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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - August 22, 2015, Hutchinson, KansasSaturday August 22, 2015 75� newsstand y ear 144 no. 51 wow. Hut Chews. Com pc holds off Hawks Seattle loses 14 13 in preseason matchup sports dear eight loggers if Only the creator Hadnot made you so Creepy. Spiders at Large to l listings a4 c classifieds b6 l Ott eries a2 c comics b11 o obituaries a11 c crossword b8 s ports b1 w eat her b5 intercepted letter 94 65 spider senses b y a Shley b poker the Hutchinson news Booker Hutch news. Com e experts say Calls to pest control Are up due to More spiders finding ways to crawl Scurry or run into Homes after a rain filled summer. Homeowners Arentt having it however and they want these uninvited guests gone. Right before school starts Advance termite and pest control inc. Has about a two week break but Calls Arentt slowing Down due to an increased number of spider Calls among other bugs said Al Wells the company is president. Not Only Are they getting More Calls on spiders but also More callbacks after treatments because spiders Are re invading. Wells credited timely Rains to the sightings. He said with More moisture insects multiply causing spiders to come out and catch them. Rain tends to turn spiders to going into your Home Wells said. For the last two to three years the company is seen three times the number of Black widows and spiders in general have been a problem this entire summer said Wells. But Jan Steen director of k state research and Extension said they a vent had More Calls or people bringing in More spiders than normally. keep coming lets face it the spiders were Here before we were said Bob Bauernfeind Kansas state University professor of Extension etymology horticulture and youth and family. Nature was Here before we were Here so my stance is you just have to live with certain things said Bauernfeind. He worked at the Hutchinson area k state research and Extension office from 1978 to 1992, before every county had an Extension office and there were just five Kansas districts. He moved to Brown Recluse spider grass or funnel web spider body 3/ 4 of an Inch Long common House spider yellow Sac spider Black widow spider Brown Recluse spider Wolf spider Nursery web spider know your spiders Brown spiders common to this area sometimes mistaken for the Brown Recluse venomous spiders common to this area violin shape body no More than 1/ 4 to 3/ 8 of an Inch no spines on legs or body body has no patterns six eyes most spiders have eight technically All spiders Are venomous but the vast majority of spiders in Kansas Are not dangerous because the spider is either unable to Pierce human skin or the venom is not powerful enough or not delivered in enough quantities to affect humans. However the three spiders shown to the right can cause serious harm. It has a wicked bite and the venom can cause significant pain and sometimes cause skin damage including tissue loss and necrosis. It has powerful fangs that allow it to Pierce the skin of humans. Its bite can be painful though usually not dangerous. Considered the most venomous spider in North America its bite originally feels like a pinprick. Pain begins within a few minutes and spreads rapidly. Effects can include nausea profuse sweating muscle aches and severe pain in the Abdomen and Back. Brown Recluse spiders Are called Recluse for a reason they tend to live in areas where humans a vent disturbed things for a while. This can be a shed your attic and even a storage unit. They May be outdoors in Wood piles or behind various items that you have placed out there but not used for quite some time. The Brown Recluse spider builds an irregular web and will often build itself a Small shelter from unruly threads of silk. An out of the Ordinary Brown Recluse spider fact is that it leaves the web during the night to Hunt. Other spiders stay and wait for prey to become entangled in the web. The funnel web of this spider can usually be found on the grass in Low shrubs in crevices of buildings or along the Bottom of fences. Body 3/ 16 to 5/ 16 of an Inch Long the common House spider is the spider most often encountered indoors. It is a nuisance More because of its tangled web than the spider itself but it pose no threat to humans. Body about 1/ 2 to 1 Inch Long body about 3/ 8 to 5/ 8 of an Inch Long the Wolf spider is a ground Dweller with a silk lined Burrow Retreat. It roves at night to Hunt prey. It is commonly found around the Home and in Garden areas. Nursery web spiders Are Hunting spiders and prominent around bodies of water. They pose no significant threat to humans but May be seen in the Home from time to time. They have a moderately painful bite but will not attack unless they Are aggravated. Sources . Org spiders. Us Usu Extension National geographic pest world. Com Jim Heck the Hutchinson news suspect in a abyss death in custody b y k Elton b Rooks the Hutchinson news Brooks Hutch news. Com u. S. Marshals arrested an Oklahoma Man charged with the rape and murder of a 10 month old girl in Hutchinson on thursday night Hutchinson police capt. Troy Hoover said. Brandon Wade Nordstedt 22, was arrested late thursday in Hutchinson for alleged child abuse murder or first degree murder in the july 12 death of 10 month old Emmerson emmy Orourke according to the Tulsa world newspaper. Nordsten dts Mother Annie Sanchez said we still believe in his innocence and there was no alleged rape. She said her son did not flee or run from police adding he came to Kansas thursday morning from the Tulsa area to visit his family. Wichita based Deputy u. S. Marshal Logan q q okla. Man apprehended by us marshals on thursday night is also charged with rape. Hutch arrest mantra heard by gov on a tour workers needed b y a my b Nickel Kansas gland on his agriculture Industry tour across Central and Southwest Kansas this week gov. Sam Brownback said he saw a promising growing Economy. But he said he heard a common theme along the tour which included dairies egg production and manufacturing. They All need workers. We need More people. We Are really Short of people he said also commenting that employers said they would add More to their workforce if they could attract workers. Brownback who spoke with the news Sandra j. Milburn the Hutchinson news gov. Sam Brownback leaves after giving a speech to people in the Kansas water authority meeting thursday morning at the atrium hotel and with creatures showing up information key convention Center. Q q in visits to Dairy other Sites he lauds growth corporate farm Law Challenge cited. Lets face it the spiders were Here before we were. Bob Bauernfeind Kansas state University professor inside gov discusses Ogallala a2 global worries Spur Dow Jones nosedive business b10 jobless rates climb for City Reno state a6 Paul Davis Speaks to mod squad crowd a6 nurse is a Trust builder Faith a7 see arrest / a5 see spiders / a5 see tour / a5

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