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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 28, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A i a ii ii. M. I _ High Point Enterprise thursday sept. 28, 1972 13 yvyr1rryrrryr-pyryryi� Nuti ism it emission controls you of Chi aug a car in. Winter is no longer the headache it used to be. With a conscientious program of maintenance there should be Little More frustrations than you d experience in warm weather. Maintain it to help remind you of the benefits of taking your car in to your favorite service outlet the qui below contains some Good advice among the answers. If you suddenly lose the heat from your Heater you can suspect 5, due to More frequent Start and Stop driving in Winter you should c. One of its components Aeo nyl pollutes the air after two years d. A Frozen fuel line 8 a faulty thermostat u a dogged air cleaner. 2 of you can t Start despite the fact that the Battery is operating one possible cause is a. Adjust the brakes to compensate 8. Change Oil More frequently c. Switch to High octane fuel p it Hen mounting Winter tires on the rear wheels make sure they Are compatible in size and design with the tires in front b. A. You re using the wrong Grade of fuel 8 your transmission needs attention the ignition system is not opera no of feet i vely when going into a skid on icy pavement do the following allow for a Little Over inflation to provide More fraction c. Turn the wheel in the direction of the skid put the Whitewall part inside for extra stability in deep Snow 8. Use your emergency Brake v All but one of these is a key ingredient in a pre Rev Quot the engine to it s important to Wash your car More frequently in the Winter because Winter engine tune up a. B c. D. Install new spark plugs c Heck All anti pollution systems c Heck and if needed replace distributor components Check Universal joint. 7, you can detect Carbon monoxide that enters the car from a faulty Muffler by a faint odor like Ripe bananas c. One reason to make certain your Battery is in Good condition for Winter is that 8. A bluish Haze a a Low rumbling noise sex none of these. Body dirt in cold weather can be Prima gently Frozen into the paint car washes generally offer Winter specials Salt used in melting ice on Highway can be injurious to the body the Battery operates at Only 60 percent efficiency at 2 f g permanent anti freeze still needs periodic replacement because some of these conditions u arrant a trip to your fiorite sen ice outlet for corrections b Battery cables get Brittle in cold weather after a year it can contaminate your gasoline c b Snow causes of electrons diversion through chemical breakdown it can lose its anti rust properties <3> of v 6 a a a l v 9 cd i v it a it d z Al Why More electrical woes during the wintertime do you wonder Why you have More electrical and Cooling system troubles during the cold weather months the reasons Are no mysteries to Independent garage owners association Igoa members according to a Survey of Igoa garage owners conducted by the car care Council. The cause of common Winter motoring troubles in t Only the weather. It s also the neglect of key electrical and Cooling system components. The Survey results identified the automotive components and services most overlooked by the average car owners eight of the neglected items in the top ten have a definite bearing on poor cold weather performance ranking in order the to most overlooked items Are 1 Battery cables 2 spark plug wires 3 Radiator hoses 4 Radiator pressure Cap 5 transmission service 0 Shock absorbers 7. Heater hoses 8 headlight aiming 9 fan belts 10 Battery cold weather strikes operating at of per cent Power at the freezing Mark Battery cables when corroded or otherwise defective. Virtually can Cut off All electrical flow deteriorated spark plug wires also can be responsible for starting failure. Acc recommends that Battery fluid Levels be checked every time you Stop for gasoline and that the Battery and its cables be inspected As part of a Lune up spark plug cables also should be checked during the annual tune up neglect of Cooling system components such As hoses Radiator pressure Cap and fan belts can Lead to a breakdown these As Well As other Cooling system components should be checked every fall and Spring since wintertime has More hours of darkness it is increasingly important that headlights be aimed properly misaligned headlights not Only reduce visibility but pose a safety danger to Drivers in on coming cars. Lights should be checked every six months. According to acc the Battery Battery Hies and spark plug wires have a finite bearing on starting failures. Even new batteries lose efficiency when Clear reminder when thinking about anti freeze for your car this Winter done to forget the Windshield washers. So you bought a be car wan emission controls on ii. Now your minds at ease about excessive emissions. Well it should t be. Hmm include studies conducted by Olson laboratories show that acceptable emission performance for most cars can be achieved and sustained Only by proper maintenance and repair. The study showed that Only those tune ups performed to reduce exhaust emissions Are effective. Crankcase devices a have a qualified service specialist using an Infra red exhaust analyser test the device for satisfactory operation with the engine warm and at Idle condition. B have the device cleaned serviced or replaced according to the analyser Reading and manufacturer s recommended instructions. Olson reported that High emissions can he lowered in most cases with engine adjustments and tune ups performed by a qualified service technician. The results of the studies summarized in the Olson report suggested first that the incorporation of emission controls on cars does not assure continued Low emissions because the control systems tend to deteriorate in their performance second with proper maintenance and adjustments vehicles will continue to operate with lower emission Levels. Olson recommends the use of Infra red exhaust analyser equipment by qualified service personnel in order that accurate inspection can he performed a and for determining corrective adjustments service or replacement. This Type of equipment measures the hydrocarbon and Carbon monoxide emissions produced by car engines and provides other information about their performance and Economy. Various ignition system malfunctions which can he detected with this Type of equipment will usually increase undesirable emissions and reduce performance and Economy. The appropriate inspection and exhaust emission control system a have a qualified service attendant Check All installation connections to the air pump hoses valves and air distribution manifolds while the engine is stopped b with the engine at a Normal operating temperature have the attendant Check and or adjust ignition timing Idle mixture and Idle Speed according to the analyser readings and to manufacturer s specification. Additional procedures for a uncontrolled vehicles Quot a have the service specialist measure Idle rpm and adjust if necessary to a Speed no slower than manufacturer s specifications b have the service specialist measure ignition timing and Point dwell adjust if necessary to manufacturer s specifications c. Have the service specialist measure the air fuel ratio and adjust if necessary to Between 12 5 and 13.5 to i. Olson laboratories inc., a subsidiary of Northrup corporation Anaheim California is an Independent testing and manufacturing organization specializing in automotive engineering and motor emission studies Highlan Leasin our 9lh year executive profession Al Fleet lease a a emf Leader a Willac see us. Division of Sim i am motors inc. A of n main st., huh paint n c of. Cadillac other make from six Cylinder to line unti

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