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Huron Huronite And Daily Plainsman Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Huronite and The Daily Plainsman, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Huron, South DakotaDakota service 701 s. 21 to St. To sur. City edition the Hur onite and Early sports coup. Of service the daily plainsman weather extern Santti Dakota Cloudy High sunday 95 Low sunday 45 see Complete forecast Page 4 in. South dak1 Benny Hooper has pneumonia Egypt to fight French Suez move before . Canal traffic restored rescued lad returned to oxygen tent a Ray examination re Veals spot in lung construction work for is hero in Rescue Good morning by Dick Williams you know what i visited the Washington school i was one of 114 Fath ers belonging to either the Lions kiwanis rotary or Certoma who visited school this week. The visits were part of. Educa Tion business week which was of the Huron chamber of Commerce. J thought it was fun. You know what i visited the kindergarten first with my youngest As a guide. He took me Down the Hall to his room and introduced me to the class. This is he said. Well we pledged Alle Giance to the Flag Sang America and then got Down to the serious business of recording the weather on the Calendar crossing off the Date and reciting which holidays or special Days there were in the month of May. Them we got Down to the even More serious business show and Tell " time. It s amazing How varied were the experiences of those Young sters. It s amazing too How much difference there is in their physical and social development. Beck faces permanent Union ban Washington president Dave Beck besieged by attacks from Congress tax authorities and labor leaders faces new trouble monday almost certain permanent loss of his posts As an Al Cio vice president and executive Council member. The Al Cio Council temporary s3 us Abor move melt into on monday the coun cil Calls Beck on the carpet again o decide whether to make the suspension permanent. The Council will base its decision on a provision of the Al Cio Constitution that one of the objects and principles of Parent Nikon is to protect the labor movement from any and All corrupt in ordering the temporary sus pension the Council took note the number equated the the fact that the teamster presi a average prior to last july Dent repeatedly had invoked the h the waterway was National fifth amendment in refusing More than 100 answer questions by the Senate rackets committee about what he had done with More than in teamster Union funds. Since then new troubles have i cd up on Beck at a rapid clip. About the Only thing they seemed to have in common was the opening sentence. Of the narrative of their experiences. Almost everyone began with you know you. Know what Here s what those Woiln Esters had been doing digging Worms to go fishing. Putting up a Fence. Going to the Eye doctor. Entertaining a Friend who ate at our House building a Back Stop. Growing peanuts in his Garden. One girl had found a Bird. What kind was it it s real Little and it had fell out of its i might add this incident produced a Lively discussion and number of questions. Evidently finding a Bird like that was a big in fact the girl sitting next to her said found it but i found it the Teller was Quick to note. Then there was the Young Ster who had a Bird in has Back Yard or rather his neighbor s Back Yard but they let him watch. He has been following the growth of these Robins Ever since they Little Blue eggs. He saw Mother Robin throw the egg shells out of the nest after the Little Birds hatched. And he even climbed up to the nest to feed the Birds. I they opened their Mouths real he said. These youngsters also had things to show. One brought _ other some Library books. Then there was the boy with the new pants the girl with the jump rope the girl with the Belt. But the ones who really had the most were the boy who had been to the Eye doctor because he got piece of bark in his Eye and the Girt with the Loose tooth Cairo canal traffic reached its Normal level saturday under egyptian terms that All nations except France and Israel viewing scene of near tragedy accepted. Informed sources said that Egypt considered the canal controversy a closed chapter of his tory. They said Egypt would reject any attempt by France to reopen the question before the United nations Security Council. In this the egyptian regime had the Back ing of the soviet Union. Egypt already Hail served notice that it intends to continue its 9-year-old blockade of israeli shipping in the canal and will Stop any israeli ship sent to the water Way to test the ban. At the United nations in new York the israeli delegation re affirmed Israel s intention to Send a test ship through the canal and charged that the waterway is operated under a regime of deliberate a total of 37 ships sailed into the canal saturday in North and southbound convoys. For the first Limp since Egypt reopened the two subsequent appearances. Beck ran his total refusals to answer committee questions about its personal finances above the 200 Mark. Committee accused Beck of not borrowing As he once insisted to reporters the in Union funds he is accused of converting to his own be. Committee also listed 52 ways in which it said Beck had misused his position As head of the Union for the Benefit of himself and his family. According to he country matters. President Gamal Abdel Nasser s government decreed a National parliamentary election july 3. Candidates May begin filing applications sunday. A National Union under Nasser will be formed a Little car an they made the rounds showing each child individually. The boy was careful to Call attention to the drop of Medicine which had spilled on his shirt Collar staining it. I think it was he said. But the youngsters said it looked Orange. Then the youngsters went into their free play period so our youngest who had been chosen by one of the girls to play took us Over to the second Grade where we watched our in Between in action he read for so did the other members of the class. This gave us a Chance to see How he stood in relation to the others. The teacher a substitute seemed fearful that i was going to he critical of her or something. But How could t be this was the Ste Good morning Page Virner american held by japanese in shooting Tokyo indicted an american Soldier for manslaughter saturday and insisted that the United states abide by its original agreement to hand him Over for trial. Justice minister Umekichi Naka Mura rejected . Defense Secre tary Charles e. Wilson s order superseding the agreement and forbidding Transfer of s3c William s. Girard to japanese custody Nakamura the House of representatives in the diet parliament that the decision of a japanese american commission to turn Over the Ottawa 111., Soldier must be rigidly the foreign office announced that it concurred with Nakamura s stand. The District procurator s office in Maebashi 60 Miles Northwest of Tokyo then indicted the 21-year old Girard for causing the death of a japanese woman on a firing Range at nearby Camp Weir. But the far East command was heeding Wilson s order to keep Girard under american pending a Complete review of the Case. An official decision has Beer made by a joint commission Anc his decision must be rigidly observed no matter what is said in he United he said. Girard is held by . Author ties at Camp Weir on suspicion of causing the death of. Mrs. Naka Sakai Camp firing Range Jan. 30. Both the conservative govern ment and the socialist opposition Lave made a Issue of the Case although the shooting apparently was accidental. Minneapolis Man Burns to death Minneapolis up Ferdyn about a was burned to death saturday afternoon in a flip that gutted two Story House suburban Island Park near Here a truth. Lived none apparently Felt asleep with a lighted Clit Etu authorities said Zed. With the canal Issue settled egyptian thinking. Turned to internal to screen out any candidates including both communists and rightist moslem brotherhood Triem Tinis who have been named in eligible for Public office. Syria closely Allied with Egypt Salii Day led the Arab Campaign against Israel. Foreign minister Salah Bitar called in Hie . And soviet ambassadors to Damascus to ask their governments support for a syrian complaint against Israel. Complaint hied with the unit nations accuses Israel of violating the armistice by building a Bridge at Lake Hulen in the Israel syrian demilitarized zone. King Saud of saudi Arabia re turned Home from Baghdad after week Long conferences with Iraq s King Feisal. Iraqi Premier Nuriel said described the talks As very Manorville . Up seven year old Benny Hooper who survived 24 hour s of being buried alive in a backyard Well was found to be suffering from pneumonia late saturday. He has a spot of pneumonia on his right or. Joseph Kris announced after praying the bos Benny had been removed from an oxygen Lenl for the Examina Tion and was returned to it immediately. The boy was rushed to a hos Pital Friday night after he was rescued and was immediately placed in the oxygen tent in an Effort to Ward off pneumonia. He also was Given shots of penicillin. But. Kris said that the terrible ordeal of being trapped in wet Sand for a night and a Day had brought on pneumonia anyway. Parents sleeping Benny s parents both were at Home sleeping when news of the discovery of the illness came. Only a Short time before Benny had been reunited with the labourer who risked his life to save the boy and had said he Felt Samuel Woodson the 39-year-old construction worker Soho pulled Benny from the jaws of death had remained outside the Hospital to learn the results of the a rays. During his brie visit with Benny he gave the boy a bit of fatherly advice stay out of thank you very very much for dragging me out of the Benny told Woodson. Obey your parents and watch out in everything you Wood son replied there is danger Al ways Woodson asked Benny How he Elt. "1 feel great but my Benny replied. Two magic words he asked the boy if he was Iraq Benny said. I am ready u. S. Parades armed might Washington up the Nalion saluted ils fighting men and their glistening War machines saturday while defense Lead ers warned against military spend ing slashed and called for higher pay for atomic age soldiers. Celebrating armed forces Day millions of civilians turned out at Home and abroad for a first Good look at awesome new guided mis Siles flashy supersonic Jet aircraft and other weapons. In speeches across the land rus a was warned of the retaliation that the forces on display could bring Down on an aggressor. With a wary Eye on the congressional Economy drive civilian and uniformed defense chiefs warned that inadequate defense spending could mean the difference Between peace and War. Go doctors said Benny could not go ome however until lie had been thoroughly x Rayed and Fluor coped for possible internal or one injuries. Spunky Benny still unaware of in drama of his Brush with death wakened Early saturday morning raised his head in his oxygen Tell and said two magic words i m then he smiled. Benny s Mother father and Doc is decided then and there that Grything would be All right with a boy pulled half con Cispus and nearly Frozen to safety Friday night. Digs with Bare hand Woodson told newsmen at the Hospital that he had dug the last feet to Benny with his Bare lands. You could Only dig 15 or 20 minutes Al a Woodson said. All the time 1 was praying aloud my Yelling son if you hear me Nove move some part of you " Woodson said that when he final reached Benny he put the boy n top of him. Fellow Rescue workers then pulled Benny out of see lad Page four youth Drivers banned in Mexico Mexico City traffic department has banned driving by All persons under 18 years of age. The department Friday revoked the Drivers under that age limit explaining that most of the traffic accidents in Mexico Are caused by them. New plainsman feature something new has been added to the daily plainsman s women today. In fact two new features make their initial appearance today. One aimed directly at the younger set is Dorothy Flicker teen age the other of general interest is dear which deals with the problems confronting husbands teen agers and parents. Miss Ricker deals with teen age problems in a language which the youngsters understand. She gives teen agers and parents sympathetic understanding and helpful advice sometimes even n sound spanking. Dear Abby is written by mrs Pauline Phillips under the name of Abigail she has a keen under standing of problems confronting discontented wives and husbands distressed parents misunderstood sweethearts and in general persons who Are faced with crises in their lives and seeking an outsider s viewpoint. Interspersed with her Sage advice is a Bright humorous style of writing. Mrs. Phillips was born an identical twin on july 4 m Sioux City Iowa where she and her twin sister attended. Morningside College. She and her husband lived in eau Claire before moving to san Francisco where mrs. Phillips renewed the journalism career which was interrupted by her marriage. Dear Abby will appear every Day and teen age mall will appear on sundays tuesdays and thursdays in the daily plainsman Luckiest Guy in the world met asks Confidence vote Paris up Premier Guy Mollet staked the life of Bis ecord breaking government sat urday on a Confidence vote on his demand for 420 million dollars in special taxes to meet the mounting Cost of the algerian War. Mollet called for a Confidence ote at ., ending an All Light National Assembly Defalc on the tax proposal. The vote was scheduled for 3 . Tuesday. The government has weathered 3 previous Confidence votes Dur no its unprecedented 16 months n office. Its chances of a 34th appeared to be fairly Good. During Friday night s debate a rightist attempt to kill the special a program was Defeated by a Ole of 287-145. However opposition to the Noli ies of Mollet s minority regime Las been mounting on every front during the weeks since March 29, when it won its most recent con Tidence test by a 33-Voto margin. Political observers speculated hat the turn taken monday and tuesday by the French requested United nations Security Council debate on Suez May decide Mol let s Fate. Taken out of production Miller a report from the ask office Here shows that nearly acres have been taken out of production under Trio. Acreage Reserve and conservation Reserve. Nearly 550 operators have qualified. The wheat acres taken out o production under the acreage Reserve for one year Are 24.710 acres. Acres on the conservation re serve Are acres. He was immediately returned to in oxygen Lenl. Mother refuses to give up Hope for Benny through Long hours of Rescue Effort nation prays for lad a meeting. It. Sounded fishy Ligate up Hope. I knew that when e. Fri mrs him Hraf Hlll ii1 ii by mrs. Borgi wild Hooper n As told to the United press knew my husband had i gone to Beach . Meeting. 1 Callcut again Ana was Al work and i knew they they told me they would come and were trying to gel. Boo Khavin gel. Me town police on an emergency. Pulled my earphones off and Silling next ran out he door and drove about to me and she old me the police 170 Miles an hour Home. Digging an irrigation Well i a skid the operator where ii. Was and she they found him breathing or if Here were any signs of life they would pull him through. Throughout the hours you think of crazy things. 1 thought of the car i had promised Bonny for his birthday july 2. T would t Old gel they to had been 1 am Ihnn Tui to the people he country. They Iii f 1 knew Ihorn Hud Boon no signs responsible for his safety in Vouge said it was in Piitz Liogus and not in the Dirc Clion of my Home. To be suit i my House i knew imn Ami that my in Salid had gone to finances were slim but i never i hunk they know How i feel new floods edit Oklahoma death toll 10 Tulsa. Okla. From he rain swollen Arkansas River Nch cd into Oklahoma s second Argosy cily saturday and Many Mailer areas relied from the effects of the stale s flood disaster. The cd Cash loll from a four Day siege of violent thunderstorms torrential Rains and Hail mounted n 10 and damage to property highways and croplands was Esti Nia cd in the millions. Residents of Tulsa a City of 250. Door rot their first look at flood Vaters saturday afternoon when storm sewers in Low areas backed in and the Muddy water covered streets near the River s Edge on he City s Southwest Side. The main Crest was not expected until after Midnight. The danger was postponed when he Arkansas absorbed the Shock of a murky 200-mile Long flood on the Cimarron River which ran wild across Northern Oklahoma tier 10 to 18-Inch cloudburst two clays ago. It joins the Arkansas 1j Iles above Tulsa. River forecasters predicted a Crest Here sunday morning six or seven feel above Hood stage. From i arc downstream the Arkansas is expected to have the worst flood since 1923. Meanwhile a major flood was forecast on the Washita in South Ern Oklahoma. Families living along the River fron. Pauls Valley o Lake Texoma on the Texas Border were warned after the incr crested at three feet below the 194l record flood at Pauls Valley. At Tulsa thousands of people iving in two Urban areas on either Side of the River continued moving out Luicir belongings. More than had fled to higher ground Laic saturday. There wore who elected to stay in Hopes the Waters would bypass them or not get too deep. Civil defense workers and Volun Teers were prepared to evacuate those remaining. Although Rains appeared lessening local floods fostered residents at a dozen places Over Oklahoma. Along the Washita River in South Central Oklahoma thousands of Fertile farmlands were inundated and three cities Pauls Valloy Maysville and Lind say were harassed. Today s chuckle Alt the inn id l a Lover. Do you Jee him Light ing you for a parking downtown never. He Parlov oils intr he oily on i roid he can Flat

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