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Hutchinson Daily News Newspaper Archives Mar 5 1886, Page 1

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Hutchinson Daily News (Newspaper) - March 5, 1886, Hutchinson, Kansas By Ralph Baglby fat Tiv k Macii 170 1 fit business House of Tohe of Seiok is Winslow jobbing druggists and Static the laugb8t and most varied Stook medicines and chemicals this i so few Quality of our Stock is concerned we possess advantages requisite for procurement of the Best oni with tub certainty of connections and correspondence tie Stoni Turu 6f of place us entirely beyond the dictation the common Market and enable us to secure a class of Are goods of always kept in Kansas drug be Irivin your attention and solicit your personal inspection products of our in manuf i Texas ii acc on cholera for a rhed wire cats killing Nii equal ague Iron tonic Southern liver liver Blackberry and rheumatic Fil and rheumatic Strone Biggers per per per heti Olom at 7 per at 8 per at 9 per Tho Senate Bubs another Day off the Calendar discussing Edu commission 1 Oney to loan on Short four Mouths to one year by big Grek to Lonso after in Castn and per Bon Salty gets to the Gist of the pension Ite Skenridge males for Manship in preference to Mera March the senate1 morning the presidents message u Trio treatment of die chinese in urn Wes was presented and was referred to die com Mattce on foreign messages from the president relating to he payment of the claims of Cherokee in Llan tand the Solo of a tract of land by on gang to the Sno and Fox indians Wero Ilso received and referred to lie Coin Matt Cal on Indian Rye presented a petition from Clatl Kons of new Jersey praying fat Legman Tiloi or Tho Irgil Protection of Young tit petition was referred to Ilia comm too on be it Evarts presented petitions from tin a ulcers and trustees of savings Banks o new York representing de Matton and of Pray of Congress to Stop the coinage of Tho liver this was referred to the committee on Beck offered a which a agreed calling on the Secretary of the Are usury to inform the Senate How much t actual any mints and purchases o he Pelno lpns of the Public debt since july Lii Ive been in excess of the require cents of Tho in regu Atung the sinking and How much of the existing Laws to be carried out in relation to Tomt film rom now until thu 4jtf per Bonds Luddley crier offered a Resolution zilch was nor anti requiring each Senn or to report to thu Senate Honnon of ills a Loath in introducing Tho Reso Ullin a said that some holding Mickela o admission to the floor who would not lie admitted to the Parlours enl Siueli if they were known As he such tickets wore issued to people to received no pay except admission to in Senate floor to blackmail gentlemen ant d libel them in their he new of a Case in Point lie knew whal and been said in the House of to Presetta ves about kids being on the floor of that Haskeil k it were permissible form Riddleberger to slate Tomt Wylli ads Lead not been on the floor of thu fran Allcan one a ratio who came to secure info Allon on which to libel senators t after the adoption of the Resolution Hoar had it reconsidered and so amended a to have the names sent in to Tho Secre tary of that the education Bill was then Tureen up and Harrison spoke in advocacy of the 111 and in opposition to Allison Meir Zinent debate was continued by Logan and an amendment uttered by Hoar to he amendment of Allison was agreed providing that in each state having operate White and coloured schools the Loney received by such states under the ill should be apportioned tend applied la he proportion of illiteracy of the Raciti until an equal sum per Caputi a Rind have been appropriated from the National and and declaring Trio object of the Bill to by to secure equal and outages to All of wlm Keyur color r vol Ali called for the ayes and nays n ills and pending a Roth the went into executive when Trio doors i i the speaker Laid before the Linuse Tho St thing vedic Day morning if the president on thu it was Reail by the clerk then re erred to the committee on fore Jan of from Tom commillus ways and Mesk Bills extending the provisions f the act for he immediate duty Noble goods to Ilia Porte of key West ind of of tin com Fli Lotteo on a Bill to agricultural exp Lent stat lot u connection with the colfels of the Sev eral i of inn the commit tee on expenditures of depart reported Back a ret Sutlon directing to invest life the admin Brut Lon of the expenditure of the pension rare ii under pre Luw and Ascer Nln what was for the statement in the annual in roof commissioner Wolnek in Refert Cejo parts in Inan Gem tit and in that Bureau Hie went on the House ill thu morning hour p House resumed the consideration of if Bill authorizing the appointment of a Ortii Nemlon to carry on tha tests of us and other Liruo Tural after a pending thu moral no Haj and the cum matter Rose and Tolj the House again went into committee i the whole on pension took the floor in order to Complete i speech had Beisaw Tiit Edwab by Lwea ills erotic Lam he dry ratio party for n failure to revise the if in the and for aft tempi to prevent that revision by Luu Lulilian forty Venth be Iteni Peratto he had til la pass the apportionment or in Miti ii Oil the 10 Jivu the fun or other of the gnat fast Luis be Cru the Wheeli Adf Usu Protu Pudla posed by f he anxiety of inc Rallo parly had always Burn to Cal that which would credit of Tutu Counti Democrat to party its Uia uner of Luvi discussion and a ii Lutes and nut to do thu Honor agr Euil that he aug to Liaf All into ii lir a Lull it brought the de Bate to the us Hicri Milter in he expressed in favor of Liberal Pous tons and thought hint it should always be in policy of tie be Public to pay these goner Hnvlik no standing army it was Tho policy of the be Public to say to All persons that in time of War a part of the contract wait that their families should be taken care Oft and that if they were disabled they should be compensated for the of pow i to earn hut should be some economic and Bolli Aalo Vei Sonn Ami it was nol a matter of sentiment which should decide the matter of Wise tie closed his speech with a descriptive of the at Lex Neton which contained Tho Graves of sons and Brothers who and fallen in opposing in tips in the Urr Itlo struggle of of the peaceful lives of Tho of those men though hey had bit divided in n senso of had never Boon divided in Ali or As american the speaker treating of american ques Loving the american denying that in this a paternal government Taxen should to wrung from the except from i shall vote my True convict treating with contempt any Effort to or any purpose to loud applause on the democratic of entered upon vigorous against the charges that he had conducted his Bureau with a View to increasing parti san advantages mid asserted that nil the time Dudley had been in Ohio he had not performed or assumed to perform the duties of commissioner of Pend ing further action the committed of reported the army appropriation Bill from the military committee and it was referred to the cum motto of Lam the House then the Graham Afu lloy and cure Lou Tuscon to to Vur cant inc 1plitlo March emms Molloy and Cora Lea in charge of Deputy sheriffs Cox and left on Tho Early morning train for which place the prisoners were turned Over to sheriff who will keep them in tie Polk county jail a Lull thur prelim Inary examination begins Here March before her departure Molloy addressed rather a lengthy to George Mill occupies Tho steel in the jail calling my poor am lit which she says one on our Side has any a sire to persecute terribly an we have suffered in the attempt to twi kind to she makes frequent references to the and admonishes not to in Thini he Mill not be willing to meet at the bin of and in Tho closing paragraphs says to him i think this chapter of Hor ror would be Complete you to he Bung in the Dame town where i i have for this Reapon refused ape aft a won in my Only just Lou and the right Aud is emphatically opposed to mob in your hot did a wrong to poor Sarah that you can never Neil Hutu put yourself in a position where you May tray Down those who Are but Nan Iver again build them without the lust canuso you impair the whole work of my life by unguarded and Hasty utter ances Tomt can never to is this just Rev Vord for the Devotion of years Lam simply holding still in gods e will to right by me and i Havu you to with every prayer common for Undi god in that be v i la the Fuji of thin Galu i go Down i Hun comment children last few work i help for myself i have still to cry o mercy on and i privy la give you True if i Niy Sulf and Tow Dur my Faro to i have Endeavor d to do what Brood i could in the if god deigns my life and it can be possible thai 1 stand changed wit i the grave or leu of Liuis ing to in order the Mother of your innocent Ai i la Law can not protect i shall gods will be it is in Loti possible my Molloy May Havu Hoe ii induced n Wilt this letter to Ira bunion Xoi Uithof his threat to Tonako ail told Tiona Mill throw i hit on some of tin records hindu by hair in Conne Cdon with it will by re mum Buret that Wlms a rutted last sunday Mirin Long before Shn Bud Eon vaulted her did not Luw Luth to say that Shehi Llovid Georjia Al Nahum Mulley of Tho his and Tomt tha bunt thing for i in to do Wuu to r Meas and re Uvahn Tutu mow Nice slugs in Gulott a lire front exploits of Lull crawl Hud Nitika in Mexico ital Iliili Umi March a freight train of mull calf Central in in charge of conductor North was ditched and robbed at North of son Francisco station last by a band of sixty mexican Tho train consisted of Guven which All the outlaws first Tob Bud Aud alien Uvrl Ppd completely naked All of the rain then tied their Nanda behind heir in which condition they had to walk into san Francisco cars were broken open find a Large amount of freight wan troops Are scouring the coun by in search of inti band of from k similarity of operations it is supposed that outrage was committed by the aame mid which some time ago rubbed a stage d tie state of the stage con besides the three men and me Young All belonging to the jest families of the outlaws robbed them of their and every met Lyle of and in that condition flowed them to proceed in the Jutt Mote leaving their the out of consideration for the Young gave the people in the stage which Uey used in common an a Lap Robe and thua Nade their Way to the near Cal to nun outrage occurred the tata of often called the Robbit state rom the frequency with which exploits occur in the Ruitian government has ordered the polish toot i return to Proton on Alay tie poet thai his Kura will soon be followed by u now in feeble a Lively the Street oar strike in now York exhibits botox interesting1 Tho attempt to run Gars n blocked by dumps und in Lohla of labor threaten to strike to the Satiro Kaald system Union Man Are Marsh strike of Trio employees of Tho dry Fock Street Ines continues and travellers by the Orund Street ferries Cru put to much i Conven Fence the hearing before Tho stale twin Oettl commission continued yesterday morning at the company vice president Lucym Rolson undo a reply to demands of Trio taking up Eracli one Tho company is Wllling to Al Low twelve hours to a Days work including one hour fur All Lii yes who work More Linn twelve hours Are to re curve extra Klc Lardion asserted Tomt no outside on Ballon should have right to dictate to Tho company whom it should or Al would not there was n Long Debute in regard to the discharge of certain men who had remained faithful to Tho company during Tho present the superintendent replied that the company would prefer to go to pieces rather than discharge those Tim con Ference ended without any agreement be ing an attempt was made to run cars during Tho afternoon but the strikers put such obstacles in tha Way Tomt the trial was during tha attempted Progress of thu tit car a huge Loul of barrels crossed the track in front of the strikers rut the rope that bound the on the truce and they rolled to the Street and caused a Coal Wagon Load of Coal dumped and us contents spread be fore the a car of the Tirane Honlon and fort second Street Linn was stopped try the the was Cut and the Square across Trio Kulli car that arrived was thus derailed until cars were standing a mss thu Pas sengers Wero turned out and travel fifty or sixty ends were finally blocked and thousand of persons were a part of the finally 120 police men arrived and sour it to protect the trial trip the Driver hold his reins steadily and maintained composure amidst the jeers and intimidation of tie the conductor was surrounded and dragged Olf the he disappeared Anil nought Refuge in company finally word Enma from Tho com puny to take the car Back to the the strikers construed this As a tumultuous Shoals and tha course of travel Wax permitted attain to be superintendent White said to intend to carry this thing is met the men hair but wanted too the trouble snot 1 am told All Tom lines in Brooklyn and new York will tit up the strik ers assert that the end is near and that it will bring Victory to Twenty live men who remembers of the Empire 1rotttctlvt a Branch of the knights of yesterday afternoon distributed themselves quietly along Tom Vii has Brooklyn of Street cars con trolled by William Almy or dered driven and conductors to strike and on both As Ever tha round trip was completed order was in every Liml Uvo and by six Oclock every Linn was tied up and Ell Hie men had left the so Niles in an orderly Ilie stable men cured Tor As but it is not expo Tail that they will be on hand in the Menton i Wero held last night and Tho men decided to hold out until their de mands Are met employers have my Hurt land for men and will never yield they the now York Drivers and conductors who Are striking met lout a Light and Dis cussed the a prominent labor unionist kit he the report thai All the new York roads would tie up today was in kit ukr on Tiik March lit reported Tomt the a Nichle of labor of District a so ably Wheeli taken in the entire could have determined to Strilko Ullem several of their Mem Hern at in the employ of the Texas a who were recently discharged Are reinstated and Tom contract entered into for one year be tween the Gould management and us Jinp Loytt u observed to the let knights of Nhor claim that Lin Celver of thu Texas a has the contract and him repeatedly lion need the executive Ward of the Mart n chairman of the executive in at mum As is also District and in Deli it is Union reliable author that thu backed by the Ali Ini and that the relm tinted and the restored the Iii ii will All strike to enforce thu March Home land and cattle company have contracted for tha Purchase of head of cattle new running in Aie Vau Handlo lib cattle Are to by Ali vital at cooled thu and from thai san will in driven on up to Usu conic Hoyrt Ruzie on lie North this probably not half of tint number of Stock which will by put on the Range by company unit and the greater of Thum will be Uriu Twa to Llorach Hor Rible Accident happened in the in Char eight Miles from about Oclock tills which Cost wll Sou Lilues j us after lie had entered the which la Toiuo eighty feet under the surface of Tiu a Large Ruok fell on him from he roof of the the Bowlder strip Mac a poor minor of Tom Lead my film m badly that lie level but few min Wilson Hali itts is Luuri Man Whu Lias met a sudden and a loll in lha my Tillow hit jowls having Bueno wow up by Only a week Ireland Ortt Over by nov prop March 4 a grand demonstration was hold last evening in the Oputa Home pet sided by nov Erner Hill in Aid of Tho Irish Marlin montary the auditorium was thronged in every Many prominent in clip Lam most of the Lioma Catholic clergy Wavro the atm of the soon after eight Oclock Tho governor Mcconv by the speakers of the Alexander of and hoi Irke of now Thor a plea alien qua greeted with Long cont Huttl a Hill in Rush Nonit the chair said he tvs Nicod with Trio in who thought it improper for a Public null Cal to participate in such n is Congress Imd in stud n Resolution of sympathy with arc the on one occasion and he thought ii proper to twin Paulim with Tonij go Lair tie governor then introduced who was greeted with Hearty in the course of his re Marks lie said How Over Tho of America May differ on other they All Artw in supporting Ireland i her unto so str Kulo for America is directly interested in the struggle now go in u was estimated As Early As 1848 that Tho Irish in this then comparatively pour and few in Solit Sterling annually to Aid their it i my to i in Ireland uni inst Nti Pontoo land from that Day until thin a Stream of american Lonny Lias gone to Aid Indus Aln lug a to vernimme a Liili Uio Ameri can people said Alliey Wou lil not u had been stated by Many that tit English govern Mit was Trio Moat enlightened and humane in the America for a Elmo lived under that government and it was i Many years before that Constitution and those who administered it Wen Sweet How inn Tomt government was characterized then by brutality and Iron imn did although Tho of govern Una was Miles Tom Irish people were simply a Little am if tie where tie weight of that Tiivi rement inn lately eng the speaker had two Ono for the gaze of us the other which they administered Iii the former wits sugarcoated with and under thu other an Irish mans a popularly supposed to be child by and was Ritli Leuly invaded thu Puoplo were dispersed it tie Point of thu the Zitte Rancati of the people Ami the press were and other crimes were committed in tie name of he 11 Vas awl its Vila system of Devil ish ingenuity intended to stamp out Irish nationality that the Irish Wora in in conclusion Sullivan reviewed the Irish land he declared that the Irish Wero not intolerant in religious mat and Clecil the fact that their was not a Homs lie said we have Given up boating each others Bruins out for the love of we Aronow engaged in beating our Bruins out for hatred of the the Irish people Are entirely capable of self or it Tho English thought they were not they should give Home government in order to have them England Fen red to till the be Causo it meant the downfall of Tho sonar of letters of regret Wero received from Secretary of the Treasury Daniel Uky tenant governor Jones and about was subscribed by Thorn pres ent fur the parliamentary the meet ing closed with an address by Bourke Coch of new England in a retire to vhf mate Llie country canal March the debate last night in the House of commons was interesting fur the hints it gave of Tho Delra of both patties to vacate colonel a distinguished knowing the coun try declared that thu egyptians Wero perfectly Able to govern them Somo of tie Ablest he Htu Ever known were lord Charles spa King with authority for the created a slug let Sensa Tion by declaring Tomt it was impossible to prevent the blocking of the Suez canal by any even by Possession of the in spite of men it could too blocked by the enemy or by ones own if in the course of the after Louii he Eald that in ease of Wero he Tho he should wish to Block the canal though he might be he favored the use of England old Highway around the pm Mittie March today and Tomor Row the irishmen of the West and North went will appropriately observe the Loath anniversary of thu of Robert in this City the hibernian and other Organ in Atinis will celebrate the event by musical balls and and Observance will be very atom jew i a Vul been made to discourage the observe on the ground that it has a tendency to Lessen the interest in by 1atrlck Days but they have not Boon Klocow wanted la March Muter Workman Golden and a of the of labor from called m the Texas 1aclllo office today to investigate Rumor to the effect that the object in Auspex idling operations at the Gordon Coal mines was to Iju Leuy displace White labor in order to make room for con vict thu Railroad authorities deny any nuclei purpose and sule that Ike have been Boca Piui it did not prove Uro Blamble to work Mun inuit Btu Tab March that Muntana has come thru cd the Wyntur with Little or no while other states Aud territories have suffered very thin will probably Rutillia Large amt salons to our the season from a Midas outside of this Teril Sun Leniu u wll Honl Voutil Tua stuck Imil Lilov Murou Large Ber of from Dlf Eizat or the stale arrived Here morn Liu to her tort path in a Kin Liary san Ludry Sippil Uloan and la Good i filth the be i i invt
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