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Hutchinson Daily News Newspaper Archives Oct 6 1886, Page 4

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Hutchinson Daily News (Newspaper) - October 6, 1886, Hutchinson, Kansas Fhe daily a Raj. of Susock Iliot �.rv�ikus. Is int. A a. " is ont a Jim 5l� ,.tti�,. i 31 . 5 6�F.co Quai of of inn one moist i. Cal him. On9��lh. Sikir a limn one Moath. 1timii,6nii tamtlt.,810.00no Mumn one Bonta. A.0 1 ifl�4a rt6tci 1itmn, of Miinte. twp inc Tii dku5 Jito cent per line for do Loo Flat we iban one Whf k. By i we it we a by a tits per Lino. Jln int too ult a Wenkler t�8i Cenis incr line 4tiiefumi it Ecart Tuth a Niiler Nora in it pull an to oct. State tic Stirr. Job conokks8mah. Up Veneito Ollk tract hos. S. N. A ebbs Harvey to nuts. Cot St ticket. Of a Alkil Teju Ilgi. A of Fly a a. Atwood. """"".rd.b.vmcent. To count Faltot aft a co Biily ,._.,_ a Rodj. Full Payne. A Vor 3 1 pm strict \ j. M. Axuk son. He will out to Ikka. By tills mor Liik s mall we learn Flint or old Friend or. Dour nil Kirkli gift. Of Nickerson Lias teen nominated for county attorney of Lleno county. It Filea Hes us very Macli to learn tills fact or or. Kir Kller is a Younick Man still in i b twenties of so Lesa a Ltd a to Spiik Voin Ift lawyer it Merit and Abil to we May to i Owci als and men. We Ity Anil who we venture to say ii in ills in will Bromine Nice a Minig Stenti Liel Levo Tomt Kirk will run far lie jul of his ticket in Reno county and in Lasley extends Liim ills Hii port ills election will be almost an unania Rohs daily Lieg Uler. Bro. Will Thakor is too profuse with Hiu Taffy on the akm a but he is All ill Hon will be the next county attorney by the is dial to i whelming majority. Tiik it. Smith r. To Henry avoid of Little clock general Nia Nager of be Kansas and Arkansas Valley Railroad company was in the cite yest Emilay. This is the compan Llinat has tie charter and is building the it j " Road from fort Smith through the a to Nolan territory to Arkan Soa City at which Point it will connect with the it Bmith Wellington and Northwestern thus forming a direct line from it Frimith to a Ellington and thence on to Hutchinson and the Northwest. A " or. Wood came hero from Arkansas i 10" City where he met the engineers and re-3 e4clvod report of the line As far As Voyed. They and a line route and Are now within to dirty Miles of Arkansas a 5i01ty. A  the rout has been located As tar As fort Gibson and ave Miles of ssh eroding Lias been completed. Or i i woo enthusiasm to on the subject of a / of this new Road and says it Means i p a at advantages to Wellington and All Cut Iio Utheria Kansas. To says work will jew pushed rapidly on the line and that Uliey Are sure to build it. La t i cult and awakened of to the fact that they Are off the Maina ii. They Are now trying to get Ebi Otis of a Road which they have All i v along said would never be built. We i wish them Well but Uliey Are a Little too . Wood after looking carefully ii Over our City and conferring with the a of Loci is of the it. Smith company in Kansas whose Headquarters Are Here took tiie evening train in i out for lit vile Potral card. I 1t Creek. Wheat Koine is win not still in pro Grep tie acreage will not be a a Large this fall n i Winal on account of the dry weather. Corn husking has begun and so far by id from the yield will be from thirty to thirty be bus Liels per acre. Cartiev have hid 25 cents to be delivered by the isl i of dimmer. But none have sold. The Farmers of Reno county could w Well have thirty have cont for their my by Pring As to Utke to Jour Impi Fly Lii n. To e Farmer Cali As Welt afford to hold the crop and Oom Roneid a far Prichat to let speculators dolt. companies a Ommund Uiel Ricee and Why not the Farmei s do likewise. There Lias Een a Good a imply of Hay unit up it v we attended Tho t be ailing to u Fairi which Wab a pm d Hll pre us a fair we paid or Adro Maalon and passed in i�?p0utlna� who thrust it paper into my Tab Illyn hand i Teflon j th9�� p6fi�tio a Orrt a a Hadid w Fotr Bova Akad read if my Friend who was Pmj alced a Saint a Oft re in general and a a Nedli Llly Tita lit articular Uriu far sternly uie Inlender but something Jmon Learly pleading la the abort Nion decant a face a Rry iils in that Par Pono nod in spelled him so Follot tie dec atm of bin Noh eve nature and Turello to lib at Tite poor a Relli. Too Coald not re Strain a Ehy a Ltd a la i uni Polne and a Caln a Small onion in the which pleaded tar Alvin timed to my Compon Lon. A inn i re gambled off Elme Lilling Oscr Lii a Hick and Jung Linit the Vioney in bin ii a find. Wait flt Boe towing our Runrill aint t i hns Tlly scanned the old Greasy of f. Which contained Thene word will legibly of crawled signature a at in in a a Tom to whom it May conc ctr Trio Biar Wilsone Hundred yearn old a orly of ass stance for to la unable to Here then a Senu lne centenarian end 1 e did not in rude Almb we had of Iron Hira. Put a ant a Tranbe look i born pc to a but Tiow in earthly his Vunt How yellow Coni Plexton. And How ii Hiu Tii co Audi what plea Ling Liat la Stoches Chen and what it and drawn no Hoisy. A Type of Man list Triforo be title met with. 1 lad amen him before and had encountered h the Streeta of Columbia occasionally Nen and women not in like Hini but had never Tea tend that he waa More than sixty fire or Leventy Yefto a old. The even i my medical Friend followed the Retreat i k form and to dryly remarked do you know that a eater a what Excia mad 1. Why a Nan that Llevat on Clay one n Una principal Al Lymal la kaolin or a kind of smooth grit Lara moist Olny that i that Man to Swallow a Gol of Why Mon a assuredly i do said he for tis a True As gospel and 1 know hot 1 am talking by you Don t think i m to Gullible As til Lekve that Thia Man who is Over a years old has been blessed with Litis team Kolo Longo Tity a Causo lie ate liar Melohs Clay it l3 strange yet it is True. I Bate made a study of the question and have dining my investing at on8, witnessed some reel nylons. Mow to begin with 1 have seen Send Hillera in certain parts of North and South Carolina and some within ten Miles of Columbia while engaged in eating their dinner and have of sacred them consume with Jerlden. Relish Large quantifies of olay and what s Leoro 1 have joined in their frugal repast and partakes of Soma of the stuff my Well what does Itta Dallke and How it affect one it is nearly tasteless but some of the Clay eating epicurus profess to enjoy it because of a delicate flavor u possesses. It is White devoid of grit and not unlike the kaolin of which plates and saucers Are made. There is nothing disagreeable about this Clay and it May be taken into with impunity. It is not injurious As an article of diet indeed Many contend that it insures longevity and wards off several diseases. There Are Well authenticated instances o wonderful longevity among Cla seafers and it is Well understood by the faculty a have studied the subject that none of the Sand hollers Ever suffer with in discs Ion or dyspepsia and i have never known one to die of consumption la fast foolish As it May seem 1 am constrained to believe thai this strange habit exempt a the Clay eaters from Many of the Almenta to which the rest of the human family Are heir. Of course there is nothing very succulent or nutrition about a re la of Clay but it certainly allays the Gna Wiigs of hunger. This it does by distend ing the Walls of the stomach. It is not to be expected that a Clay diet will entirely take the place of bread and meat but it does this to a certain extent the doctor paused and i marvelled at a luit he told me. Continuing he Eald in my country pro Tina which occasion ally carries a out into the 8 ind Hills occasionally i any for although the Tond bikers Are the sic Kliest looking most cadaverous and to begone beings in the world they Are the Healthiest have Good opportunities to study their Peculiar habits. They can subsist on exceedingly limited quantities of meat in Fitch they get very Little to eat and that fat Bacon Al Cut to race a week. Uliey Are not lady but decidedly Abl Flesa. They Are troubled with few wants however Anci these Are supplied easily do they out Only oae Ortof Layf interrupted. As a general thing Yea was the reply but som Ellmes their table la garnished by a i id of Yellowish Marl somewhat scarce which they consume with a keen relish. It is said to Laste Sweet and they use it As a dessert. They Howeiler Clay. This not even Reu Miret lit ka9f ill t no of flip. Teriw Kotb a Iff Xoy Dpi Ari in Fileie. 1 of to ii ctr. M. .1". Sim.? i feel of the Mol tie Lee of Ilia Hajo in a a a stale. A a cd ii ent a Pratis no 6�e9bi Tbs to which in a a a a months Salt Eden Ane Ngai Tenent. The Yoon Straan Onad this quiet Little thriving bin toe mull to satisfy fils Era Ballon and Boob after Hie engagement to Mitscha Boita Kleft for the West with the id of a Klayt his Bottume Here end Beti ret Ralpj for his Lur de. He settled in Neva its and Proa Parad from the a a to. Ella bits Knees cares however see cd to make Tim forget the sweetheart by had left la Maine tils letters to her were few and far la a verb and Short. At length they ceased Alo other. At first Mies Chad Ora tried to excuse his apparent of the to and Ihal he must Baw Busy in Hie now Flefil. Then Eho grew Melan. Holy and afterwards resentful. Ill the meantime she formed the be of William Raee Ett a Likely v ung men of Foxcroft. They Apia really fell in love Slih ouch other at sight. 1� a a few Weeko they were engaged and within three null is after their burst meeting they Bleeme Man end wife. Both wore Indus Trio to and As time weird on they acct Arnii tatted considerable property. Then b8 Bott wont to Call formula to improve his Fop tame. A Short Lino after he left Bingham ills agreeable rumours about Hli conduct came to the ears of his wife. Bhe waa at first a Nival heart Browmi Over his actions and a correspondence of a very ii pleasant nature sprang no Between them. She Learned that a sett cared no More for her and at length a Mutual agreement was Mode that they should dec Parati. The Tiro Perty they had accumulated was divided equally Between them. Mrs. Bassett with her Ehara Otighe Money opened a first class boarding House in Foxcroft which she has kept Ever since. Savage in the meantime has been Pil tag up wealth until now his property is estimated at ,$1,0 x ,000. A Short time ago mrs. Bassett went to Bingham her old Homo to visit friends. While there she met one of Savage s most intimate friends and she told him about every thing that had happened to her Reinee her a Partlon from Savage. This Friend immediately wrote the whole Story to the Nevada Liuio Nalra As soon a Savage received this letter he arranged Hia business or a Long absence and told Bis clerks that he should be gone about eight weeks. He took the next train eastward and in a few Days was with the swe Elheart of his boyhood Daya. Their meeting a Bald to have been an affectionate one. Although thirty two years had a died since they had last seen each other old memories seemed to be awakened and the old attachment sprang up Between them. Or. Savage made in Otter of marriage and it waa accepted. Mrs. Bassett at once began the work of Clearing up her business affairs and two weeks ago the boarding Bouse was sold. Last week she became the wife of millionaire Savage and the couple started for their Home in 7evada. They will drink. A Luvelt Dis Luery discovered la the re. Ton county Reorg in . At Anu Constitution an illicit la Tillery is being my in Pui ton county jail. It is a rude get up Bat it furnishes Corn whisky for three Pron ers. A reporter waa in the jail the other Day and while rambo la a around in the cells unearthed the die Ulery in one of the cells. " what is this he asked As he poin Leil to a Small Oil stove. Well As Tou have caught up with us replied the of the inmates i might As Well Tell you. That is a part of our ill Tail Lul Cit dial lung tee we make a much Corn whisky a Here As we want but i la give you a Point right now that we Don t Ali any of How do Yon make Corn whisky easy enough. You see this Box Here. Well when we want to make a run we place a lot of this Corn bread in the Box and pour boiling water Over it. This make what we Call Mash or Beer. Try some of it and suiting his words be dipped up a cup full of stuff and handed to the reporter which tasted something like a mixture of red liquor and chinese tooth Wash. Well when we put this in the Little boiler on that Oil stove we stick in a rub Lior pipe which connects with this Large Coffee pot. The rubber tube goes under this Stream of water Bare and this generates a certain temperature which makes the liquor. The glucose is separated from the other stuff by the boiling Progress and this Stream brings out the pure liquor.". How much can you make a Day i Don t know. I expect if we would work All the time we could make make gallon but we Only make enough for our own use. And there is not a half Doxen other prisoners in the jail who know we make How do you keep thens from it by saying nothing and drinking or own liquor Ain t you afraid the Revenue marshals will get no 1 Don t think any of them Are mean enough to report us. Vie make it or our use and no one lit Here has had a drop of is it real Good whisky just a go3d As any you Ever tasted. Will keep your Eye on this goods delivered promptly to any part of the City. Is still in the Kad and lots Are still in demand if you want to live in one of the Healthiest towns in Kansas come and see is. The largest & Best Towi   for its ago in the state. A Hub Charles agents for Haven town co. As thib Titiye for the i a Iii of the put Fici a Jools draws near we wish to Oak the Mother who has a boy to the special Effort we have made to Reeve them of the worry of we offer you Ahne of boys suits from 4/to 12 years called rough and Tumble suits which Are strictly All Wool. Each garment is sold with the Bona fide guarantee that if any seam rips you can bring it Back and get another or your Money. The t rices of these Are allow and even lower than is paid for trashy half made goods. Do not fail to Call and examine them. Must be seen to be appreciated. We have also a full line of bits shirt waists in Percale and Daylight cloth House Sidlinger Block 2 doors South of Post office. A arbs shop 1 pcs Leto announce to the in 0ileor i i it t o h i it s o and till duty that i have opened a new career shop which in Glrst cd ibo la Ivory resport. First clans wore thunk i Thyl Public for Buir past a uni their future put broke is solicit the 1. Root Black always in ii ii. Dance shop of Iii it a Lyslov it Atler Lakhu Drair store t. N. Golding prop. F it. Tfx Dob t want to let every body know their ironclad stomachs can digest. Oon l Wii ii a Are Doug but a get plenty to you eat red Elnyr 1 asked a Gawky old drink cow. No , was Kis Only Iutok Hom of the Prit Onera dropped As to response 1 Bare occasionally had i Brick in Luy hut l it i la be binned e 1 banker after in Klug my Boals a Runny at finst Kiu . Mirth clip Ivd Lata awful Wrath a a Nescot id . Luh Leago Herald Baw a funny thing Duwa a i Peoria Tuo other Day remarked a fat drama Are be bugged the car window closer than Are a his Effort to stud a Cooling Brezae there was a lot at a there at the station waiting or a train when an oui Albua drove up to the platform and the Driver began to fling ral Seii Eduwu from the top. One of the bags burst open Aud the Connuli Roll fid All Otar Tbs Pla Forai there were old dirty socks rolled dollars wads of Underco thug dirty cuffs that rolled of Down Ibe platform two or Thra packs of cards that flew Ai Quad Lively in the with it in Iberia being axed nil thru aug Breeze a Balc Dusen bottles of All blues ".i.i. -i.-i. It not one. If they had we would have been worried to death by them. We win not sell or give it How Long Bare you Baba i ensling it four or ave the Jailer Haitin t caught up with you no when we know they we Shore every thing under the bed and lock As in Hocut m lambs when they come to you get enough bread to run you " yes you see they dish out three or four pieces to each prisoner and if you want Mora you can ask or it. F Here Are three of a la this cell and we generally have six or eight Pleceda of bread left Over when we get i Brugli audit makes Good let Quorp just a Good a Ever you lasted wish i had Eoma Mads for Yoo Row Ian Apiu Ratu bit x to a diag Ain Tbs do toe con Alaia of two Karlz Tutol can Castrio of Pladera placed in Conn Rouaa and colors that broke Aud cracked and whole lot of stuff the wreck mad quit a ont col sight and among the Gong standing by was a drum. Mer ram it. who seemed to be tiie trin Pace Between the Hiruma i a Vemi most amused Ina in Tii Eloit. The Way a to Roteta Virlus t\x9ta by the premix oaf with u cum a Ludle and Tbs whole a Suo Lomden a pm us. The of Lyndan Ore Aoel do Tebei Tda exo opt or Nitt Tonii the Maaggie o dry turn by a and through he con concen laughed was a caution. A fairly cried tears and got so out of breath that head to it Down on the Edge of the plat fart and held he melt or ear by d shake to Plecka. The rest o m laughed a Catt is Tiuch at Blu a a did at the Fauk All Ali h Audi Len Ike m. in in a quit eath Tri Nin Ninel Lonoku Donalty on tie in Aid of the Outor Pyl Loder i a a plot Chi i Bloh ear toe to ibid it this Gervea bring the water i Faloh 11 a own i to Nap Tow from Imide the dam by Imam of Hue hold a wbk4 project it in Ali form of flu laugh int. Meat Opp Odolf of abort atals a a Al we Guod. We wort Tarald la bad Emited a blood yes in Nylly or Amot blog us Tarod at tha busted Deri Lila by Uedoi la also perforated id the water again Yacap Earwin it hut Ltd Rojy a Ted a Kurt to Ilii Ilde e he outer Pyllu or Over a Lite it Upradit jul in a oat liver to Wotton of the a and water ii for i Al 8ho�t wit i. Euph ii Nuu Lili 80ii.2s nut i Fly i la i wan a Ortii Lilac Yulii Iii Ilc lit Lii Vii a Jiff m Ems cd Iuah. I he uni ii a�4 Una i to liw a i Ira Yei. Ͽ��li�ip�vjtltiarqwpvea1�y it a i Uii a i ills 7bf i tip m Seiw la jul we to to a a we Moo Otyis Tuff. Mallte i me a a a u Gbo to and then broke out with Jig of oath x Ever heard Roma a a us a cwt. He a wired m a evil a a ones two 1� ppm Oinui Olio the Driver be to Iii tie Iii tha own Louii. A " and a buy by Milf Ive we re i auiaik�4 ? he water after no a a been that we did t mity omit ref it expo to a in air la t9�ii��l Eil but to we tit h Wrom bunt of and i drawn Ott by a Aam o n Al boo. It Uit Tau or Plekhm u eld Sekii Ana a in Jiuu to Lexor Auy ukr u iwo it Broux a Cubio coff Faai eolian. A to med to ibo no Mem Iliavi be Iii it Lii a and re Conn Emmerson Carey Conn & Carey. Coal Tardi oppo it oort hone. Price fold for pelts cheap Cash of Doobe Crousr Blier Mua mud Mriln Sta Hurck Insom i Kansas a a a c9 a a Solo a Horrom a Rojes work guaranteed. Home Anil Aee me when you who to build. Shot on thav Enue Enst. Special notice a a w. 08i.y the Choice main Street lots in South Hutchinson 0alys150lol2s0 Eesi Denoe is lots $25.00 to $200. Buy before the 25 percent Advance dec. 1. Ben. Blanchard a no. To. South . Basket fired Japan Sun dried Japan aun pow Der Toi Perial Young Hyson Oblong English breakfast fresh roasted coffees coffees. I a to not a in the tack age coffee0 or they we unit anally q r in a a and being to Long roasted Are a flt to iian. Prices lower Taliaa lowest. My m Sale Anil Sasin new Ork Tea store. A nue. A and . Chas , Leb me \ mar Keck

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