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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Hutchinson, Kansas The Hutchinson news s6th year no. 4 40 pages Hutchinson Kansas. Sunday August 18,1957 to 2-3311 pried 5c news briefs America s water Supply must be doubled within the next 18 years reclamation commissioner w. A. De Heimer said saturday in Estes Park Colo. I think we can single out water As the one physical element which we need More than any oth6r right now he said. Right now for All purposes Domestic Industrial and agricultural we Are using an average of j 1,500 Gallons daily per person. In 1975, with a Popula Tion of 220 million we expect the daily average to be 2,000 flu strikes Al Salvador the Al Salvador health ministry reports that Asiatic flu has struck a Large part of that Central american country. A spokesman indicated that it soon May be necessary to close schools and outlier Public places. To said that the outbreak is expected to become More serious in areas where malnutrition is a problem. Says Martha Dodd is spy the House committee on in american activities says it has sworn testimony that clearly establishes Martha Dodd daughter of the former . Ambassador to Germany As a soviet spy. She and her husband Alfred Stren have been named As part of the soviet apparatus by Boris Morros composer and movie director who posed As a russian spy for 12 years. He says she is the prominent woman who almost betrayed him to the reds. Investigation nears Climax two teamster big shots James r. Hoffa and Einar o. Mohn will to principal witnesses in Climax of labor rackets investigation in new York according to sen. John l. Mcclellan dark. The senator sold his committee plans to wind up its current series of hearings in midweek and then take a recess for three weeks or so. Delegates gather in Rome Advance delegates Are gathering in Rome for a giant Congress and rally of 30,000 Young Catholic workers from All parts of the world. Highlight of the Congress of Young Christian work Eraa movement begun in Belgium with branches in 83 nations and territories will be an audience in St. Peter s Square with Pope Pius Xii. True love wins out Inhat difference does it make to True love if a girl is four inches taller than her boy Friend none at All ruled a magistrates court in Gateshead England As it gave Lille Robson 10, 5 feet 10 inches in her nylons permission to marry Ray Moss 5 feet 6 inches. Lille s parents had filed an objection on grounds that Moss was not tall enough. Miss 0 Hara raises sights actress Maureen o Hara s attorney says the Hollywood red head is increasing the damages sought in her suit against confidential Magazine from a million to $5-million As a result of los Angeles court testimony. Miss o Hara says she was in Europe making a movie at the time a Magazine witness testified she and a latin Lover engaged in amorous embraces in a Hollywood theater. To make last ditch Appeal president Eisenhower is sending a team of three top officials to the Senate for a last ditch Appeal for an increase in foreign Aid funds. Secretary of state Dulles adm. Arthur w. Read Ford and John Hollister Are Bee s emissaries. Dulles is expected to ask the appropriations committee to boost the Mutual Security Cah allowance to $3,-367,000,000 from the shrivelled $2,524,000,000 voted by the House. Threat of death Hung Over Soldier s family six weeks Colorado Springs Colo., Mig. 17 he a threat of death Hung Over a it. Carson Soldier and his family for six weeks be fore tragedy struck it was Learned saturday. Police continued their i Vestiga Lon into the triple murder and suicide of sgt. Leo Dandoy 41 his wife Magdalena 34, and their sons Danny 11, and Edralin 10, and the debt tangled affairs of the family. Their bodies one Bullet wound in the head of each were found thursday. From notes left by the woman and the position of a pistol near her body police concluded she shot her husband and sons and then herself. Police chief i b. Dad Bruce said saturday an investigation his signature showed mrs. Dandoy had bought guns and ammunition three times since july 3. Twice guns were returned ironically the Check dated june 17 which paid for the gun and am munition used in the tragedy was returned for Lack of funds Bruce said. He added that mrs. Dandoy told the clerk to run the Sheck propose 1958 car Price Cut Detroit aug. 17 a the United Auto workers Union has proposed to the big three of the automobile Industry that they Cut prices in 1958 models by an average of at least $100 a car and in return the Law will modify its new contract demands next year in a joint move to combat inflation. Law president Walter p. Reu. Ten Yoder Amu then Swap stories at a House auction. A Chrapa they re telling the Little Fella on the right whether it s Best to deep with the Beard under or Over the blankets. Conversation Amish legends continue to grow younger Genera Tion Breaks ranks by Dave Larsen the sign on the wire Fence in front of a Yoder Home read to axe not responsible if the children scare your horse As this is not a Public hitchrack.". This is horse and buggy land where the beards grow Long and where an appliance dealer would starve. This is an Amish settlement. The people Are Farmers and their land in Yoder has been priced at $400 an acre. But they Don t sell to outsiders. . They Cut their hair. A some would Amish of being unfriendly but this is not so. They Are card carrying introverts but Good natured people one Amis Man grinned broadly when asked if he sleeps with his Beard under or Over the Blanket. But their Breed seems to be going the Way of the american Indian. Own records settlement Yoder Are not easy to come by Dave Bochy postman these for 28 years estimated that there arc now about 45 Amish families in and around Yoder. In the settlement near part Ridge there Are three churches to accommodate about 65 families. The mennonite yearbook of 1956 lists a total of 16.731 old order Amish Church members in the United states. There arc in written Church tiny has a secret civil rights proposal and said republicans would tight or an Erie Qunti Bill. Declining to describe Tho proposal now or tip off strategy the House Republican Leader said i think n lot of democrats will vote with us when they Seo our proposal. Some of them will think twice before they vote against stiffening attitude although word Friday from some Republican a cards incl catch that a Compromise was As Good As wrapped tip there of peered to be a stiffening Altitude saturday in at least some sectors of the top Camp after breakfasting no the while House Martin returned to the Capitol to demo re the president s position a unchanged and he still is not in favor of Tho terms of a Compromise being pushed by a in from German dutch Swiss and clothes arc homemade and Nev i number of Homo democrats claims secret civil rights Bill proposal by b. L. Livingstone Washington aug. 17 we aft or n conference with president ther saturday disclosed the proposal in making Public letters sent Friday to general motors corp. Ford motor co. End Lichty scr corp. There was no immediate com men from the Auto firms Reuther said the proposal was based on the unanimous action of the Law International executive Board. He sold he was suggesting in positive and practical proposal disc Shower rep. Joseph w. Mar or a Eiith an off Cuve beg Nln  a a announced saturday he g,oppn8 am reversing the inflationary he noted that president Eisenhower has asked management and labor to exercise restraint in Price and wage policies. Reuther s proposal would moan cuts in the Price tags on 1858 mod Els upon their introduction late the Amish settlement in Yod rules for Hie strict taboos it s they Are proud of the Lasends Jar similar in almost every re just tradition. It s just that French. Typical surnames Are Kelm Shrock Yoder Miller Beeler Zook and smoker. First names Aro usually from the Bible Many still Delight shakers with such spoken sentence arrange mints As throw mama for bin the train1 a kiss a recent popular Songor throw papa Down the stairs his according to Dave Beachy. If of wealth which have been tolls pct to the Large group in Lai Kench has been told Shore Are any differences l cow can of them. There is the Story of the j Caster county a. Was sap from his childhood that it is not Aishman who bid $50,000 for a pro heavily in Luis 1942 when right to use electric Power. Small farm at in auction. He sent his wife Home with instructions to dig up the bucket buried in Back of the i hog pen _ a. 1___i the Federal government set up lie Hutchinson naval air station. In Tho budget weekly National Amish Newhon pair Spring where there were once five am powered shavers and ran engine she resumed $45,000. Ach mom exclaimed papa you got the wrong bucket Amish economics they be grown prosperous with such economies As doing without cars wrist watches cameras movies television telephones and ish churches Lar arc arc now Only but with Only two. Most of Jhc displaced residents have moved to Ohio and Indiana. Younger generation now the younger generation is breaking from the ranks if Only to join the mennonite Church which permits such worldly things As automobiles. Washing machines arc advertised. No Graven linage he has been told that the Bible says thou Shalt make no Graven image and this Means posing for photographs.  Amish have been told this since the 17th Century when they came from Europe to escape religious persecution. T h i r ancestors Tho Amish hero and in the East Tiu differences would he in dress. Beachy said Tho probably ivc wider brims on their Black hats. They Wear their hair longer he said. Tie Amish Here arc pot the tourist attraction they arc in Pennsylvania he explained. There arc no souvenir stands in Yoder or Partridge to said. Home  made clothes the Amish Are often called the Hook and Eye dutch because they use no buttons. Their or include worldly tippers. The accent is on austerity Tho women Wear Long dark dresses Black stockings and Black Bot diets. The men Wear Broa fall trousers with no Fly held up by wide suspenders. On sundays they appear in ref Titzl frock backed Coats with Long Tail. Both sexes Wear shoes which require work to put on a lacing or buttoning. Tho Maidens Wear while aprons. Bachelors m a y to distinguished by the fact that they have no beards. Let me make it Crystal Clear Martin said. There is no weaken. Ing in our position. To want a Bill a first proposed by president Eisenhower that will adequately pro acct the voting rights of millions of our citizens the administration although the administration has Sleuther this fall. He proposed an impartial review panel to pass on the question if it developed daring negotiations the companies Felt that All or part of the Price reduction should be restored to meet Union slated that voting rights Protection is its main aim in Bill a a demands. The proposed three introduced and passed by the member panel would take Testi House went far beyond that Field. Mony at Public hearings. It would permit Tho attorney declaring that neither Corpora general to apply for Federal court Hon profits nor Union Aspra injunctions against alleged Voln tons were Paramount Reuther the Amish worship every other Jons m Aro the Senate Cut Down Hie in confident our members will be Junction provision to voting to take the consequences then it added that jury trials in collective bargaining if the persons disregarding the injun both by far Are n could be jailed for contempt the interests of the american peo up by pc can Elk pcs without jury Pio As a whole in a stable Price bibles As candidates. They All turn to a selected text. The one who finds a slip of paper on that Page is the Winner. Do you ask Why perhaps it s Best explained by quoting from a motto often seen on office desks no reason for it just company through again and the second time it was honoured. Mrs. Dandoy wrote in a letter to or. And mrs. Irving Harris from whom the army. Couple rented their Small cottage that she had gone $5,000 to $6,000 in debt without her husband s knowledge. A my husband gave me All of his pay every month. That s How he trusted me. He believed me about savings. He thought i had paid for the car. I have lied to him and to you. When i was Back Home in the Philippines i spent All his Money not for us but for helping others. I went broke because of my generosity. Worst of All i did t Only spend his Money i went into debt without his knowing it. 1 forged Ike May ask for recall Washington aug. 17 my president Eisenhower has been talking about calling Congress Back into special session this fall if foreign Aid funds prove inadequate to Cope with the world situation. Some House republicans including minority Leader Martin .12 St. Lull. 84 68 t Springfield .72 69 .50 topeka.84 85 .01 Wichita. 75 8 .11 Amarillo. 72 a 1.52 Beaton. 78 39. A Leyann. 72 so .18 chicago.-. 77 83 " Medicine Lodge teenager asks for parents Trust editor s note last thursday the news ran an article by Sheila John Daly on he practice of going Staedy and a piece by Anglo Patri on Trust Between parents and teenagers. Following is a letter containing the views of a Medicine Lodge teenager on these problems. The name has been withheld by request Honolulu aug. 17 my two human eyes flown 2,400 Miles from the University of California Eye Bank were picked up Here saturday by a doctor who said they were to be used in two Cor Cal transplant operations. Or. J. F. Pinkerton said the transplants were being made today in an Effort to restore the sight of a Middle aged Man and a Young woman. Or. Pinkerton said he believed this was the first time that eyes have been transported such a Long distance by air for operations. They were packed in ice aboard a pan american flight. Or. Pinkerton who has practice 40 years said he Honolulu Bank happens to be out of fresh the eyes May not be More than 48 hours old for a corneal transplant he said. Agree to Compromise construction Bill Washington aug. 17 we a Senate House conference committee has agreed on a Compromise Bill to authorize future construction of $1,232,532,000 Worth of new army Navy and a Force projects at Home and abroad. I be read almost All the viewpoints on going steady and those Ori Trust. I believe i can write and express my opinion. In Many of your articles you have written the opinions of kids in the East or those further West. I do not believe we can go by these Bip cause the writers differ so much from any of us. As for the fact that going steady Means petting this is tru in Many cases. If so the girl s reputation is soon ruined and the couple must break up. T but most girls know this and thus never go As far As petting. Thus petting really depends on the Type of girl you Are going with. If she is that Type i can assure you they won t be. Going steady lotto. 1 had never been much in favor of going steady until i reached High school age. Then i started running around with some of the most popular girls in school. They went steady and they had Good clean fun. I have Only gone steady once. This was for a year. The boy 1 went with was not a Hometown boy and we never saw each other. Even though we did break up this boy and i still think a lot of each other. Now i have met a boy whom i Haft fallen in love wit i and someday Hope to marry. Now i m Ever so glad i did t pet when i did go steady. As for your article on Trust Don t believe any girl should leave the House without her folks knowing where she is going and whom Shell be with. As for what time she should get in i believe that depends on where they Are going and on the girl Don t believe the time should be steady. It should be flexible. If the show does t get Over until 12 ., then she should t have to be in at 11. I also believe that if they do run out of Gas or. Have a Flat lire they should be believed and thus be trusted. My girl Friend has to relate ithe whole evening to her Mother i believe this is out of the question and proves the Mother does not Trust her. Mothers and fathers All i play is keep your Trust reasonable but Trust full scale search for ghost underway Wilmington i1j. Aug. 17 or the week. Now they be returned twice jump mysteriously from a full scale search for a ghost to the Mikulecky Home. Laptop a television set to the floor was on saturday in nearby rest mrs. Mikulecky who like her and 3. Magazines propelling them Haven with newspapermen and husband is in her 60s, was in tears photographers joining hundreds of ear Jer today. She said a woman curious visitors in an Effort to spot one. The search entered on the Home of or. And mrs. James Mikulecky who say that for a week household objects have been flying unexplainable around them and their granddaughter Susan neighbor told her she was a a score or More newsmen and photographers tramped around the grounds today seeking evidence of a ghost or its Handiwork. The Mikulecky s denied them admittance to their Home. I hundreds of other curious out. Of towners also thronged about the Wall to Susan has been 8trucki, twice she says by apparently self propelled edibles which took off in the Kitchen. They report the Phenomena followed them to two other residences to which they fled during 1 selves off an end table. Dep. Sheriff Chester Moberly of will county investigated and said today there arc some mighty strange things going on out there. The folks Are really Moberly indicated he did. Not think that these mysterious occurrences were being staged As a prank. Moberly said the happenings must be granted in most criminal contempt cases. This jury trial requirement would apply not just to voting rights disputes hut also to a wide Range of cases have nothing to do with civil rights. Senate Bill under the Senate Bill jury trials would not be required in cases of civil contempt where he judge s aim is to obtain compliance with his order rather than to punish a defendant. A number of House democrats including some northerners favor ing a stronger measure than the Senate Bill have talked of settling at this time for the Senate Bill with some changes. Notable among these is an amendment to restrict the jury trial to voting rights cases. The administration has contended that the Senate language on this score would be a damaging judiciary. Blow to the Federal Price reduction we propose should make it impossible to meet All of heir just demands and still maintain a reasonable rate of Reuther added in other words we arc not asking you to take any risk that we Are not prepared to contracts run out the Law s contracts with the big three run out next Spring around june i. The Union has announced that its top goal in new contract negotiations will be a Shorter week and a substantial increase in take Home by. Earlier this year Raul her proposed to the Heads of the Auto companies that they get together with the Union in separate management Union talks to explore tha idea of a Shorter work week be Foro the Start of bargaining sessions. The companies turned Down the proposal. Reminding the companies that the Union is now getting ready for 1958 contract negotiations Reu ther said this coming january. 3,000 delegates representing our local unions throughout the United states and Canada will meet in Liberal girl Icar victim Liberal Little 2 year of Karen sue Shackelford was killed saturday at about 5 30 When she dashed into the path of special convention to formulate an Auto in front of her Home on i the demands we will present when have ruffled the Calm of the nor earlier in the week a new spa smally Placid resort area per woman mrs. Wayne Soltwedel rest Haven a Community of of Wilmington said she visited the about 300 Homes four Miles South Mikulecky and saw 1, soap and a soap dish Fly from the Bath a room Wall. 2. A stuffed Kitten of Wilmington draws Many summer residents from Chicago about 5ft Miles Northeast 1 South Washington. Driver of the car was Sammy Douglas 23. Liberal. Witnesses told police Douglas who had just turned a Corner did hot have Chance to Stop before he struck the girl. Her Mother is mrs. Jan Shackelford. Karen sue s death was Liberal s first fatality since 1954. The last was also a Small girl and occurred within 100 Yards of the Shackelford Home police said. Iowa couple makes forced Landing St. Louis aug. 17 my an Iowa City Iowa couple made a forced Landing saturday almost within shouting distance of the St. Louis county Home of friends they were going to visit. J. Garth Kirkindall and his wife were in route from Cincinnati to wei3s Airport in the county when the engine of their plane failed. Kirkindall landed the plane in a pasture about a half mile from the Home of or. P. M. Grueb of Grant Wood Village where they were planning on visiting negotiations begin. Those of us who share in the leadership of the Law will have the responsibility of drafting recommendations to that special convention. Tayir proposals specifically we propose "1. That your corporation and Othor leading Auto producers reduce prices on 1958 models to Levels averaging at least $100 below the prices it comparable 1957 Model. "2. That if you do put such Price reductions into effect we for our part will give full consideration to the effect of such reduction on your corporation financial position in the drafting of our 1958 demands and in our negotiations. Intercepted letter v Walter Reubier president Law Detroit Mich. Dear Walt. That s what i Call beating it Guy to the a Tench. V years 1

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