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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 28, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers not As warm Moro data on Page 3a 88th year a no/272 High Point n. A thursday afternoon september 28, 1972 too pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c state of War ended China and Japan establish ties i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Slow demolition q. Why does it take so Long for those houses on Forsyth Street in Thomasville to be demolished they Are decaying and an eyesore and were condemned months ago. Anon. Q. When is that old House on Bassinger Street going to be torn Down. It is dangerous. Thomasville resident. A. Housing inspector James Brewer says their inspections division is quite aware of these three dwellings which Are presently under condemnation. The two on Forsyth Are in an estate and there Are Many Legal problems in contacting the proper heirs. The City manager and attorney Are at the present preparing these for Council action. The House on Bassinger is in an estate too but one of the responsible heirs has recently assured Brewer that the House will be demolished in the near future. Peking a prime minister Chou in Lai announced tonight that China and Japan have decided to establish diplomatic relations and terminate the state of War Between the two countries. A japanese spokesman said after their 80-minute meeting a your major problems have been solved. The Summit has been a the joint communique ending 22 years of hostility and distrust Between Japan and the chinese Mainland will be signed Friday morning in the great Hall of the people. Tanaka and foreign minister Masayoshi Ohira will sign for Japan. Chou will be the sole signer for China. Patrolman s killer hunted in 2 states earlier Mao tse Tung gave the chinese japanese Summit his official Public Blessing by meeting with Tanaka. The chinese communist party Leader received Tanaka wednesday night in the private residence where be met president Nixon in february. They talked for an hour and the session was described As a very Friendly and cordial. It was Mao a first encounter with a japanese prime minister in More than half a Century As a revolutionary Leader. The gesture coming Midway in Tanaka a meetings with Premier Chou in Lai was a Tipoff that the two men Are moving toward agreement on establishing diplomatic relations and working out a series of pacts which will formalize their new ties. A fourth Summit was to be held today presumably to smooth Over the rough spots in the communique their two foreign ministers and aides Are putting together. As party chief Mao is the most powerful Man in China. Chou is his second in command. Official color photographs showed Mao Ruddy faced and in apparent robust health As he Shook hands with Tanaka. Dressed in a Gray civilian tunic Mao remarked humorously that he hoped the a a fighting with Chou was Over. And he observed that once people have fought they become More Friendly. . Pilots arrive in Copenhagen after Sharp Exchange in Moscow on innocent women q. What can a Dona about someone slandering your Nama can a warrant a taken out on them . A. A warrant can be issued against anyone slandering an a innocent woman a says an attorney who adds that a innocent men Are not protected by this 1879 Law or any other criminal Law. The general statute reads a if any person shall attempt in a Wanton and malicious manner to destroy the reputation of an innocent woman by words written or spoken which amount to a charge of incontinence every person so offending shall be guilty of a Misdemeanour punishable by a Fine not to exceed $500.00. Imprisonment for not More than six months or both a the statute defines an a innocent woman As a one who has never had sexual Intercourse a a a pure woman a one whose character is a unsullied a a a woman who at the time. Was Chaste and virtuous a a a woman seduced before marriage but whose character was Good before and since marriage with this the status of a reformed women arose shortly after the Law was passed. It was decided that of a woman a at some former period in her life had departed from the path of virtue. And has satisfied the jury that she has reformed and leads an exemplary life she is entitled to the Protection of the unlisted numbers o is there a Law when your phone is not listed and you have not Siven it to anybody and you keep getting these aggravating Calls and they will Call and then hang up and we Haven t Given this number to anybody. I was just wondering if they give it away at the phone office. I would like to know How people Are getting our phone number because we Haven t Given it to anybody and we pay the Price for this phone number and i Don t think it is right. I would appreciate your finding out about it. . A. The Telephone company will not reveal a no published Telephone number under any circumstances. Once a Telephone customer confidentially gives his non published number to a relative a neighbor a business associate or any other person he is running the risk of widespread distribution of his number and being the recipient of unwanted Calls. There have also been cases where customers were careless with documents which contained their numbers which results in further circulation. A Telephone company spokesman suggests you might consider having your non published Telephone number changed and Start Over. Sound off q. Because the arts Council has office space Only we would appreciate it if action line would spread the word that there will be classes starting g0on a with excellent instructors a in various places in the Community. Starting tuesday oct. 3. Bob Robertson will have an evening class in guitar an adult evening class in painting begins thursday oct. 5, taught by Martha Hamilton and saturday mornings beginning oct. 7, classes for fifth Grade and up in paper sculpture Janice Carter and painting Ann Johnson. The classes will be held in Homes of the instructors and in churches. Our exhibits will be handled the same Way. In october a Oriental arts at the historical museum november a Fine Art Guild open show at the top of the we have scheduled a a comedy classics As a series at the Towne theatre the first will be oct. To a the perils of Laurel and Hardy and a Ben Turpin Short. There will be a menus and women so the Art of fashion show nov. 8 at the top of the Mart. A gift shop will open the end of november in time for Christmas shopping. Anyone wanting further information can Contact the arts Council a cab building rooms 611-612, 164 s. Main st., or phone 882-0710. Barbara Prober t. Roxboro no. A gov. Bob Scott today offered a $5,000 Reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer of a North Carolina Highway patrolman and pledged to use a fall the resources of this state to find him. A we want that Man a Scott said in his Reward proclamation. Patrolman Joe Wright 42, of Roxboro a was exercising the Sovereign authority of the state of North Carolinas when he stopped a car for a routine Check wednesday Scott said. Quot we will not allow that authority to be challenged a he added. Officers throughout a wide area of Central North Carolina and Southern Virginia remained on the Alert today for an old Green and White Mercury automobile occupied by three negro males. The killing of Wright occurred wednesday on a Rural Road near the Village of Helena in Southern person county. Harold Grinstead a Farmer told officers he heard Wrignt sound his Siren to Stop a car and he looked from behind a tobacco barn where he was working to see what was happening. He said Wright was near the rear wheels of the stopped car when the Driver raised his Arm and fired three shots. Grinstead said the Man then pointed the weapon at him. However he ducked inside the Bam and came out the other Side to assist the trooper As the vehicle roared away. The Farmer said he helped the patrolman to his patrol car and summoned help on the cards radio. However Wright died before help arrived. Officers said the trooper had been hit three times by .22 Caliper bullets. They said however they found four spent shells at the scene. State Bureau of investigation agents arrived in a Mobile Laboratory and made castings of tire imprints in the dirt Road. Wednesday afternoon a 1965 Ford was found abandoned off interstate 85 near Butner and officers converged there. Grinstead was flown in via patrol helicopter but he said it was not the car used in the killing. It was the first slaying of a state trooper since 1964 when two were killed in separate incidents by John Vinocur associated press writer Copenhagen a the three american pilots flew Home today Happy to be within hours of the land they left to fight a Distant War concerned about the hundreds of prisoners of War they left behind. It. Norris Charles put it sue Kintly shortly before he and two colleagues released by Hanoi took off for new York. At a Copenhagen news conference he said the american people were in fact bringing the Trio Home. Then concerning the remaining prisoners Charles told americans a if you really want to bring these men Home you can do it. Of you really want to end the War you can do it. I Call on you to help me bring the men Home. I can to feel too free when i consider the men who Are left behind in North Charles his fellow Navy it. . Mark Gartley and maj. Edward Elias of the air Force appeared to be in Fine shape As they arrived in Denmark after an overnight stay in Moscow. They had flown from Hanoi via peking and Moscow travelling on commercial planes in the company of a group of american Antiwar activists. That was an Effort to avoid any attempt by . Authorities to take the pilots into custody while in route. In Washington defense department spokesman Jerry w. Friedheim said the three fliers will be met on their arrival in the United states by a team of military officials including physicians and led by or. Roger Shields special assistant to Secretary of defense Melvin r. I Aird for prisoner of War missing in action affairs. Friedheim said their return to military control would Likely come at that time. At the new York Airport the men will be reunited with members of their families and will have a Chance to meet with Harles Elias and Gartley i r at Copenhagen news session Cora Weiss a member of the Antiwar escort group is in the background a wire photo beef prices remain High Washington a a government report today showed that supermarkets widened the beef Price Gap Between Farmers and Consumers to a record margin in August thus failing to pass along to housewives recent declines in cattle prices. The widening farm to con Sumer meat Price spread subject of White House Arm twisting of retailers earlier this month was shown in a a Market baskets report issued by the agriculture department. In August the report said the average retail Price of beef dropped 1.5 cents per Pound from a record High in july of More than $1.17 per Pound to slightly less than $1.16. But while cattle producers saw their share drop 8 4 per cent in August middlemen representing packing plants and retail stores widened their margins 12.6 per cent. Broken Down a Pound of Choice beef a major indicator for family food spending had a a farm value in August of 71 0 cents per Pound when wild in supermarkets. That compared with 77 5 cents in july. That figure is not what cattle producers get for live animals since it takes nearly 2.3 pounds of steer on the Hoof to make one Pound of supermarket beef. But the figure does represent a producers share of what the housewife spends at meat counters. Today a report showed the total Cost of a Market Basket food list theoretically enough to feed a typical family for a year actually declined slightly in August from the record $1,-322 Peak in july. The $1 decline was attributed mainly to the lower retail prices for beef and poultry. Slightly higher prices were reported for several items including pork which has been at record highs both on the farm and at meat counters. The $1,321 Index was 4 5 per cent higher than a year ago. Meantime the total spread Between the a farm value and the retail Price increased to a record High of 44 8 cents per Pound for retail beef in August from 39 8 cents in july. The press a if they desire to do Friedheim said. He said the doctors also would want to see if they require any immediate medical treatment and if so could be sent first to a military Hospital in the new York area. However Friedheim indicated that they will be Given time to spend with their families before they Are sent to military hospitals near their Homes for Complete medical checkups and intelligence debriefings in which they will be asked the Fate of other prisoners stil Lin communist hands. Elias is scheduled to go to Maxwell air Force base Hospital Montgomery Ala Charles to the san Diego Calif naval Hospital and Gartley to the naval air station Hospital at Jacksonville Fla. Charles had been a prisoner of War almost a year Gartley four years and Elias four months. They shunned political statements today. Gartley observed a a in be been away from the states for a very Long time and not All the issues Are Clear to me. But whichever policy will bring the men Home the fastest is the one i support the asked if Jane Fonda As a visitor to Hanoi had reported accurately that american prisoners of War favored the election of sen George Mcgovern Gartley said the actress was a not qualified to speak for the opinions of the prisoners of the men had a Steak dinner at a country inn an hour rom Copenhagen and watched the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace. A we Are More like tourists than pos a Charles remarked the departure of their flight was delayed More than half an hour due to a traffic bottleneck in the Airport when the fliers reached Moscow there was a name calling struggle Between the activist group and a . Diplomat entering on who would he in charge of the mens return Home. There was nothing like that in Copenhagen a the official Contact was Brief and polite. Charles told a newsman that he did not expect to be going Back on combat duty and the other two pilots nodded their Heads in agreement. Asked if he thought he would be in trouble with the . Military for his statements Charles replied a the military does not hold the truth against meanwhile reports from peking and Tokyo mentioned a communist chinese official born in Tokyo and a japanese Diplomat who once lived in China As candidates to be the first ambassadors to be exchanged by China and Japan. The reports said the two nations probably will announce the normalization of diplomatic relations before saturday and that China and Japan will Exchange envoys within six months. Welfare Compromise unveiled by Joe Hall associated press writer Washington a sen. Abraham a. Ribicoff unveils his Compromise welfare Reform plan today to carry the Senate into the heart of its debate on a giant social Security welfare Bill. While the w Elfare Reform provisions have proven the most hotly disputed aspect of the legislation it also contains social Security increases which the Senate raised still further wednesday. By a 76-5 vote the Senate adopted democratic Leader Mike Mansfield s amendment lifting the ceiling on the amount retired persons can earn without losing social Security benefits. Mansfield a amendment pegs the ceiling at $3,000 a year compared with the present limit of $1,680. Some 1.5 million persons could Benefit from the $3,000 ceiling during the first year. Despite some opposition the Mansfield proposal was debated and passed in Short order in contrast to Tho prolonged argument expected on welfare Reform. Ribicoff offered his Compromise in Hopes of defeating the rival workfare approach drafted by the Senate finance committee and inserted in the Bill. But there were indications his amendment would not attract sufficient support to be grafted onto the social Security welfare Bill As a substitute for workfare. The Connecticut senator said that in order to win he would have to construct a coalition of Liberal democrats and moderate republicans. So far president Nixon has refused to endorse such an Effort he noted. Nixon s own proposal to Deal with the problems of welfare families the family assistance plan also is expected to be offered and Defeated next week. It was included in the big Bill As it passed the House but rejected by the Senate finance committee in favor of workfare. If both the Ribicoff amendment and the Nixon plan Are rejected liberals then will strive to eliminate workfare from the Bill. The upshot May be adoption of language which would provide for a Pilot project testing the various plans. The Senate began debate on the $15.1-billion measure wednesday and its managers quickly opened a defense of the workfare Section. This plan would require Many of the parents in welfare families to take jobs provided by a Federal corporation or lose their government Relief checks. Finance chairman Russell b. Long d-la., said his committee rejected Nixon s plan in part because members thought it did not have adequate work requirements for Able bodied welfare recipients. J what s inside Bridge. Us classified ads. A Iid comics.3d crossword. Us editorials.4a financial 2a obituaries 2d sports. Lac television arc women s news Sec. B weather. A gop dinner raises $1.8 million Mcgovern enlists mayors by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer vice president Spiro t. Agnew says republicans Are com placement about the upcoming election but the Campaign Money was rolling in at a Republican fund raising dinner in los Angeles where president Nixon spoke. It was announced that $1.75 million was raised at the $1,000-a-plate dinner wednesday night at the Century Plaza hotel. The total was said to be a record for fund raising dinners. Nixon thanked the crowd of about 1,700 for Quot the biggest dinner in the whole history of sen. George Mcgovern the democratic candidate for president raided $200,000 at a $250 a plate dinner at the same hotel the night before. Meanwhile Mcgovern today named a team of 20 mayors to help develop a Long Range Urban policy. He said the election a will determine the Fate of american cities for the next two the democratic vice presidential candidate Sargent Shriver pleaded in Milwaukee for understanding of the causes of crime by Young people saying the solution begins in the Home. He said broken Homes unemployed fathers and working mothers Are a big part of the problem especially since it often Means that a the children Are allowed to run in the a those children a Shriver said a Are not responsible before the eyes of god in what they get into because when we As a society can t give them something useful to do i done to see How we can blame them when they break a window or when they steal something or when they get hooked on drugs by some Shriver was to go to Detroit today. President Nixon wednesday addressed fund raising Dinnes in san Francisco and los Angeles and was due to return to Washington today following his biggest tour of the Campaign to Date. He said his re election would mean a four of the Best years in the whole history of the unite he also cited three major goals for a second term peace in the world Opportunity and jobs for All americans and development of a firm conviction by All americans that a this is a great and Good and indeed a Beautiful Nixon said he would like to do More campaigning but he needed to be in Washington to keep an Eye on some Quot huge spending proposals which if enacted by Congress a would inevitably Lead to a taxi vice president Agnew Back in Washington following a nine state tour said he found a a great amount of complacency among republicans. A a in be done everything i can do to try to get them to realize that the most dangerous luxury in any political Campaign is As suming that everything s going Well and that everybody a out doing As much As he should do a Agnew added. He said interest should build As the nov. 7 election approaches. But when asked by newsmen if he thought the election would be close Agnew said a i done to know. In a no expert on that. That a up to you the vice president leaves Friday on a two Day trip to Florida Mississippi and Louisiana. Mcgovern who was in Washington called for a massive redirection of Federal funds from the Vietnam War to jobs housing crime prevention environmental Protection schools and Urban transportation. He was critical of the Federal housing administration say ing the Federal government today is Quot becoming the nations largest slumlords. The scandalous practices and mismanagement in Fua programs must be in other political developments a the new York times an a o u n c e d its support of Mcgovern saying a we believe he can restore a sense of purpose to the american people. And a sense of integrity in their it said the Nixon administration a appears to be without Basic philosophy without deeply held values. Whose guiding principle is expediency and whose overriding purpose is to remain in a the Ripon society a National group of progressive set gop on 2-a

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