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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 2

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Hutchinson, Kansas Krehbiel murder Case still a mystery after ten years by rec cold Ren ten years ago on aug. 18, the grating ring of a Telephone in the Early morning aroused Reno county s sheriff from his sleep and sent him out into the night what has since proved the on county s most baffling crime Walter l. Dixon who was serving his first term As Reno county sheriff Learned from the caller Only that there had been in unusual Accident near pretty Prai Rie. When he and deputies at the scene a Dusty country Road intersection two Miles South and six East of pretty Prairie the Accident proved a Case of murder. Lying dead face Down at the Edge of the Road was Clarence Krehbiel 24-Ycar-old pretty Prairie Farmer. Clues to his murder that night were few and time has produced no new ones of consequence. Dixon now county Bailiff Well remembers the Krehbiel murder it was his first such Case As sheriff and it occupied much of his time during his two terms in office. Death weapon Krehbiel was killed with three shots from i own Rifle shortly after he left the Home of his Fiancee lie and Helen Schwartz had been dating steadily for year. The murder spot was Only three Miles from her Home. The .22 calibre automatic Cap on still rests in the evidence lock or in the sheriff s office silent but worthless evidence in an unsolved murder three bullets from Krehbiel s Rifle bad been fired into his heart. They were bunched in an area slightly larger than a half Dollar two buttons had been ripped from the Man s shirt indicating the mennonite Farmer had either scuffled with his assailant or had been jerked from his car. Dixon believes Krehbiel tried to fight off his assailants As he was a husky Young Man. However aside from the ripped Jed. He told buttons Only other signs of a frightened. $100 to the same spot there Days later or they would kill him and his parents. Later Herb ice said he was stopped by the men and three shots at close Range no one knows to this Day. An aroused Community after the killing an aroused scuffle were a few Marks in the Road gravel and a scuff Mark on one of Krehbiel s shoes. No evidence there was no evidence of Gunpowder on his shirt or Chest in cheating the Rufic bullets had fired from something other than Point Blank Range. Yot they a were not fired with such deadly accuracy from any great Range on that moonless night. Hour of the killing was fairly Well established but it proved of no value in tracking Down the killer or killers. Arthur Bergkamp then a 21-year old Farmer came upon the scene about 1 . And stopped when he recognised Krehbiel s Coupe standing in the crossroad. The motor was running the lights were on but no one was in the vehicle. Puzzled after shouts failed to bring an answer Bergkamp started Back to his own car. Then he noticed his Friend s body some 15 feet behind the Coupe. Investigation later revealed two boys passed the same intersection about Midnight. They reported seeing no car. Had been hijacked before or. Krehbiel was slain reports came to sheriff Dixon that Krehbiel had been hijacked both times at the intersection where he met his death. It was Henry Schwartz Uncle of Helen Schwartz who made the hijacking disclosure. He said three men stopped Krehbiel in july roughed him and took $20. They also demanded he bring he gave them the $100 they ask Community posted a considerable de. He old Schwartz he was amount of award Money. It was started with $250 offered by gov. Carlson for the arrest of the slay cars. Another $1,500 came from friends of the family and towns people. We got a lot of hips from persons who Wert trying to col Lect the Reward Money Dixon recalled. But Tho tips never led to Dixon said one fellow trying for the Reward even had a Friend sit in on neighbourhood card games in an Effort to pick up a possible clue to the murder. As is often the Case a few persons tried to make the headlines after Krehbiel was killed with stories about being Dixon said he remembers three who claimed they were stopped or hijacked in a similar manner As was or. Krehbiel. One Man told the sheriff three men held him up. He was almost sure they Wero the men who got Young Krehbiel. The stories were checked out of course Dixon said but they mostly Wero bids for publicity and none shed any Light on the murder. The slaying of Clarence Kreh Bill on a warm August night 10 years ago is not a closed Case but until some new Lead or evidence is introduced it will remain a mystery. I sure would like to see this Case solved Dixon sighed. And after 10 years it could Well be. Dixon believes some Day some one will step Forward with a vital piece of information that up to now has gone unsaid. Reports of the demands for Money did not reach the sheriff s office until several Days later. Schwartz said it was not reported earlier because Krehbiel insisted it to kept from his Par cats. At no time were officers Able to learn Why the mysterious hold up men were stopping Krehbiel. Vague description to this Day one thing Dixon can t understand is Why Krehbiel could t give More description of Tho men who accosted d him. Only description we got Dixon said was a vague one about one Man being Short another tall and one Dixon believes had his office received even a partial description of the men they could have been identified and a Tail put on them to determine just what they were up to. An autopsy made by county Coroner g. A. Chickering the morning after the murder accomplished Only one thing it helped make the killing even More mysterious. Chickering found no Chi Dence of any other injury to the Man. That eliminated the possibility he might have been hit on Tho head or otherwise made unconscious and then killed. Tho big puzzler still is this How was the killer Able to fire three shots into the heart in such proximity a Man facing a gun does t stand still to offer a per feet target. Was Krehbiel overpowered and held helpless by others while the Man with the gun coldly fired the farm and not sold wednesday night Sale. Tentative schedule state legion Contention starts Here Friday night approximately 2,500 Kansas veterans Are expected in Hutchinson next weekend for the state s annual american legion convention. Festivities will Start Friday evening with the department com Mander s dinner at the Bisone hotel and will conclude sunday afternoon with a business session. After the dinner meeting each of the seven legion districts in Kansas will caucus. The first general session will Start at 9 30 . Saturday in convention Hall. And will reconvene at the some Afi Muon place in Tho afternoon. At that time gov. George Docking National commander Dan Daniel Virginia National chaplain Rev. Bernard w. Ger Don. Indiana Truman Wold North Dakota candidate for National commander Preston Moore Oklahoma candidate for National commander and others will speak to delegates. Parade saturday a Parade including marchers from throughout the state and floats sponsored by the Hutchinson legion will Start at 11 saturday from 5th and main. Marchers will be in groups rep resenting the seven Kansas districts. Other Parade units will include representations from Hnas Navy and air Force personnel american legion auxiliary b o yikes in waiting will be chosen scouts. Girl scouts red Cross. And will ride in an honoured spot girls and boys Star legion during the saturday morning a Junior baseball civil air vow youth service National guard filter Center and drum j and Bugle corps from Hutchinson,1 great Bend and Emporia. One of the highlights of the convention will be drum and Bugle corps com Petiton at 7 30 . Saturday at Gowans stadium. The three Kansas teams will compete for top honors and in the crack Joplin corps. Will demonstrate talents which"1 110 u a have won it National recognition. Besides hearing from state commander Howard f. Chi Lawrence at the Friday dinner is meeting speakers will include Frank Streetman Oklahoma. Major of Sasakwa Streetman dubbed mayor of Sasakwa is known in the Southwest As a humorist and popular originator of hit and run comments. Hutchinson was Host to Tho state convention last in 1954. In 1955 it was held in Topeka and last year in Wichita. The local legion Post is second largest in Kansas with almost 2,000 members. Topeka is tops with More than 2.800. Saturday dance Norman Lee s orchestra will play for a dance saturday night and alternates to the National convention and to receive reports of the resolutions committee. Bird s Eye View gained she knew what was coming so she baked a cake. Linda Gillmore 14-year-old daughter of or. And Fri. Don Gilmore red 4, prepares to enter county 4-h fair baking contest this week. Linda is in her fourth year of projects in Obee go getters 4-h club. County 4-h fair to begin monday at the Russell Man to Gorham Bank Post monday clothing Toh Blu checked in s . To b . improvements Booth exhibit May be fit up after 1 . To Ksn to Start clothing judging 8 . Livestock in place 0 . Weighing in of a Teery and Barrows 9 30 . My entries except Booth in Plica 10 30 . 3ooth� in place 1 . Tractor contest i . Jade Tea Kin thu. Food gardening crops Hora a 11 . Beef Rory poultry rabbits i . Demon trav Ona 1 . Judging Bootha and 2 . Livestock Park a 7 15 . 0 Pullo Natyla review and Lalehz show s . ,wkdj5s a judging cheap and Swine a . Demonstration continued t . Exhibit released 4 . Salt animals to remain on grounds livestock Ialy Tyso . Bees cause bad crash Clover s. C. Urn when the bees got under 69-year-old lec Henry minnow s shift he tried to take it off. The trouble was min now was driving a two ton truck leaded with Oats and while he was disrobing the truck crashed. Minnow was uninjured but damage was estimated at $1,500. The bees escaped. Page 2 the Hutchinson new 1 sunday August 18, 1957 Gorham John a. Brown Russell banker has been named cashier of the Gorham state Bank and will join the firm monday. Brown will take Over the vacancy created by resignation of Darrell Cantwell who quit As cashier on aug. 1. Brown has been on the staff of the Russell state Bank 16 years starting As clerk after graduating from High school in 1941 and advancing to position of assistant cashier there. Nickerson burglary is one of Chain Nickerson burglary of the Farmer s Coop Here Friday night netted thieves $180. Checks were also taken but some were found by police on roads. 0. W. Spears the manager reported the theft. County sheriff Roy Sheppard said there have been a rash of burglaries in this area recently. He said they May be the work of the same person. Winter bouquets. Add the Beautiful fall colors to your entertaining table. Use them Over and Ove fld Edge 413 n. Main dial 4-4951 Young Ross King was sitting on top of the world saturday. His Mother mrs. Donald King 150g East 5lh, found the three year old boy straddling the Peak of the roof of a nearby two Story sunday s activities will Start . 8 . With the historian s break fast at 8 . And a Sunflower Reno county s 24th annual 4-h i fair will Start monday. J it will continue Complete with exhibits of food clothing poultry rabbits sheep Swine cattle horses crops and other projects through wednesday. Top Blue ribbon winners in each class will be eligible to enter 4-h Competition at the state fair next month. J one of the largest 4-h fairs in the state More than 1,000 entries Are expected. There Are 747 members in Reno county the most since the first clubs were Organ red at Haven and pretty Prairie in 1924. These members carry a total of 1,500 projects according to mrs. Dale Wisby county 4-h Secretary. New feature one of the new features of this year s event patterned after the big state fair will be the information Booth. It is tentatively planned to set it up in the 4-h exhibit building state breakfast at 8 30 . A memorial and rededication service will precede the business session which starts at 1 20 . Sunday at convention Hall. Harry Colmery Topeka past National commander will address the convention following the memorial ceremony. And will provide information and Ross had scrambled up a ladder assistance f01 fair goers onto the roof of the House which j he fair is under the super is unoccupied while being Ramod Ivision of lne county 4-h Council comprised of Hal Judy president to the a ten ded. Then he scampered top of the roof agile As year old. The Little boy was t eager to welcoming speeches will be delivered by d. Stewart Oswalt commander of Hutchinson s Lysle Rischl Post Noj 68, and mayor Vern minor. A new addition will be the miss american legion of Kansas contest. Miss legion and two lad t the final department r gathering officers will elect delegates climb Down but his Mother finally climbed the ladder to the Edge of the roof and coaxed the Little fellow Down. He was t the least bit afraid but i was she said. Back to school shoes for boys All purpose oxfords m42j4 Brown Cushion crepe sole also White Buck 10.95 for the classroom sturdy for the playground 123 North main next voor North of Gur also 608 second ave., Dodge City a. \ Jerry Bennett vice president and Ruth Geist also supervising is the 4-h fair committee which includes Gilbert tonn chairman mrs. W. E. Hin Shaw mrs. Frank Chrisman or Hart tonn George Brownlee mrs j. A. Edmundson mrs. Beatrice Oberg Frank Chrisman Erhart tonn George Brownlee mrs. J. A. Edmundson mrs. Beatrice Otberg Frank Chrisman Herman Popp Larry Seitz Mardia Ross Emilie Rowland and David mor Gan. Other supervisors other supervisors Are Hobart Frederick county agent Otis Griggs associate agent Christina Groth Home economics agent Lucille Stubbs associate and James Childers 4-h agent. An Opportunity for the Public to share in the tasty results of 4-h baking talents will be Given after the bakery judging tuesday after noon. Pies cakes and other fattening morsels will be for Sale. Another Sale will be held at the conclusion of the fair wednesday evening. 4-hers will sell Many of their meat animals to High bid dvrs starting at 7 30 . This livestock Sale gives the member Opportunity to sell his project at perhaps a higher figure than on the regular Market. Due to an outbreak of a livestock disease known As leptospirosis Breeding animals will be excluded from the show. 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