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Hillsdale Daily News Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 3

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Hillsdale Daily News (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Hillsdale, Michigan The Hillsdale daily news saturday May 31,1986 3 make quiet approach to fish Hillsdale county anglers Are a beginning to take advantage of a yearly Spring phenomenon that takes place in each and every one of our lakes. Once our water temperature reaches 60 degrees bluegills begin spawning activity. It is a yearly event that is awaited with much anticipation by knowledgeable anglers. When bluegills Are bedding they Are easy to catch. Bluegills Are just beginning to spawn right now in Hillsdale county. Tile first fish to move into shallow water Are the males. Bluegills choose hard bottomed Sites in Depths of one to six feet. The male bluegills use their tails to fan out a dinner plate sized depression. Some males will fan Beds so vigorously that their tails Are literally worn att. Once water temperatures reach 62 degrees females begin depositing eggs in the Beds. The eggs Are immediately fertilized by the males. Males remain on the Beds guarding the eggs from being eaten by other fish. Cold weather and heavy boating traffic will spook bluegills off their spawning grounds. Anglers need to make a quiet approach to bedding bluegills. In Many of our county lakes spawning grounds Are concentrated in a Small area. Many Beds can be seen in a Small area. Cruise around your favorite Lake looking for signs of spawning activity. Early in the season some spawning grounds Are used heavily while others remain unused for a week of More. Polarized sunglasses come in Handy when scouting out spawning bluegills. Since spawning bluegills Are both protective and territorial they Are very easy to catch. Last weekend on an area Lake my brother Jon and i caught some Nice bluegills by dragging night Crawler halves across Beds. The next Day Jim Scoville and i used Fly rods to catch a mess of fish. George Bavin and i fished memorial Day morning with Fly rods and ultralight rigs. A knowledgeable Angler fished All three Days near us. A he caught a limit each Day using Cane poles. He used Worms for bait and fished the drop off near the Beds. I really enjoy this time of year. It gives me a Chance to get out my Fly Rod. Bluegills will hit at anything coming near their Beds at certain times. Fishing for bluegills with a Fly Rod gives the Angler a Chance to take advantage of a bluegills pugnacious Ness. Sinking flys will catch fish but i enjoy watching the surface hit so i fish with floating artificial. Poppers and flies will work at times but i have consistent Luck with sponge rubber spiders. They come in different colors. Experimentation is needed to see which color works Best on a particular Day. Spiders have Long White outdoor life Dave Knox rubber band legs. When bluegills Are hitting at the spiders but Are not being hooked on the strike trim off some length from the legs. Your Hook up ratio should improve. John Rogers of Bear Lake is the Best Bluegill Fisherman i know. He uses Leaf Worms and a Small Clear plastic Bubble Bobber. He casts his bait amongst the Bluegill Beds and slowly reels in his line until he gets a bite. Many times the bluegills Are merely removing the bait from the bed. John can Tell by feel when the Bluegill has the Hook in its Mouth. Many Novice anglers set the Hook too Early or too late missing the fish. Grandpa John developed the right touch through Many years of Bluegill fishing. Bluegills can be fussy hitting on Only a particular color but Many times they Are voracious striking out at anything that canes their Way. Fishing for bedding bluegills is an excellent Way to introduce children to the fun of fishing. Spawning activity wont Peak for another two weeks. Fishing will remain Good for at least a month. Last year Jim Scoville and i found bluegills still bedding on the fourth of july. Jim and i would each keep 15 fish and release the rest and we threw Back quite a few. We caught most of our fish on spiders and Small Poppers. Fred Trost and Bob Garner the hosts of the popular outdoor show a Michigan outdoors were supposed to have fished on a county Lake yesterday for bluegills. Ill bet a mess of bluegills that every English teacher that read that previous sentence got the urge to slap my hand with a ruler. I began this column on wednesday Fred and Bob Are coming Friday and you get this paper on saturday. I am excited about being on . I should publicly apologize to the person who must Type this article. My writing is getting shaky already. I sure Hope i can get Fred and Bob into some fish. All kinds of scary things come to mind. What if the fish Are uncooperative will i Fumble stutter or fall out of the boat be sure to watch a Michigan outdoors a week from next thursday to see if i make a fool of myself. The next pheasants forever meeting will be at 7 30 . J line 5 at lights camera action a Dick Best cameraman and Bob gamer and Fred Trost right from Michigan outdoors filmed a segment on fishing for bluegills in Hillsdale county Friday. Photo by Dave Knox the Hillsdale american legion. We will be voting for a new president. Nominees for this important office will be John Hepker John mor Denski Dick Harvey Dick Hartmann Gary Sivey and Norm Armstrong. New members Are always Welcome. The Hillsdale county conservation gub will hold their next meeting at 7 30 . June 2. The meeting will be held at the new clubhouse on South Bird Lake Road about a mile South of m-34. Look for the yellow swinging Gates and drive on Back. Go Early if you want to and Check out the new property. In a related note the Michigan United conservation clubs is sponsoring a petition drive. They Are attempting to Amend our states bottle Bill to include wine cooler Boutes. You can help keep our state Beautiful by signing the petition. Registered voters should Contact Bob Perrin at 439-9962. Bob has petitions but he needs volunteers to help get the needed signatures by Early july. Please pitch in. The minor inconvenience of returnable bottles far outweighs the degradation of our environment with litter. You can help our county and state stay Beautiful by signing this petition. Tomorrow morning i will be conducting a Fly fishing class at the powerhouse Park on Baw Beese Lake. The class will begin at 10 30 . And end at noon. All Are Welcome to attend. Get outside and enjoy the weekend. The fish Are biting. Say a a yes to Hillsdale county. You will be glad you did. Dave Knox daily news special writer enjoys the outdoors and shares with readers his thoughts on outdoor life in Hillsdale county. People and places mansion needs Silver a Atlantic City . Apr acid tongued comedian Joan Rivers thinks new Jersey has gone too far this time lambasting the state for not having Sterling Silver serving pieces at drum Hacket the governors official mansion. A proper is proper a said miss Rivers who Learned the state secret on sunday during a tour of the Princeton mansion. A and not having Silver in the governors mansion is not proper. Something should be the 18-room official residence of gov. Thomas h. Kean a who actually lives on his private estate in Livingston a has Sterling flatware and can use a punch bowl and two candelabra on loan from the battleship new Jersey said Jane Sanderson administrative assistant to Debby Kean. However it does no to have any Silver candlesticks bowls or platters. A i think its a crime especially for a state that has gambling a said miss Rivers who performed Here Over the weekend and took part in hands across America. A new Jersey have to eat off it s in the water Lynnville ind. Apr folks around Lynnville Are joking that there must be something in the water. Since february three sets of twins have been born in this tiny Community of 628 people. The Chance of that happening in a Community of Lynnville size is i in 100,000, said or. Robert Calhoun director of Public health statistics at the Indiana Board of health. Bob and Connie Mccleland inaugurated the population explosion when their twins Felicia Nicole and Kyle Thomas were bom feb. 22. On april 5, Gordon and Susan Wood had Lisa May and Katherine Lynn. Four Days later Brady Mcclain and Jordan Scot were bom to b. J. And Jammie Siebe. All three families have one older child. The women credit their husbands and older children with helping care for the twins. A the twins get whoever a available or whoever a least tired a mrs. Wood joked. A a fourth pair of twins will arrive in mid june when Stacy and Usa. Moore move their new family to Lynnville. Whitney Elaine and Kerby Leeann were bom dec. 16. In 1991, the towns twins May comprise nearly half of a kindergarten class at Lym Iville elementary school. Currently there Are 20 students in the morning and afternoon kindergarten sessions. Novak makes debut los Angeles apr Kim Novak who starred in More than two dozen major motion pictures makes her debut next fall As a regular in a television series on cd so a Falcon miss Novak will portray a mysterious woman a role reminiscent of the part she played in Alfred Hitchcock a movie a vertigo a Lorimar tel pictures said thursday. People Are listening Oakville Calif. Apr when Julia child talks people listen a especially if the Tab to sit by the French cooking expert is about $450 a Day. About a dozen students were spellbound recently by the celebrity Cook whose televised show made her name a household word. As she cooked a Mirror above the Range revealed the masters every knife slice and each Bubble of the pot. With gracious nods the 74=-year-old diva of whisk bowl and Saucepan Drew rounds of applause at the Robert Mondavi winery As she produced the Chub Biest puff pastries and the Cream est fragrant sauces. Miss child who has convinced americans that they could Cook in the French manner is no fan of Nouvelle cuisine with its Light on the butter and Cream style meant to Appeal to calorie conscious eaters. A a it a been a terrible trendy fad a she said. A i Hope we will go Back a few briefs Bass season off to a Good Start by the associated press Strong King Salmon and Lake Trout results in lakes Michigan and Huron top this weeks fishing activity although Early week rain had kept pressure Light in much of the state aaa Michigan said wednesday. The Bass season was off to a Good Start on Inland lakes across Michigan while Walleye results were fair to Good in Southeast Michigan and in parts of the upper Peninsula school menus Pittsford a monday hamburger on Bun vegetable fruit milk tuesday pizza vegetable fruit milk wednesday last Day of school for students half Day Only no lunch. Camden Frontier a monday Corn dogs tuesday Chicken nuggets wednesday Cook s Choice thursday sack lunch cold meat Sandwich. Litchfield a monday through thursday Cook s Choice Friday last Day of school half Day Only no lunch. Williams elementary a monday Taco salad Peanut butter Sandwich pears milk tuesday Spaghetti Green Beans Orange garlic Toast milk wednesday Chicken Nugget mashed potatoes peaches Coffee cake milk thursday fiesta do peas pineapple milk Friday hot dog Corn applesauce milk. Waldron a monday pizza Cook s Choice tuesday Cook s Choice. Owens High a monday through Friday Cook s Choice. Reynolds elementary monday Corn dog and Cook s Choice tuesday Raviola and Cook s Choice wednesday hot dog roast thursday hamburger on Bun and Cook s Choice Friday pizza and Cook s Choice. North a dams a e Rome a monday through wednesday Cook s Choice. Hillsdale elementary monday Sloppy Joe French Fries fruit tuesday goulash vegetable fruit wednesday Corn dog vegetable fruit thursday pizza vegetable fruit Friday cheeseburger on Bun vegetable fruit. Milk served daily. To it a vis Middle school a monday pizza or fish on Bun tuesday cheeseburger on Bun or Ham Patty on Bun wednesday hot dog Coney dog or Sloppy Joe on Bun thursday hamburger or smoked Turkey on Bun Friday Chicken Patty on Bun or toasted cheese. Vegetable fruit and milk Choice served daily. Hudson a monday hot dogs baked Beans Tri potato pudding pops tuesday and wednesday Cook s Choice thursday sack lunch. The Auto club said in its weekly state fishing report. In West Michigan King Salmon were being taken in Good to very Good numbers at various Lake Milligan Depths near Benton Harbor Muskegon Pentwater Manistee and on Platte Bay near Frankfort. They ranged 6 to 25 pounds but sizes vary widely by area. Preferred baits were spoons slippers stingers and Billy baits the Auto club said. Excellent catches of Lake Trout ranging 3 to to pounds were being taken in both grand traverse Bay arms near traverse City and adjoining Suttons Bay. Lake Michigan was yielding Good to very Good numbers off Muskegon. Cowbells Darters and a nuts were preferred. The Bass season started off Well for West Michigan anglers. Both grand traverse Bay arms were yielding very Good catches of 2 to 4-Pound Large Mouth Bass along the drop offs. Inland excellent results for up to 23-Inch Small Mouth Are coming close to the surface of Lake Cadillac near Cadillac. Results were Good with minnows in Pentwater Lake near pen water. Perch action was Good to very Good for 8 to 12-inchers off the Manistee piers and in both grand traverse Bay arms with minnows. Anglers were taking Good to very Good Brown Trout numbers averaging 6 to to pounds off Pentwater Manistee Harbor and Platte Bay near Frankfort cast masters Northport mailers and cleos worked Well 20 to 80 feet below the surface the Auto club said. A a briefs Are paid advertisements 65 cents per word per Day 12 word minimum deadline 9 . Same Day. Call 437-7351. Savarino a restaurant sunday Brunch All you can eat $5.95, serving from la 00a.m. To 3 00 . Hillsdale club Lido presents Stryker band. One week Only. Hillsdale american legion breakfast sunday june i from 8 30 -12 00 noon. Jam session country music sunday june i. 3 00 ? Redwood lounge Allen i. All Dock spaces at Hillsdale american legion must be claimed by 6-3-86. The Hillsdale daily news uses 245-700 member of associated press published by stauffer communications inc., daily except sunday new year s Day memorial Day fourth of july labor Day thanksgiving and Christmas at 33 Mccollum Street Hillsdale Michigan 49242. Second class postage paid at Hillsdale Michigan 49242 subscription rates single copy Carrier route motor route 25c s4.00 month $5.00 paid in Advance paid in Advance by mail a where Carrier service is not maintained mail rates Hillsdale and adjoining counties All other . Mail i or 6 to 3 to i to 70.00 35.00 18.00 82.00 41.00 21.00 6.00 7.00 music King saturday 9 00 -1 30 $2.00 cover charge Amman lag Ion members amp guests welcomed. In All games after first game la Price same Day tag mini Golf . 12 Jonesville Moore s towing 24 hour service 439-6436 local or Long distance i see George Kerasotes corporation Cycle Sali Angola _ Quot while they last Quot xt550k $1,655 ass sock haulage special $1,699 $1,699 Cou s Monda a Yamaha Angola Indiana open 8-8 weekdays 9-5 saturday 219-665-2171 Yamaha we make the difference Dawn Cinema 110n Broad St 437-4760 j evenings 6 0068 00 its about us. A Steven Spielberg film the color Ripple prom Warner drop it matinees saturday amp sunday 2 00 . Only $150 All times for millions of children. Support the colonel Sanders memorial March of dimes gimb4ign pm Tuckis Fried Chiffon Hillsdale

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