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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 28, 1972, High Point, North Carolina World tour answer to Pravi Oua punic across i Central american nation 7 la Boca is its port 13 idolized 14 Musseline mammals 15 hydrocarbon 16 rearing Manege 17 Bee comb. Form 18 state a 20 beverage 21 heavy weight 23 Chiquita Argentine Lake 25 hindu Jujube 26 Seine 28 ecuadoran archipelago 30 was seated 32 Point a weapon 33 attempt 34 steal 35 species 37 siesta 39 Gib lion 40 possess 42 Caroline Island 44 russian Community 45 Conger 47 poetic contraction 40 invasion 53 taciturn 55 roast Fastener 50 30 for 57 natural fail 58 playground Gadget Down 1 brazilian state 2 proficient 3 idea 4 exist 5 repair 6 revoke a ask Andy legacy 7 kind of music 8 dined 9 lieutenants a 10 Defeated 11 command 12 bewildered 19 varnish ingredient 22 squatter 24 Bellow 25 City in India 27 Garonne tributary 29 Gulf of the �?-31 Novice 35 attic 36 lambs Mother 38 communion plates 39 Golf course 41 cozy spots 43 one of three for Columbus 44 agreement 46 italian coins 48 boil slowly 50 be indebted 51 atmosphere comb form 52 doctors a. 54 Southern general i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 i 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 Quot i i 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 28 Andy lands a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Walter Jackson age la of Flat Rock North Carolina for his question what caused great Salt Lake the life Story of any Lake is a theme of precipitation and evaporation. The Clouds add water and streams Drain into it the run off from surrounding slopes. The Sun and the dry air evaporate tons of moisture from the lakes surface. This same theme prevailed through the life of great Salt Lake. However As in All lakes the Earth a climate and geography folded its features. And what they did to this remarkable Lake was something special. The groundwork was Laid when the massive Rockies were rising perhaps Many millions of years ago. This Region of Utah was in a fault zone and successive earthquakes caused a huge slab of the Earth s crust to sink Down and form a Large Basin. We can assume that streams drained Down into the hollow and there is evidence that tributaries from a Mountain Canyon carried in deposits from ice age glaciers. The evidence of More recent events is More clearly etched in the territory around the present great Salt Lake. Around its Salty shores there Are old discarded beaches massive deltas and wave washed Cliffs now High and dry and often far up the slopes. One deserted old Beach is now 1,000 feet above the present level of the Lake. Obviously a far larger Lase once filled the hollow Basin and toward the Northern end a deserted Canyon suggests that its Waters drained into the Snake River and followed with it to join the sea. In 1833, the features of this ancient Lake were surveyed by a United states army Captain. In his Honor it was named Lake Bonneville a name still used when we re referring to the huge prehistoric Lake the present Lake occupies about 940 Square Miles in Northwestern Utah. Rut a Long time ago it stretched hundreds of Miles farther South and spilled Over the Border into what is now Nevada. To it he North it reached arms into what is now Idaho and found the Channel that led its Waters to join the Snake River. We can assume that its Waters were fresh because they merely rested a while in the great hollow on int in Way from the slopes to the sea. Because the theme of Lake survival is precipitation and Eva to your Good health . We have moved to new location How Long it takes to recover by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson can you explain Why some operations have longer recuperative periods than others my doctor said it would take six months to a year to recover from removal of part of a kidney kidney stones that would not pass continued to re infect. The doctor said to judge activity by How i feel lie Down when tired Etc. I get along on less sleep now. Am doing More housework and am finishing a College course by correspondence. The it ily difficulty is explaining or apologizing especially when some feel that two months is a Long time and especially since i am feeling better and better All the time. But i am trying to be sensible. O t o. Well just keep on being sensible a and in a blessed if i see Why you should either apologize or explain to anybody. You Are. As your doctor said the Best judge of How much activity you can tolerate and if anybody tries to push you into More exertion than is Good for you Tell Mem a my doctor says i As to rate of recuperation it depends on several factors not the least of which is the Type and extent of surgery. Having part of a vital Organ like the kidney removed is a far cry from something As relatively simple As removing an appendix. If infection is present that not Only depletes your vitality hut makes demands on your system to finish suppressing the infection. If there is no infection nature heals quite rapidly. Other factors which May or May not apply in your Case Are age state of health before the operation to some Exton the Type of anaesthesia Type and amount of tissue removed. These Days and for quite some time the emphasis has been on a Early ambulation a getting a patient up and moving about As soon after surgery As is Safe. If for some Good reason the patient has to remain still for some time after the operation. A slow recovery is a Price that has to be paid for the enforced be rest and inactivity. Muscles lose their tone. And the whole human organism tends to slow Down. The longer the patient has to remain bedridden the More fatigue he is going to experience when he does Start getting around. It takes time to regain the lost muscle tone and stamina. Sounds to me however that you re doing very Well. Considering the operation you had. Dear or. Thosteson i had jaundice when i was a teenager and am now 29. I read that blood transfusions should not be taken from a person who has had jaundice and am wondering whether pregnancy would he inadvisable for fear of transmitting blood defects to the baby. A m s. No your h Story of jaundice years ago will have no effect on pregnancy nor on the baby. Relax and forget it now. Dear or. Thosteson i have been told that i must walk to help my circulation which is bad. And to keep Limber. I also have High blood pressure and am taking medication and told to be quiet to keep it from rising. Dews the 30-minute walk or other mild exercise raise blood pressure a mrs. P. S. No. The 30-minute walk will Benefit your circulation and will not raise your blood pressure. Strenuous exercise can raise the pressure a running jogging Tennis heavy lifting or most competitive sports 2605 Wharrie re. Next to Anvil Brand just off 1-85 watch for our grand opening we Are now open tues. Thru thurs. 9-5 Fri. 9-9 and sat. 9-4. Stop by warehouse sales phone 431-8113 a file site general electric National Sale Days fill we wage 2-Speed, 4 Cycle 18-lb. Washer with mini Basket and mini Quick 10-min. Cycle. 3 Wash and 2 rinse temperatures permanent press with automatic Coo Down automatic soak Cycle cold Wash and rinse variable water Levels Model de 8200n be jumbo drum dryer with automatic permanent press and a extra care cycles. 5 automatic cycles including timed dry and no Heet air fluff with extended time end oocyte signal separate safety Start swifts extra big capacity Check our prices before you buy and you la buy from us we we Holton Hodgin furniture company Jamestown . Phone 454-1429 item tied out to sea. They stayed in the Lake and its Salty Waters got saltier. Portion. We can make a guess about when old Lake Bonneville reached its prime. Cool air would slow Down its surface evaporation plenty of Runoff would fill its huge Basin. A suitably Cool climate existed toward the end of the last ice age when countless streams gushed from melting glaciers. During t h e Post Glacier period drainage was reduced and the Lake surface was exposed to thirsty desert air. The Lake shrank a and shrank below the level of the Channel that formerly drained it to the Snake River. Streams still emptied into the dwindling Lake but they did not con tribute enough Waler to equal the moisture lost by evaporation. Chemicals dissolved in the water no longer were car Sobo car Wash a Roso car Wash a Roso car Wash a Andy tends Sio. To Cheryl Bellaire age 13, of Lancaster Pennsylvania for her question Why does it Hail Only in warm weather it seems that a Strong draft of warm rising air is necessary to create hailstones though naturally several other weather factors also must he present. Hail making requires a tumultuous pocket of wild winds plus Strong contrasts of moisture and temperature. The perfect place is a thunderhead though Hail often forms in a howling Hurricane. The icy pellets grow in layers As they Are swished Between warm and cold Damp and dry Mug in parts of the Stormy Cloud the longer they stay aloft the More icy jackets they add and the bigger they grow. What keeps them aloft is a Strong up draft warmed by the summery ground below. They fall when they become too heavy for this rising current to hold aloft. On the continents Hail making conditions occur in summer when there Are Strong contrasts Between the hot ground and freezing air left. Over the oceans similar contrasts May occur in Winter and thundering Hail storms Onen occur at night. New Fau custom tailoring patterns now on display Over 500 to choose from. Double knits in stripes plaids window pones and solids. 140 n main Roso car Wash emf family store Ano Catalon order Center our pm die you. Y. Vav a Ltd that orb to Vns Itoku Rte reckon in o<4vrti�d u ovation in of i we frn Auto company scr to Ood Bot any efm not Avail Jwj Obi Berain Al unusual Tol a a or an error will a Ord re by a emt pm or que to and told a a to tale prof rut or Rex the right to Imit Quant Al a non told Tad in we a in Auto layaway now for Christmas i charge it at. A 208 n. Main phone 883-1421 Heady to Hare. I tin hides on a boys Buz Bike a a a us re re or Ner a pfc 2�?o a Imp Mem no in a Jio in num Ipi you can style your own Way a cantilever Dame and streamlined Saddle a Sale coaster Brake tor sure stops a k Ambo vant red with gleaming Chrome 11-in. Diagonal personal olm to a he sri. is non i i 011 a 20,000 volts picture Power a i a All it i Uirl i he yup reception Iipp. Lightweight i nut Able to storm w window kit. Ural in. It old out .1672 Iii. W window. Emf Mil steel Purl the or. With i or folder a. Hey i2sxi0s in. Rius or 2 $ in 45 so Inch picture tube weighs Only 14 pounds All Hannel i la a he i reception i gallon can airman f or for stole. Lantern. Soft left hot of i a s t p. Oil treat men Bedur Kurt Ion 15 or i Moll of i it ii ii second tire it amp let 2 Plater Badminton sri in la ii Rialto i Arni a a j of i. Mohr i Kun when you buy first tire at Low regular Price plus tax and Trade ins Lawn it hair. Alum a Yvo num Frame comfy a on Plaa tir Grbbin. My set mix or. I thu Bra i 4undr> j Ila-kl-1 ii a u i11&Quot&Quot i i outfit poll Laihr cd of Al 194 of .8v choose either 4 ply Nylon Coni or fibreglass belted tires. A i \ ironing Hoard set. Silo an Oatrid 4 t oter Cotton pad a a a 5 c Lur Best Selling i i by by Ion Ltd re tire. Los Davis 4-ply Nylon Cord ill added strength wrap around tread for Excel Lent tract Ion int Tira print -.-. Pill $1 81 cd. And tit to a Trad prior Phil in tit i Al cd to and a s i q4 26 tit i Lur most popular i Iberg i ass belted lire. Tough one 212 Nylon Cord plus 2 fibreglass belts exclusive a lot red lit Tira Prie flu $1 to fad. Jux a to a Trad Era flu in tir a a a. Tax and a $?098 to Quot a Tramon Aaion fluid. Anti foam. Smooth operation i quart. Arwi 29 h7a-13<> so1.1 j Hifko All Lubelia Ai Ika i Oxell w hit All tub similar Low prices on other popular sizes Broom. Tied at Croaa sewn Corn Ribera. Sturdy in Mill a i iss 99

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