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Huron Daily Plainsman Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 2

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Huron Daily Plainsman (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Huron, South Dakota Poop 9 sunday nov. 21, 1982 o Huron daily plainsman the Gallup poll rank and file catholics favor nuclear disarmament proposals by George Gallup Princeton . The views of the nations rank and file catholics on nuclear disarmament Are expected to be in general agreement with those of their Church leaders. More than 250 Catholic Bishops convened last week in Washington d.c., to debate the moral implications of . Nuclear defense policy. The Bishops consensus will be announced in a pastoral letter on nuclear disarmament. In a recent National Gallup referendum american catholics narrowly opposed a a a unilateral freeze on the production of nuclear weapons 53 percent to 47 percent virtually the same As the 55 percent-to-45 percent negative vote of non catholics. The Bishops conference is sharply divided on nuclear policy with a draft version of the proposed pastoral letter declaring a first use of nuclear arms to be immoral. Further according to the draft letter nuclear deterrent policy is valid Only if arms reduction is vigorously pursued at the same time. However one participant at the conference Bishop Raymond Hunthausen of Seattle said the . Should a begin to Lay Down our nuclear arms now regardless of what others earlier Gallup surveys recorded catholics opinions on other matters being debated at the conference of Bishops a catholics overwhelmingly favor a proposed a a bilateral agreement with the soviet Union to discontinue building nuclear weapons 82 percent to 13 percent with 5 percent undecided. A eight catholics in to 81 percent say they would approve if president Reagan proposed to the soviet Union that both countries a a reduce their present Stock of nuclear weapons by half. Non catholics also approve but by a slightly smaller 73 percent majority. A catholics by a very close 50 percent-to-42 percent vote endorse an agreement Between the superpowers to a a destroy their present nuclear arsenals. Non catholics Are almost evenly divided on this proposal with 46 percent in favor and 44 percent opposed. Catholics and non catholics Are equally sceptical that the soviet Union would live up to such an agreement with three in four in both groups saying the .s.r. Would be a not at All Likely to conform. By narrow margins catholics and non catholics feel that a War is an outmoded Way of settling differences Between nations a with this belief held by 53 percent of catholics and 49 percent of non catholics. The opposite Point of View that a wars Are sometimes necessary to Settle National differences a is expressed by 42 percent of catholics and 43 percent of non catholics. Following Are the questions asked and the findings in table form unilateral nuclear freeze a do you favor or oppose a freeze on the production of nuclear weapons whether or not the soviet Union agrees to do the same a favor oppose pct. Pct. National 45 55 catholics 47 53 non catholics 45 55 bilateral nuclear freeze a do you favor or oppose an agreement Between the United states and the soviet Union not to build any More nuclear weapons in the future a no favor oppose opinion pct. Pct. Pct. 77 17 6 82 13 5 76 18 6 National catholics non catholics reduce nuclear arsenals a would you approve or disapprove president Reagan made a proposal to the soviet Union that both countries reduce their present Stock of nuclear weapons by 50 percent a if Dis no approve approve opinion pct. Pct. Pct. National 76 19 5 catholics 81 16 3 non catholics 73 21 6 destroy present weapons a would you favor or oppose an agreement Between the . And the soviet Union to destroy All nuclear weapons that have already been built a no favor oppose opinion pct. Pct. Pct. National 47 44 9 catholics 50 42 8 non catholics 46 44 to How Likely soviets would Honor agreement a How Likely do you think the soviet Union would be to abide by such an agreement a very Likely fairly Likely or not at All Likely a very fairly not at All no Likely Likely Likely opinion pct. Pct. Pct. Pct. National 4 16 73 7 catholics 5 14 74 7 non catholics 4 16 73 7 War outmoded a some people feel that War is an outmoded Way of settling differences Between nations. Others feel that wars Are sometimes necessary to Settle differences. With which Point of View do you agree a some War out times no National catholics non catholics pct. 43 42 43 pct. 7 5 8 Moded necessary opinion pct. 50 53 49 the results reported today Are based on approximately 1,500 in person interviews with adults 18 and older in each of several surveys during 1982 and 1981 in More than 300 scientifically selected localities throughout the . For results based on samples of this size one can say with 95 percent Confidence that the error attributable to sampling and other random effects could be three percentage Points in either direction. C 1982, los Angeles times Syndicate has students fare Well in 6 Ann by Roger Kasa plainsman managing editor for two hours a Host of Huron ugh school students Sang and anted their Way through eight Cenes of the two act musical Annie get your gun a during the Bree performances of the play resented in the High school auditorium thursday through saturday. It was an ambitious undertaking or the students and faculty. Generally the students did a Good of although there were times when it All of the lines spoken and Sung Ould be understood. Lost at times Ere some pretty Good punch lines. Ixia Walz who played the role of Innie carried the show most of the line. And she got some pretty Good help from Bill Van Doren As Frank Lutler Bob Mcmanus As Charlie Davenport Bob Timperley As Bulak Bill Terry Taylor As sitting Bull my Donna Holloway at Dolly Tate. All total there were 20 cast members along with three porters seven indians and a 21-piece orchestra. Van Doren and miss Walz both have Fine voices and did a commendable Job on the duet a old fashioned wedding a and the humorous rendition of a anything you can of the supporting players Mcmanus As Charlie Davenport headed the list coming across Nice and Clear when he was speaking and singing. Special recognition should go to the play director Peggy Tomas Cha and to Milo Pietz As musical director and Leonard Vellek As orchestra director. Chad Alexander was the student director. The turnout at the Friday night performance was . We certainly Hope it was better on thursday and saturday nights for the Sake of the students who have worked Long and hard at it along with the directors. East River Deer Neason set nov. 27 Pierre . A East River Deer season in South Dakota opens nov. 27, and game officials say they re keeping an Eye on the weather and hoping for Hunter Success. Bad weather can Cut the number of Hunters and the unusually Large amounts of standing crops and heavy cover this year will make the game harder to find game experts said. Mild weather the past three Winters has helped build Deer numbers. Some areas have such heavy concentrations of Deer that there could be problems with disease and starvation this Winter the state game fish and Parks department said. About 37,000 licenses were made available to South Dakota Hunters in the Prairie regions and an unlimited number in the Black Hills. Most West River Deer units close wednesday and the Black Hills area is open through the rest of november. . Theater is off to enchanting Start by Ken Heiner plainsman guest critic the Huron College theatrical season is off to an enchanting Start. Huron colleges Lively full scale production of Howard Richardson and William gurneys haunting song and dance filled play a dark of the Moon a will be Given this afternoon at 4 30 ., and monday at 8 ., in tile colleges arts and science Tenter. Based on an old Mountain legend the play is a poignant account of a Witch boys infatuation with the Smoky Mountain Beauty Barbara Allen and the consequences of his decision to break away from the world of witches so that he May marry into the world of humans. Director Alice Frantz has shaped a magical theatrical treat. The casting is expert and the sets Are imaginative contrasting the Witch haunted Rocky ridges of the smokes and the hillbilly dwellings of the Valley the costumes Are wonderful and the songs and dances Are entertaining. Jeff Kingsbury a sensitive agile rendition of a Witch boy who la part Witch and part blizzard but deter mined to become human movingly conveys the plight of a bewitched Witch. Karen Bloomberg plays the role of the alluring Barbara Allen a Mountain Belle who finds no match Good enough for her until she encounters the Witch boy. Preacher Haggler the Bible toting Shepherd who warms up his flock with sermons As fiery As the Home brewed com liquor he likes is played by Greg Kooyman. The performance is terrific in All senses of the word. The actors and actresses in minor roles All played their parts with zest and vigor the following Are some of the outstanding minor characters Luann Baseler As the sinister concur woman Lynn Poe As mrs Allen whose accent is As thick As molasses cd Williams and Tanya Fortmann As two enticing witches Tom Barnes As the muscular but frustrated suitor of Barbara alien and Sharon Jones announcement owned a i worst do As the Spunky miss Metcalf. Particular mention should be made of Melinda Chambers costume designer Jeff Kingsbury and Greg Kooyman set designers and Mark Robertson and Mark Carter instrumentalists. Alpena services Alpena a thanksgiving eve services will be held wednesday at 7 30 In the Alpena Parish United Church of Christ United methodist Church. James Valley students f enjoy preview of play6 9 a a a re Ponert form nil in Ftp Shnir Ali Ronda. James Valley Christian student students and faculty were treated to the final dress rehearsal of the musical comedy a a Hannah at the school thursday afternoon. The two act play was written by Helen Kromer and was first presented at the 177th general Assembly of the United presbyterian Church in Columbus Ohio. The James Valley performance was Given Friday and saturday evenings at the third annual stewardship dinner theater. The Public also is invited to a 7 30 ., performance monday at the school. General admission tickets will be available at the door. The play opens with Hannah played by Nancy Hofer at Church choir practice. sings so badly that the choir members except for Bank cashier Archie Steve Harmon decide she must be told that she can no longer sing in the choir. But Archie a one protest is of no Avail and a Rich widow Pauline Mary Ann Tschetter is selected to go to Hannah a House and Tell her that she is no longer in the choir. When Pauline arrives she discovers that Hannah has problems. As a 45-year-old widow Hannah has a stubborn father in Law grandpa Jim Hohm to care for. has an invalid 13-year-old daughter Eunice Ruth Ann Harmon and is Ward for a disobedient Black boy Sherman Brad Palsma son of Alan Palsma. The audience especially enjoyed the african dance done by an african medical student Simon Rodney Hofer. The growing love affair Between r Ose m a ii Rig class to be offered at Huron College norwegian Rose Maling will be offered through the Huron College office of continuing education on two consecutive saturdays dec. 4 and la. Rose Maling a norwegian word for Rose or Floral painting is a decorative Folk Art created in Rural Norway in the 18th Century. It was used to decorate furniture trunks bowls Walls and ceilings throughout Norway. During the Rose Maling class participants will learn Basic Brush strokes and techniques for paint mixing and color blending. Mrs. Shirley solheim Frankfort will be demonstrating her Rose Maling skills while guiding the students to the completion of their first Rose Maling pieces. Mrs. Solheim has studied under Sunhild mul Bakken Gary Albrecht and Sigrid Midjaas. has won Many awards including those presented to her at the Nordland festival and the South Dakota state fair. In addition to the Rose Maling class a workshop using fresh greens will be offered on the afternoon of dec. 5. A Christmas greenery will find participants completing Holiday Home decorations a a Wreath a door swag and a Centrepiece. Rosie Harrington who has participated in Many Craft shows throughout the state and has previously taught Craft classes at Huron College will be conducting this workshop. $3,000 in awarded in damage lawsuit rapid City . A . District judge Andrew Bogue has awarded $3,000 to a couple for damage to their Lawrence county property when Forest service employees Cut Down 19 Pine Trees on a lot near Brownsville. Steven and Cindy Grossman asked for $7,500, saying the loss of the mature Trees in an already sparsely timbered Section of the lot diminished the actual and aesthetic value of the property. In an order filed nov. 8, Bogue concluded the property was damaged when Forest service Nemo District employees a a inadvertently Cut Trees More than too years old and 35 to 40 feet tall. The Gross mans had filed a claim with the Forest service. It was denied sept. 11,1981 three sirens set to be tested Here the Huron fire department will be testing the City sirens tuesday beginning at 1 30 It will take about 30 minutes to test the three sirens a fire Alert and attack. Como tory i�lntaln4 by Como Lory for information Call i Robeson a upholstery celebrates its 5th Christmas with 1c% off All fabrics in now thru dec. 24 the Robeson upholstery 3520802 Archie and Maribeue sharia Wipf was of special interest to the students and faculty. Morgan prior a banker Lud Hohm captured the audience As he too is caught up in trying to help Hannah. Morgans wife Alice Waneta Wollmann adds spice to the play. The solos duets Small ensembles and choir help develop the plot in a heart warming manner. Peters Craig Harmon is the choir director. Members of the choir Are Delores Stahl Peter Wipf Jerane Hofer Susan Hines Steve Decker Dorothy Harmon Mary Soodsma Eua and Elton Berg Paul Wedel Goldie Wedel Ida Hohm Julie Hohm and Bernie Wipf. Heidi Hofer and Mary Anderson accompany the musical which is directed by Janet Tschetter and Al Palsma. Mock disaster test Given in Springs Wessington Springs nurses ambulance attendants firemen Law enforcement officers and school officials were put to the test in Wessington Springs Friday in a mock disaster Drill involving a simulated school bus Accident. The Drill was coordinated by civil defense director Mel Youngerman of Huron. This was the first Drill since the new Hospital in Wessington Springs was built and was considered a Success according to Hospital administrator Larry Carlson. Those participating in the Drill did not know ahead of time when the mock disaster would occur so that conditions would be More like an actual emergency Carlson said. The a a accidents occurred around 4 ., Friday with a school bus Load of students. The students were tagged with various injuries some More severe than others the victims were taken by ambulance personnel to we Skota memorial medical Center. The Drill involved several members of the Community including school personnel emergency medical technicians fire department Law officers Hospital staff the Jerauld county health nurse and the Woonsocket ambulance Crew. They also called authorities in Huron As a stand by precaution if further assistance would have been needed. A the Drill went extremely Well a Carlson said. A the whole Hospital staff was involved in Carlson said they will be conducting an evaluation of the entire Drill to further their knowledge of handling Large emergencies such As a Multi injury Accident or other disaster. Daily plainsman honoured a the Huron daily plainsman is the recipient of the 1982 River Park Friend of the alcoholic award. The award announced last August at River Parks annual reunion in rapid City was presented Friday by Glenn Jorgenson right president of River Park to Roger Kasa left managing editor of the plainsman at River Parks Pierre facility. The newspaper was cited for providing leadership in furthering awareness understanding and acceptance of the illness of alcoholism and for its significant civic and professional contributions in the Field of alcoholism. Plainsman photo he Roo no injuries occurred when a car struck a train engine thursday night in the City. The Accident occurred at 11 17 ., thursday at the Railroad tracks near Ravine Park Road and commercial Road which is on the Detour around third Street Bridge. Melvin Kramer i arc Wood Iowa was the Driver of the car which ran into a c amp new train engine. Damage to the car was listed at $1,800 and none to the train. Other accidents on the police report include Donald Dinger 120 Prairie Villa $400 hit naps pole in Alley of Sears at 11 20 . Tuesday. Hit and run Accident nov. 14 at Huron mall with $50 damage to a vehicle registered to Steven Dilley 545 Wisconsin ave. . Robert Dietz 1006 Frank ave. S.e., $600 struck a Road barricade at Jersey Avenue and Waible drive at 1 30 . Nov. 14. Scott Olson Rural Wolsey $250 struck a parked car registered to Timothy of Toole causing $1,400 damage and a parked of tooled a no damage 9 58 a in. Pickup wednes wednesday in front of of tooled a residence at 517 Colorado ave. . Newspaper not delivered Call 352-6401 a a for 6 30 Dally a a for 10i 30 a a. Sunday George h. Kuhler owner director a St z funeral Home phone 352-4234 1360 Dakota s. Huron South Dakota notice East River Legal services is now providing without charge representation by local attorneys in Many civil matters for Low income people. For More information Call monday wednesday or Friday 9 am-12 or i pm-4 pm toll free 1-800-952-3015 i i

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