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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise. Monday. September to 1174 in place your and today Call 885-2177 i scaling a a a vnkkm1 the Hogg Rem a my gardens plow tree cull it it a cd we cup. Alif in toe of �1 v it to a f of Fth Hopf will landscaping a Nursery Alt toi a a any Typ loader a traitor woe Pill or t a gravel Cali All Joi Arnold s custom hauling i a a tuft work . Gravel a Asi ant pm re pm a 1 Pao witched attach eff a a to ii Ait grave driveway Wark a the my a we a a it be Wark Lvi 1025 Backhoe work to footing w,1 no mauling comp i audit aping Sheryka a a Dye Wood Lawn of Hen aft i / a a a Quality it upbeat Rio. Yew material Arov i Fra estimates pickup a he Eryth Sam i shop 111 the vain h Ahpo Omo we Quality re upholstering own w f dan11 ure fillip a Waco can a Tanto Quality be upholstering ii Jefferson St phone Olmi of Uphou Sofrino done dal flite after a to Alk for Edda to Kiev s furniture re Het Ier. Rte a of estimate. Pickup a it. Vefa the Tea non of Tampei Tea j fit a late my. 23 Mitchll Arnouk lib tree service i a the Quot it a car snobbery wet re Wood car Lawn reseeded tan Tea Pap insured in Aii after or grading a of a in to Andruck of Aravni com Rantan Monand Asi Iau grading lots cleaned gravel Ano loader work cry Asi Alii Day air mph j r Wien landscaping Sandra v a Ai i Pat Cut trash hew and r Rte loot i it Good Lgth m an Das Keith Johnson grading a mauling All Al custom Leader work a Yard 0 custom hauling Sand Rocic g Avei a Din Phagan s Lawn service Lawn mo.? to up. Seeding. kit. Teal re a Garden peeing can it a triad tree service t the tear landscaping d Otway Wark a a in work. Topsoil. Sandrock. A Ara Pittone Asi sits Williams landscaping any Type Maul Sandrock a grate can prenant Williams. At Tao alterations of All kinds to Madison St phone is to tel alterations Epa r of clothing. Pan to teen in eases teen not tier t ramming Northeast area Cay a Teja Archdale paving company or ten Art a Blacktop driveway repair a reasonable Ratet a free it Matet Ai i am Sears electric one Dav service phone hot electric heat a by now of lumber or. Tin be ate in w Mer Ruth can scars electric co one Day service Hise la i Teten. A Tepe Cavite aft a pm a a m car oaf drapes Twete a raffia a a thief roam. Laundromat on grands new of to swimming Pool water furnished. Siao so r crass St a to a path twit canted. Pete pm paved d the. Ste or r . A rec a pain. Clean. Hot eater. Sal los Vernon Arm Hausa a path. A mater lust painted.,Hosp iou a Rte Bland i in a pain prick. A Usi a Quot ted modern. Imasd to Cedar a us a Bath lust pay fed Ste Tau n a pm pain Gas furn ate. Ism painted. I Sal id sep a Crest a rat a Pam. Hot water a Nan. Sas ate Cross a room path. Hat eater. Las Ste a w riven or a to path. Net Ester ass in Trentwood a pm. Bath. Lust painted. Ste Laoj f no with s rat Bath Lull pa.us so ult ups s s rat Bath. A so a tkv coins it realty company ate n main St to Mons i a a Richardton 3 in. As stave a Edge Ait turn recently panted us to to a Grace. To Dup in j eat f in room apr to Marr Ltd a Toupee or t a j gentlemen Tiff to Malpass realty co. 0 f a re rate Tegt Tjo Roule Varo a room House Padr tem s. Of i forced pit Hoot ins to Thi Mivi to in Anno the reel Eifrate roote m Church St is jump Imperial Ora bedrooms. Paths air ,.,. A fun he Williams it s rat bedrooms Gas teat. Fix Movo Gan i rat. 3 bedrooms of Hoot. Ehr i and r rads Nae. J fwd Ooms. Prick Gas heal us Ste Richardson. J bedroom. Fireplace. Arak. Lite in Ahi i it in Sini u h in w be in Aton am Noa j re room j path split in vet Trinity in Hoot District in Par month plus Rhone an. Dis i j rear Poms Den. I Beths Haq my site Security Deposit Winn a Mook i Utlz Hrh dry Asa rentals apii., houses l turn. Homes Joi Vail St 9% rms a dec e note Wood or Duple a room to pm Asheboro St Arm. Duple Steen a grata j bedroom Duple so to on Elm St mama a rooms std iss in by a pm Duple. Sias to nil a rotary Duple. A rooms turn. Sui so did a line Cut a late prick. A rat. Sub Smithdeal realtors am n St. Coll ids Soi j tit do Oom Irick. 01 heat. Icar an a e oath us Mao son ate Sim to month of Ane it Ono 3 room Apt. Like new. Highland Village. 161 Mill St. $16.50 Mehmi 3 room Apt. Gas heat. New paint Sis 50 we. 908 Park 4 room House new paint inside amp out. Gas heat convenient location. $31.50 we. Dallas furniture Call 883 3654 mouses Imp to pan. A rms Arar t ment s to a Chestnut. A to Dup. In a 4 pm our up a 8 rec Haft 4 pm Duple Joi Morgan. A pm gupte ,. Vot Whiten a to Dup Lemil in Hun Hulton aes n a n St my Sjo in Oik a in stems residential tit a r Tepee rest or Arm dupte., Sao t or a Arm duo its Oil Ferndale rid. I bedroom a new to panted. A very Pood condition Sai so Jim de St d to House heat to ear n room. Sio my r Park of. R in Ovate. So is Doi Creen to. Pm m Jamestown Yor Leigh apartments visit our modestly priced modern apartments in their quaint country set Ting. Enjoy a Superior location Between High Point amp Greensboro off 185. These apartments feature Wall to Wall sculpture carpet walk in closets Washer 8 dryer connections and much More. Open .-Fri. 104 sat. 8. Sun. 15 resident manager 454-3616 Thomasville i bedroom Apt heat. Water a act of memes its Rhone is Msj Ste it. Elm 3 pm Apt. Iss ate la a a pm hmm is till i spilt. A to. Apt. Ste did Grace St j pm hmm. Ads us Lii Vii Annhu it of so units 140 Church 888-7250 non ult 28. Mobile Homet Spacet i if Groom near town. Stir Ween water furnished Al Jam we manage Williamsburg car och arts. Oxford House arts. Village Square arts Woodside Meadows arts Dun nov n Mano arts. Rosewood apts colonial court arts Willis arts Grimes arts plus hundreds of other rental units Ca adj aim for Yoc rental Nipios at1a c is six act real in company san Wain St Rhie Bias j bedroom trailer w Laking Avael of cd utes Only Call be Tow depot. Home Assa Robbins dry cd to Rem ired Park Thomasville. Rhone bad Ile i re room trailer lust of Fra City North vary clean real quiet location phone dad am i bedroom private let car Pat. Per cond., to teen porch couple Amy Ete Mencas and a Cunt a tee Date a a i bedrooms. I tut Bath acce Teot carpeted Wather and dryer. Pit. Can of Aoa Atter pm. 3 bedroom trailer. I w Samv Athar a Driver i limit site per to or so Par a months rent in of von re ass fled ? by Trotter aka e Dean almost now. A t Nget. A drinking Huna a3> it j re Groom mad Horn Mott Amor fro new Wither carpeted couple Only. Re by Isje or it Jim free junk car pickup services. Call Guirland Salvage pm 431-7375 or 4315335. General repairs on housing phone by dial George a idol or. Grove Toad a tend Rock. Rock a be Baba a by vacate 101. Rhone 14 of Modling a painting get your Heaters a heating systems evened and ready tor water Reagan oboe Ratet can a ten any a aaa carpentry. Cren a. Work real i re and put Chat repaired pcs a Ste. Ten All kinds it Brick a Bleck work Fownie tent. Chimney a underpinning. It tagging finer put the dram Ute i ated or 431-Abb la Sto e to std construction new Ham con Trewet in remade Long of Dit ont pointing All Type carpentry re to sate Arll j f a j minish aluminium and heating co. Bata Soord Awe or c heat and in Viott in Gwo Ronstead aluminium aiding guttering. Carper storm window and Deer t trailer under wiring panel no and a fret at Matet phone ate joas enyame basement leaking fro c guaranteed flairc0< moving tat it mave your Terni Vyvy put a apart Man local a Long a a Tinea can tor a Trad moving a Gram elite Mayflower i Cui Riano tuning Kimball music Svetic Netter Man ted in aaa Sot plumbing repairs wooo Job no Job ted Botnan tet note Roget Ca Atter pm. Ava Bao it Tais 24 room a Board Larry s boarding mouse lilt Grace Stew opening. Taking rho by i Tai Ute b c 3 pm. Duple. Sos ish w Green s pm haute. So so my Kivett or # rat Home ski us l Wessington. I to. Route. St Kwh of Dewoy. I pm cute Sij a Redding. A pm Dup. Tell i Washington. Pm a Nettee i is e com min Ca a pm Hrvat. My it a rut route Del Grant a pm. Haute. A Kia tend re s pm nun. Bae Forsyth. A of route. Ate f Lith so s pm Rowe. Is Langford. A pm haute. Ste a Gramp. 3 to Duote in Murrey a to hmm. Redding. J pm Epa jul in Tim i pm duper sea to. Pm Dup. Hue Bussett. A to due ted. Sprng Venay. S pm opt. Cie Wood court. Rat fur in. A is a natron i rpm Dup. Is Arnot Tim . Welby. Pm or. Lid w a it Lite a top. Run to 3 pm. Up. Did Amos. A pm Dup. He Iii Ebeth. 4 to House. By a skeet club re a to but. Taps Sharon a pm Dup. A of a Arnot j to pupae. Misa com Pean a room Dup. Dis b bark j pm Dup. E cent next in clean ii b Tigai i to Dup. Lid w is Lviv j to Phi. Jul inn Arm route. Us co a pm ppm a w marm Dup. Jb4 Chestnut. I to a. I ii a , to pud. Ket Rood. E to. New Rene. Ear a r thereto Jim Tup j Fud hcs j Opportunity room House thee carpet Steve a v a wether and unfitted twin Thad wether Dryar to Nae Tom depot t Road Trad so morn it die or 4ji to room a Board for Man work no a Rev de ail c. A stall by a a better Oweida Home pending my a hem rope r Freeti it meet Yeti h g met Bai ten Bobby Lamb Rem connector. Interior a e iter tor petting. No lob toe or Stroh Oil work is clots a iss rooms Sas Iii Lei use Sajsa. Us Ste suite Sai my Sas Sas Tao in. Sas Stern Kesiso we i Ste ebs pm. Pm in Sao its Ste ssi it ass ass us sus it room Huntur Nithard Duple a pelted. 3d? a w Artistes. Intr pack a Beth add a Cen a path Miemi a room . Newly redecorated get ducted Hoot Uepi to on i apply id a Tipton a otters pm a on a Idle a to ter go due in fro eth Motel. All Alae carpentry is painting work of All types. Smell or urge. Pointing end oui All work poor a nod can be a Jai Otter som Carpenter were of ail types smell or Large. Additions Norm r a doors. Alt work guaranteed can after pm. A Trojel Carpenter work to year a or inca door win Down room a hating ale. Larry Proctor a l ski e Kre a minced Carpenter in Remond Diing. A a tor tar or Merler. A eaten a Cen Atter pm its a it carpentry roofing so no prompt re Toneo to need wore. Phone bib Enji Atter pm Ceramic tile work new a remodelling w0k str Reizia Fleors. Quarry Ute Best Rooming haute la Iowa Boom tor a mar no drinking re roots room nah pcs Puckett St wether Fennec irent. Ani Hee Call Imp Ltd newly private a no room Howe with laundry ran a i greed St Security a of red re by Jai. Nearly Row a room Boih Utility room wether a dryer Conn jobs a Stanton St Slit my Pius Security in i St Rhone bus Tim Kobi in Khi is Mik a Ftp a i bedroom a porn no carpeted a a be Gar Atar Edithw Tanav. Dot trove re end or conditioning matter to Eten Naa. Swimming Pool i Aen Rutm hat in oath end we nor a dryer a detect is located m North Watt tee of a to. Erub sies of Khuc a a Sill tar a a room a Gat Nee tuft Bam Hod water disc whited dec St Samo sep re Guy red i a room apartment Bam Twat he water i move a refrigerator Turni mid 30 Richardton lbs to Pius depot get 28 Mobile Hornet amp spam i j to wide ? be drown me. Home water Peru tat vice furn he a to of and Stert Nurt my red i try Paoi tor i or below Gincie Hon amp a it a balt co i bedroom. amp iof ssh Iai Church Avail Bouw a d re Bei Bill a a a rent re e Agar re Ahmo la wide Mobile Home. 3 Miles North of Sophia. Call a tits 7 by i?40 Mobile Home tor rent to veg Gen i Leman Central a a a heat located i youth of Thorn a on t Enndy re phone ass Job i by room Home. Tum Witt action. Off Hwy Al Marthd coup Only Amft t. I bedroom Knop the Home with automatic wether a Saba after Awn i bedroom trailer a electric Good location Alt Bdl Beautiful Lakeside Mobile Horn fwd went a High rom re. Atter a pm de Nae _ Circle t Mobile Horn pork traitor for rent j Miji i ouch of High runt g w Trotter of a High raped no 411 3ist clean i bedroom trailer wether a air. Couple onto Kra n. Math Randolph county for pent Corge Moatte homa Lapp. Att Ute a a it underground. Ajl Tell i to a m j r m extra Nice la wms Methie How. Rom Petely carpeted wether or Cand. Coup Only a Nen t to court. Hid n main St Day a dog no sunday Calls trailer Toto and i bedroom Trotter toy rent Coit leans ? of Croom trailer Otto 11 a re at Tont. Shady pork. No children cup a it adds to Milf r for rent an Meadowbrook re it from to nutty school pupate Amy phone a Tom a Cutter a rat sva a or in third i Rutste a b Woad Wood s rat. Sis 3j� b Grace d to a Way pointed tot a pub i commo be d pm. Sva ult cod St a rat. Us sin hink a Khi tors Hamilton mum rooms heat water trove a re to tip Ere a a a b Wetr Wood. A in to Conrad realtor Ermi i. S room Kec Hsc forced a a heat Irr Good Tenet a via Nathan Hunt or. Phone ate sat by Mark it i roam Boutel month of Orpet to Beth. Wether a dryer con a tec Oak ewer c heat. Orm a Newt a sort site per in no p Siar a Canty compte Eniy be by Alt new classified and rates effective oct. Isl 1974 Aaron House apts. Be or ted Electr it he in a it grist Stee St a a r Send a Ned Grady Rea to i s room pts Chaute. Ca w t full Paup Quot Quot a a i in a a eng room a Den to cried an Large wooded or study Broo is Bari d Kurt of Sim to Lea is am aet wee furnished bedroom tor amp it Odd lady. Canna Jhent to catch. Call Blat Large term hed bedroom pop 18 ring path no drinking. Rhone so Asea private a Semi private rooms Man of r a Ste St. Cat by bae cell ajl Lonj Atter $ p m Don Rickert. Paint contractor in error a or. Home. Commercial a out trial fro estimates Bill list floor sanding a tile work Jones tile company re Tes ten Mial macs fur Oum gentlemen All Canyon facet it location private Entrance comb Desses a a ill ape Cir. Ujj sows. 2 Baloo. Centra a a. T a a a a carpers Sib Job six voter a pm. Ste to tan r ear pm. So ill t of Wood s Reev Sjo Job o d Thometz a of d Roem Ste clean carpeted a roam haute them Jim a Ltd 3 adj a Oft cd Toper i Cave Prater Rod i vhf came wed. No sen sep Udif pod of Terence sus ebm3m a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a classified advertising family want and Kates the High Point Enterprise inc. High Point. . 21 1 Church ave. Pm. 885-2177 published weekday afternoons amp sunday morning effective oct. Is 1974 duplex Art i bad Raar a Ste i bed earn she Security Odiot i landmark realty none 1 aide disk Cli a cd room close in for i or i gentlemen twin co or to. A Riv one Fri Vilic parking phone it Boe a Tekea t cd deter a Shn in to realtors ebs lad room for rent in private Home. Near by be a a Chan we Gen t Omen omit by Ute townhouse a j bedroom up Bein try room a k t with for tee re up Prience. Ewe to k Hoot carpeted e-4 Concrete per no eee 01 to but Ioc of Titre a Pisa 26 Aike % i Aii up rom it tor adv re Bedenb i room to Rathod hot tor ran no Chi Idron Jib Beddington re col a Timp. Is off a for Ren j a prom noun lanced Yard Chr ipod Sot newly painted nut Pryer coup. We the j duplex Art 2063 Dilip re i bedroom a c ate a ret. No Pat. Ste i menu tee mkt i \n18 Iii nil k him Mimi in i wbk n Ham . Centro of Teit. Ciao of oven. Per Boga comped to div Watner at Igil Ator. Atno in to prompt a water Ipp Thad by x t i of Quot to t Anvor gig Imhuf Taal. Bey area to cubs f k in k Khi Hakh ski n me n so phone Bauri 3 lines to Days $�00 each additional line since a. I bedroom Dup v a rated. Sib per in pm a Cutty i room duplex Art. Jut. Of into de new Lur nth Ngy a let h but Rad married cup or ret of be t phone Bdl Tai a a Sariti for new Hornet edition to bad n my work cd 83 Hob alter s r m. Ca it Bdl Asis Gutter work the Trail. Clean repair him ii painted or pent Yip a Jib or a i spi Home building remodelling and Ditton. Kite Hen cab i i. Top Bath rotting painting furniture Khosro a j j. Whity a a a Ewe i Iez sol Home improvement guaranteed to please room addition Patio panel a. Ait la pet of hem Rem Jwj no Der is Ual Hight bes-05s4, Benj Roytbu Interior a exterior painting additions a remodelling aluminium siding a roofing acl Home improvements req ab-3iei Ive is construction vie deny Type of prick or Brock work Altot Nall rep work and carpentry work phone anytime 4jv��e__ Xing Cabinet Shor Kitchen a Barny pow Cabinet Horn rape re a pain Hadd Fehte Nebo puck or Brck wore Dor leu a cer penury work Dor new can morn masonry on up Atter s p m Nelo puck or Brick work do Fdl a a carpentry work Don now j Call Morri masonry. A Jujj Atter pm painting a Cert no of a Quot a a last beaten Esq ret no lob too i Ojo of of Fiat Aii work guaranteed re so Abb. Painting Interior and a Teri a or Ca Ftp condom All work guaranteed free estimates ct11 Ai id a Raynor paint amp aluminium by s main St Archdale Cee a of Alcoa a Reynolds aluminium siding Norm Deer i Vav mews. Aluminium Gutter ii a Aii Sabbri Model a room additions Oner Fries of crap gift a teak 9uert Tehi work men Thop / a 1 a i Rie vant construction ass Dill or Dos <44 a residential Ltd Marka Interior a Fite Teg a a a a a Smith do pm dry a Goodyear a of a rooms paneled.1 a a i it y win. Quot Jill Quot Sii Siuw in. Hobson _ a room furnished duplex sub Wei nut or Yete Entrance a Bam gamer in Cai u3-m� or nun by Oil 22 Amel i bedroom Eider hem. Ste per to pm Security depo t a a a bedroom. A a cwt to Type i haute t replace Many Tetra Sib per in pm Security Riga i it Mabe i company realtors a Milf sex Cuti it f roam now. 3 peo one Large shrug a eng pm Cen to 4�ted by Ven Edd. T nip Waid a per a a it uni a a a Hoh so for rent Good location bub Jas by Hight 4 t 02 4 room furnished Apt to Mea Caup of Quot by i be. Near Thorp my Center be 81 the 3 room Apt. Extra clean near downtown. 321 s. Hamilton $18 so week. Dallas furniture Call 882-2654 i room furnished House to Ieese coup near bus i gone. No or inking for information. Aji-372i Index s room House Cen enc cd Gren m3 my parfty1 pm Gat neat i t i to Dap lice Kra j room mealy urn Snag apartment pie f Bath Entrance Oft Street a no coup Only Baj sober of top furnished apartments working coup Devarn locations be i Eli a furnished 3 rooms Down a get he i 03 w Breed Sis we int Lud water 4 tight be children aaa 4? in for rent Apt. # y surr re. A of Watanar a dryer location. A in ote ants puce. Call by furnished a room Apt up Tair private both. Got heal �a6l by it we no Childre Iee 4313 furnished 3 room Apt up Tair novae oath Joo Black English Roll a a no children or Clit in Archdale a completely furn tined Dup Aper Lawn t Nice furniture in of get it Jajo Nici furnished 3 room a Dinette in brie Home private front a Beck Entrance apply Aoi Albertson re or the ten the save Fuby. Let a install term win awns a Deer and Imu Tete eur of vows for . Quote Quot. In. White storm doers too kit phone Asa Asa a. 11 bum Uky window to instant e 1 a a a Pena St teen a de Quot ,.,. In Jih will do Ima i a of f n i r y Jap by aim Nabi a i All All Ida for rent a roam Apt a a la Ca Wood to weekly. So Sec. To Deport no cd Dren re Ais >e0b alter i p in 27, Apio. Houriet Galarn for rent at Horton realty phone 883 1794 to furlough is tinted a pm opt with Beth. A lacerated 13 so to j 17 of toning Pam opium sipping All Fyod re a m up he Lottei Inu h Iii if4 a Lei Fly. Aft Xum a Emitil Fhlug its lot my Anil-., a a i Ai be Ute Flouti of samples. Urn gtd ii freshly a11 Mili it ii Mobile. 3 pm opt Beth. Freshly or end i to a i we Hus Commerce. A pm Brick Apt. Auf yes Twat so a 3 a or ski me Floe Rolf j pm Home. I acre Lei so me 11? i no i room compete to to ted a fainted sos Aho or b Ream lev hts to Jio a de of Gordy ire by Ranov eted a fully pointed St to a ? was in Van i room 40 a i we i Joi a Edmond Sot. 4 Ream a a. Car Hie Johnson is a room route is me Jomer Gen St i roam us a. Jul mute a Ream us aah us snort w Green a room furn hed. Oath. Hot water sap be i we Tell Sharon a room Sij so a i we us furlough a Ream Dos us my if a mrk Ltd 4 room Brick Taree i we is Perotin Ava Tea Meilute roam Sij so a i we for sate Rani a tease with Apt on new a vary Ake Bear Aam Kame rutty carpet in path h r City limit Rhall ish 44<w�eitf#t�.e so of awl and. A attn a at it a att a i in Mea a it i ill 14 to flt two b2 jewelry aah vat. As ,.11 steam. Lewd tar sate. Isis. Me �a�-1 it shed the i Saai Nim tar a Ark. 18 aft j teak in to pushed. To Taal a Inki. I a com did my a. Is left Lea Alette. .45 ays att stat. Be Ute a Baa a is mate waa Tad i aug ideas Teal it Tete. To Sarvat. I awl learn. A Maate mamas Sgaw a Leaf i fins it Ammu # a # a # a a a a Al Blaa Ite Stea Aas flt a sate Saay it a a fat Sale. In ii away la la. Bra 97 1ft Jet Tif 91 a a a. Aft in fast. Al a Augys it a Sta fars. Al v Mush Ai i Yin a a. A a a a i it a a ill a if me team we gds. La f a r saw to. 4 of Mutt . A Fate i in a Stet Abe am St is Styf. Fatt is. A a it i reliefs. It it ates Tim mate waa Tad i card of i Baa. I Fra Garty waa Tad. Aia sary fats. Bawa i in Agen. Muar. .7 ladies to sate. A c hit h Fil h t ipes Teal Isleta tevet Means. .31 Tell wag. A lamed tag Fem hag la earners i frag Way la it Las it Datte lets sate. Is Shawfu Flaherty sate. In x a j Mil i lid i m Ai a by w add add a a a yes a j of a it a to. I Basat t in. Be Tarap Debidar tqw#a#4rt. .44 a Arf sate. Is Hewers wat. Said am a Eean a. A mad. A Ihm la. Ii maa a 3 As Eaf Roll a Pic w a we a ii ha1 a a a sates mete a Tad. A garage mat. Is seed viewers. A Gar aaa Lata i a y mar a Sag ass Lara Sarvet. Is hate a ated a serve but after Jaaes. Is mate welted Terne. As be wag it Etimet. Is Knip Amhi a Star two beads. Is mate weat and mat air. A inns Susie. La Sitf Tufti Ift Iii few a Quot Vit id s m $ a a Fattal mate warned a mete Bakish late isl. A travel Gogar Temetha. I a trucks a camped. Be d 9 it 1 to to lad get Baga Quot. In mamas far 11# said lads sate. Sates a a mad wafd. .a7 a Mett i of Lavaum �?��?��?�.17 Mav Sabau . A heated to Lay. As maws aet ,., to waa fad to Leal. Sima Sal Al Undy Insaad. Of Tarawa a a i ads it agog is items valued at $200.00 or less All items must be priced no abbreviations accepted ads Cancellable but not refundable Quick. Easy economical a family want ads classified advertising private party Cash rates effective oct. Is 1971 the High Point Enterprise inc. High Point. . 210 Cill Roii ave. Pm. 885-2177 Public hed weekday afternoons x sunday morning. Days 3 4,5, amp 6 1 7, 8 amp 9 to to 30 Cost per line 22� 19c 16c 15c to place an and Call 885-2177 hates on this card apply to non commercial private party advertisers Only. When insertions Are not consecutive the one Day rate will apply. Minimum charge 3 lines a 3 Days the High Point Enterprise. Inc. Reserve the right to reject at it s option any advertisement. A $1.00 postage charge is added where advertiser directs replies in care of the Enterprise and said replies Are forwarded by mail to the advertiser classified ads. A the marketplace of millions every a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a classified advertising octepl74 commercial Cash Kates the High Point Enterprise inc. High Point . 210 Church ave. Pm. 885-2177 published weekday afternoon sunday mornings 3. I. A. Amp i lines 25 Par Lim a a Aeh Lav 12 lines or Mowe 22 Ivr line each Day minimum charge 3 lines amp 3 Days the rates on this card apply Only to local commercial business establishments the High Point Enterprise inc. Reserves right to reject at its option any advertisement. A h of postage charge is added where advertiser directs replies in care of the Enterprise and said replies Are forwarded by mail to the advertiser. Legal advertising. 2cole Inch a administrator s notices. 20. Flat nec1 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a contract rates available on request a 314

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