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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 10a High Point Enterprise. Sunday september 26. 1976 Carter from Page i a saturday night. Ford told the gathering at Lutcher that he will fight for votes Quot from the snowy Banks of Minnesota to the Sandy Plains of that pointedly took in the Home states of both Carter and his running mate. Sen Walter f. Monda i e. Whom Ford described As a a the biggest spender in the Between ferry landings the president am wife Betty Tro Pedall Over the riverboat with its Captain Clark Hawley from the boiler room to the pilots wheelhouse and shaking hands with most of the too invited passengers amid the festivity however a Man collapsed of an apparent heart attack in the ship s dining room. The presidents physician or. William Lukash revived him and he was taken on a Stretcher aboard a coast guard boat that pulled alongside. The victim was identified As Percy Green publisher of the Jackson advocate a weekly newspaper. Many other Southern newspaper editors and executives also were aboard. Lukash said later the Man was a doing Ford declared at one Stop that if elected he will press for another tax reduction next year adding that Quot the kind of tax Reform that makes sense would be coupled with a reduction in Federal spending. Quot i believe the Federal government spends too much of your tax dollars he said. High Point from page2a strategy for the pro liquor store Campaign has not been set As yet. But he Felt it would include Public education Quot we want to let people know the facts what a liquor store will mean Here Quot he said the vice president of George t. Wood amp son does t anticipate any Quot mudslinging in the Campaign. Quot i was very impressed with Rev. Clegg head of the citizens for Christian action anti liquor group and i Don t think he w Ould get involved in anything like that Quot Wood said Quot problems like that come from a difference of opinion and people will always have differences of opinion. But i Don t think the Community will be Hurt by the fight for liquor stores a the important thing is were giving the people the Chance to vote on it to decide Tor themselves Quot Wood concluded socially from page2a people know what effect the liquor store will have the important thing though is to get people out to vote a ill be disappointed if a Small minority of the people decide this Issue should the people decide against Clegg and for the liquor stores the Cha s Job will not be Over its Leader said in fact it will be just beginning we need to have a Strong preventative Effort Clegg said. Quot seeking to guide people to avoid the social Pitfalls of alcohol our work will not be finished. We will just be working under a new Handicap i Haven t seen a real Strong alcohol education program in High Point a it May be Here and i apologize if it is and i be missed it but i Haven t seen it yet Quot regardless of the november outcome. Clegg says he will stay Active in High Point affairs. I just Hope to be around Long enough to become known As something other than a preacher who fights liquor Quot he said Fords running mate sen. Bob Dole discussed Campaign strategy with former California gov. Ronald Reagan at Pacific Falis Des Calif. Dole told reporters Reagan s Active support is important for a gop Victory in november a a he s very popular around the country Quot Dole said. Carter called anew in his san Diego speech for a five year agreement to halt nuclear testing for All purposes and for a voluntary International moratorium on the Purchase and Sale of nuclear fuel enrichment and reprocessing plants. The democratic nominee had noted earlier that a highly enriched uranium can be used to produce weapons and that a plutonium when separated from the remainder of the spent fuel can also be used to produce nuclear the United states and other nuclear Powers have refused to Export plutonium reprocessing plants. But the government has sold or is considering Selling nuclear reactor plants to several foreign countries Carter s aides said the nominee s Campaign work week will henceforth be shortened to an average of 4v2 Days on the average and. Few events will be scheduled past 7 . Quot he was getting tired Quot said one Carter lieutenant. 4 4 when he gets tired he gets visibly strident and goes on the attack sometimes aides said also that the former Georgia governor would return to a Basic stump speech which emphasizes the need for Trust in government and Strong competent leadership a theme he often used in the primaries rather than focusing on specific issues. Carter will continue to make Issue speeches aides said but nonetheless wants to put his earlier Campaign approach to greater use. As for the flaps Over the Playboy and a interviews one adviser admitted a a its been rough. Ifs almost painful to watch the evening news Quot but Carter attributed those problems to Quot my free expression a a tendency he said he would learn to control. A a i think my free expression of views probably causes my problems a he said. For Ford it was a sweltering humid Day on the River. The president s Blue shirt was soaked with sweat As he spoke from the upper of the riverboat then climbed Down to shake hands on the levees . Patrol boats police cruisers and a helicopter escorted the floating Campaign while bands along the Shore played Quot rolling on the River Quot and similar favourites the ships steam Calliope chimed in with a Dixie one of the president s guests on the Natchez was the wife of democratic gov. Edwin Edwards of Louisiana he s for Carter but Shes for Ford a i thank Elaine very very the president told the crowds a a we wont let her and the state of Louisiana did you know a the words of Christ shall judge us in the last Day Jno. 12 48 ? hear chrism word at the Campaign for Christ 1934 Eastchester dr., . 10 30 am amp 7 30 pm today debates from Page i a Dent by a 31-22 per cent margin. On a key question of Ford Quot not being smart about the issues the country is facing a 50-38 per cent of the voters now deny the i s charge a change from the narrow 46-42 per cent plurality who denied it before the debate moreover the 47-41 per cent plurality who disagreed that the president a has done a Good Job in bringing the country out of the recession a has shrunk to a 44 per cent standoff a definite improvement. Carter also benefited from the debate. Before it a 4829 per cent plurality nationwide Felt that he was a a lacking in but after the debate Only a narrow 45-41 per cent plurality still Felt this Way. The number of voters who credit the georgian with being a a Man of High integrity Quot Rose from 69-73 per cent after the debate. And the number who like him because he a is not part of the Washington d.c., establishment also went up from 64 to 67 per sent. On the matter of Quot having the better experience to be president for the next four years Quot Ford holds a Large 57-27 per cent Edge Over Carter. However on the Pivotal question of which Man voters Quot can Trust More in the White House a Carter is ahead by a close 39-37 per cent putting aside their views on substantive issues it seems Likely that a major Factor in the election will be How the american voters weigh the relative advantages of president Ford s Long experience in government against governor Carter s distance from the Washington d.c., establishment. But even More important May be that simple question of Trust. The tiny two Point margin suggests that the race for the White House could narrow even More in the weeks to come. The Harris Abc news poll asked the Cross Section of 1.516 Likely voters Quot for president this november it will be Between Gerald Ford for the republicans and Jimmy Carter for the democrats. If you had to make up your mind right now. Would you vote for Ford the Republican or for Carter the Democrat a Foro is. Carter trend not Ford Carter sure % % % late sept. 7641 50 9 late aug. 39 53 8 Early aug. 32 61 7 july. 27 66 7 june. 40 53 7 the Harris Abc news poll also asked Quot in some states former . Senator Eugene Mccarthy will also be on the ballot for president As an Independent. And in some states former governor Lester Maddox will be on the ballot As the candidate of the american Independent party. If they Are on the ballot in this state and you had to make up your mind right now would you vote for Ford the Republican Carter the Democrat Mccarthy the Independent or Maddox on the american Independent ticket Quot four Way contest sept. Aug. % % Carter. 46 49 Ford. 39 38 Mccarthy. 5 6 Maddox. I x not sure. 9 7 x a not asked in August highly significant is the regional pattern that has emerged in the presidential race regional pattern him four Way race East Midwest son the West Reagan offers Dole advice % % % % Carter .47 39 54 47 Ford. 35 45 a 40 Mccarthy 6 6 3 5 Maddox. I 2 2 2 not sure. La .8 s 6 on the first debate the Harris a. By poll asked a regardless of whom you might vote for in november just As far As this first debate goes who do you personally think was More effective a Ford or Carter a who most effective in debate total voters % Ford. 40 Carter. 31 not sure. 29 finally the Harris Abc poll asked a i want to go Over some of the question areas asked about in the debate. For each one Tell me who you personally think was More effective on that question a Ford or Carters a Ford is. Carter on Erst debate issues More effective to not Ford Carter a iffy. Sure % the use of vetoes by the president to keep f ederal spending Down. 44 30 8 How to handle fed eral spending. 43 36 to tax Relief for the american people. 37 40 to amnesty or Par dons for Vietnam draft resisters. 37 40 to what the Federal g o v e r Ament should do about jobs for the unemployed. 34 46 9 government pro Grams and also balance the Bud get. 34 40 14 changing the Feder Al tax system. 28 43 to How Best meet the nations Energy needs. 28 40 12 13 whether to have one party control of the White House and Congress. The real costs of each candidate s programs. Reorganization of the Federal government. The two candidates closing statements. 27 20 27 25 26 48 22 31 13 la to 17 20 30 37 30 copyright 1976 by the Chicago Tribune. World rights reserved Pacific Palisades Calif. Apr Republican vice presidential candidate Bob Dole received assurances of help and some advice on How to Campaign saturday from vanquished gop presidential contender Ronald Reagan. Dole made the pilgrimage to Reagan a Hillside Home overlooking the Pacific Ocean to discuss what role the former California governor will play in the Ford Dole Campaign. Reagan told reporters after the private 45-minute session that he Dianne for the gop ticket. Quot i m taping some commercials. I be been out on the Road now in three states in the last three Days and Well be out on the Road most of the time Between now and november a Reagan said. He also said he gave Dole some pointers on How he and president Ford should Campaign he said they should rely heavily on the news Media to get their message across in Large states especially California Quot there in t time in a National Campaign to cover a state like California. You can come Here and get some Media attention from appearances and so on but to try and meet the people in person no you be got to use the Media a Reagan said. He said this included television As Well As newspaper advertising a Reagan also said that the gop candidates should attack Carter in a places where i think Carter revealed his vulnerability in the debate the other Reagan said this was a this demagoguery about the tax Structure and so Forth. I think More and More we be got to Point out that if he finds things like the tax system so offensive then i think its time to As him which Republican Congress in the last 40 years passed that tax program we Only had a City editor appointed by newspaper Elizabeth City Cap Cody Lowe Iii has been appointed City editor of the Elizabeth City daily Advance. General manager Don Whitley announced Friday. Lowe a University of North Carolina graduate previously was news director of Wal radio m Elizabeth City. 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Republican Congress once in the past 40 Reagan who narrowly lost his bid for the nomination in a hotly contested Battle with president Ford said he believes that Ford is making effective use of Bill signings and other activities in the White House Rose Garden a a he a sure got the Best televised Rose Garden in America and he s got a lot of attention i think with the things that he s been doing there a Reagan added. He told reporters that both he and Dole Felt that president Ford had won thursday night s presidential Campaign debate. Republicans to open local base High Point republicans will open their local Headquarters at 125 n. Main Street monday at 5 . And gop gubernatorial candidate David Flaherty will handle ribbon cutting duties. A Large number of local candidates Are also expected to be in attendance according to Fred Yoder High Point Republican chairman. Read the Enterprise classifieds vote Kathy Derrick for Register of deeds paid for by Kathy Derrick new season to. 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