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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Jul 11 2015, Page 4

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - July 11, 2015, Hutchinson, KansasA4 saturday july 11, 2015 the Hutchinson news Goren Bridge saturday july 11, 2015 with Bob Jones � 2015 Tribune Content Agency Lac weekly Ridge quiz 1 neither vulnerable As South you hold. K 8. A j 6. J 8 7 3. A 6southwestnortheast1. Pass1. Pass what Call would you make q 2 North South vulnerable a South you hold. J 6 5 4 3. Q j 6. A 4. 8 6southwestnortheastpasspasspass1. ? what Call would you make q 3 East West vulnerable As South you hold. J 10 5. A 3. A q j 5. A7southwestnortheast2ntpass3. Pass Transfer to Spades what Call would you make q 4 both vulnerable As South you hold. Q j 9 6. A6. 10 9 3 2. A 9southwestnortheast1. Pass2. Pass what Call would you make q 5 North South vulnerable a South you hold. A4 3. Q j 3. A q j 9. 10 8 As dealer what Call would you make q 6 East West vulnerable As South you hold. A. 9 8 7 2. Q 9 2. A 9 6 3 with the opponents silent you open one club and partner responds on Spade. What Call would you make look for answers on monday. To creditors Tribune. Com saturday evening july 11, 2015 6 pm6 307 pm7 308 pm8 309 pm9 3010 pm10 30 broadcast channels # Kenw 3news n wheel running wild dateline Abc a go � news sol 8 Uksas 4mlb baseball . Louis cardinals at Pittsburgh pirates. N � Kansas new animation Dom a a saw 5paidwhackedscandal 14 � scandal 14 � news at 9jdg judy1st Fambon offi # a mtg 6access Hollywood the Good wife 14 the Good wife 14 Angeran Geroam. Guy fam. Guy kits 8as time. Music Lawrence Welkoc Martin a go or. Whoop Stor Austin City limits go Good 9doc Martin a go Lawrence Wel backstage pass go front and Center Austin City limits go Kake 10newsnewscelebrity fam celebrity fam celebrity fam Koch 12newswen hair millersmillersmccarmccar48 hours a go � new chiefs Cable channels win a 9blue bloods 14 Blue bloods 14 Blue bloods 14 Shrek 2001 voices of Mike Myers. Uni 15c�sate Conigo Swbado Gigante n a go is p. Luceno Diciero Man 24caught on camera caught on can 25cnn special report the seventies the Hun the Hun the Hunt inc 27fox report n strange strange Justice with Jeanine Greg gut feldred Eye Shillue Usa 28 4 30 bridesmaids hitch 2005 will Smith Eva Mendes. Premiere. Graceland 14 � Tbs 29seinfeldseinfeldbig ban big ban big ban big ban big ban big bang Conan 14 int 30 4 30 John Carter Wrath of the titans 2012 Sam Worthington. 16 clash of the titans fax 31capt. America Thor 2011 Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman. Thor 2011, action esp 32world/ poke world poker boxing Premier boxing champions. N live sports enter n espn2 3330 for 30 � 2015 pan american games Nora drag racing of Asp 34mll Riding Rodeo Rode Houston semifinal 1. Go vh1 35 5 45 scary movie 2000 basketball wives la basketball wives la basketball wives la mtg 36one bad Choice 14 scream Pilot 14 scream 14 jackass 3.5 2011 Johnny Knoxville. Ion 37criminal minds 14 criminal minds 14 c. A suspect. A suspect the listener 14 life 38a i fees Nightmare lethal seduction 2015 premiere. A go � 02 til death do us part 2014 14 � Hgt 39tinytinyproperty Brothers go property Brothers go House Hunters Reno log Cabin log Cabin food 40chopped go chopped go chopped go chopped go chopped go a e 41storagestoragestorage wars n a go � 01 storage wars n a go � disc 42spawn of jaws birth alien Sharks trek a go shark sanity tic 43untold stories of Erc Reep. Crawlie untold stories of redid not see i untold stories of or disc 45girl girl teen Beach 2 2015 Ross Lynch. � go dog Nick 46thunderthunderthunder100nickymaxfull has full fam 47 5 30 the hunger games 2012 2 fast 2 furious 2003 Paul Walker. Premiere. Told 48reba a go 36 Reba everybody Hist 49american pickers american pickers the woodsmen a go the woodsmen a go 03 the woodsmen Syufy 50jurassic Park Iii of the great and powerful 2013 James Franco. Premiere. City of Ember tru 51worlds dumbest. Worlds dumbest. Worlds dumbest. Worlds dumbest 01 armageddon Cut 52jeff Dunham spark of insanity 14 � Morgan Spurlock presents Freedom Josh Wolf Freedom Cnoc 53american Gree american Gree american Gree american Gree american greed Tom 54america, America the shop around the Corner 1940 the journey 1959 Deborah Kerr. Am 55lethal 3 lethal weapon 1987, action Mel Gibson. Lethal weapon 2 1989 Mel Gibson. Anal 56pit bulls parole it bulls parole it bulls paroled. Jeff pm pit bulls parole bet 57 4 50 42 2013 Chadwick Boseman. 7 55 the Shaw Shank redemption 1994 Tim Robbins. Com 58 liar liar 1997, comedy Jim Carrey. 04 super bad 2007, comedy Jonah Hill. � a. Schum. A 59kardas hers just not that into you 2009 Ben Affleck. Hers just not that into you 2009 Bravo 61ochousewives/ oco Medicine 22 50 first dates 2004 50 dates trav 62ghost adventure ghost adventure ghost adventure the dead files a go the dead files a go Toon 63teenteendragonking/ Hill King . Guy Insp 150the big Valley go the virginian a go the virginian a go Bonanza go Ewen 153the passbook Marthe War of the Vendee go Rosary living righting her footsteps the Premium channels enc 510 4 50 spy game re a River runs through it 1992 a go 05 legends of the fall 1994 re Hob 426o brother where Art horrible Bosses 2 2014 re � 7 Days Allers 15 True detective Max 407 4 45 prisoners 2013 20 the signal 2014 catacombs 2007 Pink re � Lolita show 432ray Donovan May Ray Donovan May Ray Donovan May Ray Donovan May Ray Donovan May 7 p. M. On # 3running wild with Bear Grylls As Many of his movies suggest Channing Tatum seems to a reasonably physical Guy but that does not necessarily mean hers ready for the Bear Grylls Brand of outdoor Challenge. This episode shows whether he is As Grylls puts the actor through the paces of wilderness survival in californians Yosemite National Park. One thing is pretty much guaranteed though Tatum should sporting More cloth ing than he did through much of will Arnett Margo Martindale Beau Bridges Jayma Mays Sean Hayes and j. B. Smove Star. Another new episode Fol lows. 7 p. M. On life movie lethal seduction widowed Mother Tanya Rich Ards Amanda Detmer Neces sary roughness is filled with Pride Over her handsome princ Eton bound son Mark Caleb Ruminer finding carte when he attracts the unwanted obsessive attention of a Predato Ful in this comedy sequel As their idea for an innovative Shower device is stolen a prospective investor Christoph Waltz. The Trio decides to kid Nap the thiefs son Chris pin hoping to use the Ransom to bail themselves out of their financial woes. Jennifer Aniston Kevin Spacey Jamie Foxx and Lind say Sloane also reprise their roles from the first film. 8 p. M. On12the Mccarthy Ronny is for Complete to and movie listings go to Hutch news. Com movies to listings now showing at Kansas Cosmos phere Carey digital dome theater please note prices and times Are subject to change. Call 620.662.2305 ext. 347 for Advance tickets credit card required. Living in the age of air planes daily see Cosmo. Org for Showtime journey to space daily see Cosmo. Org for Showtime. Tomorrow land pm every night 7 00 pm George Clooney Britt Robertson Hugh Laurie bound a shared destiny a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy Genius inventor embark on a Mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory. Now showing at a theatres wow. A theatres. Com 3 d minions pm 4 00 9 30 the Gallows r 1 10 4 10 7 10 9 40 minions pm 1 00 1 30 3 30 6 30 7 00 9 00 selfless self less pm 13 1 20 4 20 7 20 10 10 magic Mike xxx r 1 10 4 10 7 10 10 00 terminator genesys pm 13 1 00 4 00 7 00 9 55 inside out pm 1 30 4 30 7 30 10 00 Jurassic world pm 13 1 20 4 20 7 20 10 10 showing soon at the Fox Aloha pm 13 Fri. Sat. At 7 30 pm and Sun. At 2 00 pm a advice to Days birthday 07/ 11/ 15. Abundance can yours this year. Determined persistent actions get results. Save some. Give up a limiting Story and a partnership grows. You re on creative fire after 10/ 13, and it provides new professional opportunities after 10/ 27. Travels and research occupy you after 3/ 8. Focus on Home and family after 3/ 23. Express love. To get the advantage Check the Days rating 10 is the easiest Day 0 the most challenging. Aries March 21 april 19 today is a 7 today and tomorrow favor studies research and communications with the Moon in gemini. Get others involved. Dont take risks or procrastinate. Present your work Only after its Complete. Make a plan and follow it. Stay on track. Taurus april 20 May 20 today is a 9 get organized before beginning. Today and tomorrow could get especially prof Itable. Chores could interfere with travel plans. Business and Romance dont mix. Use your own Good judgment. Consider the consequences of your choices. A female brings Harmony. Gemini May 21 june 20 today is a 7 expect Energy surges. You re More assertive for the next two Days with Confidence to spare. Get innovative. Dont Force an outcome or steamroll anyone. Balance with exercise. Respectfully instigate the changes you want. Use your Power for Good. Cancer june 21 july 22 today is a 7 turn Down an expensive invitation. Dont sacrifice what you have for the Promise of More. Expect Cost overruns snafus and disagreements. Heed warn Ings. Finish your work in private today and tomorrow. Slow Down and consider options. Leo july 23 aug. 22 today is an 8 your friends really come through for you Over the next few Days. Be careful not to Hurt feelings. Keep the promises you made or suffer the consequences. You re finding out what does not work. Be charming with a rebel. Virgo aug. 23 sept. 22 today is a 9 responsibilities weigh heavily today and tomorrow. Focus on a professional Challenge. Anticipate changes or face a disappointment. Arguments or mistakes take concentration to resolve. Breathe deeply. Give a loved one your full Atten Tion after work. Libra sept. 23 oct. 22 today is a 7 plan an itinerary with backup options before embarking. Travels and adventures seem Likely today and tomorrow. Inhibit the desire to run and play. Make deadlines first. Dont get mad when oth ers remind you to stay on task. Scorpio oct. 23 nov. 21 today is an 8 sort file and organize family finances today and tomorrow. Handle insurance taxes or accounting issues. Work together. If you re doing the books someone else can do dishes. Avoid a conflict of interests. Dont test the limits now. Defer gratification. Sagittarius nov. 22 dec. 21 today is a 7 receptive. Compromise is required for the next two Days. Stay Home instead of going out. Work things out with someone close. Restraint serves you Well. Guard against reactionary outbursts overspending or overeating. Resist temptation. Meditate. Capricorn dec. 22 Jan. 19 today is an 8 the workload increases for the next two Days. A Barrier becomes painfully obvious. The Pace quickens. Postpone Romance and handle practical Urgen cies. Be gentle especially with a resister or an authority figure. Eat and rest Well. Aquarius Jan. 20 feb. 18 today is a 7 an important Job May Cut into your fun. Cutting Corners costs you. The status quo changes. Hold your temper to maintain advantage. Resolve a Tempo Rary clash Between love and Money. In a stalemate dont ask for favors. Pisces feb. 19 March 20 today is a 7 Home and family take priority today and tomorrow. It could get chaotic or Messy. Dont Bend the rules or try to please everyone. Changing Circum stances require flexibility a Teflon attitude and a sense of humor. Walk outside. Astrologer Nancy Black continues her Mother Linda Blacks legacy horoscopes column. She welcomes comments and questions on twitter @ Linda Lack. For More astrological interpretations visit wow. Linda Lack. Com and wow. Nancy Black. Com � 2015 Nancy Black. Distributed Tribune Content Agency Lac. All rights reserved. A Home does not have to staged to sell safety whistle an Ideal piece of storm gear that could save a life dear Annie the time has come for my husband and me to downsize. It has been 10 years since weave sold a Home and something seems to have become very popular staging. I have been married 50 years and in that time have sold seven Homes. Four of them sold to the first people who saw them i feel i have some insight into How to present your Home for Sale fresh paint where needed an attractive Yard and entry clean windows floors and rugs heating and Cooling units in Good condition and a minimum of person items photos mementos Etc. But today that does not seem to enough. I am told realtors and Magazine and newspaper articles that i must stage. I have to get rid of any thing including furniture and paintings that the Stager deems offensive. I should set the table As though i am about to serve dinner but not Cook input out Champagne and glasses the bed we Are too old to even have anyone want to imagine where that might Lead and basically set it like a Model Home. We Are told that this is what people expect. Can this True what happens if the House does not sell for a year ill have to dust the dishes on the preset table for my imaginary guests and in Vest in a lot of Champagne if i have to do this every time there is a showing. Ism All for new Fluffy towels but Many of the other suggestions seem frivolous. I pity someone with Small children if this is what it takes to sell a House now. Curious dear curious people who make their livings set Ting up Homes for Sale will of course try to convince you that you need to do this but its All a matter of degree. A House that looks like a Model Home is naturally going to create a More positive impression than one that looks unkempt or poorly maintained. But most buyers expect a House to in Good shape structurally and include the elements they want. The eyed rather see that the toilets flush properly than have Champagne the bedside. This is Why buyers should hire a reliable inspector before finalizing the Sale. An attractive presenta Tion is Lovely but its All Gravy. Those who buy a Home based primarily on a Nice table setting deserve what they get. Dear Annie please add to your comments to r. M. In a regarding pedestrians keeping to the right on sidewalks escalators concourses Etc. When walking on the Side of any streets without sidewalks one should walk facing traffic. This gives the pedestrian the ability to see a car pass ing too closely or driving erratically and Able to move off the Roadway to safety. I am amazed the num Ber of people i see walking on the Roadway in the same direction As traffic. A. Dear a several readers pointed out that staying to the right on sidewalks concourses and escalators makes sense. But where there Are no sidewalks pedestrians should face traffic for safety reasons and that might on the left. Annies Mailbox is written Kathy Mitchell and Marcy sugar longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Email your questions to Annie Mailbox creators. Com or write to annies Mailbox a o creators Syndicate 737 third ., Hermosa Beach Ca 90254. You can also find Annie on Facebook at Facebook. Com ask annies. To find out More about annies Mailbox and read features other creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists visit the creators Syndicate web Page at wow. Creators. Com. Dear Heloise during storm season you think of items to have with you like Medicine phones Etc. One of my special items is a referee whistle. You can blow it much longer than screaming. Your voice will give out before you can Stop whistling. June b., Abilene Texas dear Heloise i just love your column and read it in Good housekeeping and in the newspaper. In fact i save it for last like dessert instead of buying Check Book covers i use folders. At Thrift stores i find col Worful folders with Flowers superheroes Etc., and Cut off the Bottom third. I put my Stamps Check Book checks and coupons in it and use a rubber band. Rebecca in Columbus Ohio dear Rebecca love it reuse Recycle and save Money i love Thrift stores. You never know what treasures you might find. Heloise on the Hunt dear Heloise whenever i get stressed about some thing i always remember this Sage advice from my dad will this matter in 10 minutes ten Days ten months ten years helps me put things in perspective l. L. In new York dear l. A Good advice to follow. Years from now will it matter if the cake a snot perfect or dinner a snot great nope Heloise dear Heloise i read and enjoy your column in the North port Fla Sun. I am 97, and i have lived alone for 50 years. I have two thick notebooks full of funny and serious poems that i keep in plastic sleeves. I have written some Short stories. I even was a member of a writers group and have a notebook with Many interesting events. I have two children grandchildren and great grandchildren but they Are scattered and we Are not close. So who should i leave this stuff to and who would want it Ida in North Point Fla. Dear Ida you must have a lifetime full of stories and poems. Check with a Library University or historical society in your town or where you grew up. Most would Welcome your treasure. Hugs Heloise dear Heloise i have to use prescribed Eye drops in my eyes each morning. Every Day i make Coffee i keep my bottle of Eye drops in my Coffee filter Container. I have not missed using my medication a single morning. Julia s., West Monroe la. Dear Heloise i have Small dogs that love being outside in our Yard. Every several weeks i walk my property and Check the Fence. I look for broken and cracked slats animal chewing Etc., that my Little friends might use As an escape route. Pat. L. In West Virginia Kathy Mitchell Marcy sugar annies Mailbox Heloise hints from Heloise t he a Ssofi stated p Ress new York Mcdonalds swears up and Down that the Little yellow minions Happy meal toy is speaking Only nonsense words and not something a Little More adult. Experts say the company May right and the curse words Many hear May tied to How our brains Are primed to find words even when they re not really there. The worlds largest Ham Burger Chain and purveyor of Happy meals said Friday that it does not plan to take the talking Happy meal toy out of distribution even though some customers say it sounds like its cursing. A toy bought the associated press made a sound that could interpreted As the phrase often abbreviated As Whf. The sound Quality of the toy makes it hard to say definitively who is right. The Little yellow minion characters speak a nonsense language and Mcdonalds corp. Said the minion Caveman toy makes three sounds a a has Para la Bukay and he he. The Oak Brook Illinois based company issued a statement saying it received Only a few comments from customers about the toy which was introduced july 3. Nonsense speech will sometimes sound a bit like a real language and experts say human brains Are also wired to look for meaning in noise and images. The brain tries to find a pattern match even when just receiving noise and it is Good at pattern recognition says or. Steven Novella a neurologist at the Yale school of Medicine. Once the brain feels it has found a Best match then that is what you hear. The clarity of the speech Actu ally increases with multiple exposures or if you Are primed being told what to listen for As most people who heard the toy online already had been. The technical name for the phenomenon is a Eidolia hearing sounds or seeing images that seem meaningful but Are actually random. It leads people to see shapes in Clouds a Man in the Moon or the face of Jesus on a grilled cheese Sandwich. Experts cursing Mcdonalds toy minion is Likely a mis hearing the brain tries to find a pattern match even when just receiving noise and it is Good at pattern recognition. Or. Steven Novella a neurologist at the Yale school of Medicine

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