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Huron Daily Plainsman Newspaper Archives Oct 15 1965, Page 8

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Daily Plainsman, The (Newspaper) - October 15, 1965, Huron, South DakotaPage bight the daily plainsman Hurtt. South Dakota Friday october is ims Central South Dakotas worship at the Church of your Choice on sunday Central South Dakota Church directory Huron i ii i i of Cut Rhc St. And of loin at. . V a. A wife. 3534373 u . Chur to i Nice Lor Mir unit 12 ., by uts. Ralph Dougherty. Y4uth wry let , Cleft inf evangelistic rally Thursday ., hour of Fotr Caurrie is. . X. Duant pastor a Adit school . Mooting Jorj tip ii . service Thursday ., study it Rel Bap lil Church 1w or. Umm2 to Tab pastor. 8 30 and 11 . Etched . Avenue Cap to to Ohio . John Morton pastor sunday school 10 . Worship u . Training Union Evening worship Thursday evening prayer t Marlin i Camee Church fifth Kansas , Paul f. Anderson Patter and join mar aul Nart. Sunday maius s. I , u . Car cd to t Fernt fifteen of and Wisconsin , mix a. Tom Ell. Minuter 332-9274 Bible 10 . To lamp 1 . And c Wednesday Nud Wott Bible Skuri h w Char Cut sixth and Oregon . Owen a Zumot pastor Bible school . Verde of . Evening is ramp comm Nam Youth a Tetinik Thursday Mid week . Study. Strtt Church of Chrum Tifuh and tilings . Sunday school . Worship to . Wednesday worship . P.rt., Reading u open Cut capt to Llotys. Cart Stem sri May read borrowed Jesus Christ latter Bay 14m Frank ave. . Sunday school 10 . Sacrament meeting la . Ruth and California . D.1 j. Brown pastor sunday school a. M. Worship n a. M. Nursery facilities be provided Dor inf the worship. Church and Mcclelon or. . Jen Paul a. Clark Rector holy communion t . Horning prayer rely first Kud third sunday . it holy communion 7.oh. J holy Days Ai announced. Sajor Lucaa fourth and Iowa ave. . Or tiny Erikam pastor sofa amt. Inu Tait pastor worship and 11 . Sunday school and 11 . Church school saturday . Church school saturday , for k Calvary most we and Dakota 5. Of Asp Hallur pastor 3x Worsh Lff and . Koel and a tilt cd " leu Impel medi Lalma Kun the lutheran hour Kun. 7.35 . Arty communion last sunday month i Lathem d and Ohio at. . E. Jons Tioy. Past 451-4231 quiday a Hool 3 . Hour 10 . , and third St. . 4. A. Sazalsky pastor. 352-k99 sturday ached . Worship 10 is . Ten ice Thursday And study. It. Ouret unc ofe . Wiebe pastor. Shoot . Worship . Servet Thursday Prayer Aad Zurit study. 4jrteaai . Charr Corner Mortana and first St services on the first third h month. Cup tool Lup in web Broadway at Madison of l. Wean try pastor sunday Kvool . Worship 11 . Training Union Evening service Wednesday prayer me Tia i Thursday visitation 7 Peter cat coir cafe Crest n. Euclid maa amt and i . Dally. Sunday 7. And Chris tax Jyh w. Ple Amdi drive sunday school . Worship 11 . Of Chrim 420 k. Dakota Bible d.-45 . Wort hip 15 . Youth groups Wednesday choir 7 , wednesday Bible study l . Church of Christ 12j n. Madison Donovan m. Side Miniatt Hime study 19 . Worship ii . Kvenlog worship c . Thursday Bible study The Church pro Phiel Iron r. Thonia part or sunday school 10 . Of Scitti Christ latter May Mitt sunday school 10 . Church service 11 . Church the Dluna 500 e. Dakota ave. Plummer pastor sunday school 9 . Worship 10 . Overcome a 7 , wednesday. First Caw i Chiril Rev. K. H. Hires Ehoff motor worship 10 and 11 . And str 4nr 1 . Service. Sunday shool . For school a rough High school 11 , for ear Olds and pre school. Trial la episcopal Church 301 e. Capitol Eric Wright Putor holy eucharist i n . Szadaj Dally. . Michael s a Faasol Church school in. Worship . Communion second sunday of Moota. Lutheran Church la Aorl 14 n. Grand Toj d sunday school and 19 won hip . Keur Mcd Charr on the truck Rooert Gross Iann pastor sunday school id . Worship la . Bibb study Tuesday. 320 p. Prospect Edwia l. And Marma 0. Enberger. Parton worship and 11 . Sunday school an la holy communion sunday of the Mooth ., third sunday he month . Hal Mph wit Church. 117 n. Centra Toyd Grinager pastor Church school . Worship la . Melhad isl 340 n. Euclid Glenn weasel., pastor sunday school worship 11 . Evening worship s 1126 k. Park St. Robert Fisher pastor sunday school 10 . Church of the 121 n. Huron ave. R. Orion pastor sunday school . Worship 11 . Yourth a evicts Hour of Oak Lawrence Martuch Oalda. Masses vary. 51. A fun s Lloyd Hackbarth pastor a tvs be worship i . Sunday school t . Fourth Kansas . Miller pastor Wen up Kurck school std . Clip Rich school Durst Tiroui k sixt i worship Prayer . Study la Huncl. Wesky a Church turd and Kansas ave . Clifford k. Watt pastor it today school Cor to . Divine a sri blk 11 . If nth 7 30 Evening worship b . To tract Wal Nestray i Kihei a Turefei wic cond St. . Fuday school . Mar nerf worship 11 . . . 0. Harmon Bupt. Mtg Sway school u4 Wor Afcin h . Sterf Mew Fourr Church 1mi at. S., pm w. Diamond Putor of Caspar school . Serv los 1 l . Pm. To misday 1 ., prayer and Bible and Nebraska pastor 10 . U be str los pm. Wonia today prayer first Tudi said Thota s. W. D d., minister a web Wanup . School . D St. S., re Rind Juat _. School 10 am. Most s 1m. Air 7 Mac Fiat , Are most to to eth St. . K. H. Neuoma pastor. 3u-23m am. Sabbath school 11 . Rail 1441 Iowa ave. . Ravicn meet lat a court sunday 2 Study m5 a Taffy tuck i . 7.11 so. At. H. Hind pastor Msj a to Catuy Sthol 10 . Wons sip la . And , to mum is Formaa Chweh Owca i Temh acted u 11 . My heave pastor wimp . School worship first method just meat Currier Sua Dav Rhom . Worship . Clamp Jack l. Glau Pistor sunday school if . Tears flip 1 . Even uni Morski i Udy. T. A Leroh cat totter Katler Rock Masai i Aad u Dally Mata . Robert pastor i. Paul1 w. Wilson Astor Wil worship . Sunday school . Tran he Lith Kraai c. Hau Telb. Pm Tor 1141 workup 10 . Sunday school 1 . Kenneth Ems pastor worship ii . Sunday school Prace lutheran Robert zonk pastor sunday school . Worship . Code cathode bather mama i Ami pm. Cooles Slon 7 to Curtij us Mott mass sunday. Ohba Tilby Glen Gabel. sunday school . Worship 11 . De sky to. Chehi Carloa Hermann pastor mass and 16 . Saturday -3.w First Robert Owen pastor sunday school . Worship 11 is. Surphes t Ceram re charts pastor to Raholp i . A Elmiah a Bernard g. Iii per pastor sunday 3 tuesday t Sonico at Udy. Friday ., ministry school t Meet anti. Luther is Tioy w. Slade pastor Mvt-3741 worship i and . Nursery aval Lahm Al 9 . Sen in sunday school am adult u . method let Kenneth c Farr worship . Sunday school . Hartin Ruwich Willow Mats worship worship . Sunday school . to Ftp mss 10 . We Sod us fourth sundays ., com Sisom before Blaw it. . And 7 a u. A Hirday. Khz Gentr James w. Reuey. Pastor sunday school . To Raholp . R. Mark Walker pastor cd t-2531 worship . Sunday school . Alpena Bethlehem United Chhorth Christ oui Wargo Juster worship ice , sunday to cobol . Mattho Misti Louis Warco pastor sunday m. Worship la . Utt Xaian first lather Aai Fred Hall Stem pastor sunday a Hofts to . Worship i Aad 11 b.b., invest Barth pastor Church school . 31 . Aston Joon Loe pastor worship and 18 . Vanhoft w. H. W. Borchers a Star Presb Yuirai Orth lax Robert pastor u i-24it sunday school 10 Wop sup 11 . Church it Christ Don fend pastor . Sunday school . Lloyd Hackbarth vacancy Pamatot Ravine won up 8 sunday 3 of Myhr Church worship 9r30 . Sunday school . Church Chat of to Mew it Kalbic Carli Euam Broaca a Wal. 7n to Kubat . A Mun i Wei Artay p a. Friday Kim Jamel p. F ulem i Trau i u4 . .Kiy Ella. An c. Ellis mean., pillar Tel Wal . Wonny ii am. Cwick w 4 Al 1. Anderson sunday mail . Achoo 1 Achmel c . Ii . L. A.v4 11 sunday school 10 to Lakil Dale erred Hureo Wolma 11 for. Joseph p. Anderson axe Day to . Chr iia mrs jury Folk Tram pastor sunday to . Orri Phlp 11 . Hour Prayer , i a shr i f Kareb Al Maas if . Wor Shub ii . R. Sunday school worship am of i Aylor i and 11 a Sway Somol . Siam a am. Laval to . Ackil i. At. Ken pastor sell m44 Church school War sap Al . Marc cock or. Edwin of worship . Sunday Sci 11 . Borabo m. Cat site rather Paul masses and Truler Gerald w. Richards pastor worship . Paul Rores Burr. Paster worship . Sunday . M. Jaha a Lata Eraa Cut even . Par for. It Wramp i . Suva in Kakol . Met Abdul Pakatar work Ftp g two u . Ope. Willllr e. In wok pallor. M sunday Kowol 10 . To Raulp 11 . , Paal l the Niue 0. O Bra Max j . Fred Kaua Thim sunday Aeh Oev 10 . Worship and ii . Air Nataly. Redeemer Latke Raa prior sunday a Hool a. Of Kiln. No ramp i u . Larar Robert Pakatar sub try it , Wera hip 11 . Chueh w ged la Triu mean Falla Casar Acauan Sis form of Bav Mila l. Baruh. Pastor sunday Khord 10 . Worship 11 . Ruc ular Tirats Aua auf to Antt Moath Psi Hallst Jerald Barnhart. Pastor Wortma . Lake Amchir of god Obert Abbott pastor sunday it . Mom Jiter Worsnip 11 . Evangelical i A id of Durst Meph t. Runner minister Wor Filp Senlac . Sunday school . Arthur John ahoy motor i 1-um, sunday school . . Holy communion tint sunday Hopeb. E. W. Brandt. Sunday school . Won hip la . E. A Brett do Putor worship sunday school Kenneth c. Farr Sondar won hip lamp m. r. Otlet. Daftar to ramp ., with Jar Achoe . Sar Tvr s sunny worship and 11 sunday Schodl i. M. Jotin Tea Studut pastor sunday Acneal. To . Worm . To John Rice. Boal Pakatar sunday ref idol 14 . Workup ii . Lalk car ski Stanlay Otto raft pastor to amp 9 . Sunday Mackool u . Ub4non m. Marl. Cat Kelli Pattar a. Mama . Mckarek w pm or. pastor sunday Mekaal it . Workup 11 am. At Riam a Ctr at Melbourn Halulu pastor workup i quaday a Booi , Yaj Zokari Raja str Lac ext. Warmup . Quaday Atamant to. Pazlar let Casholle mama . M. Ottava maw . Deef. Creek Luther m. Johnson worship 9 . Worship i.l45 . Follow by Fel in shop dinner first sunday month. Mula my Lithe Luther m. Worship Day of each. Trility Luther m. Worship 2 Birr it Erst E Mickl Nulty. Surtax school . Worship a worship 1 . Friday Biol study Mallee m. Anu s Catholic rather lady Saul Dodek masses s and 10 . Ltd to for Dayi 7 . And 7 conf Toloai saturday 4 pm 7rst 9 A Milit Thomas lots Suntay Khoot . Wrap . Arviet I to stay Pitr vice i Was Chevrel Pater pastor sunday Seh Osl 10 . Worship 11 wednesday service 1 . Artemy John c. Klyde pastor mtrrda.2 worship 9 . Paul a langur motor so Day . Won up 11 met oath Hotman coh bord pastor school , worship la , a test tyra Talley pastor sunday in Troel . H . c. Massood. Pastor worst a . Sumter i sunday Narhari 11 . Eau Nauy c. M. Allwood. Pallor sunday Athoel in . Worsha 11 . Mesa Haalil Morv. Pour Wonita . Sunday Achrol . Plea Al Vallar Carrk vent Sulla Paalhar it 1-z2m sunday a tool . . Ple Vijil Tabey Preik Lerl to slurry Pomor. Al 9 . Sunday school n . Baba an Prankl Terlaga Aeh ocl i . War Alp ii . Ritaa do rom Duckor. I liar sunday to tool 10 am. 11 . Koumou 10. A Hoa. I to Raholp 10 u . C. T. Jewett. Pastor Wora Lup holy 1 . Fellowship hour 2 On id . T Cal Home . Schmidt pastor sunday school 10 . Worship service 11 . Sunday non inf Wott Crim Lloyd Hackbarth Pamir divine worship . School a Mirk Walker sunday school . Worship la . Alter Bernard pastor sunday school 10 . Mol nor worship 11 . Children s hour and you make Evangelical ice i Midweek wed Leoday t . Terrance Connor sunday Schoot . Worship 11 . Of cent mass . Sunday school it la . William , worship . Sunday school 10 i . It Lul Hatara parter sunday school. . Worship . Ramona c. I. Jewett pastor homing worship . Sunday Kabool . In. Hilda Slater. A Satori sunday school . A Netley Plato in . Sunday school . Our Sara or i in Tveraa Carrk t. F. Doyen a sunday ached . . Luchart would 5an4ay school in worship my . Olo iian calhome i father a Cashel t . Llast. Third and Nellh m . And for Jtb k. A. A time pastor ii May Wool in . Wramp u a. A i worship Sulway m. Of Tiesle Johi Mcguirk mass satterday Conjeo Sinai 4 j. . Sunday school ii am Lorace a Smith pastor sunday school . Workup . Crow lev. John Mcguirk . Larmar 3 Noru j. A pastor 293 Alley. Sunday school . Worship . Ulam Robert Kaltenbach pastor sunday school 10 . Morning worship 11 . Oitt Ftp. Cem Malir Chuck Robert Warfelt 3u morning worship 10 . Third sundays of month. Be Vad fets b Obert j. 7.i-k7 pastor of shop 9 sunday school 10 . At gently of c. J Stang pastor sunday school 10 . Worship 11 . Evan Feustle ice i Plain Lew Academy r Morion. Sabbath school . Church teb col 11 . Prayer Radelt not wednesday vespers Friday Cat Tuc father Leonard 472-m00 sunday . Holy . And Weekday masses ., first Fri Day Pm Ieremia saturday 4 to Firat Friday 4 16 b Fiatt . Thursday 3hn m. Shell sunday school . Worship 11 Halley pastor 4t1-13m holy communion r . Hon Lac 10 . Holy communion and m am. First each month. Sunday school 1q . Worship la . Evening Are vice 8 Thursday 1 In str Rint at a k. Van Taa acl Farriw Khmel . Won cup 10 . A mlle shr Dob Sonday school i. . Workup w. Pottar . A till . Lelum ovum. Fut Sumer a Kraal 10 workup 11 wmwe1x .h.41m Xor n. Jim Nam. A stunt Santa i worst. 11 ithe Raller t . No Brini. Huttt Gulmi u we top la ennui Muo Toto fat Lar worship 10 . Screw of i am . Lay A i Weeh party of s. Barrows pm Tor sunday Schoot wort up . To Lahb to Calvin Himath to. Sunday school 11 la , Cven inf worship , pms unt Tod Chimi Lobert Mcdiar Jastor sunday school 11 . Worship nerve be 10 a . 1 Chereb Tritt Rooert Millar pastor Molny to amp Robert Millar pastor cd Hal father warts maw 9 con Freston Sards a 3 u 3 Of to 9 Worship . Lasday school to . E. Nybert. School . A Ornlef 9r3ft t sur. A to Raholp . Jacob ask land Pamir sunday school 10 . Worship 11 . evangelical Jacob Askeland. Pastor 6391 worship . Sunday school . Saleny Eitai Etcil Lul heian Jacob Askeland. Pastor 5b91 h of sep 3-.3h . Sui Htay school -10 30 . it i lutheran Vonhil 9h5 . Sunday . First letha.tia4 c. Emory Anderson pastor sunday school . Worship n . Free J. Rogers pastor sunday school . Worship 11 . W1i.low James Tat for Thinas Conheehy Hasi . First third add f Iund nya 9 . Second and fourth. Worship . Sunday school ii . V May Motl res Ord. Ita mood Denekas. Patriot. Worship 10 . And a Sunday school it . lutheran i. Bunde. Pastor . Sunday school 10 . 3raee Albersa i oho c. Gartley pastor Grace worship 3 . Sunday school 10 . Good worship u a Albin Voday Man 7 am. 4 wad i first Armav before 7 , of 094 sunday school id . Albrect to j-.w1, Wolser i , a Liao _ Rotio la Mekaal la . Ii . R-vminb1 To Faraday or Tyr arts children i .r30 , Plum comma Allyl h. Ward Pastar Wjk arts sunday re Hoof . Kepr Nln Wetr Phlp u , rally shop Ava to mama sunday school if ill . Worship . , pastor worship . . Waxhaw . A _ the air Force of a missionary group which full to translating the Bible for tribes has its International Headquarters Here. Our general objective is to o to the tribes in the world that have no written languages re Duce these languages to written Hartin Grunch pastor sunday school 10 . Worship 11 . Holst is. H. P. Pastor to 3-Jwl to Ishup . Sunday school . Al rat Arthur Cooper Paats. -2mi sunday scr tool . Wetr sep 11 . Woonsocket Furu i Cal Vuc father l. J. Janus sunday masses . Dally masses 8 15 . Tse Nult of pm A Hostetler pastor school 10 . Won help u . Ang Eustic s Bet say lutheran Lordahl pastor sunday school . Worship service . My. Olive Luther so James Gebkea pastor worship . Sunday school . Methods pm Stuart Panon. Pastor pm im3 sunday school 10 . Worship 11 . Suptil Serrott at at in. Ruth Pierce r Burnett pastor sunday school Worship Vale m. We hands Cash Obi father Thomas f. O Brien mass 11 . Bethel Lave me w. Petton sunday so Faupl . Worship , wednesday David Ernst Paar sunday school . Worship . Oro Lhoost Robek Sander Feu Croft u Worth up i . Kauv sods in masses i and m . A Takuy mass . Ruadlh w Orlett s. Barrows Faudt Toa pastor Church school . Worship id . Lutheran Board holds meeting Sioux Falls the Lutler an Church Missouri Synod Board of directors of the South Dakota District met in Sionia Falls monday and tuesday. The Rev. Reuben j. Schmidt St Louis mo., waa in charge of the sessions. The meeting climaxed of study of the ecclesiastical sociological economic and political changes that occur red within the state and the ways in which the Church is ministering the need of the people. Findings of the meeting will considered further by uie Beard of directors and full recommendations will be brought to the statewide District Conven Tion when it meet a january of 1966, in Huron prayer denial is a pcs topic Virgil in. Chris Bader and mrs. John Parker presented the program Call to prayer and self denial o the woman s society of Christian ice tuesday afternoon. Plans were made for the an Nual Chicken supper and Bazaar oct. 27. Christmas gifts will be sent to the Yankton state hos Pital. The of was voted toward the pure inc of new hymnals. Birthdays were observed with mrs. Otto Wieland baking the cake. Hostesses were mrs. Chris Baatrup and mrs Public invited to Organ concert Wolsey the Public is in Vitco to hear the Rev. Arthur Cooper in in Organ concern of classical and sacred number sunday at s A the first presbyterian Church the Rev or. Cooper la pastor of the Wolsey Bonilla United Presby Terian churches holy land talk slated sunday James Hohm will show slides and make comments on his re cent trip to the holy land in it. Olival Church 83s Lincoln ave. ., sunday at the Public is. Invited. Group translates Bible for Jungle tribes James Valley banquet set James Valley Christian High school will hold its annual Booster oct. 22, at In the school auditorium. O r i n Osburn Wessington Springs Blind organist will pre sent a concert of sacred music for the program. Anyone interested in Christian High school education is invited. There will be no Clarge for the meal. An offering for the school will be taken at the the evening. James Valley school is located 12 Miles North and 214 Miles East of Huron. Spiritual life Mission slated at Willow Lake Willow Lake the Sec Ond annual spiritual life mis Sion will begin sunday oct. 17 at 11 . At Grace lutheran Church. The Rev. Hans m. Steinhart pastor of St. John lutheran Church Calgary Alberta will guest speaker. Rev. Steinhart was ordained in 1957 he is mar ried and has one child. He served As chairman of the commit tee on publications of the evangelical lutheran Church of can Ada and As president of the Cal Gary lutheran ministerial association. This is the seventh Mission Rev. Steinherz has conducted. Meetings will be held at the Church each evening at s Sunday through thursday. The Public is invited. Annual services set at Arlington Arlington a week of special services which has been termed life and growth has bees scheduled at Trinity lutheran Church oct. 17-z1 the Rev. George h. Voeks St. Paul will be guest speaker. The services will begin at . Sunday and continue nightly at 8 ., sunday through thursday. Rev. Voeks is the pastor of East m u e 1 lutheran Church St. Paul. He was ordained at Sioux City Iowa a 1958. This week of special spiritual emphasis is held annually at Trinity preceding the reception of Young people into the Congre gation by confirmation. The service is slated for oct. 31. Guest speaker at Mission program or. Maynard Seaman missionary medical doctor to India will be guest speaker at fall missionary program of the Huron Mission Church sunday oct. 17, at The Public is invited. The Church is located at second Street and Iowa ave. E. Oral and translate the digit nto Tayt Harold l. Goo Dall. The missionary group is Wycliffe Bible translators inc., named after English missionary John Wycliffe. Its aviation and communication is the j untie aviation and radio service Cnown As jars. Goodall a is the director at Waxhaw is Miles South of Char Lotte. This work started in Mexico 30 years he says. Since Ihen we have branched out to 25 different countries and 300 Dif Ferent Wycliffe translator waa founded in 1934 by w. Cameron Townsend present general director. Townsend quit Occi dental College in los Angeles a 1917, when was 21, and went u Guatemala to distribute Spanish language bibles. Decided to switch is efforts rom Bible distribution to translation when a Guatemala Indian said Why if your god is so smart has t he Learned our Townsend spent is Yean learning the language of Guate Mala s Cak Chiquet tribe and went on to found translators with a missionary Friend Leonard letter jars came into existence when work spread to Peru. One of the main responsibilities of the Center in training personnel. Four radio men three pilots my three aviation mechanics Are enrolled in the current three month session. A Motel like dormitory is being constructed to Bouse the person Nel and their families now bartered in an old Home. The Center also is responsible for repairing radio equipment and air planes. It Haj a hangar and communications facilities for contacting Distant outposts including Peru by radio Tele Type. H has a dirt Airstrip which Goodall says is More than need of training purposes. Goodall and his wife started working for Wycliffe As translators in Peru in ims. serves As his Secretary. One couple can go in and prepare materials to train a whole the director said. Our folks can communicate very Well in about two he said. Then they Start Seri Ous the first Book of the Bible takes about five years he said. We Hope the entire new testament can be finished in 15 Goodall said about six translators have finished the new testament and moved to new responsibilities. Finishing a testament is like getting a he said. They an made consultants to help oth Goodall said there Are now More than Wycliffe translators working in 18 countries on More than 370 languages or dialects. Each member is responsible for his own he said. The bulk of the support comes from individual churches often in a member s Home town the Wycliffe translator is two thousand tongues to As stated by Townsend 30 years ago when he discovered there were languages Fer which there was no translation of the Bible. Mrs. Joe Mccully presents lesson Pierre the study entitled Christ in parallel character was presented by mrs. Joe my Cully to the ladies Council of the Church of Christ meeting thursday in Fellowship Hall. It waa voted to get a is Ndola Bra with trading Stamps articles and Cash donations arc to be brought to the november meeting for the Christian women s benevolent association for the annual Bazaar. Proceeds will he sent to the Christian Hospital and old folks Home St. Louis. Plans were made to serve the Dakota Christian evangelizing association oct. 31. Mrs. Howard Frost and mrs Russell Lewis were hostesses. Methodist men hold supper meet Wassington Springs Ernest Dejong and Vernon Crist were hosts to the methodist men s supper meeting in Wesley Hall sunday evening. Guests included or. And mrs. Lytle Gulbertson Woonsocket or. And mrs. Clifford notch kiss or. Charles Melner and Randy Nelson. To Syer was led by the Rev. Emory Anderson devotions were in charge of Robert Fiir Sec. A Vole of thanks was expressed to Wendell Way or the use of equipment in the god s acres project Clifford Holch kiss became a new member. Randy Nelson showed of he nation s Capitol taken while in a tour. Mrs. Mahone to speak sunday mrs. William Mahone Wal speak to the adult class of unified Church study sunday at first methodist Church it 4 Mrs. Mahone s topic will to Mission and it will be held in Jrade Reom of the educational building. Classes for grades one through six will be held at the . Time under the direction of in. Robert Vessey. A Nursery is provided Tor preschoolers. The Mission study is interdenominational. Everyone la invited. Spiritual life Mission slated at Willow Lake Willow Lake Grace lutheran Church will a spiritual life Mission oct. 17-21. Guest speaker will be the Rev. . Steinert of Calgary Al Berta Canada. Good Hope Church will Host its Mission oct. 24-28, with the Rev. Tom Gabrielson of Fertile minn., As guest speaker. Meet Ings will be at i Sunday through thursday and Are open to the Public. Lucy plan party Alpena the Junior United Christian youth held first fall meeting sunday evening at the Home of the Rev. And mrs. Louis Wargo. Plans were for a halloween party to held in conjunction with the Unicof drive. Group will can vat the Community on be half of the United nations International children s emergency fund. F61lowlng the i he Young people will return to the Church for a party

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