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Houston Daily Cougar (Newspaper) - October 14, 1976, Houston, Texas The associated collegiate press All american vol. 42, no. 27 cd please Recycle this paper Houston Texas it ded thurs., oct. 14, 1976biden spars with Carter foes by Lori Korleski Cougar staff a former grand wizard s accusation that Jimmy Carter was an Active member of the Klu flux klan elicited chuckles from Carters National Campaign chair wednesday at us. Sen. Joseph Biden a Delaware countered Scott Nelsons charge with a you mean after he graced the governors mansion with pictures of Martin Luther King jr.?�?� Biden addressed almost 50 persons in the world affairs lounge us underground in an open forum sponsored by the us Young democrats. He later held a press conference there also. About three or four students dominated the forum. One student asked Biden How Carter Felt on Heuhs advice free Market. A Jimmy Carter does not support Price controls. There is already too much red tape due to bureaucracy. Neither does he support the Ford method of bailing out xxx Rheed or Fenn Central Railroad in the name of free Enterprise. A what the hell does free Enterprise mean anyway when i first took office in 1972, the Oil companies sent their lobbyists to me to plead for free Enterprise. Hien when the Oil Boycott came they decided they needed government intervention and support. And you know those crawling bastards came Back to me asking for support a Biden said. A socialist representative asked Biden if he would sign a petition supporting his party a suit against the league of women voters for not allowing it equal time. Biden declined saying a the Only endorsement ill sign is my vote in november a he said the debates should have included All recognized candidates for president but expressed concern Over the ramifications the fairness doctrine has on the first amendment. A a in a not at All sure the acc has the right to dictate to a free press. But i also believe it would be better for us All if the debates included third parties. The More Access we have to the Media the better off we Are. In a a bit of a jeffersonian in that i believe that All ideas should be heard so the Best can Rise to the surface a Biden said. Diane Escobedo director of women a affairs asked Biden to explain Carters stand on abortion. Unlocked bikes invite theft by Suel Jones Cougar staff the first thing a motorcycle thief looks for is an unchained Bike. Once the Choice has been made the actual theft takes a professional less than a minute. A people done to realize How vulnerable an unchained motorcycle is a said Ron omd assistant director of University Security us. A six motorcycles have been stolen at us since Jan. 1.�?� Terry Bruce Smith a us student lost a Kawasaki 900 from the motorcycle parking area next to the us tuesday omd said. Proportionately us has had fewer thefts this year than the City of Houston but san Jacinto Junior College is having a rash of thefts. A huh May be next we never know a omd said. Omd said the Best Protection is a Chain and a Good lock. A it takes at least a 46-Inch Bolt Cutter to Cut one. Also use the front Fork Locking pin which locks the front wheel to one Side because the More Protection the better a omd said. Officer j. Vest of us thinks All motorcycles should be chained to something secure. A two Stout men can pick up some motorcycles and Load them into a truck. The Only place on Campus with pipe cemented into the ground is the parking area in front of Agnes Arnold Hall. Omd said most motorcycle thefts occur during the Day because of the Large number of students moving around Campus. A if students would report suspicious activity a lot of thefts would be stopped a he said. Jornd said there Are two numbers at us students can Call to report possible thiefs. One is ext. 2691, while the other ext. 4111, is an emergency number open 24 hours a Day. Jornd said the emergency number is a direct line to the Security office which does not go through an operator. A Carter says he will not support a right to life amendment or in any Way alter the supreme courts decision. However he does not personally support abortion and believes it is wrong to federally fund abortions with Money from taxpayers that feel abortion is wrong a Biden said. A but we both fully support the equal rights amendment a he added. Bob Robertson youth coordinator of the socialists workers party threw Biden a curve with a charge that Carter had promised to debate their party a candidate Peter Camejo and reneged. A is Carter a liar or what a Robertson demanded. Biden replied that he had not seen the letter but speculated Carter cancelled out due to a Lack of time once the heavy campaigning started. He then related the dirty tricks the sep in Washington had played on him. A they would Call to meet with me on certain issues then turn around and Tell the press that i had called them and told them such and such about the foreign affairs committee on which i serve. A they lied screwed and tattooed me and i will never talk to you people again a a Biden told Robertson. At the press conference Biden said he did not know How Carter stood on marijuana decriminalization but he said he favored the Way the Law in his state handled pot violations. A Delaware provides aut Mauc probation in pot cases and a violators record is cleared in two years barring other violations a Biden said. Biden said he abhorred the thought of wiretapping without court order especially when the bid a presence of crime was not Clear. A we should err on the Side of not invading privacy a he added. Biden was elected senator a few weeks Short of his 30th birthday making him the second youngest person to be elected to the . Senate. Flu vaccine in question after scare the status of the us Swine flu inoculation program is unclear today according to Connie Wallace associate Dean of students and director of the us program. Eleven persons in the nation have died in the last three Days within hours after receiving the vaccinations. At least 14 states including Texas have halted the flu program but Houston officials said wednesday the City a immunization program would proceed As scheduled Wallace said the us vaccine is being obtained through the City. A if the City continues with the program the University will probably offer the shots by mid november when the us health Center expects to receive the or. James Whitehurst director of the Center said they will do whatever the Public health officer recommends. He had not been contacted As of for Aid now Friday is the last Day to file applications for financial Aid for the 1976 fall semester. Applications received after that Date will be considered for the 1976 Spring semester Only. For further information Contact the us office of scholarships and financial Aid or Call ext. 3311 or 3312. No Pete Bondergaard s not covering up obscene Graffiti or testing for radiation leaks in the Walls or anything like that. He s sanding new sheetrock near the . Offices in the men s gym where the remodelling of former classrooms into new office space is in Progress. Tony by Llano

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