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Huntingdon Daily News Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 3

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Daily News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania To daily Newt of Yutt Gryttr test Telescope ladder la Pittsburgh a gospel group from Hope Well will appear at a concert saturday evening Mav 21 at the new Fellowship Church South of mount Union along route 522 june 34 shrines plan for crusade image a dedicated group of christians from Martinsburg Are scheduled to appear saturday evening at a gospel concert to be held at the new Fellowship Church along route 522 South of mount Union saturday gospel concert planned a gospel concert will be presented at the new Fellowship Church located South of mount Union on route 522 on saturday evening May 21 at 7 Oclock the groups to be featured Are image Saga and the spirit of love singers these groups will provide a great evening of music and spiritual enrich ment image is a dedicated group of christians whose purpose is to spread the gospel wherever there is a need the spirit of love singers from mar Ginsburg perform much of the Gaither music Saga is a gospel group of Young persons from Hopewell they have recorded several Long playing albums which Are aired on gospel radio stations throughout the East the citizens of the area Are invited to attend and participate in this evening of Fellowship there is no admission charge windows in barn House smashed Franklin Irvin Shirleysburg r d i is the victim in a criminal mischief incident investigated by Huntingdon state police officers said windows in Irvins House and barn were smashed on april 28 no estimate of the loss was reported investigation of the Shirley twp incident is continuing to Andrews sons inc Gaheton depot Chick Day May 26 am to 4 pm get it free Chicks with Purchase of Solh Chick starter Umal Chicks May be purchased at 1 a 12 each Lia it 10 free Chicks per or to p x cemetery baskets Stone arrangements wreaths planters once a year the Jaffa shrines Don their fees and specially made aprons along with shrine Emble med containers station themselves throughout the area shopping centers and business locations and hand out 200000 Little newspapers this year the Jaffa shrines will be put Friday and saturday june 3 and 4 they will be seen throughout the vast area of the Jaffa Temple which stretches from Lewistown in the East to Blairsville in the West up to the new York state Border and Down to the Maryland Border the shrines will hand out their newspaper which will give information about area youngsters who have been treated at the shrine crippled children hospitals in Erie and Philadelphia and the shrine Burn centers in Cincinnati and Boston this year the Jaffa shrines conducted a min clinic in Altoona to accept All Young people with defects and Burns approximately 100 showed ii and were examined by medical doctors from the Erie Hospital l Many could be helped immediately others were prepared for admission to the medical facilities for their particular needs this Marks the 4th year the Altoona Jaffa shrines throughout their shrine clubs in 18 counties in Central and part of Western Pennsylvania have taken part in the project known As the shrine Hospital paper crusade the Pennsylvania shrine temples have joined with the Altoona shrines to carry out the project at various times from june 3 to june in Dale w Woomer potentate Jaffa Temple a resident of Indiana a Heads the Pennsylvania shrine association temples the goal is to raise in the Jaffa jurisdiction in the state and hopefully a record throughout the shrine clubs in North America the shrines spend s100000000 on the crippled children and Burn Center hospitals and philanthropies the members will be from All walks of life taking turns Manning the various locations will have been instructed to answer questions about How and who is eligible the shrines will spend time to help concerned residents of Central and Western Penn Sylvania to know and use the facilities without any charge in past crusades the shrines have found that in formation has been unknown concerning their efforts on behalf of crippled children and Burn victims for those missed a Shrin Hospital crusade newspaper can be obtained or a contribution made through the mail by addressing a request to Jaffa shrines Broad ave and 22nd Street Altoona Paicci a Telescope ladder capable of being extended to a length of feet and worked by Means of compressed air was tested recently in Pittsburgh the ladder can be directed at a particular window in a burning building a fireman lashed to the end of the ladder is shot up with it and rescued persons need not climb Down As the ladder can be quickly lowered with them on it presbyterians throughout America will be much interested in the proceedings of their convention which meets at los Angeles California this week within recent years presbyterianism has suffered very much from doctrinal agitations the Briggs Case being one of the most serious a question to be adjusted by the present convention is a revision of the Westminster confession of Faith while the majority of presbyterians and synods desire a revision of the Creed Many seek to prevent any departure from the time honoured tenants of that Faith a few sunday school picnics or out of door festivals might hurry up the showers so badly needed 50 years ago two Camps have been definitely established in this Vicinity under the National reforestation plan the one Camp is located at Greenwood Furnace and the other Camp is located in East Licking Creek Mifflin county the work projects will be under the direction of r e Morton District forester at Petersburg and f h Dutlinger District forester at mount Union the first allotment of Young men from Huntingdon county to be assigned was sent to the recruiting station at Altoona ten of these men were from Huntingdon and 10 were from mount Union from Huntingdon Namon Heffner Clair Jones Valgene Lane John Fox Moser Hubert Hall George Mills Warren Henrie George w Harclerode John Sprankle and Harry Brant from mount Union Charles Dearment Wilson Home Mike Holesa Joseph Harven Frank Grove Joseph Dickens John Mccartney John a big thank you to All the voters who supported me Larry 0 saltier Leoaard and Melvia Baker these Young men All passed the examination at Tattoo a and were seat of to the training and conditioning Camp at port Hoyle Maryland b ago Pittsburgh Pennsylvania voters including president Eisenhower ballot in a primary election attracting nationwide interest because of Harold e Stassens in dependent bid for the Republican nomination for governor Eisenhower once served by Stassen As an adviser has not indicated which Republican segment will receive his vote Harrisburg minimum wages affecting 250000 women and men in the states retail Trade Industry have been ordered into effect july 1 by the state labor and Industry department this will Mark the departments second to put minimum wage Scales into effect in a Penn Sylvania Industry orders affecting the states hotel Motel and restaurant Industry were ruled invalid by Dauphin county court on the grounds methods used in their drafting were unconstitutional the new wage Scales would establish a minimum of a hour in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in communities ranging Between 10000 and 500000 of population the minimum wage would begin at 85 cents and Progress to hourly by july 11959 in other communities it would begin at 75 cents and Advance to by january 11960 10 years ago bids Are being sought by the Huntingdon county com missioners for additional work mostly of a clean up nature for the Huntingdon county courthouse which is currently undergoing a two year rejuvenation the Copper dome which Caps the Tower was examined and was found to be in Fine condition Houston with their disabled space station awaiting an in orbit service Call skylab astronauts try out hastily built tools they will use in a bold attempt to fix overheating and Power problems yes we get letters too Ann Landers answers your problems am dear Ann Landers i writing to you in the Hope that my letter will appear in print and possibly spare other Young people the agonies i suffered because of parental ignorance 1 shall attempt to tone it Down As much As possible when i was a teenager every erotic dream turned into a Nightmare every time i had an intimate episode with a girl my Penis disintegrated completely and i became totally impotent i woke up terrified i was so frightened and humiliated i just bring myself to talk to anyone about these nightmares As a result most of my hard earned newspaper Carrier Money was spent on paper backs that dealt with psychiatric problems then one Day a very old memory crept into my consciousness my parents were extremely religious they called their nuttiness Christian morality All sex was filthy Nasty evil and the work of the Devil one night a girl in the fifth Grade came Over to my House to do Homework with me she asked me if i Ever had sex with anyone i said no my father overheard her question and dragged me to my Mother who promptly became hysterical she threw the girl out of the House and began to Chase me around with a pair of sewing scissors threatening to Cut it off so i ruin anyone life i was 13 before i knew what that girl was talking about my relationships with women have been abysmal recently 1 went through a third divorce 1 have five daughters from my three marriages but i never get to see them my sex wives All swear i am nuts and they Are probably right i am terrified of cd although i have never had it and never knew anyone who did marriage and Fidelity a every appealing to me but i cant seem to find a woman who will be faithful i am a mess and afraid my Early experiences have done me in forever can you suggest a Way out an agnostic in Ohio dear Ohio your ability to identify the Root of your problem should have led you to a logical conclusion you must talk to a therapist about those nightmares and get them out of your life forever you need a skillful patient psychiatrist psychologist or Counselor who will work with you plus a genuine desire to get your head together go for weekend dances sons of Italy mount Lawon May speak easy w1 a Tumma r a y 91 country Thunder country Gold 11 smm4my my it att Mem f pee Falt come in and enjoy by the of timers 1 pm t dances Ever y wednesday y night the editors of the daily news Are not the Only people who receive letters from the in readers yours truly also enjoys hearing from Abt readers from time to time who have comments and bits of information that is always useful in my historical research of Ray town country and the Broad top a number of letters have crossed my desk Over the past several weeks which i will now share with the readers civil War history one of the readers of Abt is Dwayne Goughenour of san Antonio Texas that spelled Texas for those you who think sent us a letter thanking us for the Story about the Iowa civil War Veteran Goughenour who has an in Terest in civil War history enclosed with his letter some data about an a celebrated Holiday in Texas May 13 which Marks the last Battle of the civil War what makes this event so interesting is the fact that the Battle occurred Over a month after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox on april 91865 Goughenour notes that historians have ignored the important Date in history but i Haven Dwayne so civil War history buffs can look Forward to a column about the historic last Battle of the civil War in Texas thanks to data provided to the Abt columnist by Goughenour and we Hope Dwayne will also Send us some photos that we can use with the Story look for this exciting civil War Story coming soon in your daily news comments about Entriken mrs Olive Litzenberger of Huntingdon dropped me an interesting letter concerning the historic Village of Entriken in which she reports that the town also known for Many years As Coffee particular meaning to her Litzenberger noted that her father William Henry Shultz no c in the name was born and raised in Entriken mrs Litzenberger explained that her childhood Home at Entriken was a stones throw from the Tannery which you spoke of and of which we kids often looked in the windows but were forbidden to enter can any of the Abt readers Tell us where the Tannery stood How about it John York the letter writer goes on to explain that her father in later years brought her grand fathers farm which is located about a mile North of Entriken she adds that the right of Way passed Over the property on which mrs Litzenberger and her brother walked to the Fouse school located at houses crossing Midway Between Entriken and Markleysburg St alkyl if you Are Reading this column mrs Litzenberger please go through your old photos for some shots of the i need them for the up coming history Book it and Good Luck dear Ann Landers my son is a College athlete he has a Large Jar of Dimso and uses it whenever he gets a Bruise he also takes it on ski trips and swears by the stuff he says his coach uses it for All the Guys who get knocked around on the Field and it works like a Charm what can you Tell me about Dimso Why int it sold Over the counter mom in Brockville ont dear mom Dimso it a solvent used in veterinary Medicine some people say it helps arthritis sprains Aad gives instant Relief to severe bruises it is classified by the Federal drug administrate i As an experimental drag Dimso is available in Hobby shops for purposes that have nothing to do with health Many people use it and claim they have suffered to damaging Side effects legitimate studies Are underway stay tuned dance be barn sat May 21 i Falls 0pcv mrs Mary Warwick of Ventura California that spelled Sun Sand and bikinis dropped us a few lines about Ray Hometown Robertsdale the letter writer reported that she is seeking information about some of the folks who lived in the Coa mining Community when she was living there her Maiden name is Laporte and her father was Mike Laporte who passed away seven years ago in Pasadena California mrs Warwick notes that her parents moved to Robertsdale in 1907 adding that she was born in 1922 she attended school in the red Brick school House on the Hill and recalls of sliding Down the Hill in Back of the school on an old wide tin shovel and Good stiff cardboard during the Snow season Warwick asked about some of the folks she knew during her Young years at Robert Sdale and 1 will attempt to answer some of her inquiries first of All i am not sure about Tom morgans residence and yes i am related to the morgans who ran the shop Jess Morgan but not Fanny Morgan who operated the Little yellow confectionary store for Many years Warwick notes that Tom Morgan taught school for the first time in 1936 in the school building next to the Grade school on top of the Hill the Warwick lived on the Road called Wood Street and the Structure has since been remodeler according to Warwick father who had revisited the town before his death the letter writer said that she had not been Back to Robertsdale since 1936 when the family moved to Buffalo n y when the Coa mining Economy went into a decline mrs Warwick plans to return to Robertsdale along with her three Sisters for the annual Broad top Oku imers picnic which can Only mean that there is going to be a hot time in the old town that weekend writes Warwick my heart will always be there i can still Bear the est train coming into the town when school let out in the afternoon adding that she recalls of Many events in the towns history she is seeking information about Nellie and Ruby Young lived on main Street above the hotel who were Good friends As Well As teachers of mrs Warwick both of the Young Sisters Are deceased referring to questions about other residents of the Community Peg Mcclain provided the following in formation Ada Ruth Howe who lived on the left Side of school House Hill now resides in Clearfield a Ann Brennan who also taught school at Robert Sale second Grade is now deceased Wilber Mcclain who taught school and later became principal at Robert Sale is also deceased Peg says that Wilber and Les were distantly and the Herriot family is still around Guy passed away several years ago while his brother Louie still lives at Robertsdale where his father once operated t store Warwick also asked about another Robertsdale teacher a miss Cole who taught fifth Grade Peg Mcclain and Belva Troy Saxton who by the Way was my fifth Grade teacher at Robertsdale during the Good Oie Days the were not sure about her identity but mrs Troy suggests that her name might be Kough not Cole la any event there was a fifth Grade teacher at Robertsdale by the name of Irene Hoagh who is mow deceased by the Tine you have read this column the gala railways to yesterday inc he spa Day will be history years truly was among the beat Ben and Board directors of the Huntingdon county to nest promotion Agency i Baad for what try officials matted apogee Satim Day arranged a Honor of the spa saturday May 14 the an Day affair which featured free rides on the try trolleys Aid Tours of the trolley associated was he pal not Oaty to the probate Una of Terry ail if Mies hot Lor Drewlo Ramg the importance of m cow try m shared by try Aad spa la a Tetter to the Abt columnist David Biles vice president of the try explained we believe he spa is important to our tourist business we also believe the other tourist attractions in Huntingdon county Are important to our transit museum 1 Dave keeps me informed of activities at the Rockhill Furnace transportation museum located next door to the narrow gauge East Broad top Railroad throughout the season As he and other try officials release try news i will keep the Abt readers informed by the Way Dave also sent me a newspaper clipping about a recent talk he gave to the Faucon Valley Penn Sylvania Lions club about the Shade Gap electric railway operation at Rockhill Furnace titled where did the trolleys go the non profit try according to the news Story attracts Between 25000 and 30000 tourists each year this that one of the persons who has been very helpful with the Robertsdale italian cemetery project is Glen Moffat of Saxton r d who will assume the command of the Robert Sdale Lions club later this year we need All the Volun Teer help we can get just when i thought it was Safe to go out into the Sun on april 20 it snowed like crazy getting to work from Robertsdale to Saxton was not easy because of the snowy Stevenson Hill on a route 913 just South West of Broad top City cars were stuck on the Hill for a period of time until Bill Rourke and his Penn Dot Crew arrived on the scene with ashes it was an unexpected Spring Snow storm that surprised Broad toppers everywhere late Spring Snowdon the Broad top were common place decades ago i recall of my grandmother the late Celia Watkins telling me about the time memorial Day services were conducted at the Broad top i o 0 f cemetery in a snowstorm Rev n Blain Kauff Man pastor of the Brethren in Christ Church of Saxton was in the office recently to share some history about the Church i plan to use some of his information in the column at a later Date there was a Nice turnout for the special Public meeting concerning veterans affairs on april 28 in the capt Phillips vow Post in Saxton newly appointed Bedford county veterans affairs director Richard Bardell was on hand to ask questions about the needs of veterans from folks in at Tendance barbells concern and valuable talk will be of help to veterans and their families when seeking in formation about veterans hospitals Homes pensions Etc who says there Are no turkeys in the Broad top Forest just ask Barry Horton son of Ray and Joann Horton of Waterfall who bagged a 22 Pound Gobbler with a 10 Inch Beard on april 27 at on siding Hill Fulton county congratulations Barry from time to time we write about those Small ghost towns which populated the Broad top during height of King Coal heres another name which belongs on the list Frog Pond or As it is sometimes called Rocky Ford the Lite town was located on the Road Between Northpoint and Wood that All i know about the town can any of our readers be of help Cali my attract Tom As 1 Type this weeks column a letter from Bui smucker of Huntingdon has appeared in the mail Box upon opening it i discovered that Bill who reads the Abt column and married a girl from the Broad top also enjoys civil War history has two books of the subject the burning of Chambersburg and a Book the life of prestent it Rota i Hope to share some of material with our readers in die Wear future Are in Tore for the Ewers operators of Al i doors fee Saxum area inc Tartag tax Orth my it Attar Pina ska a Saxton Lianas i Law to Satava Aad the Hayy hot Tow Laa located a route More Matte act

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