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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 28, 1972, High Point, North Carolina From safety Council watch those Nicks and scratches careful attention to Little Nicks and scratches on your car will help them from becoming Large rust holes having a professional do the needed repairs May save you hundreds of dollars in Trade in value for that s the difference Between a car in top shape and one that shows body damage. Photo Courtesy of the Devilbiss company Here s How to avoid wintertime mishaps if you want to avoid wintertime motoring mishaps Here s some advice to follow a but Don t follow too closely. The Canada safety Council says maintaining a proper following distance no matter How inconvenient this May be and maintaining a Speed geared to the conditions will prevent these accidents. The Crux of the problem is the vehicles Contact with the Road surface often Slippery in Winter driving conditions. It can take up to nine times As Long to Stop on Glare ice. For example As on a dry surface. Many Drivers count on their Snow tires to reduce their stopping distance on icy surfaces. They won t. Canada safety Council tests demonstrated although they improve traction on Snow. Studded tires reduce the stopping distance especially in Glare ice conditions. But can engender Over Confidence because not All cars have studs so cannot Stop in such a Short distance a Correct following distance gives the Driver time to Stop without hitting the car ahead or being struck by the car behind in both Normal driving and when the car ahead makes an unexpected move the Driver needs plenty of room in which to Man Euver in Winter driving especially when the visibility is poor. In dry surface driving conditions the Correct following distance is one vehicle length for every to Miles an hour or use the two second following distance formula pick an object such As a Telephone pole beside the Road ahead when the car ahead passes this object Start counting a a thousand and one. A thousand and of your car passes the object before you be finished counting you re not keeping your distance. A formula Good at any Speed this following distance should be increased up to four times in Winter driving conditions. Fresh Snow is especially Slippery. When ice conditions prevail the Speed should be reduced sharply and following distances increased up to nine car lengths for every to Miles an hour of Speed Speed too fast for the conditions and following too closely Are involved in All rear end collisions excessive Speed is also responsible for Many other Winter accidents such As striking fixed objects beside the Road patience is the right attitude for Winter driving starting off slowly and accelerating Only As the Driver feels the tires gripping the Road surface patience when stuck rocking the car Back and Forth gently rather than tire spinning patience when driving going Only at the Speed at which you can feel the tires gripping the Road surface patience when stopping which takes much longer on Slippery surfaces and should be executed by pumping the brakes so that steering control is maintained Winter driving requires great attention to the problem of seeing and being seen All windows should be cleared of Snow even if the Driver has to Stop in a snowstorm to clean them. Front and rear lights should be visible at All times because Winter driving conditions Are often dirty w Windshield washers should be maintained at the ready with the Many innovations ahead for Happy Auto owners the automotive information Council supported by the major segments of the motor vehicle and motor vehicle service industries for several months has been gathering data about current accomplishments and future technology and service refinements planned by the Industry a few innovations which one Day May become an integral part of your vehicle include a braking system which permits a straight ahead controlled Stop without skidding or sliding even on wet pavement during a panic Stop a device to Aid in steering which automatically compensates for wind gusts and Chuck holes adapted from our space guidance systems a unit on the dashboard which monitors tire pressure while driving activating a warning Light or Buzzer when the pressure on any tire Falls below a prescribed level one study shows that a tire under inflated by nine pounds of pressure loses 52 per cent of its life in 1970. According to the same study under inflation wasted an estimated 13 billion tire Miles these Are but a few of the More sophisticated innovations which May be available on the vehicle you buy in the War future a Man who has stayed for Quot one too Many weaves through the bar door and lurches into has parked car he s heading Home or so he thinks but in order to Start the car he must first correctly punch up his personal five digit identification number on a Small dashboard computer if successful for a two second interval another set of numbers totally foreign to him appears which he must memorize and duplicate on the computer he has three chances at the second test. Correct answers will activate the ignition system. He can then Start the car by pushing another Button which also activates the computer into a rapid series of pre driving diagnostic tests of vital operating systems reporting any signs of trouble if unsuccessful with either test no one can Start the car for at least one hour. Far fetched a not at All the technology is Here. The Quot psychological tester designed to prevent drunk Drivers from starting their automobiles and to reduce the approximately one million vehicles stolen annually is one of Many new systems in various development stages by motor vehicle component system manufacturers. And one of the most important Industry products is the new Breed of service technician equipped with the ability to maintain today a sophisticated Power systems and those earmarked for future vehicles. To Supply this continuing need vehicle and component manufacturers Are retraining tens of thousands of experienced technicians every year the vocational schools and colleges Are graduating thousands of Young men annually who will become tomorrow s technicians and As the number of vehicles on the Road grows each year the Industry is helping meet this service manpower demand by working closely with schools at Quot career Day Quot assemblies advising administrators and instructors on new teaching procedures and providing Industry sponsored driving again get our new Echlin performance tune up it s like driving a new car. Unlike any tune up you pc Ever had before because this is a Premium tune up done with the same famous Chhn High performance ignition parts that Are winning races at Daytona and other tracks from coast to coast. <napat�,chlii1 suddenly your engine has 35% More spark Energy than it s getting now. It s tuned lightning you get instant acceleration full Power All the Way starting shifting passing cruising. Plus extra dependability extra Long tune up performance. No modification on your car is needed ask your Mechanic for an Echlin performance tune up and enjoy driving Agami of he does t yet have the parts have him Call us available locally through genuine parts co. Is i 3 convenient locations 200 Steele St. Phone 885-4081 2749 n. Main phone 885-5214 885-5912 2315 s. Main phone 885-0128 885-8435

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