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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Watergate from Page i a 30 years for Mitchell 25 for Haldeman and Ehrlichman to for Parkinson. 5 for Martian and 15 for Strachan. Fines for the various counts Range from $2,000 to $10,000. The grand jury had included one other defendant in its 50-Page indictment March i. Former Nixon special counsel Charles w. Colson. But Colson indicted with Ehrlichman in the Ellsberg burglary Case pleaded guilty to a wholly different charge and went to prison for 1-3 years. In return for the plea the cover up and Ellsberg charges were dropped. Strachan too stands a Good Chance of being severed from the trial of the other five. Special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski joined Strachan s lawyer last week in asking such separation. Strachan s attorney had been pressing since Spring for dismissal of the charges claiming the government was violating its Promise not to use Strachan s own words against him. Conceding that it s a close Legal question Jaworski said it would be better for the trial to proceed without Strachan until the matter is cleared up. Ford asks citizen help on inflation Washington a president Ford is asking the Merican housewife and breadwinner to move directly into the War on inflation by keeping lists it tips and helped hints and trading them about the neighbourhood. Iii president announced at the close of his economic Summit conference saturday the creation of a voluntary citizens program headed by economics columnist and consumer advocate Sylvia Porter who had raised the idea at earlier sessions. A the most important weapon in the fight against inflation is the spirit of the american people Quot Ford said. A i Call on each of you. To join me in a great Effort a and to become inflation fighters and Energy savers. I know that All across our country the question everyone asks is a what can i do to help a he said. A will Tell you How we can Start. Right now make up a list of to ways you can save Energy and fight Ford said the list should include Little things a that have become habits but done to really affect your health and happiness. They Are habits you can abandon. A Exchange your family a list with your neighbors and Send me a copy Quot Ford said. Miss Porter a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist had been a participant in the financial panel during pre Summit meetings and at the final reports during the weekend Summit. In preliminary meetings and again saturday miss Porter had called on Ford to bring the Public into the Battle including creation of a a National program for consumer cooperation to control miss Porter also suggested Home vegetable gardens patterned Aller world War la Quot Victory tile greatest number of stories achieved in building houses of cards is 34 in the Case of a Tower using seven packs by r f. Gompers of the University of Kent Canterbury England. Sirica is expected to Rule on that matter on monday. To Date 51 individuals have been charged with crimes categorized As watergate although the cases involved such diverse areas As illegal Campaign contributions dirty tricks and the actual watergate break in and bugging but this trial is to be the Centrepiece of All the Effort put in by the special prosecution Force first under Harvard s Archibald Cox then under texan Jaworski. As the lawyers for All six men have claimed never before in american jurisprudence has there been so much widespread knowledge about a Case and the involvement of defendants about to come to trial. One of the questions certain to be asked when Sirica begins his examination of potential jurors is. A have you Ever heard of an incident called watergate Quot at other watergate related trials the question always has brought laughter. But More significantly the few panellists who raised their hands were not chosen tor jury duty. The witness lists submitted by prosecution and defense lawyers reads like who s who in watergate. But Star Billing will go to the tape recordings Richard Nixon made surreptitiously in the White House and Only the appearance of Nixon himself would surpass it. He has been subpoenaed both by Ehrlich Man and by the government. The government s list of 44 witnesses includes to men already convicted in watergate and related cases John w. Dean Iii and Deb Stuart Magruder the first insiders to Tell their Story to Federal prosecutors Mitchell aide Frederick c. Larue watergate burglars g. Gordon Liddy e. Howard Hunt jr., and James w. Mccordjr. Ehrlichman aide Egil Krogh or. Nixon personal lawyer and major Iund Raiser Herbert w. Kalmbach former atty. Gen. Richard Kleindienst and Colson. James f. Neal the governments chief trial lawyer also plans to have As witnesses Alexander butter Field who first disclosed the Clandestine taping system Hugh Sloan the Nixon Campaign treasurer Richard Helms former head of the Cia Vladimir Pregelj the Loreman of the grand jury that returned the indictment and voted Nixon As an Unin diced co conspirator. The 80-name list of possible defense witnesses submitted by Ehrlichman lists Many of the same people plus some others Well known Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger outgoing White House chief of staff Alexander m. Laig dr., Nixon press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler and personal Secretary Rose Mary w oods Secretary of detente James Schlesinger Republican Sens. Howard Baker it Tennessee and Lowell Whicker of Connecticut and Washington Post reporters Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein who broke the watergate Story. As the trial ripens it is Likely the witness lists will to pared. Advance estimates Are that the trial might last three months. Sirica who yielded Only reluctantly to earlier of torts to delay the trial has threatened to extend court Days into evening sessions to avoid running tile trial into the Christmas season. The length depends in Large measure to what degree the prosecutors can resolve disputes with defense lawyers. There has been Little willingness to yield ground in the seven months since the indictment the expectation is there will be Little in the i it tire. The widest Gull is Over the tapes and the Way they Are presented to the jury. Defense attorneys claim that the authenticity of each tape must be vouched for by a participant in the conversation a in All but three cases Nixon. The former presidents lawyers Are expected to claim he is too ill to Honor the witness subpoena. Prosecutors say one witness presumably Dean will be Able to vouch personally for seven of the 33 presidential tapes to be introduced. It left the dispute on the rest to Sirica who said he will Rule after a hearing on monday. 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Call 885-0003 stalled 175 sets of earphones in Sirica a 100-seat courtroom enough for each juror lawyer defendant and Spectator. The prosecutors have said it will take 18 hours to play the tapes they will introduce provided the recordings Don t have to be stopped repeatedly to identify voices. To avoid that they have asked to provide the jury with transcripts to follow As the tapes Are played. But defense lawyers Challenge the accuracy of the transcripts and the question it their use is another last minute pre trial decision for Sirica. The cover up indictment last March served As the starting gun for an extraordinary deluge of Legal actions. On the prosecution Side they revolved mostly around the tapes for the trial. On april la Jaworski asked Sirica for an order subpoena ing 84 tape recordings from then president Nixon. Colson then a defendant Mardian and Parkinson joined in the request and Sirica issued the order. Nixon a lawyer James d. St. Clair fought the subpoena and lost. When he turned to the . Court of appeals Jaworski went directly to the supreme court for a ruling. The court delayed its vacation to hear the Case and in a historic 8-0 decision ruled the president had no right to withhold evidence needed for a criminal trial. Defense lawyers meanwhile challenged Sirica As having a prose tutorial Bias Quot and hooded the court with motions asking dismissal change of trial site or extensive delays. The claims generally were based on the massive and continuing publicity about watergate. Sirica rejected each one and Many of the petitions then went to the appeals court Only to Wash out there. Nixon a impeachment hearings his resignation and the Pardon he received from president Ford last month All served to fire the defense protests anew but again to no Avail. At various times in recent Days three justices of the supreme court individually have refused to intervene in the trials Start. The 45 a Covert acts a in the main conspiracy count Trace the actions of the defendants from june 17, 1972 a the Day of the break in a through March 21, 1973, when the government says Hunt received a $75,000 payment for his silence and the following Day when Mitchell allegedly assured Ehrlichman that Hunt a was not a problem any although the overt acts Deal specifically with meetings and actions of the accused conspirators the name of Richard Nixon is never mentioned in the indictment. At the time of the indictment last March observers were surprised by that because Nixon was known to have been a participant in some of the meetings. But then came two major events in the Complex watergate Story. On april 30, Bow ing to the demand of the House impeachment inquiry Nixon released edited and sanitized transcripts of 42 taped conversations 20 of them the subject of an earlier Jaworski subpoena. They showed that he had Learned of at least some elements of the cover up before March 21, 1973, the Day Dean told him the cover up was a cancer growing on the presidency. They also portrayed indecision on Nixon s part in reacting to Dean s detailed recounting and pm Gerpin Ting. In the course of the court Light tor the 84 tapes Jaworski revealed that the grand jury had voted 19-0 to name Nixon an a indicted co conspirator along with 17 other persons. After he turned Over the tapes and after the House judiciary committee voted three articles of impeachment Nixon himself revealed the Content of one critical tape. It showed he said that six Days after the watergate incident he gave orders that the Cia should be used to Blunt the Fri investigation of watergate a a fact he had withheld from the prosecutor Congress and i rom his of n lawyer. Later the same week Nixon resigned. 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