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Huron Daily Plainsman Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 4

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Huron Daily Plainsman (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Huron, South Dakota Editorials 1 Vipont Kwh flow Aureal reasonable positions we think it significant that the state water and natural resources Board gave irrigation development in South Dakota a High priority when it endorsed 18 Large scale water projects last thursday. Most of them would use Missouri River water and would fulfil a Promise of the Federal flood control act of 1944 that has been ignored for nearly 40 years. It is equally significant that there were Only three or four dissenting voices As potential users of the Cendak irrigation project the largest on the state Agenda appeared at a hearing Here and in Miller to make their desire for the use of supplemental water known. Most of the testimony was repetitious. Young Farmers recounted their experiences of the last six years. During those years most were forced by drought to buy feed in at least six years. Some reported the need to Purchase feed in each of those six years. The repetition was most effective. Most of those testifying were Young Farmers some operating in partnership with their fathers. These Are the Type of aggressive Young people the state and local communities need to keep if we Are to retain our Independent heritage. Most of those testifying last week claimed that they would have to obtain Access to supplemental water for irrigation if they were to continue to operate Here. Against that mass of testimony the objections which have beep repeated for years seemed More contrived than Ever. And at both meetings they were delivered to Large audiences of Farmer operators who Are Best equipped to refute them. State water and natural resources Secretary Warren Neufeld summed up the Gist of the individual testimony As it would apply to the state when he said that 75 percent of South Dakota a agricultural income comes from cattle and More irrigation will establish the fee base for our cattle. That was exactly what the individual operators were talking about Here and in Miller. Both counties were the victims of severe droughts in recent years. Of the two hand county probably suffered most. In the face of those recent circumstances a the recent drought the outcome of the last elections and the most recent testimony of those who will be actively involved in the Cendak project a the position of the state water and natural resources Board is both logical and commendable. At the same time the rigid anti irrigation stance of the Beadle county member of the Oahe subdistrict Board who purports to represent this county is neither reasonable nor is it truly representative. Anyone who has taken the trouble to count the votes in the last election knows that the people of Beadle and Clark counties cast a pro irrigation vote that failed to elect Only because it was divided among two pro irrigation candidates. Opinions registered by voters in the elections earlier this month have apparently impressed state officials. Some have influenced changes in thinking in such places As the White House and the Congress. It is difficult to believe those votes can be ignored at the local level. Oiler ii tin inns nuclear Power generation rapid City journal advocates of nuclear Power generation won important victories in two states in the november 2 elections. By a 55 percent to 45 percent margin. Maine voters turned Down a referendum c Alling for the shutdown of the Yankee nuclear Power Plant which supplies about 30 percent of the states Power. In voting As they did Maine residents opted to retain the Plant rather than spend $2 billion to $4 billion Over the next five years for an alternative source of Energy. Idaho voters also approved a pro nuclear initiative that would require the legislature to get voter approval before moving to impede nuclear Power development in that state. Since the three mile Island Accident. Every nuclear Power Plant incident has been widely publicized. But As the Wall Street journal Points out editorially nuclear Power is by no Means dead even though no nuclear Power projects have been started in the . In Over a year because of regulatory delays and Legal actions. There Are 82 licensed plants in operation and 76 under construction or on order. Nuclear plants now furnish 13 percent of the nations Power a second Only to Coal the Wall Street journal also pointed out that a study of a Quot worst Case Quot nuclear Plant Accident a leaked Quot just prior to the election was misinterpreted by the Washington Post the Post said the study showed there was a 2 percent Chance of an Accident that would cause More than 100,000 deaths and the Small society Over $300 billion in damages occurring in the United states before the year 2000. The nuclear regulatory commission which had commissioned the study challenged that interpretation and said the study calculated the probability of such a a worst Case scenario at one in one billion per year of reactor operation. The Wall Street journal concluded that a Reading of the study conducted by the Sandia National laboratories leaves the impression that what it really was saying is that the chances of a nuclear Power Plant disaster Are extremely Remote. The journal also pointed out the advantages of nuclear Power. Unlike Coal ifs clean. Ifs not subject to the uncertainties which characterize Oil supplies from the persian Gulf. If regulated intelligently it s relatively cheap. One of nuclear Powers biggest problem is the bad press it has received despite the fact that there a a High level of support for nuclear Power among scientists who know the most about the subject. The votes in Maine and Idaho indicate the tide of Public opinion May be turning against the anti nuclear Power lobby. Thought for today. A conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody May be h l. Mencken american writer 11881v19561 today a birthdays baseball Hall of Farrier Stan Musial is 62 years old. Actress Vivian Blaine is 61. �1982 Copley new Semcer since nobody wants to make any sacrifices Well just try shoring up the system with toothpicks and Hope for the irl Lim it until the woman behind the woman behind every liberated woman there is another woman who has to do the dirty work for her. I discovered this talking to Lila Peabody. Lila works for a Law firm from nine to five or six or seven depending on what Case she is involved in. Lila told me she do it if it Wasny to for Juanita Quot who is Juanita a i wanted to know. Quot Juanita takes care of the House and the children and Cooks our meals. I work if it weren to for her and the fact the Safeway stays open until Quot you pay her7�?� Quot of course i pay her a Lila said. Quot half my salary goes to Juanita. A Quot you mean your husband does no to contribute to her wages a Quot no. He insists if i want to work i have to pay somebody to do the things i had to give up when i took my Quot that does no to seem fair. I should think he would be proud of you for being a lawyer and making it in a Many a Quot he is As Long As there is somebody at Home. Frankly i think he a prouder of Juanita. She always knows where his shirts Quot i did no to know there was such a High Price for women a liberation Quot there is if you re married and have to keep a House. For every liberated woman you see in an office there is another woman behind her providing the support system for the marriage. If the woman is divorced and has children its even More costly because no sex husband is going to pay for his wife and also the woman who has to take care of his Quot but at least you re a person in your own right a i said. Quot i am As Long As Juanita does no to quit. It Isnit easy to find someone who will be a housekeeper and take care of the kids and wait until you get Home at night. In be been through three Juanitas in two years. One came from Al Salvador another from Ecuador and this one is from Quot your Spanish must be very Good by now a Quot its perfect but frankly we re All getting a Little tired of Fried Quot it seems ironic in order to be free a woman must find another slave to replace Quot you have no Choice. A husband is willing to go along with a liberated wife As Long As things Are running smoothly at Home. But one breakdown in the support system and then he starts screaming he did no to marry a woman who would ignore her House and Quot but every Magazine you read in the supermarket features husbands of working wives sharing the household a the magazines Are the Only place you see them. The american male will accept his wife doing her own things As Long As she does everything else As Well. When we go to parties my husband introduces me proudly to everyone As a my wife the when we get Home at night he wants to know Why there Are no clean sheets on the Quot its funny a i said. A until i talked to you i thought every liberated woman had it made. I always saw you As someone who had the Best of both worlds. Now it turns out that without Juanita mopping floors you be liberated at Quot you be got the picture a Lila said. A any married woman who wants to be liberated better have a Good pal in a latin american employment Quot what happens when your support system gets sick a Quot then i stay Home and everyone in the Law firm says a we knew this would happen if we hired a woman copyright 1982, los Angeles times Syndicate. Inside report bakery a window washing by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak Washington in the most important economic shift inside the White House since Ronald Reagan was elected president James a Baker Iii is pushing for a continued expansive monetary policy by the Federal Reserve Board As the Only Way to invigorate the Economy. The White House chief of staff has said nothing publicly about monetary policy. But in fact he has lost patience with monetarist doctrine under which the fed attempted to control the Money Supply from oct. 6, 1979, until last month. He approves of Quot temporary Retreat by the Central Bank and is now willing to accept a Little inflation As the Price of recovery. This pits Baker directly against the administrations monetary experts who grumble that the fed must tighten up. A Houston lawyer Baker tells everybody that he knows Little about monetary policy. But he is politically astute enough to recognize that the monetarist Treadmill the administration has walked is the Road to oblivion. Assuming Baker survives the shadowy Power struggle now being waged in the White House the Entrance onto the monetary stage of the most powerful presidential chief of staff since Sherman Adams is a formidable development. For the first time a political voice within the White House is asserting misgivings about the advice from the administrations economists. Baker has enjoyed Access to a no monetarist alternative from his Friend Lewis i it Ehrman. But until now his attitude toward arcane nuances of monetary policy has reflected that of most politicians in both the White House and Congress we Don t do windows. Thus bakery a private attitude was that he really did not know much about either monetary policy or monetarism the doctrine of Nobel by Bride Man laureat Milton Friedman that bases economic health on controlling the Money Supply and was not about to try to change it before the 1982 election. But from the Start he Felt that monetarism was on trial. The state of the Economy and Republican politics suggests to pragmatist Baker that the verdict is in and monetarism lost. Jim Baker has started washing windows at a critical moment. The cagey often inscrutable fed chairman Paul Volcker last month admitted he had stopped targeting the Money Supply but denied it represented a major policy shift. Anti monetarist believe a More definitive position May be needed to convince markets that monetarism is dead and buried and that interest rates will not resume their upward climb. Baker is not now pressing for any such proclamation by Volcker. But associates at the White House say he was disappointed by the feds failure to lower the discount rate the interest charged to member Banks by the fed the last three fridays. That May not be accurate but there is no doubt he wants the fed to take the step very soon. In contrast monetarist diehards in the administration a headed by under Secretary Beryl Sprinkel at the Treasury and William Poole at the Council of economic advisers a complain that the fed is starting to build Back inflationary expectations. They consider a lowered discount rate As the worst kind of signal. But now they face a potent antagonist who sits at the presidents Elbow. Baker is no born again Supply Sider. He has no interest in the Bill pushed by rep. Jack Kemp ordering the fed to target interest rates. Unlike Kemp Baker believes budget deficits in themselves share culpability with monetary policy for the ruinous interest rates and therefore is ready for another agonizing budget exercise. Nor has he shown the slightest interest in a Gold convertible Dollar. Nevertheless the sight of Jim Baker washing windows Means for the first time the Reagan White House is concentrating on an expansive economic policy. That gives some Promise that the Drift toward economic catastrophe and political defeat in 1982 May be avoided in 1984. Copyright 1982, Field enterprises inc. Xii a clo cd Anc clo Cia it to flu woo got i of to have a v Tak Tot out e>6of what arb the fact of uf2 Pat ? / a today is sunday nov. 21, the 325th Day of 1982. There Are 40 Days left in the year. Sunset today.5 01p.m. Sunrise tomorrow.7 39 . On this Date. On nov. 21, 1877, Thomas Edison announced his invention of the phonograph in 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte issued the Berlin decrees declaring a blockade of Britain. In 1956, the United nations general Assembly censured the soviet Union for its intervention in Hungary in 1967, violent student riots broke out in Egypt. In 1972, Israel and Syria clashed in the heaviest ground and air fighting since the six Day War of 1967. In 1977, it was estimated that at least 3,000 people were killed As a Cyclone struck Southeastern India. In 1981, House and Senate negotiators worked on a Compromise Federal spending Bill that would avoid a veto by president Reagan. To years ago. Eugene Moeller. St. Lawrence was accepted to participate in the future Farmers of America work experience abroad program. We Salute. William s. Churchill Huron chairman of the newly organized Huron College foundation inc. James Kilpatrick shop talk Boca Raton Fla. A i flew Down to Florida the other Day to share the hardships of Boca Raton with a couple of Hundred newspaper publishers and to take the Waters with them. My assignment was to moderate a panel discussion on Quot the role of the press in a free let me share a Little shoptalk with you. Most of the editors and publishers of my acquaintance have a curious Blind spot. We cover everybody else a business in the thought that everybody else a business is of interest to our readers but we Seldom cover our own business. This is self abnegation or something. We done to regard ourselves As interesting. Thus we report faithfully upon gatherings of doctors lawyers educators Bankers and the like but when it comes to our own cons stories the attitude is a Well i mean who cares in any event you should know that we of the press Are forever convening for exercises in professional of Phalo sepsis. That is an irresistible $10 word meaning Quot meditation while staring fixedly at ones we do a lot of this sort of thing. We worry aloud about what our Job is and whether we Are doing it Well. Because we Are such lovable people we worry that so Many persons seem not to love us. We worry about our Industry it is As Flat As the Ace of Spades. The number of daily newspapers slips a Little year by year our cumulative circulation is stuck in the neighbourhood of 61 million. We worry All the time. What is the role of the press in a free society let me suggest one thing that our role is not. A couple of Hundred years ago Edmund Burke was holding Forth in parliament. He mentioned the three estates of England a the lords spiritual the lairds temporal and the British commons. Then he looked to the press gallery a and yonder sits the fourth estate More important than them we have suffered from swelled Heads Ever since. Burkes exaggeration gained contemporary currency in 1959, with publication of Douglass caters Quot the fourth Branch of two years ago in his history of the new York times Harrison Salibury swallowed the idea whole the National press he said Quot has quite literally become a coequal Branch of that is nonsense pernicious nonsense and it ought to be squelched. Nobody Ever elected us to anything. In a free society the press is not literally or metaphorically or any other Way a Branch of government. Our seats at the great game of government Are not in the dugout but in the press Box. We ought never to forget it. What is the role of the press i will give it to you in one infinitive to inform. Of we have other roles. We have some responsibility As the working everyday trustees of the written word. We Are an important medium of advertising including Legal advertising. We seek to amuse to entertain to perform useful services to promote such benign civic causes As a Community fund. But our first duty or so it seems to me is simply to inform a to report to our readers As accurately As objectively As fairly As we can the news of the Day. In our news columns we ought to cover the who where when and How reflecting events of Public interest As dispassionately As a Mirror upon a Wall. Let us save our subjective notions of a a Why for the editorial writers and the pundits. This is a sore Point with me. Reports ought to report opinion writers ought to opine and the Laws of quarantine ought to be observed. One reason we Are in trouble is that in the great National Media the distinction constantly is blurred. Every reporter it often seems is into a a analysis or he so in he yearns to go beyond the facts sinking his subject in a Comer pocket with a Little spin on the Cue Ball. For the past to years we have been on a Binge of Quot investigative the very phrase gives me the willies. Beyond the level of yesterdays Dow Jones or last nights Ball game All journalism is ifs High time to sober up and in our news columns to get Back to sergeant fridays quest for the facts May am nothing but the facts. That task alone is quite enough for the press in any age. Copyright 1982, Universal press Syndicate. Huron daily plainsman by mail i year r i o Box Holder Las of an a towns tat of outside so ssi of for change it address writ circulation depth Ron daily plainsman p o to 1278, Huron s d 57350 member audit Bureau olt circulation represented nationally by Branham Moloney associated press leased wires Cusps Sas 040 established january a <880 continuing the daily Hur onite l j Maher publisher a j Popovich controller Roger Kasa Darrell Walker managing editor advert sing manager David Harles Jim Hein Assoc late e editor c inc Fiat Ion manager vol 97, no 273 sunday nov 21 second class postage paid at Huron South Dakota is issues including sunday i no saturday published by t he Huron p la ins Man i be 49thirdst be Huron s d the daily plainsman is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so they May better promote and preserve their Freedom and encourage others to see its blessings Only when Man is free to control himself and All he produces can he develop to hts utmost capabilities we believe that Freedom is a gift from god and not a Grant from government Freedom is neither License nor anarchy it is self control no More no less it must be consistent with the truths sex pre Sod in such great moral guides As the coveting command ment the Golden Rule and the declaration of Independence Amos j Moi 124 of Sij of 175 of 514 of 57 00 515 00 a f re mom newspaper

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