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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - July 3, 2015, Hutchinson, KansasFriday july 3, 2015 75� newsstand y ear 143 no. 365 wow. Hutch news. Com dear menagerie sticking around for the fireworks wildlife afoot to l listings b9 c classifieds b6 l Ott eries a 2 c comics b11 o obituaries a 11 c crossword b7 s ports b1 b business b10 w Eather b5 intercepted letter Kansas City has no answer for surprising twins Pitcher in 2 0 loss at Home sports in latest terminator Outing hers aging but still the Only real reason to View it preview b y t Tiffany r Ose d Awson the Hutchinson news Dawson Hutch news. Com e everyone it seems is slapping More mosquitoes this summer than last. And some have sighted More creeping crawlers such As snakes and frogs around their Homes. Wildlife specialists and natural scientists believe this years increased rainfall affects those populations but disagree on whether it caused an increase. Increase in wildlife populations if you re seeing More theress probably More out there said Quivira wildlife Refuge specialist David Mccauley. This year he has seen More snakes turtles Quail hatched Birds insects fawns and female Deer As they gather food for their Young he said. Mccauley and his colleagues observe these animals on the refugees grass and wetlands four to six Days a week. He does not have supporting data but the increase caused by significant rainfall is noticeable he said. Animals go through population cycles he said which decrease or increase based on weather disease and availability of food. The population Cycle is on an upswing this year probably throughout the state because an increase in water and food helps animals survive and reproduce. Mccauley saw a similar population Boom in 2006 2007, very wet years with lots of rain and critters on the prowl mosquitoes Grasshoppers and ticks of my there Are More mosquitoes this year because they Lay eggs in standing water and since there is More water this year More mosquitoes Are hatching said Quivira wildlife Refuge specialist David Mccauley. Insects like Grasshoppers and crickets feed on fresh grass and other vegetation he said. They Are increasing because there is More for them to eat this year. Ticks have been More numerous the past two years and those who have been in the grass and Woods attest to that said Sternberg museum of natural history zoological collections manager Curtis Schmidt. The mild Winters did not kill of the ticks so they survived the freezing temperatures he said. O o Drain any containers of standing water around your House. Mosquitoes can Breed with Little water. O o change water in Birdbaths at least once a week. O o Clear debris from roof gutters. O o Wear Light coloured Loose fitting clothing especially Long sleeves and pants. Hundreds of american Mosquito species Are attracted to dark clothing and most can readily bite through tight fitting clothing of Loose weave. O o Wear environmental Protection Agency registered Mosquito repellent. Three approved repellents Are o o deet o o Pica Ridin o o Oil of Lemon eucalyptus information from the american Mosquito control association website repelling mosquitoes experts differ on Why of their visibility b y k Elton b Rooks the Hutchinson news Brooks Hutch news. Com Hutchinson police detectives Are scanning Over 500,000 pages of social Media and text messages in connection to the five Hutchinson teenagers charged with planning a school shooting who were released from custody wednesday. Jake Eells Takoda Bowman Tyler Cabral Dominic Collins All 16, and Andre Nelson Harris 17, were released from custody during a status hearing after Reno county chief judge Patricia Macke Dick found insufficient evidence to detain the teenagers. Macke Dick made the decision to release the five teenagers after she said prosecution did not produce proof of an organized plan. The judge ordered the teens to have no Access to internet devices social Media and email. She also ordered the teenagers to have no Access to firearms ammunition or explosives no Contact with one five teens in alleged has plot released q q restrictions ordered on suspects police Eye Host of social Media messages. Q q drought affects just 10 percent of Kan. Now and More Rains in forecast. B y a my b Nickel Kansas gland a year ago almost 100 percent of Kansas was in a drought. But late Spring Rains have eased conditions As Farmers finish up wheat Harvest and look to what could be a Good fall Harvest. According to the u. S. Drought Monitor just 10 percent of Kansas remains in some sort of a drought compared to More than 90 percent just three months ago. A year ago the entire state was suffering with Western and South Central Kansas Farmers Many coming off a poor wheat Harvest experiencing a severe to extreme drought. A deluge of rain much coming in May and Early june has eased conditions significantly. What drought lingers is in Northwest Kansas. There the ranking is minor according to the Monitor which rates the area from abnormally dry to experiencing a moderate drought. According to the recent deluge eased states Long dry spell june 30, 2015, drought Monitor dont be bored this fourth find area Holiday activities on a2 88 66 losing Streak continues old Arnold just keeps coming Back Republican gov. Sam Brownback said thursday that hers considering proposing a new religious objections Law for Kansas following the u. S. Supreme courts legalization of Gay marriage and he defended his administrations cautious response to the ruling. Read More on a4 see drought / a5 see teens / a5 see critters / a4

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