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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Sep 29 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 29, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher mrs. Cd. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Page 4-a . Rawley co publisher Joseph p. Rawley . Joe Brown editor Friday sept. 29, 1972 Are our schools considering alternatives ask the candidates when recipients of social Security get their checks next week they will include i a 20 per cent increase in benefits and 2 a Little slip which says that the increase comes by virtue of a a new statute enacted by Congress and signed into Law by president Richard Nixon on july i 1972.�?� the first of those enclosures is needed by those who rely on social Security for their living needs a Point which none can dispute. The second leaves at Best a bad taste of political whoop de do. Both in combination will tend to heighten the feeling by most americans that the social Security system is far less than the perfect answer to the nations needs to assure its senior citizens of reasonable retirement the president did not want a 20 per cent hike at this time. He wanted to per cent. The larger figure was tacked onto a veto proof Bill raising the National debt ceiling which Nixon signed into Law but took the occasion to comment that Congress had been a a fiscally irresponsible in doing so. Putting in his name As signer of the Bill along with the mailed checks seems gratuitous at Best. While rejoicing that the nations elderly will get a slightly better break most americans Are aware that it does no to come out of the free goods drawer. Somebody has to pay for it. As of now every Dollar that the working Man earns up to $9,000 is subjected to a 5.2 per cent deduction. His employer pays in a like amount. Next year the percentage goes up to 5.5 and the base up to $10,800. Another year and the base moves to $12,000, and Congress is currently considering legislation to hike the percentage to 6 0. Even though the Low income worker stands to be Tho most dependent once he reaches retirement age he is the most burdened by the payroll tax. About 20 million american workers who were too poor to pay income taxes last year were subject to the full 5.2 per cent payroll tax for social Security. And economists Point out that the Man who earns $0,000 a year pays in exactly the same amount toward the social Security fund As docs the executive who earns $50,000 a year a or to times that much in addition private analysis concludes that the employer Matching payment in reality comes for the most part from employees by the device of Breezy Medicine the movie a summer of �?T42�?� showed in one of its scenes three teen aged boys sneaking a medical Book out of the House and hiding behind the shed to look at pictures of the human body. The pictures in the medical textbooks have changed since 1942. A the anatomical basis of medical practice a a recent offering is filled with illustrations of the sort usually found in Playboy Magazine. The pictures of nude women sitting seductively in swings or splashing happily in the surf brought a Sharp rejoinder from or. Estelle Ramey a professor at Georgetown University and president elect of the Assn. Of women in science. A an obscene denigration projecting the news of women. A lascivious approach to the study of Anatomy a said or. Ramey. Ridiculous says or. R. Frederick Becker a professor at Michigan state University and one of three authors of the books. A we set out to write with a Breezy literary style a or. Becker said adding that his students a really enjoyed the writing a and we presume the pictures. But we think or. Ramey has a Point. We Admire a pretty girl As much As any Man. But we do not care for the Playboy View that the pleasures of a pretty girl As a sex object Are the chief motivation for relaxation work a or study. Right on. Or. Ramey. Court in transition the supreme court reconvenes for its now form monday. A i feel at the present time that the court is As balanced As i have had an Opportunity to make it. I have been interested to note that there have been several 5-to-4 Attiat was president Nixon a assessment of the supreme court last june 29, a Day when the High Bench had ruled 5 to 4, to bar the death penalty under existing . Criminal Laws. On a nine Man tribunal 5 to 4 is As close to balance As you can get. But close court decision like close Ball games give Rise to second guessing. Analysing the presidents june 29 comment. National review mused a this Nixon ism is Worth Savouring i.e., a single term in the presidency has not been enough for me to give the court the final touch of balance to iring it to the very Acme of balance or if you press me on the Point 6 to 3 or 7 to 2 would be even More balanced in a sense than 5 to 4, however Superior the first Nixon court was to its a lamented if it is known As the Nixon rather than the Burger court that is because the president nominated the present chief Justice and three associate justices in his first term of office. And As he hoped they have so far formed a remarkably cohesive bloc. In 54 of the 67 cases in which All four Nixon appointees participated chief Justice Burger and justices Blackmun Powell and Rehnquist voted together. One More Nixon appointment might Well tip the court toward the presidents a strict constructionist philosophy for years to come. In some ways the situation is reminiscent of that which faced president Franklin d. Roosevelt in the mid-1930s. In of dry a first term with its burst of new Deal legislation not a single vacancy occurred on the supreme court. And the Only major statute to survive court scrutiny in that period was the Tennessee Valley authority act. Accordingly Roosevelt in Early 1937 proposed his a court packing plan which would have added As Many As six new justices to the incumbent nine. The plan failed but the court got the message new Deal legislation thereafter received a More sympathetic hearing. More important Roosevelt shortly had the Opportunity to fill a number of vacant court seats. Between August 1937 and february 1943, he appointed eight justices a a greater number than any other president except Washington who started with an empty Bench. It is by no Means assured however thai a supreme court dominated by Nixon appointees would set about to reverse one by one. The controversial decisions of the court headed by Earl Warren. History shows that such a course tends to bring the court into disrepute. The writer of this article mrs. Ramona Gorman daily presides Over the Enterprise s action line. From that Vantage Point she not Only takes a close look at All sorts of local area problems every Day but she gets a rather thorough of what people Are thinking people who have great concerns but who can Best express them to a Telephone recorder that does not identify them. In a schools without failures Quot she found what so believed to be reasonable answers to some of those concerns and her analysis of it was a bit too Long for an action line column. Trimming wage increases or from Consumers by the act of raising prices. Until now about the Only substantive change in social Security since its inception has been in amounts. Payments in benefits have been raised and rearranged and payroll taxes have been increased both in percentage and in the base salary affected. In the future it is Likely that some More major types of surgery Are going to have to be performed if the system is to survive in a modern age. The social Security administrations chief actuary Robert j. Myers has pointed out that As the nation approaches Zero population growth the balance Between working people and retired people will change with a far greater percentage in the aged population. This will adversely affect the in come outgo in social Security dollars. As the Cost of the system grows More burdensome there will be increasing pressure to relieve the poor of some of that Burden and add it on to those with greater earnings. No entirely out of the question is the proposition of abolishing the payroll tax entirely and letting the government take care of the elderly out of its general revenues. As social Security becomes More and More expensive the pressure on Washington to go into that major surgery will increase. The thinking that will map strategy is fit subject for discussion by those who seek election to major Public office. Our business the newest members of the High Point Board of education apparently did no to take Long to conclude that the Public a business is Best handled behind closed doors. There were three votes to discuss in private what to do with a valuable building the taxpayers built and they came from James Chestnut Dorothy Kearns and Charles Neill or. With their attorney present they not Only discussed but by voting they took action which most decidedly violates the spirit of the Law passed by the general Assembly of North Carolina last year. On behalf of the people this newspaper protests. Someone once said there arc three kinds of lies lies damned lies and statistics. He May be right but however warily one May read the statistics concerning dropouts and functional illiterates in High Point the numbers Are too High Here and everywhere. It would be easy to Start a round Robin of fault finding among teachers students administrators educators and parents to which could be added the ogres of poverty broken Homes a motivating backgrounds poor diets and racial inequities not forgetting that comfortably Distant fall Guy called society. Just As there is no single reason there is obviously no simple or perfect solution to Deal with it. One however who does propose ways to reduce school failure is or. William Glasser. A psychiatrist recognized for his work in treating delinquents in californians correctional schools he was brought in As a consultant to several los Angeles elementary schools to help solve serious behavioural problems. In his Book a schools without failure a published by Harper amp Row in 1968. He gives his ideas implemented with considerable Success in his classroom experiences. Foremost among his experiments was the use of the class with the teacher leading As a counselling group to discuss and develop social behaviour and responsibility. From his observations very few if any children Start school thinking they Are failures it is school alone that puts this Label on them. Most arrive eager optimistic receptive to learning and reasonably competent. If they done to keep learning at the rate they re used to and their Confidence is destroyed then says Glasser a we should not look for environmental scapegoats. We should improve the he believes schools must provide since Many Homes do not the Means for each child to gain a successful identity by fulfilling his needs which Are Basic to every person to be loved and Able to love and to feel he is Worth something. This can Only be achieved where there is a warm and personal involvement Between the teacher and student and the first five years of school Are the most crucial. Those who fail in society he says Are lonely people. When a child has a Good relationship with a teacher who has a successful identity he will begin to make better and More responsible choices. He feels it is important that children with educational or behavioural problems not be separated from the group except in extreme cases As this Only serves to make them More convinced they Are failures. He believes each child should be encouraged to make value judgments to learn to recognize for himself what he is doing that is causing his problems and to understand that he is responsible for fulfilling his needs. Once he makes his own evaluation he must make a commitment to change to a better course with no excuses accepted for not following through. It is through such discipline not punishment that a child learns the importance of a accepting t h e reasonable consequences of his and. Glasser adds a accepting failure is not a reasonable a the goals of he says a Are to give people the mental tools to Deal effectively with new situations to place fewer restrictions on their lives caused by fear of difficult problems and to enable people to Deal with new situations and difficult problems rationally rather than he believes schools offer Little Opportunity for students to discuss the relevant ideas of our times or to see any relationship Between what they do in school and what they do outside of it. Unless subjects Are related to some aspect of their lives there is no motivation to learn. The a a certainty a and a a memory principles dominate the schools says Glasser. The certainty principle says there is a right and a wrong answer to every question the measurement principle says that nothing is worthwhile unless it can be measured and Given a numerical value. A certainty and memory a he says a Are the enemies of thinking and destroyers of creativity and and factual answers Quot Are worthless unless they Are integrated into ideas and open ended questions which Call for students judgments ideas and observations give them the satisfaction o f knowing school is interested in what they have to say. It also leads into inquiry about political social and other problems for which he says few children Start out failing a there Are at Best a series of since he believes questions Are just As important As answers students should be taught to question without fear. The measurement principle is most evident in the false system of grading which he believes should be changed for it encourages students to take easy co a rss to cheat for better grades and can destroy a Good relationship Between a student and teacher. No child should Ever be labelled a failure of one child takes longer to reach a certain level of competence it should a make no difference. As one High school teacher said to him a there Are Only two places in the world where time takes precedence Over the Job to be done school and prison. Everywhere else the Job to be done is More important than the time to do if a student does not meet the standards set for a course. He should be allowed to repeat it. His record will not show How Many times he tried it Only reveals the subjects passed. Since some students May not be Able to pass a course no matter How often they tried he suggests that programs in a lateral direction be available in vocations or skills so they can still succeed in meaningful work. Diplomas would specify what the student is trained for. Besides showing a a pm so for subjects passed no a by Dosa report might show in Only one course each semester an a a so for Superior work. Not. To be compared with a a a so this is Given Only for Superior work done completely on the students own initiative and responsibility and it i s evaluated by the teacher. It May be a project or research in a subject that interests the student and it could be presented to the class for their own learning and discussion. It could also be requested by the College he applies to As an example of what he is capable of doing on his own. To keep parents informed on their child a Progress or. Glasser suggests a twice yearly report positively written. On what the child is doing and where he needs to improve. Teachers Are Given a much longer time Span to get them All out. He also favors use of open Book tests which encourage children to make Quick and efficient use of reference material. Closed Book exams he says Are a based on the fallacy that knowledge remembered is better than knowledge looked up a and they also encourage cheating. He would dispense with the a Normal curve a As Well As excessive and irrelevant Homework. He believes More time should be Given to creative thinking and to artistic criticism that leads to critical appraisal of literature Art music movies or to. A True Art appreciation a he says a is not Learned by memorizing who did what and when he did since problem children Seldom read Well the communication skills of Reading writing and speaking Are More important than knowledge in the elementary grades. The schools should also teach children to make decisions after weighing alternatives and learn to follow through on them. Failing people he says Are reluctant to make decisions for fear they will fail no matter which Choice they make. He offers specific methods in How to overcome obstacles to changing old ways and implementing new programs particularly in helping teachers Lead the social prob Lem solving meetings in the classrooms to get All the children involved in thinking seriously about topics important to them and their lives in and out of school. Or. Glasser has said that questions Are As important As answers. Perhaps our school system then which includes e d u actors administrators teachers students and parents alike would do Well to ask a few. For starters do we keep the present grading system because parents even students the smart ones that is demand it because we have never been Given alternatives because its traditional or for the Best interest of All students have we Ever stopped to think How grades and testing methods encourage cheating and keep students from trying challenging courses Are grades Worth the tears at Home tension at school jealousy and disappointment for failure to make Honor societies should we question the value of exclusive Scholastic societies in schools they make parents of those chosen beam with Pride at their Bright youngsters which they Are anyway they reinforce the successful identity of those selected which they had already. But do the honors to such a few compensate for the misery it May cause those who did no to quite make it or done to Ever come close to making it another failure Label for them. Do children read Many books not assigned ones at Home or is Reading something they Only associate with school Are some textbooks or teaching methods leading children to the conclusion that Reading is something to be endured who does no to recall the first Grade pain of Dick and Jane who go nowhere in their non Story books a though every third word was a go a and who remembers with anything but misery the hours spent dissecting and slashing sentences into predicates and prepositions must we watch t in meat Man Butcher the steer in order to enjoy the Steak Are Ptah a another traditional hangover attended by teachers Only because they have to and avoided by parents after the first Grade because they be heard it All before is social responsibility a learning to be concerned with others needs and feelings a a being sadly neglected in Home Battle for minds Washington Justice Lewis f. Powell or. Was the Model of a moderate reasonable judicious legalist during his Senate confirmation hearings last november. Even before his appearance the Fri report on him was so favourable that Senate judiciary chairman James Eastland d-miss., did no to wait to hear the testimony. He opened the hearings with the statement a emr. Powell i have read the Fri files on you it was a full Field investigation. I certainly think you Are highly qualified and i am going to vote to confirm agreed sen. Sam Ervin . A it will afford me pleasure to vote for you. I have no the Fri however had missed a and the senators therefore were unaware of a a confidential document that Powell drafted two months before his supreme court appointment. It was a blueprint for an assault by big business on its critics. His views were so militant that it raises a question about his fitness to decide any Case involving business interests. He called upon businessmen to mount a High powered political action Campaign and a to penalize politically the opposition. Not for fainthearted the Battle should be waged he urged in the courts on the campuses and in the Media. He encouraged businessmen to Contact University trustees about a a balancing faculties to a a evaluate College textbooks and to a a Monitor to programs. It was not a Campaign. He said a for the in an earlier column we published excerpts from Powell a confidential 33-Page memo which is now being circulated among top corporate executives by the . Chamber of Commerce. Here Are additional highlights a the american economic system is under Broad attack a Powell wrote passionately from a the communists. New leftists and other revolutionaries As Well As from a perfectly respectable elements of he identified consumer crusader Ralph Nader As a perhaps the single most effective antagonist of american business a having identified the enemies Powell appealed a the time has come indeed it is Long overdue a for the Wisdom ingenuity and resources of american business to be marshalled against those who would destroy he complained that a the Enterprise sys merry go round by Jack Anderson tem tolerates if not participates in. Its own he noted that american business finances the colleges a from which much of the criticism and he added significantly a most of the Media including the National tvs systems Are owned and theoretically controlled by corporations which depend upon profits and the Enterprise system to policing to networks emphasizing the a predominant role of television in a shaping the thinking attitudes and emotions of our people a he boldly advocated a the National television networks should be monitored in the same Way that textbooks should be kept under constant surveillance. This applies not merely to so called educational programs such As a Selling of the Pentagon a but to the daily a news analysis which so often includes the most insidious Type of criticism of the Enterprise system. A this monitoring to be effective would require constant examination of the texts of adequate samples of programs. Complaints a to the Media and to the Federal communications commission a should be made promptly and strongly when programs Are unfair or Powell also contended that american business is threatened by a inequitable taxation and a an inflation which has seemed he cautioned however against president Nixon a method of controlling it. A the recent freeze of prices and wages a he wrote a May Well be justified by the current inflationary crisis. But if imposed As a permanent measure the Enterprise system will have sustained a near fatal the a fundamental premise of this he concluded was to warn a that business and the Enterprise system Are in deep trouble and the hour is and school training is too much talk devoted to rights and not enough to responsibilities is the preoccupation with the a a rights answers discouraging open discussion and differing Points of View in school because they might be graded is this turning us into a society of Anonym ties afraid to sign our names on letters to editors on controversial issues especially school matters because our opinions and feelings never Given much attention at Home or in school could t be Worth much or would be laughed at graded again or would result in some recrimination by the same Token do teachers Seldom sign their letters or choose to remain silent on school issues or unidentified in teacher associations because of real or imagined fears their jobs would be jeopardized if these fears Are figments of imagination there must be some conditioning in school experiences that make them quite real to parents and teachers alike. Are people speaking and acting More and More emotionally rather than rationally because they were never taught anywhere to make rational judgments or look at does grading encourage cheating both sides of issues Are we All Whiz kids at finding fault with everything and drop outs in being Able or even trying to solve the problems we complain about what would be the results if students at every Grade level were free that is would not be graded to speak honestly and thoughtfully about school As they see it the Good and the bad the fair and unfair what they enjoy what they hate what would be their definition of a Good teacher or principal what effect do they think it would have on their incentive to learn if courses had to be passed for the record but were not graded How much does their relationship with classmates affect their feelings about school what changes would they like in physical education school clubs the Library Art music and the rest. What would they consider to be an effective but fair Way to maintain discipline or handle disruptive students if they had to teach at the same time what burning questions administrators May be stifling Only they can state. The rest might Only wonder if they Are bound by so Many a measurement principles handed Down by state policies Legislatures courts or simply precedent that All they have time to think about is a Are we complying a a not a Are we turning out students who Are ready to face their future with a satisfying degree of competence self Confidence resourcefulness responsibility and consideration for other people a a Precept to which most subscribe is a mind your own Industry and business take a dim View of government or unions telling them How to run their affairs. The medical Legal and other professions guard their right to keep members ethical by self policing boards. Those operating the schools quite Likely feel the same Way. No one knows better than those who teach the disparity Between what they earnestly want to achieve and the disheartening statistics on dropouts and illiterates. And no one is More familiar with the difficulties they face from the sheer numbers in their care and the widely differing backgrounds and aptitudes they have. Perhaps As with students the schools accesses rather than failures should be emphasized. There Are so Many excellent teachers who know How to inspire students to learn and to be successful that what May seem to be new ideas to outsiders could Well be old hat to them. Still if it benefits students to judge what they Are doing now that is blocking their Progress and to commit themselves to a better course might not the system be More successful if honest examination and consideration of alternatives Point to different even revolutionary changes in emphasis methods and programs our states assistant superintendent of Public instruction believes or. Glasser has some of the answers to our problems. Those who read a schools without failure May agree

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