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Hutchinson Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1889, Page 12

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Hutchinson Daily News (Newspaper) - January 1, 1889, Hutchinson, Kansas 12 Hij Liy �jfiw8t Fuff loaf Molt Fik jaw a 1. 1889. Reminiscences. Int Mallner clipping compiled of vim the Sens Iho i Lrol paper pith Artici West of Jet Stoa. A Brier resume or the leading Vonta hint Lotrnr Rotl in the Virly Bays or Lynlch Ansini unit hot people. Rndt la Lair which will Malm tit ill hotter smile and Ken Timber 1 Hilt he tin a Ltd himself once. the news of Janusy 1,1s8 1, being a historical review of the City to that it in just eleven years since the organization of Heno comity Anil behold the changes that no Short a time wrought. If anything a the Annala of american Progress and development ran of Jimial the rapid strides in growth Anil improvement of a country surely no Section of country has surpassed Ilin wonderful and Surpris no Prosperity to be seen pm every hand in his fair inn of our.". Despot a the Many and constantly occurring drawbacks and attending the settlers in a now country like this where All the elements of nature seem destined to destroy and overwhelm Man s Belt Laid schemes for Success and Prosperity we see the better Days Are coining now and that persistent indefatigable Energy. Industry uni Pluck a con jeering a Vla Oriya the Vry Teeth of All the opposition that had to be surmounted and overcome before the dawning of the better Days that now Are wiling upon us. Since the first Petter drove his stakes upon this wide expanse of dreary and Che Orleas Prairies where the Buffalo roamed at will with none to dispute Bis away being Monarch of All he surveyed what change has time wrought making a Start in Tho most primitive Manuer alone and unassisted with tint scanty Means for until Mich time As nature might smile upon find yield my of its store what wonder then that to Many succumbed and went Down in the struggle when the elements seemed Bent on him and All the pests of nature devoured his subsistence. Dot no see in the survival of the fittest what Energy and persistent will Power has done and is doing for the Little band who with heroine Power has stemmed the Storni faced All opposition and fairly wrung Success from the con ending ulem Euta. The growth and Prosperity Homo county in the few Yeury that have past since its Louiry Ollices Benj Leathed an incubus of Delit upon us in their Effort Toba Tlsty their own selfish greed first has Boon wonderful indeed. Batile lec table Little baud of thieves whose chief mourners fled the Aagenes made intern i Sale by their rapacious Devi try might find something to Irtle Coupon by visiting Tea place where honest Thrift has placed its enduring stamp with smiling approbation upon a Soi and Guancial basis. With All the evidences of a country on the High rail to Prosperity it whole surface transformed by the Industry and skill of Man to beautify tied adorn the surrounding of his Castle Aud Hoine Lead Little Groves of fruit and ornamental Treb now Dot the country that but a Short time since teemed but n Barren waste with nothing to relieve the monotonous View in travelling Over it. Hutchinson to Day As it in out itself to the by Ranger and tourist gives unmistakable evidence of what there is to Back it. The first great Rush to country that continued for Many years was to secure the Laud then open Lor settlement and Tho town would come soon enough. This is Tho secret and Cai ibb of the healthy permanent Aud cout Lunod growth of the in y of Hutchinson. At no time Baa it like so very Many Western towns had a anti Ahrnot growth but at ail times Hsi kept on the oven Tenor of la Way spread log out on All sides to keep Pace with its surroundings and meet to demands of its Ever increasing business. Hutchinson Baa Only been exceeded in its growth by the Fertile Region surround log it. Few to Vna in the great Wett have a history As nattering. The year of 73 dawned upon the newly chartered of Cion a half Shari la of Lein opiary construction. The town Wau Lahl out in nor. 71 and the county organized Jan. 1st, 1872. Among the very Ilist net tiers undly Flat few were we. Hutchinson William Ingham judge Shields or. Javiea freeze a n. Shah a win. Balluiger 1. I. Olmstead 1, Houk a ii. Horner Chan. Collins a. K. Burrell and t. 1. Lel Olgh. Mrs. Out. Williams was he first woman of the town site and to commemorate this event c. J Hutchinson Gay her a deed to lot no. 10 of Birtt Avenue East near where the Metho. Saw Many of the trials and inconveniences of Frontier life. He says that he cleared f a tto b��4q,u�rwr�. He m landlord stage agent a pie a and Audi agent. One night a terrific wind lorm took the Wool front of bit building oat bodily a cd kid it Flat without breaking a window. P. P. Olmstead or to m a Pic abort we pro a Tom # lit pub to a dub Blue if pm we tag la Mulac tit a my Inmom pm Campati pm pm a a he chunks rough lots. It will be seen by a Glorice at to a a is of the above first that meet of them have remained True to their first love and Are with us yet prospering citizens in their Var Oun pursuits. Ous Williams says that a Donee held at his place of business in 1 there were present nine ladies and Tenly love gentlemen or buckans he called them and was not a Drunken dance either t Orn was hauled from Sedgwick and sub bought it for sixty rents per Bushel and held it for future demands. Coal Cost a i per ton and was hauled from Newton the end of the Railroad. A Load of Cotton Sood fuel Cost #8.20. Hutchinson started out a a temper Anc town and and much trouble to keep Down and suppress to illicit trial Lac in intoxicating Ali jurors that a Munesa generally being the Lar to thing started and overdone in All Frontier town. One Jack Williams St Arteil the first whisky shop a the now town but soon came to grief Charlie Collins took him to Newton in dear Reitand $.100 Bonds. Tia shop consisted of nne Jug and a Hole dug in Tho Bank of cow Creek to contain and secure the liquor while just above it on the Bank the proprietor had Hia tent containing two soiled of list Sci ool. I Load. The first members of the school Board of the first school District consisted of d. M. Lewis j. M. Jordan Aud 15. Wil coi. H11st Letl Lii. Tho Glrst birth in Steno county was that of son bom to or. And mrs. Joh Neou and it being quite a notable event in the new county l. C. Llu Tchison gave the child a town lot. Tim just . The first milling was done by v. W. Crawley in rudely constructed Mill local de on Bherman Street near the lots now occupied by w. . It was a Corn Cracker for making meal Anil chop feed. Nil Hunt a dusk. first House was hauled in and placed by a. Ii. Williams on his Corner lot where the Heno county state Bank now stands. Norman. D. Olmstead Justice of the Peaco. Jav. Houk attorney. The parties in the action were Lewis Josephene plaintiff Aud Jacob Wisberger defendant tue. I Hist Ica til the Cal St. The Fust death declining in l Eno county was an accidental one. A Man named Jacob Eisenberg in company with several others was preparing to go on a Buffalo Hunt and for safety was putting Hia nun into a Bale of Hay in the Wagon when the Hammer by some Means caught causing the gun to be discharged the contents entering the a fest of a Man on the other Side of the Wagon named or called Mountain Jack who expired in a few moments. Tub Rill St i cult cil. The first presbyterian Church organized on to Abbatt j uly 23, 1872, by Kev. I t. Whittenmore of Wau Iego. Theol lowing persons Are its constituent members t. B. Dewitt m. J s. M. Bell Jamos hell John Dell ii. . D. M. Lewis mrs. Taylor flick mrs. E. Wilcox or. Vohu Bre Bui j. Is. Leidigh and wife Martin Hoagland and wife or. A. W. Noble and wife mrs. Lawson lbs Mary Lawson and John Multz. A minister will be secured at an Early Date Aud a a jute erected. Till full let . 1 . We clip the following from Tho news of August so. 1s72 pursuant to a Call published in the k t a the republicans of Heno county met in the court House last saturday the meeting organized by electing w. W. Updegraff chairman and ii. White Eido tour chary. Secretary Road Call for meeting and ii Hodio and 0. W. Ellis were chosen a committee to report a list of names for county Central committee. The following gentlemen were appointed d. M. Lewis a. S. A moult a. Lynch or. Hei Dieg and w. W. I pin Gratt. Tetik ruts Lima Kiosk. Tho first Brick by Sirees House was Eracles in Hutchinson by or. P. Dun Kip a line two Story House on main Street. The court House erected previously to to bar was the first House built of Brick id the Young City. W. K. Dutch Leon now living Bare was one of if not the very first Man on the town site and since that time he has identified himself with All that pertains to the beat interests of City and county. He bos seen life in nearly ,�11 la phase on the Frontier. Contracts Tor Lou in to a new Lown absolutely prohibited the tale of Jii Jorand All intoxicating drinks. There we Nourn Lici Vior Taloza in Hutchinson or. In eau county and Tbs was indeed a Reni arable feature in  new town on the Frontier where the principal Bue ideas in most of them a the traffic in liquors. Several bunts were made after wild horse in Early Day. . Norman saw plenty of them but they were too wild Lor him to catch. Tiv Klimut wheat. The brat wheat threshed waa done by j. N. 8bab�a with by own Thresher tha first in the country. He and Captain Tell run it the a Kwh of 18/1, it a at an Nomad. Babaa Thra Abad bit own wheat Aad Oak Balf Sua Anat Fatova Notti Rwjr us bad oar Gal Lawty a Erory one mile East of Hutch-1 Inion Atung to 880 Fen Shota of wheat. From daddy Laverty Sas he was called they went up cow Creek the Shang 1,000 bushels of fir in for or. Pillock. Mate yielded from seventeen to forty pfc Shell per acre Spring wheat ten it eighteen bushels per acre. About the first of August they tested the big Bridge with their heavy machine and reported that not a Timber in the Bridge Shook More than if an unloaded Wagon was passing Over and that n dozen such machines might to crossed at the same time and not Hurt the Bridge. They threshed 8ii0 bushels of Grain for or. James beam and 500 b Shell for or. South of tile River. Rur. Artst school the first school opened in Hutchinson was kept by miss Dennle Hodgson As teacher in a building known As the Jones House which stood then near where hold Berg s store now is but since moved off to make room for More prevention buildings. It was in this House that the Llrath child born in the new town made its Torst appearance upon this mundane sphere. The parents name were Johnson and As a Reward for such party service was Given a town lot by c. C. Hutchinson. Subsequently school was kept in the Dunkin House before mentioned in the Winter of 71 by a Man named Lane from Kentucky our fellow townsman,., i. Llod sey afterwards finishing up the term ending in the Spring of 72. Mips Plattie Smith mrs Norman also taught school still later in a room of the old commercial House and afterwards in now standing on South main Street. This brings us up to the time of building our present one Large school House. The contract for which was let August 13th 1872, to d. D. Olmstead. Bonds for building it to the amount of $15,000 having been previously voted to insure its completion in Good time the building Wai completed As per contract about the first of april 3874. The lower rooms were furnished and school began on monday april loth 1s74, in charge of prof. I e Burn and miss Frescoln. For architectural Beauty and finish this Bouse stands unsurpassed in Southern Kansas and is alike a Monument of Pride to our City a credit to Tho school Board and to Tho contractor and altogether sufficiently Large when completed to accommodate All demands upon it. Oiher rooms have been built and provided from time to time in order to keep Pace with the the rapid growth and developments of the District. Prom a Small gathering of Lees than Twenty five Echol hrs at first it Hab increased to an enrolment of six Hundred and forty three. So we see that this Community though it May not he in every sense a god like people by multiplying and replenishing the Earth has Laboured industriously to obey at least one command of the scriptures and there does not seem to be any cause to he apprehensive that the Good work will not go on. Tiie first in Noii. Ito. J. 8. Sax Liy was the first preacher on the town site to officiate As such. He was a Baptist and held services in or. Dunkin s building the first two Story House in town and now occupied by a c. Devier s grocery. It was Here also that the Hev. I entry methodist and first preacher of hib Church Here called his Little lock together. He afterwards organized the Church Aud held services in the court Bouse after its completion. A parsonage was built for him by the Pec. Pie that still stands near the limits of the town South of the Mill race Bridge and at present occupied by some american citizens of african de scent. Or. T. S. Score byway an sex Horter and Active worker in Early Days. The presbyterians under the leadership of Hev. Potter made some headway and a Church building was commenced for Union services being built by a general fund contributed by All the people. The House was a Long time in building and it was decided to let the urst Deomina lion that could secure the Means to com plete Tho House to have it for their sex elusive use. So item. Potter started East Aud got Means pledged Sulla Cicitt to Purchase and Complete the House at Cost of if i,000. The Corner Stone of the methodist Church was Laid August 23nd, 187j, Aud Tho dedication took place february 14th, 187"i. Over five Hundred people were present the House was crowded. The congregation May Well be proud of their Church one of the finest in the Southwest Kansas conference. The building is thirty two feet wide by sixty feet lung the ceiling eighteen feet High Aud the spire eighty feet High and at the Northwest Corner of the building. The congregation and this Community As Well May Bochong Raulst d on their handsome House of worship. The baptists now worship in a neat commodious House of their own erected some years later Anil located of Sherman Street. The episcopal and univer Aliat organizations now worship in this Bouse on alternate sundays. Both churches contemplate building at an Early Date. The catholics have built a Church edifice on second Avenue tast to accommodate All members of their persuasion. It a a Nice building and adds much to Tho appearance of that part of town in which it u located. Olla Luc from the Volu or Ida july 4, 72, from the commom Tealla we learn that in Topeka the plan for the erection of the round Bouse at this Point is prepared. Al ready it la located and a portion of the material a arrived or. Meyer Mother of our popular drug Glit i in the City. She Bat coma to St or ton and la Well pleated with Uto Hinton. 8he Alto brings bar Uttz daughter Lucie along who will attend la Candy department of our Friend s . Juiyl8, a understand Bat a goodly number 0 my Kim a link $ of wed a by awing,7oly la a. About to arty my Iwa Aat Aad a up and we w. A a Miyae rotary. The necessary committees were appointed and the preliminary Steps taken towards organising a Lodge. Success to the fraternity. July is 1w2.1 until within a few Weeka Hutchinson has Only been supplied by Atri we Kly mall and six months ago we Only received occasional Volunteer mails. Now the Bervice has been extended to this place As the end of the second division on Tho a. T. & 8. V. Railroad and our town is to be the Center of a half dozen routes radiating in every direction upon which the Postoff co department will order Bertico this fall. We shall thus lie connected by frequent communication with All the surrounding country which necessarily makes this its business Cen Ter. The singing clans under the tuition of or Laid ugh meets regularly ornery thursday evening. They have received new and costly books the same used by City choirs. August 1, 1872 or. I tuft a prominent citizen of Mcpherson county Haa been in the City ave eral Days. Or. He of is very much pleased with our people and prospects. No much to that it is hoped be will conclude to stay. August in 1872j Tho first Ter of the District court in Lieno county began yesterday with judge Brown of Cottonwood Falls on the Bench. The attorneys of the City were sworn in and the Case of Charlie Meyers indicted for running a gambling House was taken in. The other Case was that of Tobert Koss is. .1. Mcmurry and Patrick Leilly a continuance was granted after which court adjourned until to Day when Hutchinson will to incorporated judge Brown mad Good impression on our people and considering his age he has no Superior in the state. August 29, 1872. Hutchinson s first municipal election was held last monday and was a glorious Victory for Temperance and improvement Over whisky and stagnation the boy ticket started out Brash at first but soon the sober better element waked up to the fact that they did n t want Hutch Zubon run by Tho the result was As follows mayor Taylor flick 71, c. B. Martin 17. Police judge .i.b.Brown, Arris t. F. , a a. 1111. Recitation Tho of the Snow storm. Silas Jennie Fri fret soda Keld . Custard song tuo Slert Leat girl that ont. Miss Nellie honk me Ley. Mrs. Luuk and kiss who Tala duet i aps stay at Lorue. Mim Wilcox miss Jennie Wright Quartetti Jept a of my soul. It area Altro Mary and a rankle Llama a .1. 51 1-eld.bli and a. Miyo a. I astr . Quaint to in s liori�.". My Siam Tarj Lei Dawaon messes. Hell l. Houk users. Cut Tiitu h Bitela october 3, 1873. Or. Louser of Knox county Missouri called on us yesterday lie brought with him mrs. Sarah Jamr the Mother of our reliable Typo v. 13. Jams. Or. Digger a Young lawyer from Ohio has located in our City to practice his pre fes Sloo. Messes. Brown & Raff have bought out the grocery store first door North of Bailey s. They have both been in the mercantile business for several cents in n Apo Jon Ohio and know Bow to sell goods. Give them a Call. October 17,1873 sheriff Collins of our county returned a few Days since from an extensive tedious and dangerous trip into the wilds of new Mexico and Colorado after a gang of horse Thi Eveaj i i Mai november 7, "18. Or. Arb. Dickey claims Ibe Honor of being the first person to ride across the Arkansas River of the new Bridge. He bad Home difficulty however in getting off at the stun end and thinks he will not attempt the perilous feat again until the Bridge la completed. Nov. 21, 78. Mrs. . Van sickle showed great courage on thursday lighting Pirle Ore. Bhe saved the stable and Corral of her husband after be bad Given them up. File was considerably scorched in her Bercic affirms. Van should Perls a such a wife. On sunday last the big Bridge wat completed. On monday the Wagon of the Buffalo Hunters rolled Over with demonstration. It a now a pleasure to Oroala the big no mire no water no Tat but a Broad Beautiful Roadway nearly one third of a mile Long. Nov. 98, t8. I our pity at week. He wait pm awed with Iii part of the Arkansas Valley cd we Pope be May of Cluda to became a Cut a a of Uuk Thon Ija auary a 1w8.j w had a my talk with or . Lindsey on monday and Learned from him that Hia school numbered sixty scholars. The number is ton Large for one Man to handle and we suggest to the commissioners that they employ assistance. Or. J. Clymer a gentleman of Fine experience and attainments has opened a medical office in our City. The doctor graduated at the Cincinnati medical College in 1si11 and has been in Active proc lice Ever since. His office is in the first building South of cow Creek Bridge where to May be found at All hours. March 0, 78. A. B. Dickey and l. A. Perry of this of lace went Buffalo Hunting on monday. Dickey got Back on tuesday night Claimina to have killed a Bugh old Buffalo. The other parties May never return As they were seen rising n string of wagons bound for Medicine lodir1, swearing that they were a drove of Buffalo. March 71 the Buffalo hide and Bone trader this City has assumed very extensive proportions. Norman & Ingham Are most extensive deniers in hides mid Brown a i Iff in imers. They Blip car Load after car Load. March lit 7 1.j of. Ii. Hosan of Hulce county Spunt several Days in town last week in Conse Quence of the theatrical performance. He belongs to Darling s troupe. March lit 7�, to attended the performance of Darling s dramatic troupe Oil saturday even ing. The lady of Lyons was Well rendered. Mia Brown As Pauline won Manv Golden opinions. A Superb copy of Burns poems was presented her As a testimonial of appreciation. Or. K l. Teausant acquired himself handsomely or. L. Guessaz of Warrensburg mo., was in the City last week and we Are pleased to learn that to has decided to locate with us. He will return next week with a Complete Stock of watches and jewelry. March 27, 187a. The Railroad a certainly going to do a great Doal of work Here immediately. Second division to be at Hutchinson. Construction trains with Many hands Are now at work preparing the requisite Side tracks Etc. We were shown the plans for the round House turntable Coal Chute Etc., and were informed by or. Norton Road master for the Western division that these improvements would be erected at once. April 3, 73.j w. T. Atkinson will Boon open a cloth Ine store two doors South of Brown & 1 Tali s store where May be found a full Stock in his line of business july 10,1578. Historic Day celebrated at Losan s Grove Teporter recognized Emo Trother familiar faces those of ony i i ill a Bautti bean and l. Houk and family. Heading of the declaration of Independence by m. L. Redding was followed by address by h. Whiteside. Dinner reminded us of feasts we have attended on the cart Side of the old Mississippi. After dinner we listened to an eloquent and address by j Edge Houk. The Day ended with toasts and cheers and the Young people gathering into the school Bouse no. 17 tripped the Light fantastic until after Midnight. Hurrah for july 4th, 187 july 10, 187u. On july 4th a Large crowd gathered it the new court House and celebrated with great spirit july 17,1873. Several radios and gentlemen of this City initiated the pastime of hand in excursions july 27th, 1873. Z. Tharp and others recently found the Prairie near Medicine Lodge Creek strewn with the carcasses of Buffalo slain for. Their hides july 34th, 1873. I. P. Braley has built the handsomest and Best House in Heno county. First House West of t. J. Anderson s on sixth Avenue East. July 24th, 1873 last saturday night a rousing meeting was held at the court House to consider Means to secure a Railroad from Salina via Hutchinson to Medicine Lodge. Speeches were made by w. E. Hutchinson l. Houk and d. M. Lewis Etc. July 24th, 1873 j. Ii. Medbery called on us last monday and gave us items from the Ninne Scab. Medbery is opening up a Fine farm Nea Castleton. July 24, 73. Our worthy mayor c. A Kendall stuck a Lariat pin in his ankle und is now limping about a Beautiful style. July 31, 73. We have been informed by z. Thorp that an immense Herd of Buffalo passed through the southwestern part of the country last week. They Wero Over thirty hours in a Hsiug a Given Point. ,1. 11. Gray on and others were camping in that Vicinity and do not desire a repetition of the adventure. August 21st, 187.1. An set to occurred of monday at Mcmurry b livery stable Between Chas. Collins sheriff of this county and it. 15. Shadduck. They were sop. Rated before any damage was done Thad Duck received a Cut in the head from a Lariat pin and after the Light had Collins arrested for assault with intent to kil1. The preliminary exam National to cake place before l. B. Hole lab on the 28th. August 21st, 1878. Schas. Collie of this county has Goue to foil Dodge to establish a stage line from there to Camp Supply in the Indian territory. He would have run a line from this City could an escort of Cut. Airy been secured september 13,1b73.j Leno county has a population of 1,000 souls. September 20,1878. District school no. 1 will open in roam adjoining Eagle hotel monday september Isth. Miss Jennie Milie and Mia Flattie Smith teachers. October wid there has open considerable change in property in Hutchinson during the past few Weeka. Prominent among them May be mentioned the leasing of Tea Leno House by Cut. Chambers to a. K. Burrell of Tea Kagle hotel by Ibe meters. Bailey to Monahen & Oblaney and the Sale of e. F. Staley a elegant residence to or. Phelps of Iowa. October 10, 78. The party at Crawford s Hall on Friday night which pm angina a re i by a a Meyer and 0. Mcmurry wan a grand aug new. Number of Pupilla enrolled in room 1 of Hutchinson Public school in room 9 sixty two. Total Luety Oine october a a t3. Mph Anou a blk a Tda a a tartar of be no a Mani u on a vial Ito Tan a. L�ove��#rl8 78.j or. Ouw blazon elected to to Jejer Lur receiving Chota pm Kamaia , receiving Taii. Noria and Ingbar gave a private party at their new store. A party of cowboys attempted to break it up when they were promptly arrested by Deputy sheriff Mcmurry. 0. C. Hutchinson Arufe in the City with Hia Bride. October 80, 78. The presbyter Lana a new Bell for their Church. Co. Elitc Hanjon is nominated for the leg Matura. November 13, 7d. L. A. Bigger returned from n Aplaon Ohio accompanied by a party of Nepo Leo alter who purchased real estate. November 20, 7 1. Brown & rift sold their business hour on main Street for $2,so0. December 4tb. 18751.1 w. T. Atkinson Reni run Ravoni Hia enat Ern trip accompanied Liy his lir de. To. Crowed. Smith and i Wilcox Start Ott n prospective tour in search of Coil. December 1 lib 137 1. The Hutchinson to Undrille cultus met wednesday at Dickey s or ii store Nold elected the following of Luceri financial committee a. L. Meyrer h. V. Hafft. Mcmurry. Treasurer a. 11. commit teen invitation it c. Uail Efi we. Allen a. A fell. Floor managers Lute Perry j. Theobald a. H. Moffat. Item option committee a. , h. Whiteside k. F. Stacey. December 18th, 1873.1 Ito. D. A Moore it cached in. The Presb Terlan Church and was called to be its regular pastor. January 8th, 1874. Or. J As. T. Norman and Mesa Hottie Smith were married. Hev. D. M. Moore installed As pastor of Tho presbyterian Church. T. F. Leidigh was married at dig opting pa., to miss head. Jaii uary 22,1874. Or. Ceorge Rapey arrives in the City i be comes with the intention of erecting a flouring Mill. The Hutchinson dramatic company give their drat performance caste being the piece presented Tho principal parts being taken by the misses Whitelaw and Mills mrs. Howe messes. Hallowell Emerson and olapp., february ii 1874. 1 r. D. H. Mckee locates permanently. W. K. Hutchinson member of the legis lature from Barbour Coutv is in the City. February 12,1874. T. T. Taylor permanently locates in Reno county. A successful. Ball was Siren it the court House. Messes. Most Agniel and Dickey were the managers of the affair. March 12, 74 or. Hiram nuff of Napoleon Ohio purchased the interest off. H. Brown of the firm of Brown a Haff dry goods merchants. April 2, 7i.j j. C. Mcl Lioy c. W. A signs and livers Banks locate in Heno county. April if 74. J. B. Drown was elected mayor it. A. Soper police judge s. M. Hell fas. Crow o. I. W inflow we. Ingham and o. A Hardy councilmen. April 28, 74 a a Kin reporter interviewed a Uuno Berof prominent citizens As to the beauties of Heno county As a health resort. Or. Llic Secker states my Little boy Charlie a nine years old was born ill Ohio and affected with asthma from the time of Hia birth came to Eastern Kan Sasand his health did not improve. Moved to Leno county september 1873, and lie was benefited immediately and Baa not been compelled to stay up a night since he Baa been in the county.". Or. J. P. Theobald "1 came to Hutchinson Bap Teinberg 15, 1872, in very poor health. Physicians called Ray Case consumption weighed 140 pounds. I was not Able to work at my Trade Shoemaker. Commenced improving at once Aud before i was Here four Weeka was Able to sit Down to my Bench and do u hard Day s a Ork. 1 now weigh 177 or. M. Hale i arrived at Hutchinson april 4,1812. My daughter ten years old was troubled with weak lungs and general debility. Since coming Here she bus taken to Medicine hut her health has improved Aud she is now Well and May 21, 1874. Burt Wilcox one of the popular Young men of the City left for Ohio to enter College. T. T. Taylor s family arrived in the City. July 2, 1874 Leo Albright secures a Badger for Bis museum. This Issue ended the second volume of Tho news. July kith 1871. On sunday l. A blogger and of Vigo a Tucker Wero spending the afternoon with e. O. Webster three Miles Southwest of town. About the Middle of the afternoon they saw a Large sized Bui Ialo Bull galloping toward the House pursued by u troop of horse Neu who worn firing with every to Bini from a shot gun to ular lat pin. Or. Buffalo seemed to mind the missiles but Little and passed by with the crowd of pursuers rapidly increasing. Being headed he made u circuit of two Miles returning to Webster s House where Joseph 0 Ray Bob met him with a Needle gun and staggered blk with a Ball in the head. The ferocious brute quickly re overed and charged 11 Ray ton who gave him a second shot which was fatal. Such Are substantially the facts As related by bigger on monday who bad recovered Bis equilibrium sufficiently to give u Calm account of his Buffalo aug 0,74 the Grasshoppers have left con to und nobody la sorry. They did a great Deal of damage but As they have Laid no eggs we heed have nothing to fear next year. Old Grasshopper men assure us that it will be fourteen Yeara before we will again be plagued with Che Reg legged cusses. Oct 29, a noun Tilesi thousands of. Buffalo Bave made Belr appearance in the Arkansas Valley. Train Ere obliged to map to let the animals get out of the Way. November l2tb. 1874. J. 11. Lindsay Well known in this county Baa reopened the Kagle hotel. Success to him. November 10th, 1874. V. R. Obr Smau of a Duborow Illinois stopped at Tia City one Day last week in  tending to May Only a few minutes but waa so Wall pleased that a flayed until monday night and Pur Batad the House and lot formerly coupled by m. Bandera on a out main Street november 20th, 1874. C. C. Hutchinson and family arrived at Tia City from Castleton it and will reside Here permanently november 20, a there la a grand Rush into the matrimonial Arena just now about Lutc Bulaon Mcfarlend and la. Biggar Bate gone East to marry. W. A Uwarda w. R. Hutchinson . To a and Oiler bad swooped off Aad lastly a a. I eke a come to tha front Tad me Jalaa atm hav ,bothpftolawi�ltjr7pm Akbar my 1 county m saturday Mew pfc Fri and each to a a Raaz or int was not. Unexpected As the pair had Long been attached to each other. July 12,1877. Messes. We. It Eyrond Allen Shafer and or. A Larsha had a narrow escape from being struck by lightning the horses they were driving being killed. August 10, 1877. The total number of scholars enrolled ill the City schools was 820, and the following Wero Tho teachers prof. R. A Leslic principal miss Jennie Mcklin str my. In. 11. A Ichardson Mian Jii Esaud 1m. Lisley ass Tams. September ii 1817 my ssh. Young bros., of Washington Iowa open a exclusive Boot and shoe establishment. September i 1877 1 a w. A gaga assumes charge of the september 37,1s77. K. M. Hill locates in the City and opens a lurid Iuie store. Oct. 3, 77. Or. Christopher Kanaga died at the age of u3 years. Prof. Oakes permanently locates in the City. Nov. 8, 77, the following county officers were elected the Riff j. M. Hod Rick treasurer w. T. Atkinson county clerk n. U. Beatty Register 8. A Atwood Surveyor. Taylor commissioner Potter Moor and Everett december 201b, 1877.j a l. Meyer is being pushed by the press of the state As United states commissioner to the Paris exposition. Or. Edward Allen the Mason who helped to erect uie Nwa of lace. Was formerly on of those who helped to build the London tit not building. January 3d, 1878. Or. 1. 8. Alexander returned from the East accompanied by his Bride miss mag Miller of Johnson s. Y. January 17th, 1878 w. , editor of the Curau a arrested by the sheriff of Shawnee county for libel tit the instance of f. P. Lakei. Of the february 7th, 1878. Editor Turpin woe kidnapped by sheriff Devendorf of Shawnee county who was pursued by a party of Turpin a friends and captured at slut itch where Turpin was Given Hia Liberty and the sheriff arrested on the crime of kidnapping. Al. Smith a prominent society Young Man mysteriously disappears. February 21878. K. L. Meyer received Hia commission to the Paris exposition the commission Bea Piug the president Hayes Aud ski rotary Eva if. The census of the City does net foot up qui e 2,000 and the Hopes of changing the City to one of the second class will have to lie resigned. September .7, 1878. We acknowledge receipts of invitation to attend the wedding of b. A. Atwood and miss Louise Houenstein of pint Burg to. To november 14,1s78.j Glast evening miss May Broad Well and Illert Wilcox were married Kev. I. " Oore . For one in Ftp Uchrin a Burts ladies Fine shoes in Haud turned and hand Welt to Terr und common synae siae3 i to a a sat c to k. French kid $6.00 formerly $7, French kid Vamp Dongola Fly former Price $6.60. Everybody knows what theae go de Ait. Every pair warranted we Are Tea new Luslie agents in tit. -. Jei fart

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