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Hutchinson News Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Hutchinson, Kansas The Hutchinson news Herald ill 28 pages3 sections sunday june Price 5 cents 41 French colonials refuse to yield worlds greatest Fleet is voted House allots four billions for Navy other billions ordered spent for defense depth bomb oozed depth bomb which did not explode was discovered under the Harahan Bridge across the Mississippi River Between Arkansas and it weighed 300 policemen who found after a Telephone took it to Headquarters in a squad there it was identified As the Leaden weight which is used to measure the Rivers life can be fun in a plaster cast by the associated press Washington a warship construction program to make the Amer ican Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House saturday after scarcely two hours de the Swift together with final congressional approval of a tax defense Bill and a 908 emergency appropriation for the army arid Sharod attention at the Capito with reports of Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of colonel Frank knows Nomi nation to be Secretary of the would reject Knox the naval committee voted at a closed session to ask Knox to appear before it for questioning on his views toward United states policy and the one who said he favored approval of the told reporters that an informal poll indicated that if a vote were taken today the Nomi nation would be 11 to whether or not the that approves the member my depend on were not flooded out by May Rains whole family helps bring in the sheaves cheerful Farmers Start big Harvest in Reno county this is the week for the wheat i Harvest in Reno if he is big enough to hold the will be steering the sister will help re fuel the Harvest hands while Mother will bring in the As for hell be right in there Spring Oats and any other crop that has matured under a steady june the Golden Grain is moving slowly in an eve increasing up from from heat baked from Southern Kansas and this week All of the great Plains wheat Belt will be under the pressure of gathering the Good year for some to sure bets nominee at Philadelphia Odds favor Dewey but Hunch riders pick Willkie covering the Republican National convention for the news Herald is its Here is the first of his stories from the City of brotherly hot weather get you feel then Lor 16yearold Pauline her slim body imprisoned in a plaster cast because three vertebrae were crushed in an Auto crash last april for another hot month she must Wear it if Shes to walk by but Pauline smiles As she lies in bed at the Home of her and John 1s20 Sast surrounded by members o girl scout troop 11 who surprised her with a left to right Are Marie Novella Gray Elma Margianna Betty Betty Charlene Cummings and Vanieta staff photo crowded roads bring crashes none badly Hurt in accidents Here French general rallies countrymen abroad to keep on with the War London de former assistant to resigned French said in a broadcast in French Over British broadcasting corporation Early today that the effect of the conditions dictated by Germany crowded roads and Clear be that French sea and air forces would be to bring four territory by Harris Philadelphia one thousand peace protest by Churchill England demands keep up Battle despite retains surrender colonial troops May fight under British Banner new French and italian Pracca emissaries will hold their first meeting Hie British radio reported in a broadcast peeked up Here by the lbs listening Sta official circles in Bordeaux were said to be Lieve it would Lake two or three Days to reach a Settle it was said also that French authorities expected Germany to influence a reduction in Italy claims against by the associated press British prime minister Winston Churchill made a flaming Appeal today to Frenchman everywhere to fight on at Britain Side against despite French Capitula Tion last night to a German armistice which he said no free and Independent French government could Hava frankly going Over the Heads of the Bordeaux govern Republican delegates will Churchill said that the German if accepted by Vene tomorrow in what would Force the French to work against to be the first wide open Convent their allele would use the soil of France As a Means of at tacking and would turn the French Navy and pm Tion in the history of their normally at a National Conven Tion a dozen men decide who the party nominee is to be and the at the end of the five Days necessary to fulfil the guarantee to the local ratify their this year at Philadelphia All signs Point to something next thursday the delegates probably will take the matter into their own hands and nominate somebody of their personal who that Man will not even the delegates who for the Pire Over to despite All he Britain will cherish Tho cause of the French and a British Victory a Frances Only Hope for restoration and the terms of the grim document which wet eyed French plenipotentiaries signed last night in the gloomy Depths of comping be Forest were not hard but honorable the French government do past 48 hours have been to can ing in by every and yet Choice among three the Choice seems to lie among and with the reasonable Odds favouring the first and the Hunch indicating the last scribed them As hard but Hon that if they had not been honorable France would have re it looks a Good year for none Toff France completely Hutchinson and Vicinity yesterday j the English translation of the broadcast issued by the two victims were taken to ministry of information stated general de Gaulle declared Grace Hospital and two others j France has undertaken not to Lay Down her arms except knows statement of his attitude land who did not plow under their were treated at Home for agreement with her so Long As these allies con toward possible United states Roomy anticipation of no Iti nue the War her government has not the right to stir com dipl 1 j 1 Terven Tion in the european Complete particularly is the Navy expansion Bill swept r Central Kansas on the through the House with a chorus j basis of department of agriculture of Nyics on a voice the statisticians will Lead exact number of new ships pro posed in it is a military secret Kansas in production and farm agent Dan Ingle yesterday said Side by Side on surgical tables Render to the at Grace Hospital were and a bad military faults Howard 1600 East committed in the conduct of of who received cuts in the defeatist spirit of the crash at third and Ford about 8j government during these recent the measure cloaking this by pro the margin probably will Bea Mil Viding Only for tons of tons of air Craft tons o tons of destroy ers and tons of submarines give 818 warships lion bushels Over the next there is nothing much wrong with the wheat in this territory Clare charge of the experimental reported m al Ftp enthusiasm yet engendered in he has everything it takes except it he obtains the nomination it will be despite the efforts of his Selfa pointed Crew of managers who ple a London today statement by prime minister Winston Churchill tie British government can not feel that such or similar terms the British ministry of information said reports had been received from All parts of the mild Hen submitted to by French Empire that the French French government which colonies Are in favor of continuing possessed the War and that governors and i commanders Are ready to on fighting by England actual fighting in the it the mercy and in the Lovely cities and Countryside constitutional keep1 Nuh if accepted by All would place not Only i but the Frolich franc continued on its weary and will not cease until six hours alter the French have of Power of the German and italian not Only would the French people to hold Down and forced to work against their allies not Only Driver of the other combats mad us lose the Battle repulsed Galen 327 East was not shattered Glass in the Cross Cor Cut both occupants on face and of he but added there remains to us a vast Rye infestation Here at a Low with Wester car overturned there have been unofficial of collage compared that is very Little of the together with slight rust damage other naval construction already would give the United states a Fleet of 618 warships capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the Atlantic and a i Mont suffered a wrenched shoulder and Arm when his cat collided with an automobile driven by red at a Rural intersection on Wilson Road two and on half its going to make it a Little comics Norh of Highway k98 at 7 rust Dar Low the1 red rust has spread through Many Fields but the damage will be difficult cutting the Grain and Oclock Oswalt was not rough the Fields is like the Impact overturned ballads this Fleet would be comprised of 26 14 air plane car 70 338 destroyer and 170 this com pares with the existing Navy o is five air plane car 35 2 id destroyer and 95 in addition to heavy Comba the Bill also would authorize acquisition of air planes construction of of Page column please the weather Cloudy sunday with Thunder showers Northeast portions warmer extreme Southeast and cooler North West portions in afternoon Mon Day partly scattered thundershowers East some what driving thre Page column mule Linnon High 92 Low 70 at a tear ago today High 8ft Low downtown maximum Carter class takes a Bride 82ycarold Solon marries widow Washington Cartel Glass of Virginia and Mary Scott Meade of were married at Amherst yesterday Glass is the daughter of the late and Charles Landon Scott and widow of Robert Ambler the wedding was a quiet Cere ascension episcopal the be weather observations at text sit is Cal can Hallan it nver dts noise Kansas City Lettla Memphis Miami new Orleans new York North Oklahoma City rapid Lou i Minne Apollis ban Kraj Clico 75 Fis 67 61 09 87 in so m 90 80 04 72 00 01 m b7 60 m 00 is co 74 02 57 us 72 57 71 42 70 is m 73 65 67 to 72 72 79 40 63 70 71 m 71 Mony epic ties of american i Parison seem those of Ca Sehard lined the delegates have been spend ing their preliminary hours revel Ballyhoo of the dozen i italian air raids on this everything is ase were beaten off Satu offered at the various candidates Headquarters except free ice Cream free trips of the broadcasts of past biographical motion picture printed reprints of and Are available at any hour of the Day or Are conducting his Campaign with concluded an armistice with would the soil of France be used a naivete to make the tactics of Germany so newly belligerent with the approval of the Bordeaux the Landon boy scouts Cleveland four years ago in come Runph an intact much antiaircraft guns of there remain to us allies the British and French whose resources Are immense and four of the attacking bombers who dominate the there Rel in i the but hit no Mam to us the Gigantic Possi Bihland the sea Tho attack led to predictions common Tho i that Egypt might quickly declare Terrat of the country demand that will i French official sources predicted All free French should continue that Hig Mediterranean fight wherever they arc and by Fleet and Middle cart armies badges galore the badges Are the most ubi they Range from Chaste two bit size White buttons with where possible the great possible French he said he invited the leaders the the the air men of the French forces to got in main free to listen to him and to follow and concluded Long live free in Honor and car into a Elston Hurt Dick about 715 North received Chest bonuses and possible internal in juries when a car in which he was Riding overturned in a trocar crash at the intersection ot4 17th and Loraine yesterday his Maude Obee school who was was slightly Hencle 203 West Driver of the second was in Crowe was driving South on for Windsor Lorraine and the Els tons were Madrid proceeding the Impact and is swung the Elston car around and upset it into the the front of crowds car was badly Elston was taken Home for cars sides wiped occupants escaped injury when cars driven by Ralph Woods and Salt City sideswiped on us 50s three Quarter mile East of the municipal Airport at Oclock yesterday undersheriff Orval Ward said had just passed a third car when the collision sides of both car were badly whatever Means they Syria would Light on beside thei Dewey printed across to Genera de Gaulle said lip h Ai i my soup Plale models ur8n8 Over de stood the National task in mint b a Cislon As to hone to get on the Van in England of grouping Torihei the red rosettes and saturdays action bore this o and the Fink Ansi Hall ship London naval and air White streamers of Taft and the Silver Dollar size i want will Kie the promotional stories of the touch with he invited nil sinking of the aircraft French people who wish to re Carrier waylaid the seeking to avenge the aspirants Bear More of Here from Barcelona with their retinue will not stay at the Brit so but at a Midtown Ridge by her Young Hurt Anton 300 East was brought to Grace hos Pital Early this morning for treat ment for a severe head and neck sctt and senator Harry flood senator glass1 was Best crash near Cottonwood Falls last Anettie yardage senator and was not injured Glass left Amherst for the her al cams were senators country Etc compelled by the senators recent pendants Sald illness to postpone a Conte at plated wedding trip to Lake senator Glass is 32 years old and Glass is 50 years of he has been married once his first wife died about three years Hurt in runaway runaway horses pitched Henry Inman farm from a Hay Wagon into an Alfalfa Field and caused a fracture of his High Arm he was treated at Grace ooh ton German battleship Scharnhorst off trondheim fjord and badly damaged the admiralty shortly afterwards the Admiral i to announced that a Large italian Madrid Duke of Windi attacked with depth Sor and his Duchess in charges in the Gulf of had Ness than the delegates seem to All the hopefuls were born in something close to log Ca All helped their mothers with the All worked their Way through All won their callouses at hard but picturesque All have succeeded cons i surrendered to the British Traw Ler hold Rhone Beau Geste Les on the French Swiss Frontier thousand desert toughened fighting men of the French foreign with their backs to the Swiss held two Mountain forts for the fifth Day against heavy German they Are Cut off from other French completely they fought on As a Beau Geste because fighting is the tradition of the the forts where they have repulsed attack after attack Are be Jour and across the Frontier from this usually sleepy Swiss the peasant Folk Call the legionnaires Les Joyeux the Joyful keep As far from the forts As the German commander at Pont arlier received a Tele phone Call from the legionnaires at be Jour and l Recluse inviting him to come and get the germans Are still try but their commander is not answering any More Tele phone Calls from thed Efen Geneva gained the germans few Mountain Miles Viel Litany it jul i Lwi y i the French flew ital to hasten this j sources of the French Empire and not in vain the French government cleared that the fighting was not in As it had enabled Franco to hold out for a soldiers peace with marshal Henry Philippe Petain let Premier who requested that got a vote of Confidence irom the French Frances great gave proof of her determination ithe French Navy would speedily Thi null def the Artur Ary for the fulfilment of his to carry on his majesty government firmly believe that what Tor Hap they will be Able to carry in the War wherever it May on the in the air and upon land to a when great Britain is Victory to fight on alone and she in spite of the action de by announcing heavy Aerial the Bordeaux Cher attacks on Germany greatl8 the cause of the French peo Krupp armament works at and a British Victory is and on air plane factories and Only possible Hope for the Rostor storage plants at Kant Ion of France and the Freedom Rothenburg and Jot its the French humiliation before j Appeal to All the Power of Adolf Hitler was sealed in the same old comping be tries Overmi Woods where Germany the yielded to Frances marshal Foch on i i new Ruthc Brave men from other nun run by nazi stay fighting in the ranks of accordingly his majesty gov Hutchinson the signer for it was was Wilhelm in Calls upon All frenchmen outside the Power of the enemy to Aid them in their and thereby n 8 Render sure and More accomplishment More and for France Gener to All frenchmen co ugly in their respective occur al Charles one of the French Adolf Hitler himself was All in Complete modesty he had met the French on Fri Are admitted to be the repository i in the old railway Carol of every human i marshal Foch where the germans no one hogs signed a losers peace in the the Vanguard of the republl1 cans has been in Philadelphia for i wherever they my be to to Tho i utmost of their strength the forces which Are form oui n faithfully and Resolute Fly will assuredly most of the past week arranging the the Creden ast night in their Effort to join committee has the trl Bulc to dead general Keitel spoke briefly in tribute to the French and his cumm Mee Nejiu me the italian Alpine claims of rival slates of adj armies but the Tricolour of France delegates from the land of Cotton and deposed of them in a Way to prove again that no candidate has in Advance anything close to a Lew Over fort the Gibraltar of the the town of bile Gard near the fort was captured by the lost and then regained Between Dawn and to i Rise in respect for those who had i revolt in Estonia wins Stockholm workers have carried out a red revolution fashioned the pens majority of safely pledged lne Trench the been platform delegation had in establishing a new i the swedish press i reported last but said put Werc no communist party Mem Bers in the new Latvia and Lithuania me cite in marshal Fochs old it shinned a nov m col led out and has got each Days Kinsle Iii nearer to citizenship Albert Einstein advanced another step towards american citizenship Hen he took his final Cramin contain than when it first Assem resolutions committee their problem for in daily session on the parly e the in bu01iet russian influence with precisely had quartering of new of ii Uil i Stan troops on them have caused it to change its ideas and it will resume its sessions in the morning with Little clearer in headlines eld self in idea of what the platform should Cluj run till than when in first so med Tion before naturalization author a qualified source said the self exiled German mathematician passed with flying one idea about the has been generally agreed it will be of the Post card containing As Long As i have my to exceed a thousand Einstein in a radio broaden a resolutions and cast after the i will i most of the republicans in Phila Only stay in a country where Idelphia As far As that have have political last great Estonia president to i Jav win a in its l of remains in of with Sci ent of the French surrender dentist and author Johannes Vares this much As the new Premier and socialist it details j u Nicolandr Ocsen As foreign int France had been led to Promise a Complete halt to j any resistance of any to help in at least some As a supplier of munitions and the in f Germany War against i Nous Ihl la Hus Kansas loses eighty Britain and to agree to a Broad of Continental Ope along the lines that Wichita Only begun to recover from wants to be Juhe Shell Shock brought on by the i j inclusion of two republicans in Taylor still serious spa purge for bunds lers new York communist Andl president Roosevelt the nazi bund members will is represented by i president washing h and de Kirch urea supervisors for Kansas met Here and compared the two agreed the population of Kanus is Italy proximate la in compar in purged from local spa Rolls Here More than a thousand reporters i annal representative the Vati each supervisor figured he it before july the convention canno continued in Myrious Rondi i rect Dodi Neri local spa admin so guarantee them but is in general Page column please cime Tion Here last night of an illness residents during the 10year p which began several Days Hod

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