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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 29, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather occasional showers Mort data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 273 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon september 29, 1972 32 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c i Willie was Nick Tho 0. What actor played the original role in thin Man Quot thank you. A. William Powell played the role of Nick Charles in the movie # or or old clothing 0. Could you find out what Agency could make Tho Best Usa of used clothing. It is certainly not Goodwill industries and Why Don t they collect from Tho bins in Tho shopping centers Tho clothes Are scattered All Over Tho lot and they Are dirty and wet and will you answer quickly because i want to help someone that is in need. Mrs. B. A. You can Call the Guilford county department of social services to see if they know of families who could use it also child rent a clothes can be taken to some of the elementary schools. The Junior league boutique takes Good used clothing which is sold at very Low Cost to Low budget families the proceeds going into their Community service programs. The salvation army the Pitcher and cup several churches Randolph presbyterian and Springfield Baptist for two accept and give away clothing. The citizens participation Branch of Model cities at 1305 Franklin St. Accepts donations of housewares and goods in the event a family is burned out. Or we could put you in touch could use them if you will Call us at the newsroom with a couple of families with a pile of kids who could use them if you will Call us at the newsroom. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every matter of interest q. Do the War Bonds have a time limit for interest end when they mature after ten years will they draw Mort interest How Long do Freedom shares draw interest do they have a limited time on them thank you. D. A. Outstanding War Bonds series e Bonds issued in the Early 1940s Are still earning interest currently at 5v2 per cent per annul says a Bank official. The time limit for earning interest on these Bonds has been extended several times the last Extension being granted by the Treasury department in May 1970, for a period of ten years. When this expires an additional Extension of ten years will probably be granted he says. The Sale of Freedom shares which were sold Only in conjunction with series e Bonds was discontinued in june 1970. Those outstanding still earn interest currently at 5�?~i per cent per annul and will continue to do so until ten years past their maturity Date. The Treasury department periodically adjusts interests rates on All these government Bonds to conform with yields on other similarly guaranteed investments. A dirty ditch q. Thoro is 0 ditch Bovo my House that carries water off of a state maintained Road. It has been cleaned Only once in eight years and it has now washed full again level full and the water is washing my Yard and driveway away. I wonder if you could help me in getting the state to clean this ditch out please. Anything you could do i certainly would appreciate it. A this has been brought to the attention of the District maintenance office. Or or age amp weight debate o. The salvation army Little league has a football program which provides the Opportunity for Many boys to participate. Thie is great. There is a weight limit of too pounds age limit is 12 years and last evening the eagles played the tar heels in a Little league game and this is one of several concerned parents that question the weight and age of some of the boys on this team. Would action line Pleat investigate for us before the game that is scheduled for next week thank you. Mrs. . A. We did no to go so far As to line Mem up for a weigh in but the director of the boys club assures us that their Ages were checked by their birth certificates and All were weighed at the Start of the season to make sure they met the requirements for each league they have the records for All on file and any Parent is Welcome to look at them. He said one player May have slightly heavier equipment than another because the shoulder pads that come from suppliers May vary from year to year As their equipment is replaced or replenished. A dry snakes under water q. Cen snakes bite under water and this is very urgent thank you. A. It is believed that Ordinary land snakes Seldom if Ever bite under water. Many Are Good swimmers but do not seem to be sufficiently adapted to underwater life to bite. The common american water Snake which spends much time in water captures fish for food and thus bites when submerged going after prey. The Only venomous water Snake the Cottonmouth bites fish for most of its diet. They done to seem to be annoyed in water As much so persons Are not often bitten while they re in water some sailors have reported being bitten by sea snakes whle in tropical seas. Or or a Kissinger reports on talks by Margaret Gentry associated press writer Washington a Henry Kissinger has delivered a personal report to president Nixon on his latest talks with North vietnamese negotiators in Paris but the administration is standing by its statement that no peace settlement has been reached. Nixon returned to Washington from a West coast Campaign tour thursday night and rendezvoused with his National Security adviser at a dinner meeting on Board the presidential yacht. The White House kept silent about the report Nixon received from Kissinger who returned wednesday night after two Days in Paris for his 18th session with the North vietnamese delegates Xuan Thuy and be due Tho. Although both the White House and the North vietnamese denied reports of an imminent agreement to end the War. Defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird reportedly told a group 0 texans that Quot negotiations with North Vietnam Are More serious than they have Ever Laird met privately thursday in fort Worth with families of american soldiers held prisoners or missing in action in Vietnam. The fort Worth Star Telegram said it Learned from several present at the session that Laird expressed regrets about the rumours that Kissinger a meetings led to a settlement. A i know How your Hopes must go up and Down with each Story a he was quoted As saying. Quot hang on. This is an important in a fort Worth speech and news conference earlier thursday Laird said he had Quot nothing to report concerning the speculation. As in the past the White House declined to discuss Kissinger s latest talks saying that both sides have agreed to keep silent about the Content of Kissinger a private meetings with the North held in slaying of trooper Roxboro no. Apr a Man was taken into custody in Durham today and taken to Roxboro for questioning in the slaying of state trooper Joe Wright wednesday police said. Officers said the Man was apprehended shortly after an automobile believed used by the Man sought in the slaying was found near no. 57 Between Roxboro and Hillsborough. The name of the Man held was not released. Wright 41, was fatally shot by an occupant of a car he had stopped on a Rural Road in person county. Political overtones continue airmen Wear uniforms decorations on return by Lee Gould associated press writer the three american pilots freed by North Vietnam spent their first Day Home in military hospitals in three parts of the country today still beset by political controversy Over their return. Air Force maj. Edward Elias and Navy los. . Mark Carney and Norris Charles dressed in freshly tailored service uniforms and wearing their combat decorations arrived at Kennedy International Airport in new York thursday night. They were greeted by family friends and a delegation of ranking military men. The Trio separated from their escort of Antiwar activists and after a highly charged Exchange Between Gartley smother and a defense department officer headed for military hospitals in new York Alabama and California. Mrs. Cart Ley whose son was a prisoner for four years objected to the immediate assignment saying she wanted him to spend a few Days with his family. The three pos had rejected offers to turn themselves Over to . Government officials at various Points along their journey which included stops in peking Moscow and Copenhagen. One of the three maj. Edward Elias said aboard the plane that he Felt they had fulfilled the conditions of release set by Hanoi by remaining with their accompanying peace group. Elias 34, an air Force officer held prisoner for five months joined his family and flew to Maxwell air Force base in Montgomery ala., aboard a Ritchie with parents at Greensboro High Point Airport a wire photo Reidsville Ace returns Home Reidsville. No. A air Force flying Ace Steve Ritchie listened to the cheers and applause of i too High school pupils today and told his Hometown audience Quot this is the greatest thrill of my life a Ritchie a 30-year-old Captain became the first air Force Ace in Vietnam when he shot Down his fifth Mig on aug. 28 he started a two Day return Home today As this City of 17,000 gave him a heroes Welcome. Quot i realize War is a very unpopular word a the Sandy haired Captain told a student Assembly at Reidsville senior High school where he was the football Captain 12 years ago. Quot those of us close to it despise it. But we re All working toward peace. That a what we Ritchie was to be guest of Honor this afternoon at a Parade which was to include a Fly Over by air Force jets. His visit to the High school prompted several phone Calls from concerned parents principal ii. K. Griggs said. At the principals request a half dozen Rockingham county deputies were posted at entrances to the school grounds checking identification of All persons seeking entry. Admission to the student Assembly was restricted to less than 20 non school personnel who had invitations. Griggs said the Calls from parents were Quot out of fear not because they were against Ritchie. Quot it s just this War a Griggs said Quot but there have been no threats that we know Ritchie returned to North Carolina thursday night flying into a regional Airport at nearby Greensboro where he was greeted by his parents or. And mrs. Ned c. Ritchie and regional officials. City officials planned to present the airman a key to the City during halftime ceremonies of the Reidsville North Forsyth High school football game tonight. The flier will be honoured saturday night at a dinner at the Reidsville elks club. He leaves see Reidsville on 2a Post links Mitchell with fund Washington apr while serving As attorney general John n. Mitchell personally controlled a Clandestine Republican fund earmarked for gathering intelligence about democrats t h e Washignton Post reported today. The newspaper quoted Quot several reliable sources As saying that Mitchell personally approved withdrawals from the fund As Early As the Spring of 1971, almost a year before he resigned As attorney general to become president Nixon s reelection Campaign manager. Mitchell quit the Campaign Job in mid summer and since has served the Nixon Campaign Only in a behind the scenes capacity. The committee for the reelection of the president promptly issued a statement denying the Post account. Quot there is absolutely no truth to the charges in the Post Story a said Powell Moore the committees information director. Although Mitchell was the first controller of the secret fund four other Nixon associates later were authorized to approve payments from it the Post said. The sources identified the four As former Commerce Secretary Maurice a stans now finance director for the Nixon Campaign Jeb Stuart Magr uder a former White House aide and now Deputy director of the Campaign organization a third person identified Only As Quot a High White House official now involved in the and a fourth described Only As Quot a Campaign aide outside of Quot neither or. Mitchell nor or. Stans have any knowledge of any disbursement from an alleged fund As described by the Post a Moore said. Quot and neither of them controlled any committee expenditures while serving As government the secret fund reportedly ranged from $350,000 to As High As $700,000, the Post said. It was uncovered first when the general accounting office audited Republican Campaign records and reported a fund of $350,000 kept in stars office Safe the newspaper said. It reported the Gao said the absence of Public reports on the sources and distribution of the Cash was in apparent violation of a new Law requiring Public reports of Campaign contributions and expenditures. The Post has identified the Cache in stans Safe As a spacial fund designated for intelligence gathering directed at democrats. The investigations by the Gao the Fri and others stemmed from the june 17 break in at the democratic National committees Headquarters in the watergate office building. Seven men have been indicted by a Federal grand jury on charges of conspiring to break into the offices and attempt to Plant wiretap devices. Military c9 medical evacuation plane the defense department said. The other two men Are Navy it. . Mark Gartley 24, a prisoner for four years and Navy it. Ltd a Norris Charles 27, captive nine months. Gartley went to a family reunion at the . Naval Hospital at St. Albans in new York City the department said. Charles met with his family in new York and then flew to a naval Hospital in san Diego aboard another cd officials said Cora Weiss said she and the other three chaperones David t. Dellinger. 56, Richard a. Falk 41, and the Rev. William Sloane coffin jr., had been deceived by Elias. She said the major had indicated Antiwar sentiments in Hanoi Only to change his attitude once they departed. Quot we have just witnessed a recapture scene one incarceration replacing another a mrs. Weiss said after the three men and their families drove away from the Airport in government cars. Gartley smother. Mrs. Minnie Lee Gartley broke Down aboard the air plane when she failed to convince a defense department officer to let her take her son on a prearranged vacation. Quot i did t cry when you told me four years ago that my sop. Had been captured in Vietnam and i Haven to cried since until tonight a she told the officer Roger Shields. Quot your son is also an officer in the . Navy a Shields interjected. He also told her that Gartley was being promoted to full lieutenant. Quot i just wanted a few Days of Freedom for him a she said. Quot Freedom from the military Freedom from the press Freedom from the North vietnamese just a few Days to be alone with Jerry his father and in a related development defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird was quoted As telling families of pow mias in fort Worth. Tex., that Quot negotiations with North Vietnam Are More serious now than they have Ever been a the fort Worth Star Telegram reported. Laird met the families at a closed door meeting. The newspaper said it talked with several wives of pow mias who said Laird told them the release of men previously unidentified and the identification of those who Are missing will see airmen on Page 2a presidential Campaign politicians dispute crime rate report by the associated press the Fri s new report on the nations crime rate has been injected into the 1972 presidential Campaign. After the report was issued thursday democratic preside n t j a i nominee George Mcgovern asserted Quot under tile Nixon administration the Basic problems behind High crime rates have not been solved. They have while president Nixon did not respond to Mcgovern a comments two administration officials did. Presidential assistant John d. Ehrlichman contended that Mcgovern was Quot dramatically haywire in his crime figures. The report the of big a uniform crime report said serious crime in the country was up j per cent for tile first six months of this year compared to the same period in 1971 but Mcgovern said Quot this does not come close to telling the whole Story. For every crime that is reported there Are two that Are not reported according to president Johnson a crime the South Dakota senator who Cut Short his Campaign plans to relax today at his farmhouse at St. Michaels md., said crime has increased 33 per cent and drug addiction has doubled in the last three years. Atty. Gen. Richard g. Kleindienst in a speech to the is Angeles chamber of Commerce attacked critics of the system. Quot the myth makers have decided that since the figures just do not Bear out their Point of View anymore they will Tell us that the figures Are mistaken a Kleindienst said. Quot they Tell us that a lot of crimes Are not reported to the police and the answer to that is that this is nothing new some crimes have always gone flying Back to Washington from los Angeles with Nixon Ehrlichman disputed Mcgovern a report that serious crimes increased 33 per cent Over the last three years. Asked by newsmen what the figure should be Ehrlichman said there had been a 20 percent decline. But with More questioning it developed that Mcgovern and Ehrlichman were talking about two different set of statistics. However questioned by newsmen Ehrlichman checked and reported that the 1969-72 hike in the number of serious crimes had been 19 per cent. Quot Mcgovern a statistic was misleading As Well As wrong a he said. Meanwhile the democratic vice presidential nominee Sargent Shriver told a Union group in Detroit that it is in labor s Best interest to elect tile Mcgovern Shriner ticket in november. Shriver spoke to a National see politicians on 2a i what s inside amusements. 10-11a Bridge 12a classified ads .9-19b comics in crossword. 12a editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries .2b sports. 2-4b television. 10a women s news. 4-8a weather. 3a red tide grips fish Industry Boston a a Quot red tide of toxic algae which brought on a ban on the Sale and consumption of some shellfish in five new England states two weeks ago has sent an economic Shock through the entire fishing Industry of the area. President Nixon declared the Northeast coast a disaster area thursday and the Small business administration and the office of emergency preparedness began gearing up to see what they can do to Rescue hard pressed fishing firms. Prices for shellfish affected by the ban As Well As species which have been declared Safe from red tide poisoning have skidded for fishermen As Well As wholesalers and retailers. Quot they be cooked it completely a said Al Hook a partner in the lobster firm of James Hook amp co. Quot our business has fallen off 60 to 70 per it is worse in other places such As the picturesque fishing town of Gloucester where an estimated 70 per cent of the 27,-000 residents depend on the sea for a living. The original ban applied to All soft Shell and hard Shell clams to mussels and to scallops. Lobsters oysters crabs shrimp and Fin fish were All declared Safe. Scallops and Hardshell clams were later removed from the ban in effect in Maine Massachusetts Vermont Rhode Island and new Hampshire. The ban on soft Shell clams and mussels remains in effect but starting saturday some areas in Southeastern Massachusetts will be opened for the digging of species affected by the red tide. In addition state authorities have cleared for retail sales some shellfish which could Harbor red tide toxin after ascertaining they Are free of Poison. But fishing Industry spokesmen say the red tide which can cause death to humans who eat contaminated shellfish was seen by Consumers As a general bogey Man. Quot in be got a Plant in Florida at Miami Springs a Hook said Quot its the same . People Are just t

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