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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 4

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Hutchinson, Kansas Editorials wednesday april 4, 1990 the Hutchinson news slam Dunk it does t pay to be a lbs television personality. First it was Jimmy the greek Snyder who deserved to be canned. Then there was Andy Rooney who was reinstated More quickly than he was suspended. Brent mus Burger is the latest j casualty. The sportscaster i breathed his last monday night during the finals of the Mcaa Tournai Musburger ment. The Day before lbs said it was parting company with Musburger after contract negotiations broke Down. Lbs timing was Odd. The network announced Musburger s departure the Day before the Mcaa tournament finals. Perhaps lbs was hoping to increase its viewing audience for a game that had All the makings of a Blowout. Viewers who normally would t tune in were enticed by what Musburger might say about the entire ordeal. Lbs is hiding behind its excuse for purging itself of the controversial sportscaster. Behind closed doors company officials weighed the pros and cons counted the costs of keeping Musburger. For lbs the costs were too great. Musburger oftentimes was abrasive and overbearing during broadcasts. Some accused him of being the big event instead of covering it. Others said he was More interested in hyping the game than the game itself. If being Brash or abrasive during a telecast is reason enough to fire someone then lbs s Dan rather and Abc s Sam Donaldson should be pounding the pavement. Thus far Musburger has handled the situation like a gentleman. Indeed he s been gracious in defeat. Folks i be had the Best seat in the House Musburger told the television audience monday night. Thanks for sharing it. I la see you Down the the big sleep and you thought the super bowl was Boring. Just when you thought it was Safe to tune in for a big sporting event the Runnin rebels from Las vegas decided to Pound the Duke Blue devils 103-73, in front of a sellout crowd and a bored television audience monday night. It was one of those games you dream about said Runnin rebels coach Jerry Tarkanian. Wrong Jerry. It was one of those games you sleep through. Bring on the summer reruns. Cheaper to keep it seems almost irreverent to mention dollars and cents in the same breath As the death penalty. But amnesty International Usa a leading opponent of the death penalty has come out with some facts and figures to illustrate that life imprisonment is cheaper than capital punishment. Perhaps putting a Dollar figure to capital punishment is the Only Way to educate gov. Mike Hayden who has been consumed with passage of a death penalty Bill in Kansas the past four years. Maintaining super maximum Security death Row facilities and administration of those facilities add up to a Cost substantially greater than the Cost to retain them inmates in prison the rest of their lives according to California s youth and adult corrections administrator Richard Mcgee. Like so Many arguments favouring the death penalty this Cost saving argument does not hold up under factual consider this  a 1982 report to the new York state Senate showed that it would Cost a minimum of $1.8 million on average to execute a convict while it would Cost about $600,000 to keep him in prison for 40 years.  Florida taxpayers paid More than $57 million for the death penalty Between 1973 and 1988, meaning that state s 18 executions Cost about $3.2 million apiece.  the Florida corrections department which maintains America s biggest death Row estimates it will Cost $57 million per year to maintain it by the year 2000. Kansans already Are facing major cuts in social services funding. Those funding cuts would be even greater if the state were forced to build operate and maintain death Row facilities. Are you listening gov. Hayden violence has no place in labor negotiations scrap pm Howard new sir vice shootings and other acts of violence have no place in labor disputes and the sooner striking greyhound Drivers understand that the better off they will be. The Driver of a bus taking a route for greyhound was critically wounded sunday by someone firing a pistol from a passing pickup truck. The victim s Arm May have to be amputated. Ironically the wounded Driver was a Union member working for a Small bus company that has a pooling arrangement with greyhound but was not involved in the strike. This was the 29th shooting at or into buses since 6,300 greyhound Drivers went on strike March 2. Seventy bomb threats also have been reported. While Union officials denied responsibility for this and other shootings Fred Currey chairman and chief executive officer of greyhound lines inc. Called it an open and shut Case of the shootings Are damaging the striking Drivers cause. Currey has told the Union that the company won t return to the bargaining table until violence ceases. Meanwhile greyhound is hiring permanent replacement Drivers. The company says it is now servicing 54 percent of its pre strike routes. The longer the strike goes on the fewer jobs strikers will have to return to when and if a new contract agreement is reached. Employers increasingly Are using the hiring of permanent replacements As a tool in labor disputes. Striking Eastern airline pilots for example found to their dismay when they ended their recent walkout that most of their jobs had been taken by pilots hired As permanent replacements. The al Cio the labor Union federation is trying to get Congress to enact legislation that would prohibit companies from hiring permanent replacement workers during strikes. The chances of passage seem slim however and such a Bill probably would be vetoed by president Bush if it were enacted by the House and Senate. It would seem therefore that it would be Hoove striking greyhound Drivers to persuade the company to return to the bargaining table As quickly As possible. But violence won t do it. In fact the violence in the greyhound strike undoubtedly is hurting the Union movement generally. Unions used to count a third of the american workforce As members but now they represent less than 17 percent. The al Cio probably would do the cause of unionism a bigger favor by turning its energies toward ending the violence in the bus strike rather than putting heat on Congress for More Legal help in contract disputes. Idaho s temporary pain Relief Cal Thomas los Angeles Timet Syndicate when Idaho gov. Cecil Andrus vetoed an abortion Bill last week on the grounds that he did t believe it was constitutional he chose a remedy that offers temporary Relief from the pressure that was building on him. Unfortunately the pain May return to affect him politically and personally. Former new York gov. Hugh Carey knows what Andrus faced. Carey who tells me he wishes he had done More while he was governor to Stop abortion in his state says he sent Andrus a Telegram urging him to sign the Bill. I have had to live with being constantly reminded that i did t exercise Power to reduce abortions while i had it he said he told Andrus. Carey said he regrets Andrus remark that he did t believe the Idaho Bill was constitutional. The place to test the constitutionality of the Bill was not in Andrus mind or among his Legal advisers but before the supreme court Carey declared. When Carey was governor of new York Between 1975 and 1982, he vetoed a measure that would have prevented the use of Federal medicaid funds for abortion. He says if he had known that More than 20 million abortions would be performed nationally in the years since 1973, and that so Many would be for reasons of birth control he would have acted differently. If i were governor now he said i would sign Carey believes that Andrus will live to regret his decision. I have been tortured Over mine he said. I was in the infantry in world War ii and saw the bodies piled High As we liberated nazi concentration Camps. I saw what can happen when a government decides that certain categories of human life Are commodities for the beyond what now happens to his reelection prospects he recently announced he will run again Andrus has blown an Opportunity to enjoy a place in history few governors expect or even Hope to attain. He could have been the governor and Idaho could have been the state that recognized the right to life of the unborn. This is the stuff of political immortality. Faced with threats and pressure from vocal pro abortion groups he chose the easy Way out. It is always easier to give in to pressure than to stand for principle. What Good is it to be pro life As Andrus has consistently said he is if when one has the Power to do something to Stop or greatly reduce the killing one docs nothing it is Clear from the pronouncements of the pro choices that As the supreme court continues its slow rightward turn their greatest fear is that Model pro life legislation might be upheld. That s Why they Are busying themselves in Congress and in state Legislatures in an attempt to Block any reversal or modification of Roe is. Wade. Carey believes that the court erred in 1973 by making a constitutionally unsound decision. He thinks abortion is the most critical Issue of our time. This nation was founded on a Creed As . Chesterton said. If life is just another Issue then the basis of our civil rights programs and other Laws which touch on the concept of endowed inalienable rights is Andrus says almost wistfully that he has had a Long political career and if it has to end on the abortion Issue so be there Are no monuments or memorials to the timid and there will be none for gov. Andrus. He May think that he has preserved the Economy for Idaho s potato Farmers though it is unclear whether pro lifers will now favor Maine Over Idaho potatoes but his failure to preserve the lives of the unborn ensures that when the accomplishments of his administration Are considered his failure to use his Power to preserve life will place him not in line with past heroes but in the moral and political equivalent of the discard Basket for bruised and unmarketable spuds. Skins fumbled Williams firing the Wanohi Nifton pout few businesses Are As hard hearted As the ones in which people get paid to play games. For most professional athletes the Prospect of being fired traded or retired is always just one lost step away and when it arrives no tears Are shed nor Are any expected. But the Washington redskins dropping of Doug Williams is different. He was during his too Short career Here a special sort of hero to this City most importantly to its Young people and he will be missed in a Way few athletes have been. The 34-year-old quarterback got the word last week that the redskins would t be renewing his contract they believe their future lies with two quarterbacks who Are in their twenties. In january of 1988, he led the redskins to a super bowl Victory with a spectacular second Quarter performance that produced five touchdowns. But that was three super bowls ago and coaches and general managers Are paid not to have Long memories at least in this regard. For the rest of us though there is something else to be considered and that is the Way Doug Williams carried himself after the big game and through some times when things Haven t gone Well for him. Since that super bowl he has been hampered by injuries that limited him to a dozen starts. He has also been caught up in one of Washington s perennial quarterback controversies and in a Nasty and of course very Public divorce. Through it he has maintained an uncommon dignity and composure. More importantly he has also made a Strong commitment to this Community one that has involved considerable amounts of his time and Money. Doug Williams knew that As the first Black quarterback to have started a super bowl he carried a special Burden and he carried it Well. But he was characteristically modest in reflecting on the accomplishment. It was going to happen some Day he said. I was at the right place at the right if he meant by that that Good Fortune was involved he s right. Most of it was Washington s. I Western front news owes military retirees an apology your editorial slip is showing again this time worse than Ever. I refer to your unfortunate whine moan editorial reprinted in the feb. 26 Manhattan Mercury. You have done every military Retiree in the state an injustice by your abuse of your editorial position. You owe us All an apology. Terms like whine moan and Grovel Are patently false wholly insulting and reflect unfavourably upon your journalistic ethics. Which hearing did you attend to Avail yourself of such reportorial License i seem to recall a completely dignified group supporting Senate Bill 423. Did you perhaps confuse us with the mobs lobbying the property tax and abortion issues if you want to editorialize you owe it to your readers to do your Homework first if the state wishes to tax All Retiree pensions As you suggest that s Fine but did you forget that just such a Bill died aborting in the House your figure of $15.6 million is simply off the Wall. Where did you find it i think you should make known the fact that military retirees pay state income taxes. And you readers should also know that sen. Lana Oleen said of an earlier hearing on sb423 i was impressed with the professionalism of the comments made in terms of sincerity and the fact that there was no Finger no one asked for a free ride your word but since 1974 we have asked for a fair ride. If the legislature decided not to tax the retired pay of retired Federal state and local employees so be it but Why discriminate against military retirees we Are retired Federal employees. If not then what Many of us suited up for three wars to preserve we were told the Freedom of the press among other things. Whiners were we greedy few retirees would pursue a refund of past taxes paid were sb423 enacted. If the state chooses not to treat military retirees fairly Kansas will simply not be Able to compete with other states in convincing military personnel to select Kansas As a retirement site. Right now our Economy appears to need All the help it can get. The Issue May be forced however since ending discrimination of this Type is what the supreme court decision in Davis is. Michigan is about. Is there something inherently wrong with fairness now May we expect responsible editorials from your newspaper James Townsend Usan retired Manhattan edit on military retirees filled with half truths editor s note this letter is being republished in its entirety because an editing error altered its meaning when originally published in the March 30 edition of the news. Once again the editor or one of his henchmen has failed to put his mind in gear before putting his hand in action to malign a group of dedicated patriotic citizens who have served their country proudly and Well to preserve our freedoms. The object of the Effort of military retirees to adjust the tax on their retirement pay is not to obtain an exemption of that pay from state income tax. The objective is to be treated equitably with the state Federal and local civilian government retired employees who by state Law Are exempt from paying state tax on their retirement pay. This action was triggered by a ruling of the . Supreme court on a Case in the state of Michigan in which it was ruled that if a state exempts state Federal and local retirees pay from state income tax then they cannot discriminate toward the military Retiree based on source of income by requiring this group to pay income tax on their retired pay. Military retired pay is really deferred income. The military Retiree wants Only to be treated equally and would be just As Happy if the state decided to go the opposite direction i.e., Stop exempting any Retiree pay from state income tax. This would help the current state budget problems. I Hope this helps the average citizen understand this situation. Surely if one relied on the half truths and a inductively immature articles the news has been publishing recently on this subject hoping to rabble Rouse the readers one would not understand the problem at All. It is no wonder Fred Kerr lost his so called Battle to keep the status quo on this subject. He does t understand the problem or does not care to treat people equitably As his fellow legislators apparently do. John Hollinger 2906 North Meadow Lake

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