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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - April 6, 2015, Hutchinson, KansasA2 monday april 6, 2015 the Hutchinson news 620 694 57001 800 766 3311 published daily and sunday 300 West 2ndhutchinson, is 67504 0190outside Hutchinson fax 620 662 4186 uses 254820 periodical class postage paid at Hutchinson is 67504 0190. Postmaster Send address changes to the Hutchinson news p. O. Box 190, Hutchinson is 67504 0190. Accounting and human resources Rex Christner business & or director ext. 410, email Christner Harris business. Com newspaper delivery and digital subscriber services Sara Bass circulation operations mgr. Ext. 100, email Sass Hutch news. Com missed your paper Call 694 5730or 1 800 766 5730 news department Jason Probst news editor ext. 313, email Probst Hutch news. Com Overall company operations and editorial Page John d. Montgomery editor and publisher ext. 400, email Mont Hutch news. Com advertising sales and business marketing services Dave Gilchrist regional advertising director ext. 200, email Gilchrist Hutch news. Com Anita Stuckey marketing solutions manager ext. 222, email Stuckey Hutch news. Com company marketing Jade Piros de Carvalho director logic Maze 620 860 4237 subscription information single copy 75 cents daily sunday $ 2.00 newspaper printing Mike Heim press manager ext. 820, email Muheim Hutch news. Com newspaper production and commercial printing Gregg Beals production director ext. 700, email Beals Hutch news. Com Jarod Wannamaker repress manager ext. 500, email Wannamaker Hutch news. Com you should receive your newspaper in a designated place in dry readable condition by 7 00 every morning. If this does not happen please Call us by 11 a. M. And Well arrange redelivery of your newspaper. To Start a subscription Call 694 5730 or 1 800 766 5730 suggested news Home delivery 7 Day subscription renewal policy for your convenience subscriptions Are automatically renewed and delivery continues at the current full rate unless our office is notified otherwise. Sales & service 694 5700 dept. 2 1 800 766 5704 subscriber services 694 57301 800 766 5730 news 694 5700 dept. 3 1 800 766 5740 information technology Nick Hemphill it manager ext. 443, email Hemphill Harris business. Com newspaper packaging Jeremy Coen packaging manager ext. 701, email Coen Hutch news. Com Contact us for 3 month does not include tax Hutchinson $ 78.00 out of state mail $ 67.69 in state mail $ 52.58 daily planner news in a hurry p age t to correction policy the news takes care with its reporting and editing but sometimes errors occur. Corrections will be published Here promptly. If you spot an error please notify Jason Probst news editor at 620 694 5700, ext. 313, or email Probst Hutch news. Com. 7 a. M. Election Day Celebration Centre and bar k bar Arena 1145 East Highway 56, Lyons. 9 a. M. Volunteer income tax assistance program the salvation army Large conference room 700 n. Walnut St. 3 p. M. Trinity Catholic High school Jav Tennis Trinity Catholic High school 1400 e. 17th ave. 5 15 p. M. Fit club free live workout bold office shares 1125 e. Fourth ave. 6 p. M. Patriot Freedom Alliance monthly meeting atrium convention Center 1400 n. Lorraine St. 7 p. M. A omens companion care group hospice and Home care of Reno county 1600 n. Lorraine St., suite 203. 10 p. M. Karaoke at vices bar vices bar 1514 e. Fourth ave. Karaoke a medleys tavern 317 n. Main St. Things to do today things to do tomorrow lotteries sundays numbers daily pick 3 5 0 3 2by2 red 13 26 White 2 3 world rolling Stone apologizes retracts discredited Story Richmond a. Rolling Stone Magazine has apologized and officially retracted its discredited article about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia. The Magazine took the action sunday night after receiving a report from the Columbia University graduate school of journalism on the editorial process that led to the article. Rolling Stone asked for the Independent review after other news Media organizations exposed flaws in the november 2012 article titled a rape on Campus. By dec. 5, rolling Stone apologized and acknowledged discrepancies in the article. A four month police investigation produced no Evi Dence that the attack occurred. The article focused on a student identified Only As Jackie who said she was raped by seven men at a fraternity House. Jackie refused to cooperate in the police investigation. Iran nuclear Deal could have regional Impact Cairo on a Basic level the framework Deal Between world Powers and Tehran will be judged by whether it prevents an iranian bomb but that will take years to figure out. A More immediate Issue is the projection of Western Power. Supporters of the framework Deal can argue that the u. S. And world Powers extracted significant conces Sions from Iran breaking a decade Long impasse and proving that diplomacy backed by Tough sanctions can bring about positive change even in the Middle East. But if As critics contend the agreement ends up projecting u. S. Weakness instead that could embolden rogue states and extremists alike and make the regions vast array of challenges from the israeli palestinian conflict and the syrian civil War to the fighting in Libya and Yemen even More impervious to Western intervention. The United states wants to rein in syrians president Bashar Assad As his ruinous civil War grinds into year five. It would like to encourage More Liberal Domestic policies in Egypt and push iraqis leaders to govern More inclusively. Despite years of setbacks the u. S. Would still like to see a two state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict. After Cikrit Victory Iraq faces new Challenge Baghdad Iraq won the Battle to retake the City of Cikrit from the islamic state group backed by a coalition of the unlikely in iranian advisers shiite militias and u. S. Led airstrikes but the country now faces what could be its most important Battle winning the support of the sunnis. Sunni tribes played a key role during the u. S. Occupation fighting Back Al Aida in Iraq the islamic state groups predecessor and their distrust of Baghdad is shiite led government eased the extremists takeover last summer. But As Cikrit now sits in ruins still patrolled by fractious shiite militias the powerful sunni tribes remain As distrustful As Ever As further offensives in their heartland loom. The government needs those local tribes to secure the territory and hold the fort until government function is restored in these areas said Sajad jihad a senior researcher at Al Bayan Center for studies and planning in Baghdad. The government needs to make sure that everyone who fights today has a future in Iraq tomorrow and not just to find a Short term military solution today and forget about them later. Sunni grievances mounted during the eight year Rule of iraqi prime minister Nouri Al Maliki widely seen As pursuing sectarian policies. Al Maliki responded to rising sunni protests with a violent crackdown further stirring dissent. By december 2013, Security forces withdrew from ramada after dismantling a protest Camp allowing islamic state militants ultimately to take it Over. As profile of co Pilot clears he becomes More disturbing Berlin the profile that has emerged of German wings co Pilot Andreas Lubitz has become More troubling by the Day. In the hours after flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps two weeks ago Lubitz was regarded As one of 150 victims in an unexplained disaster. Two Days later he was the prime suspect of an unfathomable act. By now French and German prosecutors have Little doubt that the 27 year old intentionally slammed the Airbus a320 into a Mountain killing everyone on Board and there is growing evidence that his actions we rent just a split second decision but the result of Days of planning. The revelations have raised questions about who knew what when and whether Lubitz could have been stopped. The crash has prompted particular soul searching in Germany. Seventy two of those killed were German Citi Zens the worst air disaster in the nations history since the concorde crash of 2000, in which 97 germans died. Obama defends Iran Deal As once in a lifetime Washington president Barack Obama is defend ing a framework nuclear understanding with Iran As a once in a lifetime Opportunity to prevent a bomb and bring longer term Security to the Middle East insisting the u. S. Will stand in defense of Israel. In a weekend interview with the new York times Obama argues the risks of a Deal Are far outweighed by potential gains if it deters Iranus nuclear weapons aspirations since the u. S. Is a far Superior military Power who can protect its Core Security interests. He said the u. S. Will make sure the Deal does not threaten israelis own military advantage. The notion that Iran is in deferrable is simply not the Case Obama told the times Thomas Friedman. And so for us to say lets try understanding that were preserving All our options that were not naive but if in fact we can resolve these issues diplomatically we Are More Likely to be Safe More Likely to be secure in a better position to protect our allies. Wei inscriptions uncovered in medieval Quarry Navours France a Headlamp cuts through the dark Ness of a rough Hen passage 100 feet underground to reveal an inscription James Cockburn 8th Durham l. I. Its Cut so clean it could have been left yesterday. Only the Date next to it april 1, 1917 roots it in the horrors of world War i. The piece of Graffiti by a Soldier in a British infantry unit is just one of nearly 2,000 Century old inscriptions that have recently come to Light in Navours a two hour drive North of Paris. Many marked a note for posterity in the face of the doom that Trench warfare a few dozen Miles away would bring to Many. 9 a. M. Menus companion care groups sirloin stockade 1526 e. 17th St. 6 45 p. M. Touchstones support groups Trinity United methodist Church 1602 n. Main St. 7 p. M. New covenant presbyterian Church presents gods not dead 700 e. 25th ave. Want More find the Complete Calendar online at Hutch news. Com Calendar or scan the code. Have an event Yourd like to add submit it at Hutch news. Com Calendar. Please submit events at least a week in Advance. 1. Easter sunday was the Celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Western Christian Faith. The Eastern segment of christianity celebrates easter on april 12. Some churches Cele brate easter for eight consecutive Days or whats referred to As an octave. 2. Christmas in april according to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints the birth of Jesus Falls on april 6. Which coincidentally is the same Date on which the mormon Faith was founded in 1830. 3. Scots people of scottish heritage in North America typically break out their tartan on april 6 to Cele brate tartan Day. 4. Healthy thoughts by proclamation of the world health organization april 7 has been designated world health Day since 1948. Each year the Day has a theme. This years theme is food safety. 5. Brew Brouhaha on april 7, 1933, prohibition for Beer of no More than 3.2 percent alcohol was repealed. This came eight months before the ratification of the 21st amendment to the u. S. Constitution ended Complete prohibition. 6. Brothers and Sisters april 10 is considered siblings Day in the United states thanks to a congressional act from 2005. Make sure to Tell your siblings How much you appreciate them. 7. Original on april 11, 1976, the Apple i computer was invented. Its introductory Price was $ 666.66. 8. Truman on april 8, 1952, president Harry Truman ordered the seizure of All domes tic steel Mills to prevent a nationwide strike. 9. Roma april 8 is considered International Romani Day. It is a Day to recognize Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Romani people also known As Roma or gypsies. The Day has been recognized by several Romani groups As Well As world leaders like Pope John Paul ii the Dalai Lama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. 10. Downer end ing on april 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain the Singer guitarist and main songwriter for grunge Rock band nirvana committed suicide. Tim Schrag 10 things to know about this week b y t of o Dula a and c Hris t opher t or c Hia associated press Marissa Kenya one of the gunmen who slaughtered 148 people at a College in Kenya was identified sunday As the Law schooled Uca ted son of a kenyan government official under scoring the inroads islamic extremists have made in recruiting Young people to carry out attacks against their own country. Abdiraham Mohammed Abdullahi who was killed by Security forces thursday along with the three other militants who stormed Marissa University College was the son of a govern ment chief in Mandera county which Borders Somalia Interior ministry spokesman Wenda Nijoka told the associated press. The chief had reported his son missing last year and feared he had gone to Somalia Nijoka said. Somali ass Al Shaban militant group claimed responsibility for the Bloodbath saying it was retribution for kenyans sending of troops to Somalia to fight the extremists. The attackers separated Christian Stu dents from Muslim ones and massacred the christians. The news that one of the gunmen was kenyan highlights the challenges faced by the government in preventing terrorist attacks. The danger comes not Only from neighbouring Somalia but also from within Kenya. Kenyans make up the largest number of foreign fighters in Al Shaban according to experts. Hundreds of kenyan youths have trained with Al Shaban and then returned to Kenya posing a major Security threat according to former police chief Mathew Teere. Kenyans government has said another source of instability is the country is refugee Camps with More than 423,000 somali Refu gees. Abdullahi graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Law degree in 2013 and was seen As a Brilliant upcoming lawyer Accord ing to Nijoka. Nijoka said it is important for parents to inform authorities if their children disappear or seem to be embracing extremism. Meanwhile questions have been raised about the Security response to the Marissa attack. Police waited seven hours before sending a special tac tical unit into the College to fight the gunmen kenyans daily nation newspaper reported sunday. When the specially trained police finally went in it took them Only 30 minutes to kill the four attackers and Stop the siege the paper said. Army Barracks Are just 500 meters 540 Yards from the College and military officers said they could handle the attack said a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity be cause he was not authorized to talk to the Media. Only after three soldiers were killed did the army Call in the police tactical unit he said. Before the massacre northeastern Kenya had seen other deadly attacks by Al Shaban against christians. Several Hundred grieving christians marked easter sunday at a Catholic Church in Marissa where Bishop Joseph Alessandro Drew a parallel Between the ordeal of Jesus Christ and that of the stricken town. We join the sufferings of the relatives and the victims with the sufferings of Jesus he told the congregation at our lady of Consolation Church. The victims will Rise again with Christ. As for Al Shaban is follow ers Alessandro said you dont know who they Are. They could be your neigh Bors. Security forces patrolled the perimeter of the Church the site of a grenade attack by militants three years ago that wounded worshippers. We just keep on praying that god can help us to Comfort us in this difficult time said Dominick Odhiambo a worshipper who said he planned to abandon his Job As a plumber in Marissa and leave for his Hometown because he was afraid. Odula contributed to this report from Nairobi Kenya. Gunman identified As officials son q q massacre highlights kenyan teens being trained to fight prevention issues. Ben Curtis associated press a child sleeps on her mothers shoulder during the service on sunday at the our lady of Consolation Church which was attacked with grenades by militants almost three years ago in Marissa Kenya. Easter sundays ceremony was Laden with emotion for the several Hundred members of Marissa is Christian minority which is fearful following the recent attack on Marissa University College by Al Shaban a Somalia based islamic extremist group who singled out christians for killing though Al Shaban has a Long record of killing muslims Over the years

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