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Hutchinson News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 3

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Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Hutchinson, Kansas Good Hutchinson news april Page 3 Reno county emergency workers and the Public Are invited to attend a seminar tonight on weather and Tor Nado awareness in the Wake of the March 13 twister that devastated parts of Reno and Harvey the meeting is set for 7 at the Law enforcement a Aketo Channel 10 meteorologist Dave one of the first to videotape the is set to give a video presentation of the he also will discuss severe the meeting is sponsored by the Reno county emergency preparedness the Reno county fire chiefs association and Kwiw said emergency preparedness director Bill a fund has been set up to help Terry who received Sec Ondande third degree Burns last week when he acc Dently plunged his Arm into a bucket of hot roofing the Accident occurred March 27 when Starks slipped while working on a he remains in serious condition in the Burn unit at Frances regional medical Center in the Terry Starks fund has been established at Emprise people wishing to help him May make donations at the main Bank or any of the Branch the Fox theatre is getting an other this one for from the National Trust for historic pres the which must be matched with private is to help finance a Community use study to provide the basis for design plans for the rehabilitation of the the Grant brings to the total amount in Grants that have been awarded for the Purchase and rehabilitation of the Hutchinsons historic Fox theatre is trying to raise million for the Floyd chief Security Man Ager for beings a drug free work place program and a 22year vet eran of the Wichita police depart will be the guest speaker at the april meeting of the Hutchinson chapter of the said presi Dent Darrell the meeting will be 7 thursday at the Reno county Law enforcement 210 West Pope said possible topics Are drugs in the workplace and the relationship Between minority communities and the meeting will be in the conference a coalition of county tax protest groups that has gained an audience with Mike Hayden on Friday said tuesday through its chairman that the Effort has been futile so far this legislative session to effect changes in the property tax the coalition feels efforts of Law makers so far have been Phil Urban of Man of the Kansas taxpayers Coli said in announcing that the meeting with Hayden has been set for Friday in a legislative committee room at the higher sales tax rates Are unacceptable and Only give a semblance of Urban a 1 percent increase in the sales tax will Only generate this is Only percent property tax for effective property tax the lawmakers will have to study in depth the sacred cow sales tax exemptions for fair and equitable property tax turnout was Light tuesday As Kansas voters went to the polls to decide whether the City should charge them a month for a curbside recycling program that would reduce the garbage sent to the turnout was running about 20 percent at said Ann director of elections for the Kansas City election under the recycling Kansas City residents would separate recyclable items from the rest of their place them in a Container supplied by the City and set them at the curb on regular trash separate trucks would pick up the recyclables and regular the monthly fee would be added onto City water and sewer John an almost perennial candidate for Public office in Kansas but never an office filed tuesday for the democratic nomination to Congress in the 5th District of Southeast whats in a name Tampa Marion county no one seems to know for sure How Tampa got its one Story says the name was suggested by a Railroad Engineer who brought one of the first trains considering the number of hackers living in the area in the it should have been called Hackler or widow Hackler and her 10 sons owned the property before Selling part of it to the Golden Belt town who planned population 113 source 1001 place names autuori Sonde Meier Mccoy Jin hulls finance formula proves Tough to crack by John Marshall Harris news service Topeka dodging the shrapnel of nearby legislative firefights Over tax re form and spending the Senate education committee continued tuesday to crawl ahead toward overhaul of the states school finance near the conclusion of the committees the chairman of the state Board of tax appeals told members that the base of any formula for Reform property values would be skewed and thus unreliable tens of thousands of protested property assessments across Kansas re main said chairman Keith nearly All appeals will mean lower and far lower revenues than planned for he what Keith Farrar said concerns me a great said Joe chair Man of the education any thing we do will be but we Are so i still think we Are near a any Reform of the formula for state Aid to he must be viewed As harder there Are too Many and too Little and so much need for immediate he committee crawling toward school Aid Reform on monday the committee tentatively approved a sweeping revision of the for Mula for state Aid to school and moved to Cut by half the amount by which school boards May increase spending without voter the plan is de signed to protect districts with 5 percent limits on the amount of state Aid that can be gained or lost next it also forces tax increases in districts that have received above average state Aid while maintaining historically Low taxes on High property school superintendents from Hutchinson and de Soto were among wit Nesses who supported committee Reform of the school finance formula but objected strongly to tighter spending the committee proposed to Cut from 2 to 1 percent the lid on spending increases in districts that Are above average in expenditures per it also proposed to Cut the lid in below average districts from percent to 2 Rod budget director for the Hutchinson it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide the qual Ity of education that is deserved by the children in our Buhler superintendent Jack Parker in my 1 or 2 percent is not adequate to support Public education Craig a lobbyist for the Kansas National education told the committee that 1 and 2 percent budget limits were when the Cost of living is increasing at a percent or greater and when the legislature asks districts to expend re sources in Parent education at risk business education partner excellence Grants it is unreason Able to expect districts to keep Quality programs with Only a 1 or 2 percent the goal of the committee is to counter the statewide shift in District wealth that has crippled Many Kansas school until property values comprised about 75 percent of the wealth of a school District and its eligibility for state income was about 25 percent of that Kansas schools on average depend on state Aid for nearly 45 percent of their total in Federal tax exposing More Kansas income to state and statewide property reappraisal that reduced combined to shift income into at an average 56 percent of District against a formula that penalizes income intense Many districts face dramatic losses in state Aid without revision of the Farrar told the committee that in spite of guarantees against District Aid new definitions of Caps on District income gains and a forced equity for District tax the property base on which the Reform rests is All property values will be far lower than he said of More than protests filed so More than Are yet to be Given cur rent he nearly All will result in lower property appraisals than Are now on weve seen Over a million dollars dropped at a time on just one or two land Dodge cite High 80 on March 9 Low 17 on March 1 March precipitation inches High cd lot numbers at Bottom of Barsi Are precipitation i 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 9 10 it 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 March temperature averages daily average High daily average Low Normal daily High Normal daily Low daily mean temperature Normal monthly mean deviation crop year data crop begins in August numbers compare moisture in inches Asol March 31 in crop year March 1990 March 1989 March 1988 March 1987 March 1986 monthly average i 140 1989 deviation i Sqq source jul Rwy Ulm service reporting Al i 47 Cpl Gil Northem of Hutch Neon 198990 8 months 198889 198788 198687 198586 average for period deviation through March annual average moisture moisture averages Are based on the 1951 to 1980 Hutchinson average rainfall As calculated at the weather Library at Kansas stale Liberal High 81 on March 10 Low 19 on March 29 March precipitation inches Garden cite High 79 on March 10 Low 13 on March 1 March precipitation inches Hays High 75 on March 13 Low 18 on March March precipitation inches Tribune High 76 on March 21 Low 14 on March 25 March precipitation inches a Moon it stiff set tornadoes headline weather by Ray hem than the Hutch influx news few will forget the weather of March at about March a killer Tornado was born near pretty the twister stayed on the ground for 117 killing two kansans and causing millions of dollars of property a Large por Tion of Hesston was devastated by the by Days 14 tornadoes had been spawned in Kansas and 88 others had been reported across Middle America in one of the worst outbreaks of torn adic activity in March weather was generally warm and wet in precipitation fell on 18 Days during the including and ice and sleet storm on March Hutchinson received inches of precipitation during the inches above for the Hutchinson has received inches of Precipio inches above aver age for the first three months of the temperatures in March were Hutchinson mows graphic by Karon Scon above the High temperature averaged de degrees above nor Mal while the Low averaged degrees above the coolest weather of the occurred Dur ing the final third of during the final 11 Days of the the average High was 50 compared with degrees for the first 20 Days of the the average Low for the final third was compared with for the first 20 Days of the juvenile offender proposals on verge of legislative debate by Dennis Darrow the Hutchinson news a Bill that Lowers to 14 the age at which a juvenile could stand trial As an adult is expected to undergo debate in the House today or said Mike chairman of the House judiciary com said the Bill will trigger discussion by lawmakers on the states handling of juvenile Crim a related proposal awaiting a plan that would allow the state to hold juveniles of fenders past age is undergoing review by the Senate judicial Wint Winter r the chairman of the Senate judiciary said his committee was examining a proposal that would raise the cutoff to age other including a Meas ure to try All 16and 17yearold felony crime suspects As have been Oneal and Winter Public hearings on the proposals took place earlier in the the Senate judiciary com Mittee is still considering a Broad plan to overhaul the states juvenile offender Oneal said the House Bill should get by stripping the Bill of wording that would mandate that All 16 and 17yearold felons stand trial As adults a judge decides the matter i think we eliminated All of our potential opposition out he the Bill creates a new class of juvenile offenders juvenile Fel convicted juvenile felons would first go to a state youth detention after the youths reach the state could Transfer them to a state prison or minimum Security commission plans to study complaint against nightclub by Dennis Darrow the Hutchinson news members of the Hutchinson human relations commission issued a general statement tuesday seeking information about a race discrimination charge levied against City lights the action comes in the Wake of a statement issued by a Kansas City chiefs football player which said the nightclub discriminated against a group of 10 football players in Hutchin son Over the the nightclub denied the race discrimination should not be tolerated by citizenry of the commission said in a prepared Hutchinson needs to respond in a positive manner in order to promote the Good name of Hutchinson and tolerance and fairness for All the commissions action does not constitute an investigation into the said human relations officer Lisa she the action was a general statement from the commission saying that it was aware of the charge and wanted More we dont know if it race discrimination was Rohlf at this what weve heard from the race discrimination could be those with information about the incident involving the chiefs can Contact the human relations office at she six residents sit on the an advisory Board for City commissioners and City freight firm will close terminals by Larry Peirce the Hutchinson news one Day you have a the next you that the situation for Max Leman and Jay Wilkerson of and 71 other and freight system employees in thirteen and freight Termi nals across Kansas Are closing this week As part of coastal corporations nationwide cutback to bring the freight system Back to said Barbara John coastal Media relations director in terminals will close in Hutch Garden great Colby and coastal terminals in Wichita and Kansas City will re main All four Oklahoma terminals will and freight is a subsidiary of coastal Johnson said 73 Kansas employees will lose their and freight will phase out to jobs across the the freight system operates in 44 Jay manager of the great Bend and Pratt said employees were notified Wil Kerson said business has declined in recent but he had received no notices or indications that closings might we Felt we had a very Good truck Why they would shut us we dont have any he Wilkerson said coastal officials expressed regret about the Clos area including four in five in great and two in Are Job the three terminals served 85 Kansas said who has has been manager for 25 years of his 26year until the system was Graves truck a consolidation of three freight the Hutchinson 101 Bone served Inman and Yoder it once employed 26 Wilkerson said coastal prob ably made a corporate decision to end service to Small which have shown decreasing because of the size of the Cut the option of transferring employees to other departments is not Johnson coastal officials said the diversified Energy corporation has Long made Public its intentions not to stay in the freight according to a press Johnson said and freight has had Only one profitable year since when coastal acquired it by merging with its Parent american natural re a Detroit based natural Gas pipeline cites water system gets a thumbs up by Duane Schrag the Hutchinson news Hutchinsons water Supply sys tem got favourable reviews from a consultant but the City should plan on More frequent testing and take Steps to reduce the risk of contamination from private you have a Well operated sys Carl a consulting told City commissioners tuesday we dont see any need for additional treat four months the City hired Dresser and based in to find out what Impact the Federal Safe drinking water act would have on Hutch one of the More controversial issues that has Arisen since the act was amended in 1986 has to do with testing for Copper and the environmental Protection Agency has suggested the testing should be done at the tap local governments protest that their responsibility ends at the the Issue remains to be re Houck Hutchinsons water is not Houck meaning it does not dissolve cop per very thus that regu lation should not pose a problem for local Public works director Dennis Clennan said Lead pipes were used in the cites Mains at one As they Are they Are re he one thing the City should do is make sure people who have hooked private Wells to their plumbing system install valves to prevent he City manager Joe Palacioz said the City does that when it is aware of the and that this summer it will try to step up its efforts to get the devices in some contamination is the re sult of efforts to combat other Are produced when chlorine re acts with certain organic com Houck while the in Hutchinsons water Are about half the allowable there is talk of cutting the allowable level in he he recommended the City Monitor the level of the Tri Halo methane and other volatile organic compounds More he also recommended the City test for the at i unt of Copper and Lead City commissioners approved increases in swimming Pool charges but decided to continue the practice of letting children under 6 swim children 6 to 12 will pay instead of and people Over 12 will pay instead of the estimated subsidy to the swimming Pool operations this year would have been with the new the subsidy is expected to be about Tom director of the Hutchinson recreation commis which contracts with the City to operate said the increase in salaries from last year to budgeted this year reflects higher wages paid to in the lifeguards were paid less than minimum which made it hard to compete with other Cook this year they will be paid to per

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