas food r h Nick Donna Reed fun world through celeb rifles eyes b b 0 hardball a broken Lei puts Charlie in the when mistaken identity could put him i the in 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to make Lite easier i Hirshb after hours w can Praise the lord 2 p mtg video disc jockey 1 g ale evening at the improve Span Public policy Confer ence 3 58 fun discover your world movie in still alive 1940 Kent Linda Hayes 12 Gwen by americas vital signs is movie the Stamboul quest 1934 Myrna George 1 Fol esp Auto racing Lascar 500 from r 2 hrs q3 Nick Rowan Martins Laughin Fly a she movie journey to Shiloh 1968 James Michael 2 p Dis movie big 1988 Tom Elizabeth Perkins 1 42 is fun thirty minute vacation it Max movie stripped to Kofl ii 1989 Maria be 1 22 no can newsroom m Tbs night tracks in stereo m Usa movie a prayer Tor the dying 1987 Mickey 2 m can Larry King overnight fit Nick Patty Duke of fit can Silver jewelry 1 go echoes an ambitious Young Clare yearns to experience a world beyond her tiny Irish part i of 21 2 s life sell improvement guide 3 so fun african update Media beat r bit pin ladies pro wrestling association s Hob movie Young guns 1986 Emilio Kiefer 1 42 i Nick my three sons is Home shopping spree 1 full fun steals it deals r Simpsn Cha year in review 1 10 Fin tbsp night tracks in stereo show movie Cool change 1986 Jon Lisa 1 go Tbs Gomer usic can crossfire Nick mister de can jewelry outlet can paid program fun Arthur Frommert Mana col travel i smart Money r 1 mint Short subjects in Max movie under the Boardwalk 1988 Keith Danielle von 1 42 4 Tbs fishing with Roland Martin esp Auto racing Simsa 0gtu series from Long r can Showbiz today i Nick make room Lor daddy g a she wonder woman r can paid program i Dis adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Isitt National velvet Sto gossip by Labia Adams Sloan Glenn Ford is still alive and kicking in Europe q i heard that an old favorite of Glenn died some time How old was he when he passed away a Ford is alive and Well and As we speak touring Europe with the Young lady who is slated to become the actors fourth now is engaged to 25yearold Karen a Washington state Beauty contest Hes also slated to Start shooting a thriller called Black sky in Paris with French actor Alain can Pryor wife help q is it really True that Richard Pryor got married yet again who is his new wife a recently remarried his fifth they have two and Pryor is countering All those rumours about bad health he recently suffered a heart attack in Australia with the statement that he have gotten married again if he didst feel so can wedded Bliss cure a heart condition

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