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Hutchinson Daily News Newspaper Archives Jun 13 1889, Page 3

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Hutchinson Daily News (Newspaper) - June 13, 1889, Hutchinson, Kansas Hutchinson daily news thursday morning june Balwi for Uto any 15 and foil he drone Long on Thofile Jerrt Liao bloc Klinl their awl Forth to flight no Ron a Patoo in the runs new nil Fri Ujj Man hns bomb part to tie Post nil Tho fun Trio fro not Hirik in tin futo of Tho Stern kit from your or Prim of to Ltd of rain stir Ohio hard fought of Fistor Montr Pirine nor r pomp Pinnt yield your in hit hns ills of of Mior Ood Kri Tiit it Tuduy Ivyll in or Tai mail to or Cal us libel it hiter for Hii Ilshik we an fed or i r Uick of 1 to Low to Hio t 1 Folt Uva Lilliy in ill Iii in urn i Iii ill ill Lon Weil ill ill Lin Tofil out Willil i i Iii it i v Vii is Mir Al i or in unit irl nil Mill i lion us Iii i of i Mill jul ii pm soil i i i jut i Lizul is swi Lii ill y who ill Ixl lie lira Miksit info i tlk1 in1 Imit Ohita in ii Romill Liis you Olivit i mall n ill Slid Lipton for in Ixia win relic i Roll Iii Iii Ami lit irn Liu Iva Thiril Ili Corner his slip Thil Ami lir u i pm w in i i cure Iti runic Lloil i lie Tel incl in nihed Hal him your Money run Vlacil the an Lour having spout in interval in inc ii it in Lilly Infin Ineil Iliili you i in Yon hid u hit Jim i 1 Jorr for tio Mill him Lilly Routs to out the 1aul out us hit 1irniafranev sonics Inlo inc Genius our the Eoannon who Wilh the bin n is and the Istik Iii iiei1 less icily Dri Ilal hut no nioix1 to Lineal the Lino ladies of of mrs Anil pal eos and Tho shrews Kiril has never for sex Stimso in any Linin or but i Shiw could Havo Heeti Tho Mother of Kobert be Bishop of Dur lain in li7jf her u Lijin of Inah and female mid an Liolio Rulo us befitted her the Bishop went to see i lie old to see How things fared Wilh How fares my Sweet to i said Nover Quot i and what ails Alico or troubles thee Hast Thon not men and women attendants Enow said quod and More than i my to Orio and he runs to an Como and the Varlet Falls Down on his Knees and in Hli Orl All hums go on so Union scion Smoot i that my heart is bursting Lor want of something to pick a Iuar v san Franeisco ing sound was a rho Naa remt Down several further it templs o saw Tho length of Trio proving futile Tom trunk was wisc and nil old log Chain and n dozen Harrow tenth were discovered imbedded in Tho hard grained in was thirld n Bowlder weighing Over half a ton is to be seen about ten feet from Tho ground in i Crotch of an enormous Sippio and old residents my that they can remember when thut Bowlder could to sat so near to Tho ground was it when they were a Fanner tells Tho Story about his hanging his by who in n tree Rov Cral years after n Days Tho was left there All Winter and Tho next until the Lime for haying came around on going to get Tho sey Tho to found Tho Bhulo to deep v imbedded in Tho soft bark of Tho Maple an to he in and he let it the tree is still standing in the front Yard of n fashionable residence in hint Vil and from each Side of the trunk project two forming letter apparently part of Tho tree Tho Blade has been entirely Cov ered with Tom of Tho pc Tho years Ngo rotted York that is today to Annn Gednn and not Christian is duo to Tho Genius of Tho turkish Mohammed Sou of Murath who was born it Adrin nolo March his father and Grandfather had by conquests reduced Tho greek Empire to Tho limits of con when Mohammed he Emo Sultan in do he determined to Complete the work of Conquest by the capture of that Tom Diego was commenced april with nil army of men and n Licet of 300 Tho assisted by i Gul Lant bund of in Udo an obstinate although u combined attack by land and sen made on Tho following Joth of May was Hunsuc Tho genoese Justi was wounded so severely that to had to retire from Tho this produced a panic in the and a second turkish led by Trio million proved Constantino the Trio greek pm was and Iho turks poured into Iho Mohammed u completed Tho Conquest of All the territory subsequently known As Turkey in Kun and and died in Delphia professional Donl t front Updegraff a Connly work b South f of Kab a homeopathic and and Perl mint in rectal Palm Corn wet Slont the Tuo of Knafo or once 18 North main room 7 Over Young it Glence ss2 fifth Renne j physician Anil office Over old lingers drug Tali in residence a Forf Liclan and off co Orar both Mala Treel physio inn und to Tob 2 my t physio inn and 113 1st Avonne a rooms 1 and 2 Over Kan Gas t kwi8 attorneys itt looms 11 and 13 1 South main Jon is i attorneys it masonic t attorney it 2 and Over b Bonab attorneys at will practice in All office Over la Etc Pinion National the grand our Linen department has Earne us High and pleasing compliment from All who took pains to examine the Stock kept Are toll that we have filled a Long Felt wan by bringing on a line of table Linen and such As a com Imit like ours and has reasons to our assortment is Mani our Are of the Highes and our prices will always be found to be enough lower on like to insure to us your Pat As linens arc an article which requires considerable judgment to we Wil say that you will receive from us the exact representation of what you y and you will never be Digap jointed with any goods you get from the Doc ill one hardly expects to a bulldog killing on a with a Napkin tied round his it u table in u fashionable lint the other night Iho guests it n restaurant in this City beheld this very a line animal of Correct to 1 tool dinner in this fashion Ith his master and some other Gen and it was noticeable that Tho i ulus showed him great upon inquiry you will find it is just inv very prop cres if you i Nurious to lip up to Limo Jeun to Lalic your Teti Glish Bull with you wherever you and in it Tho in Inkil exactly As if he 11 your equal in intelligence Ami to unfortunately we cannot As How Liliu dogs regard his Miami i i Ului Birg a ill that Portland shoe Matin irked to assist in pro for Ilia in curing it i would contribute to the of h sacks of hour and of mrrtle to each uni who lie found in who 1 i i i a drank rum nor used 11 who was in need of bread 1 i ill i he has nol vet up i 11 d l i claim the thei Irmis f i i i graph tells Tough in i we see Tho twinkle that in tie editors Eye Asho lire 1ouiston ii wrist recently sent to jail for Mon dial for Call i i i m a no less than Liin Riccio Young men were arrested for tin thu Man who had an limn stigmatized by them was of i Upas a though to Iii huh refused to testify against although to persisted u his Ono of the prisoners i and while theothor were Lisco 1yancisco Choai in in Philadelphia last year i Quizim i Ards of Worth w tie Woven on and the weaving gave work to peo 1 11 mar Ojeil i a Charley the popular doorkeeper in Tho ladies waiting room at Tho Union tells of an Amus ing not without its pathetic which occurred Thero nol very Long a journal Man was chatting with him this morning in regard to u couple unmistakably newly married who had passed out to their train n moment when to remarked Ono of Tho funniest things of that kind that Ever happened hero was a few months ago when a couple were married hero in Tho waiting they had by ii hero for a Good Whilo and appeared to to very to arc nil quite accustomed Toton sort of thing and hardly noticed them until n minister appeared on Tho Sceno and Bado them stand then we All Camo closer and stood by who Tho couple were in ado Man and they were germans and seemed to take it As quite in Tho Ordinary run of when Tho ceremony was Over Tho minister went away and Tho Brido bought tickets and engaged berths to evidently managed the Boodle for the when their train went out they went with As Happy As a couple of Chil Vuu Nileth a wounded or enraged Eagle is an ugly of had on encounter with a wounded Eagle not Long which to docs not care to while Hunt he fired it Tho Eagle and broke the Birds but did not otherwise in Jure expecting to make an easy capture of his to went to his Tho Eagle How at his and and to not warded it off Wilh his his Yea would have Boon put out by the Bango Asil in gripped his despite his efforts to free to could nol Shako the Eagle it struck it him with its sound dug its Sharp talons through ins into his and used its beak most Ijo called to his a Short distance they Camo and killed Tho and then pried its claws out of Tho Llesh of his forearm and which was badly la brinkmans wounds were quite lie will Bear Tho scars for Many u a in Titi Bluit there is a heavy draught horse at Ono of the quarries in that has been driven for u number of years by Tho Kamo native of Tho and it is n fact that Iho worthy Ai Simul will not drawn Load in Tho morning until to has had a Chew of Ilia appetite being to is off Liko u wholesale d Alco Autney a at Penny who Oalde ow1uaut it attorneys lit 107 South main at office Over first nations a Trinco Bherman attorneys at count rooms 3 and swinger try attorney at Over 24 South main b t attorney at Sontz main near court Bof Tea Ober off music room Woodard Avenue Zimmerman pry room s3 up Deeray Salt Block builder and room College Topeka Santa Eastern Atlantic Vay ran Francisco Mexico Anil ban Dieiso sunday am urn pm am t a in ii m t pm p m Kansas a new Vork no 4 is Way freight no accommodation 311 Moxco add san look am p in am am 11 m mall and nil lit fru Klit mall and Nasht Kinght 8 re m no us runs to Pratt it marts it no li3 Dally Eira it mall and express for Ellet and accommodation author of Iho author of Ita Dutiful having been de scribed by the new Yurk world As the author of an unsuccessful Bool of and at present an elevated rail Road writes to that journal As follows my Book of poems is not a the publishers inform is one of Tho Best Selling in the though i derive no profit from o1 own u nor do copy Tho Anuma Tho queer things in Connecticut Uro its up in Middletown it Zucco Sipary to Cut Down a tree in Tho rear of cuttings Cigar Sev eral bricks were imbedded in the so that Only the Corners wore Ray straight tree was felled and drawn the after starting the saw e attendant heard a grating of the my and stopped die Home Uliuli Price being beyond my pocket and the publishers never having presented to with a there Are Many bet Tor poems in it than and several almost Tut Frank Leslie never offered me to write any though to has paid to much Money for doing Frank Leslie Lou i Utill and freight and a com a m am a m p m us Vauta p in n time Given Ubo Vola the hour of Dop Atturo except where of Beriso to the ready and Liberal Sale of goods in this department is Prool conclusive that the goods and prices meet the pleasure of our patrons brought on a much larger Stock than was Ever carried in this City and thought we had enough to last through the but they Sou so liberally that we ordered and received another Over 300 amongst which bargain Hunters can find what they look As we will continue to sell these goods As cheap As Ever window shades too Are on our cheap we sell a pair for the same Price you have been paying for Che Nille and Damascus curtains and Portieles we keep in Good variety As also the necessary poles and the you will find it to your interest to carefully exam Ine the following line of goods in our establishment it alone will Low prices be the continual order of thu but styles and varied assortment will Rove and object of such magnitude to you that you can not very Well pass these goods and do yourself embroidered Swiss 45inch Spanish Guipre Chantilly 60 Inch Directoire kid silk silk lace Muslin Ollars and embroidered Linen Linen and by All Means remember that we Are head Iuar ers for parasols parasols the dressed fresh we have today commenced slaughtering and beginning june will be prepared at All times to furnish Market men with dressed beef by the Orcas that has been held in refrigerators three d is we Are prepared to sell All kinds of fresh pork or whole prices will be made Low for spot will deliver whole carcasses Hutchinson packing he the a Cay vital part of your wearing an everyday need and it is Well to know All you learn about the where to Tor and Why to buy them at Tomc certain we carry a arc All Good dont let Nir Low prices mislead you As to the we guarantee to give you Ood goods for the Vou know we cant afford to do Rve simply Are willing to sell you a air of shoes for a considerable smaller profit than shoes Are usually old come in and look at them will agree with us that shoes an be bought cheap and still get Ood the we want to say to you that no Natter what the article May be which of if you will look for it in or store and find you will at the ame time find that our Price on it s lower or that we give you a better value for the same printers Ink is too valuable o waste it in advertising Penny a we always aim to let you now the Worth and value of such oods As interest you to extent Orthy of your and above Allou will always be sure to find in our Ore just exactly what we 11 these things Well considered arc inducements which should make you in Patron of office Over first National the Beers agents read its Superior qualities and testimonials of its Worth it has 500 per More tensile strength than Lime and and 200 per More than it is 200 per harder than Lime and hair or it does not Chip or it requires on third less labor than Lime work and a fifth less than it requires no it requires no hair or other it is hard and solid on the Wall and is fire and ver min it can be finished in any St be that Ordinary plaster Anu can be brought m two coat work to a Fine so that no sizing is Nec Essary for decorating or of Broikou Cement am odour in to Roun Tom Etu relative to tha Jacuik finont Riutort i Bare Uichi it on our urse sad und u excuse it a inhalant 20 North main Staple and fancy Queens Ware and Field and Garden your am scr the word Dander is u corruption of and has generally been considered an but in Hau Wolls archaic dictionary to gives Tho words Dander anger and Dandy Tho former com Mon to several English counties and the latter Peculiar to a Dandy is generally used to mean a a and the French word a conceited Detroit pro Ftp plans for every inscription of 30 North main room 6 notice to ladies i prepared to do fancy dress making Toom College mi88 the Hutchinson roofing Boom 8 first National Bank make a be cult of Felt and gravel roofing one half the coat of tin or Iron and lasts twice As ranted 5 l b look at our references War Salt Wei two Ond 3 ply medal Brand ready roofing and Aap Faltum paint ill Al of Lloil a Floral Lurana m by the gallon or barrel always on and rite for bean bottle i How Many Beans Given away of Wolf How to secure Bam pro Ltd ii web of which u thu and without firing it about full of Puciul in Unalt it wit ovoid it with Ihler die Warui Vimr from in Ilof our i four in of the two Only Gold t of Buu Ihk in i to m us Raou 18t prize i Tot gun 6idk tool us duty Uomino Uin the Onni Ruof to n Buhl i Quill 8wmoms Medicine a pm Joett trial in the court govt books tin Medicine cures headache uo8t it Job prini1 office news East Sherman Lulu tar la Kooim Bui v in City he Only 10 West ninth Kansas

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