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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - December 14, 1890, Hutchinson, Kansas k. Bejolnrter From Father Kolly, JwKiiir^iS^.^^ l0&V69 (V18)' In 1116 5i0thv6T9� Cora- Christ and would walk with no irian. As SSTdW T*io'SS^,b* t�n ""^dressmadehy our Lord on they go they turn, shake their ^,**d ^rlf, r 8l ,CTCH�n8n0t MleoftteloavM. He urges the ueces- shout hack their hate Otllr of CbtkollOP. but of nthnrn in ..... . . �umrii�w, only of Catholic?, but of others in thia 'community. Had ho continued to shout and vociferateogninst the commisoion of alii, he. might hat? done come good in our mld&t. But when ho leavsB that occupation to attack the creed of other?, he must not cspect to continue his unchristian course with impunity. To vulgarly attack the religious convictions nf othera by coaree buffoonsry, And low ribaldry, is unworthy a scholar and christian gentleman. With nil the rovereud gentleman's, Dou tjuioxtic innuendoes, and the upleauish gu�h of his worthy dieclple they have, not been able to produce one text of scripture whorein Christ commands bap-Mem to bp conferred by immersion only, . Tlic-y cannot point out the text. But enough of this, we will speak of infant baptism later on. Let us hear Mr. X. Y. "LaBt Sunday morning Kav. Updike in his sermon on �'The Communion," proposed a praotioal teBt for the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation. Ho said that he told a prleflt once that he (the priest) that he could convioo him of the truth of the Catholic position and settle the question as to whether the water was actually ohanged to the body and blood of Christ." Then X. Y. goes on to say that this self styled "evange-IIbi" put arsenic "in that moss" and said to the priest "you are to eat: It," but there is enough' arsenic to kill a half dozen priests." That the Rev. Updike can be guilty *of such a wicked, rldioulous, absurd and blasphemous act we do not doubt, indeed we believe that he would tell any kind of a story in order to create a laugh within the "sacred walla of the holy tabernacle." To put forth a laugh as an argument shows the conceit of the giggler. To make suck a bold assertion without one particle of proof iB a privilege granted only to lunatics. , Can the Hev..'Upkike give ns the name of that unworthy priest who took part in hie viiiianoua action; also thu name of the locality in which it was oommitted? menta were the fragments of the five (clerk have joined that crowd who left Christ and would walk with no inan. As sity of faith iu Him, and passes onto wards the end of His nddresf, to speak of -------------------,---,,,.....nun w yntKn aia ttuiu iu jireiwr- futare blessing Ho had in store for ence to'that of Unrttke and his follower. nm wtian Ella *v�smi1i4  them, when He would give them his own flesh to eat aacramentally under the form of- bread." The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world (v C'3). And when his enemies ask, "how can this man give ua hiB tlBehto eat?" (v 58) he continues in these clear terms: "Amen, amon, I Bay to you, except you eat the flesh of tho son of man and drink his blood you shall not have life in you, etc." r.o that when hiB enemies understood hiB words literally, as the only way in which they could be understood, he does not explain that be is only speaking figuratively of believing in him, but he repeats over and over again in six veraes the necessity of actually eating his flesh and- drinking hiB blood. �When Nicodemus (John III) took too literally the order whioh.our Lord gave of being born again, and asked how it could be done? He explained that He spoke of being "born again of water and the Holy Ghost" But in the* present case to show that He means literally what He declared was to be done, He does not give an explanation of any figure; that He was UBing, but repeats more strongly the words He had previously UBed, and many who heard Him would!, not believe in the real presence and they left Hint/ "Many of His disciple* went baok and walked with Him no more." (v 67) From the words ot promise let us pass on to the words of institution. We have this fact recorded by the evangelists St*. Matthew, Mark and Luke. This la the account given by St. Matthew: "And while they were at supper Jesus took bread and blessed and brake, and gave to hie disciples, and said, Take ye and eat. This is my body. And taking the chalice He gave thanks and gave to them saying: Drink ye all ot this, tor this iB my blood of tho new testament whioh shall be shed for many-unto tho remission of sins." Matthew xxvi, 28,87, i There are in the Syro-Ohadaio lah We greatly doubt it. The "elder" boasts j guag(., whlon our 8av,yor .po^leE. -v.- , , , - ------------- of his great love ot.and reverence for the j forty, five wordB which mean to signify "** h ot wa,er' butth Sacred Scriptures. Let us see if Oatho- to represent. Why did He nut use one of the, spirit, regeneration, io th lies hive the Scriptures on their Bide ot those words? Why did He say "thia re8ttrrection from (vl!),aud the twelve basket'of frag-! defy anyone to Bhow me a single ex preaalon in any language in which bread is taken as a figure or symbol of the human body. In the Greek language in which the npoBtles -.vrote, the demonstrative pro noun "chis" is neuter and cannot agree with the word bread which is masculine, but with the word "body"wbichis neuter, OftantimoB Catholics are taunted with departing from the scriptures in Controverted questions, and appealing to tradition, reaeoc or some other source ex ternal to the written word of God, In the present question of the Heal Presence, who ib it that haB scripture on hia side? And who is, it that is obliged to leave' scripture and appeal'to other sources in order to explain away what is stated in the clearest, timpleat.: and strongest words; we believe that Christ givea us His body in the' sacrament whe| He says "This is My Body," because Be Bays bo. The non-(Jltholic does' not be lieve it because human resaon � finds i difficulty in it, and thus it u he wjbb leaves scripture and appeals to reaeon We areieady to meet them on any ground, but remember what. is at issue; we are the defenders ot scripture, they: are the assailants, !;'i v- They say that what our Lord i^yB cannot be true; we say that it is true. Tidy appeal to reason for difficulties; we sp peal to the words of our Lord for trie fact, aa an answer to those 'difficulties. They pretend to prescribe a limit to the power of God in the sacrament; we show that there is no limit; to either, to His power or HiB loye. It may be objeoted, that to believe in transubstantiation iB to go against reason, commmon sense and the evidence of the senses. Are we then to set up our senses, bur reason and common sense, as the infallible standard of our faith?- If to, how cau we believe in God.bejng a pure spirit imperceptible to the senses? It the evidences ot the senses be our only criterion ot faith, then must we deny that thero is such a thing as the grace ot God, or that there is such a tiling ana soul at all. Nay, eternity, hell and heavy must be denied as imperceptible to the senses, and Saint Paul assures us that, "no eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor heart conceived what heaven is," To reject the mystery ot transubatamia-Hon, merely because one cannot understand it, or the peculiar" sect to which a parson belongs rejects it, is' about- ai reasonable as it a congregation, of frogs were to deny the existence -of algebra or photography merely because some elders "of thetriba would neither see* norfeel nor understand the subject,'! :;.VV':v Christ made a last will andteatameut The language of'the last will of the lowest man on tarth is respected. What would the H�v.Updike think if his uncle, when dying, bequeathed to him a house, sad when his reverence went io claim the house tho administrator presented him with a picture of it? Would he not think that either his unole or th"e administrator was making a fool of hlmf � Iujta#*n'M>-mt does the " eldern taUc of QfansV 1'-It seems that Updike e^jaU willing fists amj mnite horrlbiti' pritnaces nud Let them jto. We prefer to remain with Christ and faithful ttpoBtlec, atd to take His word in prefer John F. Kei.w. ,>not)i{Tr View of Jr#g-�neratlnn. Generatioo, according to Webster, moano "the not of generating, or begetting, procreation, n� of animals." Regeneration, therefore would mean the act of generating, begetting or procreating ngalD. So JeeuB Bftid to Nlcodemus, "ye must be borne again," and He meant tbat he must be regenerated. Is there any evidence that JeBiis meant by this that Nic-odefcuB should be converted? Is conversion over called a birth t or 1b it Bpok-en of as a new birth? What is this new birth? The only person that we road af an being bom again is Jesus HimBelf. Paul Bpeaks of Eim as being the "first born from the dead," and so He also speaks of Himsnlf as being "the flrBt born from the dead," Accordingly, He was born agaiD, regenerated, when He was raised from the dead. He was born the flrBt time of Mary, aod born again when raised from the dead. Paul speaks of Him as "tho first frulta of thom that slept." So tbat no person will be born again until he iB raised from the dead. The Badducees tried to puzzle Jesus with the case of a woman who had married seven brothers. But Jesus told them that in heaven they were like the angelB, that they were the children of God, baing the children of tho resurrection. That if, they are to be born again of the resurrection. Nothing can be plainer than that the new birth taught to Nicodemua was the resurrection from the dead There is no evidence that ltmeant-con-version, or repentance, or a change ot heart These,are only the preliminaries to the new birth. Paul says,''Jesus waaof the seed of David according to the flesh, but was declared to be the Son ot God through the Spirit of Holiness (Boly Spirit) by a resurrection from the dead." Baptism is a symbol of the resurrection and is called the birth of water, but tho e There is no evidence that the {kingdom of God was Bet up on the day of penticost, but if it was wb have all seen it. But no man is to see the Kingdom of God unless he is bora again, that ii>, wised from the dead. How absurd it is to speak of the kingdom ot God having been Bet up on the day of penticost. The kingdom of God iB to be a kingdom of j ustice, and wo all know that no such kingdom ur government ha6 ever beon established, tienator IngalU even admits it. The church, even, though not a kingdom, has been corrupt all down through the ageB. But we will bo told that" The kingdom of God is within you," and that JosuBsaid so. But this is not true. Jesus nover said so. Jesus said, " Neither shall they Bay lo! here, nor lo! there,for behold the kingdom of God is within you." ThatiB, we are not to BBy euch foolish things sb that. The verb " say " governs to tho end of the verse. ThlB is evident, became Jesus says, a littlerturther on, ' But I say unto you," A kingdom requires territory, a king and subject*, and it is foolish for anyone to think that all that can be Crowded into a man. Those who think that the kingdom of God set up m a man's inside, are even more foolish than thoae who think they are born again-regenerated, 'reproduced and recreated when are converted. These thingB are all in the future. " It doth not appear what we shall be.'.' Astkrisk. "Ouco Sfore Into the Breach " Even good in this world cannot be done without a struggle, for we urge oureelvea often into doing what is beBt for health and comfort, when we could do the best even without effort. To convince others and to persuade them, wo should uae the arguments which influence our own judg nsent. For example, the ills of suffering humanity should be relieved promptly and permanently. There ia but one way of doing so, and that is by procuring the surest remedy. Seme remedies are good, others are better, but long experience and undoubted proof point to only onaas the best. There is no questioning this fact in the treatment of painB and aches, and 'when the advertisements of bt Jacob's Oil, which have commenced for the Beacon their appearance in the columns of this paper, catch the eye, the beBt certainly stands revealed. The great remedy tor pain holds the confidence of the public, and has done so these many, many years, and it 1b truly worthy of it TBS) 0B0K0HE9. . ' MI8M0H SUNDAY BCHOOL. At F, M, church, avenue 0 east, the Hutcbituoa lfission Sunday School will mejjfcv'-:';'' *. Mrs. E. 0. Bbdnbb, ~''-'-'v:'.. . f,-�.��� ..- flee. pro.tern. ' ;;vCATtfoi|v'^|i;iicn. No masses at the church to-day as the pastor goes to Great Bend and Hoising. too... � J, P. Kan.*. \trtIfailAK SKBYICKB Corner of Wirat avenue and Jefferson street. Services at 11 a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. Communion will ba held at the morning service. Alare cordially invited.- J. A. Lows, Pastor, riKST l'BKsnratuuAH cHoiitia, >... Comer ..First Avenue east:and Maple tratV'- Rev.. Ellis U. Jones, pastor. Fre�eklBir�*d7a0p.m. 8ub- jeot of morning sermon; "The necessity of Christ's Boflerings." Sunday sohool ot 030 a ra. Young' Peoples' Bociety if Cbristain Bndnavor at. C:30p, in. Bnh, ject: "The Savior and thfi Outcset"- Murk I;'10 So, You aro invited to all those oervico?, THE l'BOl'LIts' lION(iB150.VTIONAI> CUURCII ' 3ia North Main tttraet, Churles N. Severance, pastor, Sunday sohool at 0:30 a. m. Childrea'b miiutlng at 3:30 and Y, V. 8. C, K. prayer meeting at 0:15 p. rn. respectively. Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. rn. 7:10 p. m. Morninfi th^me, "lUptlnin." Kveningtheme, "TbeHoly Spirit and His present work." Thoto specially interested in the�o Bubjec'flnro rojuoated to bring their Bibles to both oetviceE. Everybody cordially welcome, rvakoblical association. Corner Tenth and Jefferson streets, Song eervice, 0:80 to 10:00 a. ni. Banday-echool at 10:00 a, m. Young People's meeting at 0:30 p. m. Preaohiug at 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p, m. Prayer meetings every TufEday at 7:30 p. m. Everyone cordially invited and welcomed, i'kesbtterian CHURCH. Tho regular services morning and evening. Sunday-aohool at 0:30 a. ni. Preaching by Hov. 1). Winters, D. �>.,\u~ stead of pastor, who is absent. Young People's Bociety of Christian Endeavor at 6:W p. in. You are invite! to all the service*. WKST methodist ei'IBCOI'AI, ' a.m.and 7:1)0 p. m. Sunday-school at 9:30 a. m.i conducted by F. R. Ohrisman, superintendent Junior League meets at 8:00 p-m, in charge of Mrs. Sadie LbwIb and others. Epworth League at 6:45 p. m. Claaa moating at close of morning service. Woekly prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:80 p.m. Seats free. Tho public invited and msde welcome to all services' Jay W. SomkiiviMiB, Pastor. v. m, o. A. sebyicks. Consecration meeting at 8:30 a, m. Boys meeting at 8 o'olock, Tho Young Men's GoBpel meeting at 9 o'clock will be at the tabernacle, at whioh time Hev. Up dike will speak. Subject; "Samson's Riddlefl." CimiBMAK church. Corner Main and Fifth. Meeting at the tabernacle. Subject for morning, "Tho Soldier." An afternoon meethig at 4 o'clock for men only will be held under tho auspices of the Y. M. O. A., subjeot, "SimBon'j Kiddle." Preaching at 7:80; sODg norvice commencing nt 7 o'clock. Rev. Updike will preach. Y. P. 3. C. E HUTCHINSON, KAN. Ti ie Only Manufacturers of WEST OF MEW YORK., Guaranteed Not to Hardeo in Auy Climate. Kansas Salt Company's S&Jt OUR estern. at 6 o'clock at the church. Sunday Bcbool at fi:;'fO e. rn. at the church. H. W. Everest, P;iat:-y. A. O. U. W. � [ Special meeting of Hutchinson lodge i No. 77 Monday, Dec. 15, at 7:30 aharp, : Members are invited and teo^ieated to be | present as business of importance will be 1 transac'.cd. By order of ! II. II. Joiinbo^, Mnster Work niAii. \ Sralo BuoIcb.  Peraons wiBhing scale books should re-mauiber that the wEWs c rries a iari^e stock. Our Bcale books are not only used almoBt exclusively in this county, but throughout western Kansas. Call and see thom or write for prices. rerside. Diamond, New York, The Davis Orchestra Is prepared to furnish Music for Balls, Parties and Receptions. Terms on application. PROF. J, H. DA.VIS, What We Claim for It. tfirst~I Passenger Rate K&DJCED BY THE KiSSOURl PACIFIC B1. 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To such of our friends as have used Kansas Salt we do not think any testimony necessary, but to those who are laboring under false impressions from hear say, or otherwise, we add to this a copy of letters received from the largest and most widely known Packers in the United States, and such statements, as made by them, cannot'be questioned by any one, nor does the subject need any ftirtheb xemark from us. Kansas Salt Co. iKanaoa City Packing Co., Kansas City, Uo., March 19, 28B0, Kansas Salt Co., Hutchinson: Gentlemen-Yours ot the 10th received^ conWnh fully and carefully noted. We have been using your salt for the past year or twe-and it gives great pleasure to state that as a meat preserver it does its work well. We have used that and nothing else lately and find that it is as good as we hav� over used. Yours truly. K. O, Packing and Hefrlgor&fcw Co., Nebraska City Packing Co,, Provision Packers, Nebraska City, Neb. March 13, Kansas Bait Co., Hutchinson: Gentlemen-In reply to yours of the 10th, oaz say,we have uaed the past two years a great many oar loads of Hutchinson sels, and have found same to give very good results as a meat preserver. It always appeared to tho witter that your salt gave the meat a brighter white color thanl i Michigan salt did. The writer's opinion is that oth er causes (thsn Hufeitissoa salt i has spoiled the Texas meat Yours respectfully, Nebraska City Packing Co. Armour Packing Co., Kansas City, Mo., March 11,1890. Kansas Salt.Co^ Btutohinsou: Gentlemen-Answering your favor ot the lOtt