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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 28, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 8c High Point Enterprise thursday sept. 28, 1972 Louisiana Gator Hunt nets 1,347 by Bill Crider associated press writer new Orleans a there Are radically conflicting views on the outcome of Louisiana a first Legal Alligator Hunt in to years. State officials deem it a Success. Conservationists see it As a new threat to the species. It was disaster for the 1,347 saurian whose hides Are now curing in Salt. The experimental season business Mirror affluence begets Money information television log movies for hotel rooms next by John Cunniff a business analyst have discretionary income they have Money left Over after paying for Basic needs and they can decide How they want to save or spend it. Naturally the Banks Are interested. In addition people Are better educated today. This does no to necessarily mean that they Are better equipped to handle themselves in the Complex marketplace of modern society Money management but it does mean that they want that once were i to know How new York apr one result of spreading affluence and its corollary consumer activism. Is the availability today of information that once was closely guarded by Money institutions. A growing number of Banks now publish for individuals the Type of bulletins reeled Only at wealthy i divid the to my nation of Money i billion duals and corporations. And Idu cat on adds Upton a a a a i. Re. That Power Underlays the there is nothing altruistic entire consumer movement a it led to the More vigorous regulatory climate and now it is fostering the disclosure of information once regarded As private. Monthly publications by Large Banks treat such diverse topics As controlling travel costs the Art and science of budgeting and calculating retirement costs. Among the tips is a savings timetable that lists the amount los Angeles apr to that must be saved per month lice sgt. Joseph Reiner was on at various interest rates to but Don Schuler vice presi night patrol when he saw a to achieve a specific goal in a this Chart illustrates the damage that inflation rates cause. It shows that if the rate of inflation was 4 per cent a year a it exceeded that in four of the past five years a the busing Power of that Money would be $8,200 in five years $6,700 in to. Have such revelations Hurt the savings institutions ardly. Savings and loan associations Are bulging because the growing financial assets of americans a More than $85 in savings life insurance pensions and the like a must be placed somewhere. Wise Consumers know tha like corporations they must have a liquidity a or Money that can be used quickly. Therefore savings. As the level of education and the availability of information Rise so also rises the number of direct shareholders in corp rations so also does the amount of life insurance. The facts Aid rather than Hurt legitimate financial institutions. Held Over 278,168 acres of coast. a1 swamp in the southwestern h a re nne Quot to Corner of Louisiana was limited to 13 Days and 64 specially licensed trappers. It ended sept. 17. The Louisiana wild life and fisheries commission says it is still evaluating the Hunt and has not decided whether another will be held next year. We weren t just out to kill a Bunch of said Ted Joanen. A commission research biologist. Millions of persons today policeman tracks Down Rabbit Dent of the new Orleans Audi Nian jump out of a car and be stated time Bon society said the sex in chasing a White Rabbit. If you wished to build up Sav Peri int had put in jeopardy after to i an explanation no a of 10,000. You would look la whole National policy of. Dnn. A k m. Down the Chart and read that protecting alligators from la in be heart Bro it of would have ,0 put Awa it notion. Ken Reiner took in tit j65 w a m0n,h or 10 years As a the lid has been listed on Uil p sliding 4.5 per cent interest poaching just when that kind of thing was being brought under Schuler said. The big problem with alligators How do you a a Harvest them without having the big reptiles hunted to near extinction Alligator hide makes handsome shoes purses belts of and thus Sells for up to $11 per n it eds help. Foot a a big temptation to the greedy. V s smart savers then May turn after six blocks he another Chart also offered and fell tearing the Elbow out by the Banks under their recent of his shirt. The Rabbit was a the truth never Hurt policy. Only to feet away but it bound. A a cd away As soon As Reiner of must Jve adv muttered something at it. Don t put a in Cap Tae. Reiner gave up and returned ters. To his car to radio a officer Quot about your clothes i _ a i you get them Back fresh As new. Dresses suits Slacks. Bring them All Here. Sorties quicker than you think launderers cleaners Tel. 882-6334 205 n. Centennial two other police cars screeched up in response to the protected against Legal emergency Call not knowing trappers As an endangered Spe what 10 a pwt 1 Hdldn a 1u"e eyes. Alligators staged a comeback in the web of bayous and canals in four million acres of swampland in Southern Siana. Know How to Tell them i was chasing a Rabbit a Reiner explained after the incident i hic tuesday. Within an hour one even with Alligator Hunting f ver it bbl a beneath a car and delivered it illegal poachers poled their. J i j to the woman. Boats into vast and Union plated marshes to Hunt a gators at night after the Legal Hunt the hides were auctioned off at $74,614 an average of $8 02 per foot although prime hides brought More than $11 a foot. Each hide was tagged by a Louisiana wild life and fish Agen with a special tag. Issued for the occasion a your tagging system will Joanen said. A a poachers might take a few hides hut How will they sell then no furrier will risk his License by buying untagged Schuler scoffed in the first place he said he Trust the state Agency to enforce the system. Reiner has become known among his colleagues As a Rabbit the Bair dinner theatre with it w Houk i As r in tilt magic stack a Don t drink the water Quot a Woody Allen a special a 8 of. Chopped sirloin r Steak a steaming baked potato with melted butter Crisp Green salad Choice of dressing 7 tasty Texas Toast thursday night is kiddie Nite. Every child under 12 will receive a free treat ask cashier 11 30 . Til 4 00 . Steak ranch in High Point a 1711 North main St i i iou . I ii a us i buckaroo f is 908 s. Main Barbecue for 4 Barbecue Slaw hush puppies All for s2.60 tax included take out Only Stamey s Barbecue High porn 885-5625 i All makes All models authorized sales amp service dealer for Admiral Quality to a also offer to and car Antenna installations All at reasonable prices. 3 i Charlies radio amp to service 12 English 885-8916 opening soon. Quot be vol Parth natural i is. Al. Cetera highpoint . 27262 919 886-43 5 by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York apr a study of better hotels across the United states shows that the average guest is about 42 years old lodges at the hotel Only two Days arid rarely if Ever goes to the movies during his stay. It Means millions of dollars Arentt spent because the weary traveler finds it too much of a bother to get up get dressed and join the line at the Bijou. Steps Are being taken to Correct this. A Young company is bringing uncut theatrical films to that traveler a room at $3 a throw making it possible for him to see such shows As a carnal knowledge 12 times a Day if he chooses. The company is trans world communications a division of Columbia pictures industries. Inc., and it pipes the film into hotel room television sets on a Cable linked to a master control Center. Columbia made the hotel study and trans world is capitalizing on the findings with a vengeance searching for what one senior Columbia executive Calls a the lost audience a that army of 42-year-old guests. This pay As you View system was developed by Bill Butters a hard charging Knoxville. Tenn., native who now is trans world president. The system made its debut last december at a posh 1,000-room Atlanta hotel spread in june to nearly 5,000 rooms at five major new York hotels and Isnit really going full blast yet. Its going to be installed at major hotels in a total of 23 . Cities. Toronto and London. Butters estimates that 160.000 hotel rooms will be wired in by the end of 1973. A hotel guest gets a Choice of two new theatrical films on two Cable channels selects one and Calls room service. It tacks $3 on his hotel Bill and relays the order to a control Center. Then the show goes on. If the guest leaves in mid movie it will be there when he gets Back. The $3 show runs from 8 a in. One Day to 7 . The next. Without commercials too. If he wants to watch commercial television he just turns the Channel. All three television networks Are watching All this with an Eagle Eye. A a we re not competing with free television a Butters is careful to emphasize. He says that among other factors the viewing audience in hotel rooms Isnit counted in the television ratings. A for another thing a he said a your experience shows that most of the people watching our system Haven to done it during prime evening a study his company made shows that Only 33 per cent of hotel viewers watched the system during what network television considers prime time�?7 . Toll . The heavy viewers showed up according to the study in these proportions 36 per cent from la . To 7 . The next Day and 31 per cent from 9 . To 7 . 6 30 anything you can do 7 00 truth or consequences 7 30 world of survival a Gap to j a my Greensboro 3 a Btu Charlotte a Wunch University station go a Gap High Point a soc Charlotto to Wols Roanoke q2 Wujs Winston Salem 4 00 . 2 Channel 2 news j news ? evening edition a Abc news a eyewitness news 55 6 of clock news 4 30 . A 3 news go soc. Of education a anything you can do a a a Abc new 7 00 . 3 Andy Griffith j news a to truth or consequences a to Tell the truth de news 7 30 . D dragnet go theater three go govt. Management 1 survival go Arthur Smith to to Tell the truth a Green acres 1 00 . Cd the Waltons ? Jean Shepherd go mod squad a to a flip Wilson 8 20 a . People 9 00 . A a lbs movie we be got it All 8 00 pm flip Wilson show 9 00 pm Ironside 10 00 pm Dean Marth show 4 00 . A Good morning show 4 30 . To on the farm 7 00 Aja. A lbs news go University of Michigan it a today 7 30 . Go morning scene a romper room 8 00 . A 3d capt. Kangaroo a Southern exposure 9 00 a old rebel 30 Merv Griffin ? Earth science go dealing for dollars movie a Mike Douglas to Phil Donahue g today at Home 9 30 . A Merv Griffin go physical science 10 00 . A the jokers wild a sesame Street 101� Dinah a place 10 30 . 5x5 new Price is right a 0 a concentration 11 00 . 13 gambit a Granny to password a toil Sale of the Century 11 30 . 2 a love of life 18 bewitched a to a Hollywood squares 12 00 noon a where the heart is a scene at noon a news a news to a jeopardy 12 30 . A a search for tomorrow go electric co. A split second to news a a who what where game 1 00 . A today a woman Judy Walker cd Betty Feezor 4 Ripples go All my children a jeopardy to a Somerset 1 30 . A d As the world turns go physical science a lets make a Deal a Ltd a three on a match 2 00 . A 3d guiding Light a math a newlywed game �10 a Days of our lives 2 30 . Edge of night go meet the arts go Hollywood to theater i the men �$5k� Ironside 10 00 . A world press a Owen Marshall a to a Dean Martin 10 30 . Go 30 minutes with. 11 00 . 3x3 news a news a news final to news 53 news sports and weather 11 30 . 3x3 late movie a Dick Cavett a a a a Johnny Carson of dating game a 0 a the doctors 3 00 . 3x3 love is a Many splendor thing a general Hospital �10� another world 3 30 . 3x3d secret storm a one life to live a the Flintstones if return to Peyton pm. 4 00 . J family affair 3 truth or consequences go i Ste Rogers of love american style a Gilligan a Island to Merv Griffin ii the munsters 4 30 . A Comer Pyle j Ponderosa 4 sesame Street 8 that girl a Beverly Hillbillies j3 i Itigan s Island 5 00 . A big Valley 6 Jeanne a Dick Van Dyke ii Ponderosa 5 30 . J i dream of Jeannie a electric co. 8 news a Andy Griffith to what a my line capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 . 2 dragnet a sgt. Friday and officer Gannon defend the police in a debate against charges of brutality ineffectiveness and ignorance. 8 world of survival John Forsythe narrates an account of the wonders of Yellowstone Park As seen by an Early Mountain trapper. 8 00 . 2 the Waltons the Walton children develop a Strong affection for a pet calf headed for the slaughterhouse. 8 mod squad Pete line and Julie witness a jewelry store shoplifting by a badly scarred Young woman. They believe that plastic surgery would prevent her from living a life of crime. 12 a flip Wilson a guest stars Are Don Knotts Melba Moore and Dan Hicks and his hot licks. 9 00 . Agent tries to prevent the vengeance murder of his Boss maj. Caldwell and finds himself the prime suspect. 12 Ironside the chief aided by a talk show Host James Gergor uses an unconventional method to trap the killer of a Young girl. 10 00 . Thursday movie 8 Owen Marshall the a a Mckenna a starring Gregory Peck Omar Sharif and Julie Newmar. A Western drama about a Man s greed and lust for Gold. Rev. Ralph Shaw John Davidson accused of wife swapping. Sues for defamation of character when the item appears in print. 8 a the men a a assignment 12 a Dean Martin a guests Jake Webster Rob Are eve Arden. Fess Parker Ert Conrada International and Lynn Anderson

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