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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Scott optimistic about schools is the weather High Point Enterprise saturday sept. 30, 1972 5a it a new charged with murder Asheville no. C. A and White gifted and deprived Phi Fri Al Quot a he of Els Public Scott said the state s Public school systems a entering the Dawn of a new in e me Quot ing pot of our a there have been few times the governor said that with in history when so much has one or two exceptions schools been asked of an institution a across the state a opened he added smoothly and orderly in Sharp a civil rights poverty in entrant to our recent sex employment social stress sex education drugs and ecology a the head knocking is Over Are but a few of the new Cori Scott added in a talk to the Cerns placed on our already Asheville Buncombe citizens overtaxed school teacher and committee for better schools administrator Quot Scott declared. Friday night. A we Are Back a coupled with the demand of once again to the fundamentals,1 students for self determination to what our schools Are sup teacher Militancy and teacher better weather for the posed to do a educate our Chil rights minority group de weekend traveller is expected mands special interest group starting this afternoon or to Scott said another Good in demands Federal control state night dictator of an improved climate control and citizens demands the National weather ser in education is that a school for accountability this con ice the thunderstorms 3 arrested in patrol slaying Raleigh apr three killing of the Roxboro officer. The patrol commander said fourth Law enforcement officer Durham men have been a Guy said the three men were that a 1956 two tone Green Mer to be killed in North Carolina curve identified As being at the Quot j a. Witnessed by Harold Gunstead a person murder scene was found in or i county Farmer county this Clearing forecast gun Bond issues Are being passed statutes a formidable by the people once he he added cited recent Bond elections in then he said a i feel that our Transylvan a and Surry coun educational Endeavor is enter tips ing the Dawn of a new in that arose last night should three Day forecast North Carolina extended Outlook monday through1 end sometime this afternoon. Clear weather is predicted for tonight. Probability of rainfall de eases to 20 per get this afternoon and will remain at to per cent tonight and tomorrow. Lower temperatures Are expected to accompany the rested in the wednesday slay being held in an undisclosed ing of Highway patrolman Joe jail a for Security Wright in person county. A a there a a lot of feeling on col. E. C. Guy patrol com he added. Ang sumy us ant noon. Cir instead said he heard Mander. Announced Friday Guy said officers will Contin Guy said Trees had been Cut Wright sound the Siren of his night that James Henry Sneed be their investigation of the Down and Laid Over the car to a marked patrol car to halt an 21, James Dennis Mack 17, and Case to get a1 the facts but bide it. Other vehicle. The Farmer said Levy Lowe had been charged that he does not expect Addi officers had reported pre that As he walked toward the with first degree murder in the tonal arrests. Piously the slaying of Wright Road the officer had reached the rear wheel of the halted car i when the Driver raised a and shot the trooper. The Farmer said the officer asked for help and he replied a Titi help you he said he assisted Wright who had been shot at least three times to the patrol car. Grinstead said he then used Tho by Roger Leddington curating in the Arab world that l i a s Radi it to summon my associated press writer Israel planned a similar raid a said the officer never Moscow tap a the kremlin0 Syria have received Exten spoke to the occupants of the. Ipar Ani wan not oven rare Vino Federal Cash i priority questioned Raleigh a action on a controversial priority listing user delivering arms to syrians Zisl Tyz it a. To irs a a a a a a a of the re Sam a. A a ii., Char. , a a a Zhc its vie the do Cloi veiled threat to Israel clearer weather. The High this cliche would put training stand in has revealed it is supplying ave publication in the soviet car.an<1 is oot even carrying afternoon will be about 80, the Ards and pay for Law enforce Syria with advisers and Tho lat press. 3 Cleta on Hook. _ the diplomats also noted that social changes in the history of work together to provide approx Quot thu own a ,0m0rr0 win list to share Federal funds was Dik ure a a a the Kremlin report put to rest private facilities. Imaginative. A i refer to the assimilation of and dynamic leadership an at Moll in the <>0s All of our children a the Rich Moshere free of intimidation South Carolina extend and poor Rural Urban Black and a concerned citizenry. De Outlook monday through wednesday a partly Cloudy with isolated showers. Daytime highs in the 80s. Overnight lows in the 60s. Except 50s in the mountains. The extended forecast Mon delayer Friday by nor a Carf Quot ral it suggestions the rumours of i Tux and i. The soviet comm new soviet Aid were planted by monetary overhaul to take two years Day through wednesday is for Ltd a a a a Quot Ltd order cont a newspaper made the us whte Mirato More wet weather. There la be mince first official announcement of. A l it. A a Chance of showers each a forecast James Van Camp. Chairman the new military my program of a special , of Zzz Quot vie military Aid for some time along with neighbouring Iraq. Circulated for some time. Discussing Over All soviet co temperatures feed the listing of to priority program areas to the com a a Rath Quot wit a a Quot i be a pts a Quot a a a Quot of most Mittee which will handle the said a Syria is also supplied m re a run North Carolina Occa disbursement of More than $13 with the latest weapons for its a let h showers with a few armed Forres and re7elves m Iraq increased thunderstorms today but ending nil n fe0fral time m Fth train inc of the new Aid apparently was by the associated press from the West this afternoon funds in fiscal us. Cadres arranged when president Hafez 24 hour ending at ? . St showers and thunderstorms the committee agreed to def it a Fensel Secretary Melvin r Al sad two of a is i o ,p7n it Onti Nuin East oni the so a for action on the list for 30 Laird said last weekend that in Moscow with soviet leaders i a who re Clearing. Sunday mostly this came after a meet. Moscow had begun an Airlift of Rusf a week before Egypt an 9171 .02 sunny except showers and in re non i and Burmam. Bounced expulsion of the rus sians. By Bill Neikirk land while devoting full time to associated press writer monetary Reform. A i regard a Washington a the myself As an International civil charles1on n c englishman named to overhaul servant a he said. Charlotte rain the world monetary system he spoke to reporters after Columbia cloy a ii cubic a Irum me West Iconium ,. A Tut hat lebanese newspapers have says the Job can and should be he deputies of tile committee Greensboro cloy 77 60 1.13 and Cool sunday. Highs today a omit continuation of Rcpt red Sams ground to air done within two years. Maybe of 20 finance ministers held Greenville s c. Rain 86 68. 52 mostly 80. Lows tonight upper woul. S not overed missiles also have been in sooner. Their first meeting at the con Raleigh cloy 83 68 241 40s mountains. 50s Central and rent or Agrimis not covered m 79 fico Caci i och Sinh a or mar an Lump s it Rig n. P in 70 Bei it inc thursday Nicht at which personnel and armaments to 87 78 .05 thunderstorms ending along the or a our Saay nigh a in 84 69 i 08 coast. Warm today turning represent latkes from 14 of Ria the was on concern to 35 cooler from the West of night Ai 90 71 a a year and a half would be a Good result a said Jeremy Mee m8 Morse executive director of the Bank of England. A i suppose it could slip to two but Morse named to head the working committee that will negotiate the Tough issues los Angeles delusion of the i mfg a annual Savannah cloy Wilmington cloy 92 72 60s East. Highs sunday upper 88 76 60s to Low 70s mountains. Listing. The thursday night meeting Asbestos poses threat came Western diplomats viewed the pravda announcement As Al warning to Israel not to launch up with the list of to Pri Jan s such critics including a special a 1 m7 incur j it Propri Atin of is Inta tss5 5 in re be some present pro Karwand of is Tinlan Juas. A or m a a Man Quot non or Cdr since the israeli raid he _ a a Tai cancer and the cases of Germany. Try programs in Urban areas. Syrian Arr red forces have been of Reform said if the task takes Type of cancer caused by sex curing As a result of indirect about too cases have been rile proposed priority order in a state of Alert reports Cir much longer than that three pm sure to Asbestos threatens occupational exposure to As-1 listed in the United states and would be training standards years for instance. A i feel that the lives of thousands of world bestow will be a another in 1,200 in Britain he said. And pay $4 million comm we would not be achieving War h american shipyard Wor Happy legacy of world War Selikoff said that among ideation $1.5 million inform. A a kers a cancer authority says. Selikoff said it has been cases in Britain few of the vie Tion systems and record Man ii the disease a tumor affect known for almost 20 years that Tims had been Asbestos workers gement. $1.5 million reduce a Strong Dohar m the next lining of the Chest or occupational exposure to As but had been employed in the Tion in delay of criminal trials year or so could mean a Little Abdomen has Only recently be bestow is a associated with in same Yards in which a relative $500,000 juvenile programs $1 longer time to negotiate Morse appear 30 years after creased risk of lung by Small number of other men million adult correctional prosaic. But he added some action exp0suret the National cancer he said that until recently had been working with As Grams. $2 million forensic and could be taken by next year s conference was told Friday. Mesothelium a was so rare that bestow. Technical services $250,000, International monetary fund j r Irving j Selikoff direct do not warrant separate a such cases already Are and special enforcement units meeting in Nairobi Kenya. \ environmental scion classification As a cause of being seen in our country a he a n d preventive programs. A a said lets a a a it a new Home together. I a Tuii of 11.liking a a pm inline Mumm x in a in i mix a nil i Miff to i la lit up Villi to i All Ilknur i mix smut Minix ran inn it knit Nutting Arimo Iii in or. A knit Al not Anil Tiliti in in Tirl i Mai mix Iii limit Xii Ani u 11 ii in Kerr i Lune t nut Alii i in Len 11,� 111 or Hank thai Ani. In i tin or a inti xxii in Mimir or Humr Tan in in Xix i no in irl Alk vim Lliran. Re Quot. A Iizaki Annii Iurii Lufi Len r i try a i limn nil initial using night watchman clock and too seals Vai Iii add tort tout sunni a and Momi Vav ill r Kun i cd i Omitt a a hours my oat Davis patrol amp watchman service equipped with i Way radio por Retter service Security guards phone 886 4025 a a funnily Sale there a one going on every Doy in the classified Section of the Enterprise get the Best buys in furniture right Here in the household goods my tint Hnyz a classified ads. It the place to save and if you want to be a part of the big Sale place your and today by calling 885 2177. 3 lines a 8 Days Only 3.60 o r great the United states Neer a steamfitter and a Wel Britain South Africa Der. Morse talked with newsmen Laboratory of it Sinai death. Said in the past year. A num la riday at the conclusion of the of Medicine in new Quot in the past Selikoff Ber of such world War ii me if meeting. York said it was possible that a a it. A these tutors have Sud Sot Heliobas have been brought a a lot will depend on the to 35.500 to 225,000 of the 3 25 Mil of a sch less rare Quot it Urka Entla Mintum of discussion and what lion world War la shipyard of 25 to 80 or More cases cases had worked in last or hardens in the real world out workers still Livins could be arc no1 uncommon and have West coast shipyards As an Side a Morse said. The Bank of killed by the disease Fen in man7 Al electrician a tinsmith an in England where he works is the Silkoff said it had been de Wor a British equivalent of the Feder ter mined that a maximum of 7 a1 Reserve Board the . Cen per cent of shipyard workers trial Bank. Directly exposed to died of mesothelium a but Morse who bears the impose figures were available ing title of chairman of the Dep a p h exposure was duties of the i mfg a Board exposure a governors on Reform of the in he he disease which ter National monetary system adj surfaced Only in recent and related issues said he was years was a Ouw and pot in optimistic about the prospects Auy very serious environment for Reform. The deputies will meet next in Washington nov. 22. That three Day gathering will set the stage for the work to be completed by the end of the year. Morse said he would give up his Post with the Bank of eng $500,000. Amp Williams Flowers a Quality Flowers a professional service 701? English to pm 882 4161 television log a q a my Greensboro a Btu Charlotte 4 Wunch University station 8 a Gap High Point f soc Charlotte m Wols Roanoke 12 Wujs Winston Salem Chrysler fax motors Copp Patlon Lovely lady Beauty Salon 3335-6 s. Mein St. Archdale o 431-5906 Coll about our weekly ipecac Chrysler corporation presents the premiere television showing of Quot Cactus Flowers 7 00 Lawrence Welk show Ghl a 8 00 alias Smith and Jones 9 00 streets of san Frqncisco it i How to remember your Best ideas no matter where you get them the new St Norette a i versatile Mark Chi goes with you anywhere. Records your Best ideas before you forgot them. No matter where you Are. The versatile Mark i 11 is a portable cordless a dictating recording unit. Small compact easy to use. It stores up to 45 minutes of your on the spot ideas on pre loaded snap in cartridges. Versatile Mark Vii flies with you drives with you makes Calls with you. It fits into your briefcase into your pocket. Together with its compatible partner the versatile v office transcriber it offers you the lowest priced dictating transcribing system available anywhere. 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A september 30 a Channel 12 see All the 1973 Chrysler Plymouth Dodge cars and trucks on display now. 737-39 n. Main Tel. 8c8-9930 mph Ulm Chrysler Dodge Plymouth i Dodge trucks 7 . 2 Hee Haw a Mel Tilli and Sherry Bryce Are guests. S _ Lawrence Welk a the Best of Broadways 8 . 8 alias Smith a Jones Heyes and Curry Are hired by one rancher to Patch up by feud with another rancher and they Are arrested. Bernie Bridget and Bernie agree to their parents wishes that they be remarried in a second ceremony a religious one. But it is not All that easy with the Bride a Catholic and the Groom jewish. 9 . 12 emergency Fame and Fortune Beckon Gage and Desoto. 8 30 . 2 Bridget loves 8 streets of san Francisco a a not so prostitute earns grudging respect from Steve when he protects her from a psychopath. 12 saturday movie a a Cactus Flower a w i t ii Walter Matthau Ingrid Bergman and Goldie hawn. A Playboy dentist who pretends to be married finds his life complicated by a Kookie Girlfriend. To . 2 Mission impossible a a Syndicate Leader holds Hie key to the $5 million bankroll that will finance the overthrow Ofca Maguar a government. If must prevent the takeover. 8 _ the sixth sense Joan Crawford guest stars in a special episode in which she plays a woman lost while travelling alone. She finds lodging with a weird Black magic group who try to scare her to death with chilling visions

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