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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 5

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Hutchinson, Kansas \ Rich Man s Pawn shop in new York by Howard Benedit new York m the smartly dressed Middle aged woman relieved at having entered the Pri a Vacy of the Small dark room unnoticed told the employee i guess i la need the usual $2,-000." she handed Over a Diamond necklace it was the same necklace she had brought in five or six times before. In minutes she had the Money. Then she said now remember my husband must t know about the employee smiled to himself As he thought Back a week when her husband sat in the same room and pawned a valuable ring to pay gambling debts. For this was Kaskel s in mid town Manhattan a pawnshop for the wealthy. Not it is not uncommon for an expensive limousine to pull up in front of the office building for a chauffeur to hold open the door and for a Well to do client to walk quickly to an inconspicuous in Francc. This was the Way that Many of Kaskel s customers entered when they were too shy tote rest per month use the front door. I Why do some Rich people need by one until he had j j Kiskel said Many people came Ito him because they Don t want to j break up a savings account that is drawing Good interest. And he Haa had Many out of town clients who have spent All their ready Leash on a Good time in new York a and who Don t want to write a 1 Check for fear their wives will in Ojjeh wife s Pearl necklace and received of la Niter enough Money to pay the Sala of 1cdl Xum j11111" Rita. Over the weekend he tade i nerf a Foj tit rpm if enough Money to redeem the neck a ecu Lull i out Oft u3, a siness a Xiv oui of the red. San Lerud ?4 so m g Motorist seeks Way to Hawaii by Auto i Lazy citizen belter a Ommo judging the jewelry a woman customer Walls hopefully while in expert appraises her jewelry in Plush of Kaskel s loan shop in new York jets have been redeemed primarily because the items Hock co Are so valuable that the owner wants them Back As soon As,possible." Kaskel charges 114 per cent in a week. In the Case of the Rich Man a lot of the Money goes to keeping up with the he told of one sates executive find out How much they be spent Trust funds there Are also a lot of people whose Money is tied up in Trust funds he explained. Many of them Pawn things with me to tide them Over until they can collect some Money from the fund. One Man he recalled was spending so much Money on girls that his father put the family for. Tune out of his reach leaving him a monthly allowance and several department store charge accounts he finally figured out a Way to beat this system. When Hll Al Lowance Money ran out. He would charge an expensive item at a department store Pawn it with me and have a Good time. When his next allowance Check came he redeemed the article returned it to Tho department store and had it credited to his the executive was deeper in debt another Kaskel client exhausted because of having to entertain he an his Money to build an exclusive new neighbors. J Manhattan restaurant. He was the executive and his wife about to open the doors one Fri than eager Teaver Grade Pupil. His retirement at 80, was not voluntary and Strine is still an energetic Man. How old is old he asked it is in their 60s that folks Honolulu m the Hawaii Bureau report the Fol a lowing queries from prospective travellers from Indianapolis what is the Best Highway to take from los Angeles to Hawaii what a Page 5 the Hutchinson Newt Gouy. August is 1k7 Cleveland it the Lazy Man is a belter citizen than the " eager Beaver Type says author Are a Pic my la la by on their and lecturer William Plait Cut up-8 0 Security someone should son. He told a recent dinner meeting at Western Reserve University the lady Man is always a bet err Yetto have told me Long builder View Wor Elmdale ont. To the con tar citizen and does far More tract who Buill Elmdale Public Good for the eager Ion it is the eager Beaver who fj0n Hamacher 93. Saidt it causes most of the trouble in this stands just Tho Way it did when 1 loft it. It does t look too Racior no dui ii a image re Otic himself and society than 50 years ago attended its a in my Opin Jgolden Jubilee celebrations. Gor planted insurance programs that give you More satisfactory Protection. Como Dallons Are available in route a a prom Hatboro. Pat am interested in obtaining information about the necessary requirements for an american citizen to enter Hawaii for. A permanent for prescriptions Rhodes prescription snap phone r-s385 20 East first St. M Rhodes a. And a. Rexhaj drugstore a Complete drag service who needed $50,000 to build .1 new came to me Kaskel said. She Day evening when he discovered Home because a competitor had was wearing All her jewelry and a he did not have enough Money to one. He had to borrow Money Ermine wrap. The jus any his employees. When Tho time came to repay took off the valuables one he hurried to Kaskel with his the lady who pawned the Diamond necklace had overdrawn her checking account. She needed Money quickly but would replace it in a few incident says Clarence Kaskel. Founder of the Plush pawnshop illustrates that a Rich Man can accept the fact while a Rich Man is More sensitive about it be cause he s not used to Kaskel started his unique Hock shop just off fifth Avenue three years ago. Several years in the business had convinced him that Rich people at times need Money just As much As poor people. In my old place he says i pawned objects for Many Rich people. So i decided to establish a shop that not Only would be easily accessible to them but also would be a Nice place for them to come fashionable store Kaskel s does t have the traditional three Ball sign and the cluttered windows. Instead there is a Long White canopy and windows tastefully decorated with hems that make Milady s Mouth water $19,000 necklaces. $10,000 rings expensive furs. Kaskel s looks like a fashionable store. He employs a staff of 15, in eluding his two sons. Many people warned me this shop would fail Kaskel smiles. Rut last year we Mode More than Loans totalling 24 million dollars including $50,000 for one necklace. This averages a lot More than $100 a loan. More than 00 per cent of the Security of Money Many reasons there Are Many reasons explains Kaskel. For one thing most men making $1,000 a week live up to their salary just the same As a Man making Only $75 freshest you con but candies 206 \. 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