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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaProtagonists Square off on Abc Issue socially and religiously this is a conservative Community by Carol Wilson Utley Enterprise a wooden plaque with a Gold football player in scribed hangs above the desk of the Rev. Robert Clegg in his Reavis memorial Baptist Church office. The plaque was presented to Clegg by the Sylva Webster state 2a football champions in appreciation for his support. It serves As a reminder to Clegg of his Days As a Baptist minister in the North Carolina Mountain Community of Sylva. Clegg also carries other memories of these Are not As pleasant. They Are in fact one big reason he is now leading the citizens for Christian action in their fight to defeat the Abc store referendum in the nov. 2 election. I base part of my conviction against Abc stores Here on the personal experience i had in Clegg said in an interview this week. I know that i had a heavier counselling Load after liquor stores were voted in there in ,1967, and that was directly attributable to the availability of liquor. Because i was Able to in the privacy of these counsel ing sessions ask people if having alcohol available was the problem i Learned that Many people simply could not withstand the temptation of having liquor right at hand. When you bring liquor stores in and in High Point i Don t think we re talking about one liquor Clegg said you make it a Little easier to get a Little More socially acceptable. So for the Sake of the people who would t have a problem if they weren t tempted by the accessibility of liquor i Don t think we ought to have liquor stores Clegg has dealt with the problems he says an Abc store causes As head of the Sylva Christian action league but has t Ever been involved in a fight to keep liquor stores out. He is also new to High Point having been Here Only two years and is thus unfamiliar with the City s Long term deliberations Over whether to accept an Abc store Here. Three times in the last 20 years the Issue has been brought to a vote and three times it has been Defeated although the last time it was by a scant 335 votes. One of the weaknesses of my being head of the citizens for Christian action is my Lack of knowledge of the Clegg admitted. I know that the last time it was an awful close scramble. I d have to say right now that the mobilization of the opposition to liquor has not materialized. But then before the game coaches always bring out the crying Towel Don t he concluded with a smile. Three straight victories May have Cha forces Over confident Clegg admits but he does t think that feeling will last Long. Give us five weeks and we should be going he said. It will take a tremendous amount of work and right now there is a bit of lethargy among the anti i quor people. In fact i d say if a vote were taken today i d have serious doubts about winning it. But the next five weeks will Tell the one of the most difficult aspects of Clegg s new Posi Tion has less to do with the effect of liquor stores on the Community than with the effects of the liquor store vote on the Community. While he is firm in his conviction against liquor he is equally determined to keep the fight against liquor from polarizing the Community As some feel past votes have done. I Don t feel we should enter into this thing with malice toward he said. If you have genuine Christian Faith you have to realize you can t hate even if you re right. I think Abraham Lincoln is the Best example of this he stood for a cause he Felt strongly about that cause and he acted firmly in support of that cause but when the War was Over he said with malice toward none i Don t intend to let this be a Battle Between he added. You have to distinguish Between persons and principles and Deal with the principles. I have the feeling or. Richard Wood and or. Nolan Williams would take the same attitude. There need be no personal conflict especially among the he said. Of course we cannot totally control other people. People Are people and they do get carried away. All i can do is project what i believe is the truth and depend on my peo ple to do what s the new Cha Leader who served churches in Thomasville and Burlington before going to Sylva said his forces Are counting on a Robert Clegg Strong conservative Community to help defeat the referendum but adds he most wants the people s voice to be heard whatever it says. If there is a City in North Carolina that will keep liquor out i think it is High Clegg said. Right now it s the Only City Over in the state without liquor stores. Socially and religiously this is a conservative Community. In fact this area is a Strong picket of anti liquor feeling. Within the last year Archdale and Thomasville have both Defeated liquor he pointed out. I think High Point citizens have some responsibility to these people As Well. It s not just our Little Battle. I m sure that if liquor stores Are accepted there will be one built near Archdale and near Thomasville. We have to con Sider the influence on our neighbors this vote May Clegg said that Public education would be a major part of the Cha Campaign. We want to Lay the issues on the table in a forceful and positive he said. We want to go in and hit hit hard and solid dealing with the Issue not attaching anything to our fellow Man. We will hit with facts to let see socially on Ida High Point has been a Bootleg town for years by Carol Wilson Utley Enterprise staff writer i guess this is like a lot of other things in the com Richard Wood says matter of factly. Somebody s go to do Wood has been doing things for the High Point Community since he returned to his Hometown in 1969 the kind of things that earned him two lifetime memberships to the chamber of Commerce As Well As the Jaycees distinguished service award. But the task he referred to above is a Little different from his past service. Wood is the Leader of the citizens for a better High Point the group which con ducted the postcard Campaign that put the liquor store Issue on the ballot and which is now working to win the november referendum. He knows the Job is largely a thankless one the Post card Campaign has provided a foreshadowing of the headaches to come but Wood maintains a prosaic attitude. This is something the Community needs right he said. I Don t really expect to get any glory out of it for myself it s not that kind of thing. There were several people interested in getting a vote on liquor stores again and they came to me this summer and asked me if i d do it. Lead the citizens for better High one major reason Wood agreed to assume the task of leading the Campaign is his feeling that High Point has changed since 1968, when the last liquor store referendum was Defeated by a narrow 335-vote margin. High Point has grown up a lot in the last few Wood said. More people have realized their responsibilities As citizens. There is More Community involve ment now than there Ever was before i can see it in a lot of programs like the United Way. I think the Community has a different perspective on things now than it did in 1968." Wood s analysis is made from the perspective of one who grew up in High Point but worked in Charlotte for five years before returning to this City in 1969. He admits that should his viewpoint prove false and the liquor store referendum be Defeated it might be time to Stop the repeated Abc votes. That would be my feeling if it were voted Down this he said. But i think it will pass. If the people do vote it Down then that s the Way it should be they Don t want Wood concedes the late Start of the postcard Campaign caused him and the rest of the citizens for better High Point staff some anxious moments As they sought to collect enough names of registered High Point voters to Call for the referendum. I think the most anxious moment was the monday before we planned to bring the cards before City coun he recalled with a slight smile my wife and i had been out of town on a trip. I got Back sunday night before the Council meeting thurs Day and Nolan Williams who s been a big help All through this told me a lot of the cards were coming in with printed signatures in Stead of signed ones. We had to Start going through the cards there were 40 in the first precinct alone with printed names and Start calling people and asking them to come by and sign their names where the printed names we were a Little late in getting started and that caused a lot of the Wood admitted. If we could have gotten the cards out in june and maybe done some advertising before we mailed them out we would t have had As much one stumbling Block for the citizens for a better High Point is the people it involves. Most of them Are like Wood businessmen whose work takes up most of their time and who Are also Active in other Community projects. That does t leave a great Deal of time for liquor Campaign activities. We have a hard time getting everyone Wood said there Are about 20 people on the committee right now. And at least 50 working in the the idea of building a better High Point is not just the name of the group it is also the theme Wood uses to explain Why liquor stores Are needed Here. The name came from something one of the com Mittee members he recalled. We be helped build a better Jamestown now let s build a better High Richard woe the reference of to the Jamestown store located just the High Point cite and servicing the la Jonty of High Point who buy liquor. We look at this for a fiscal and Finan Wood said. Point needs the Moi quor store would g the Way we have it it would amount t three cents on the to we feel it s like the c tax let the people drink liquor Contr the City Wood dismisses t that a liquor store Point would increase consumption. I Don t think Pec going to drink any m because there s a list he said. Has been a Bootleg t years. I think a lieu Here would help bootleggers out of b and would offer More of liquor. Right now the who May want to by legitimately but Dor transportation to Jan or Greensboro have to their Neighb Bootlegger the Guys to the Abc store 1 Legal limit and then Wood said a d see High Point of by Forrest Gates it occurred to me the other Day when i was parting with 40 very dear friends by Way of my Check Book that that was the last time i would write that particular Check. The Check was to pay for my daughter s senior year Book fee at Andrews High a fee that somehow got inflated from the base fee of to this particular daughter is the last in a series of offspring whom i am committed by the state to see through High school. But making my final contribution to the local school system is not the Only Reward to be derived from pass ing the last of a series of three through Grade 12. A yes there Are far greater rewards than monetary after that grandest of All graduations the last. There is rest and peace and Freedom from Candy sales Ball games and Pat meetings Foi the Parent who survives. For the past 20 Yean i have had from one to three kids in City schools at any Given time. In fact i have been involved in their schools and their learning almost As much As they have. Come to think of it even More than the Middle one. For one thing having kids in school puts the Parent under a lot of pressure to attend Pat meetings. If you Don t go the kid s room does t get a 100 per cent or does t get to tour the Massage parlor or something. If you do go to the Pat meeting you miss a Batch of television commercials a visit from the preacher or the Barking of the neighbor s dog any of which is easily More exciting than a Pat meeting. Another thing is school bands. Hardly any male student Ever makes it through All the grades without getting in one. On a fairly regular basis Over a four year period Dur ing my tenure i attended band concerts nearly always held in very hot auditoriums and watched my son too the a Horn. Only once was i Ever Able to identify his too the from the horde of tootles produced by the band. He was late finishing a number in a concert before a Parent packed auditorium. His last note a clinker reverberated around the room for five minutes after everybody else was through. I figured it Cost me to hear that one sour note. That includes the Price of the Horn the Candy i bought to support the band and what i paid to the doctor to do something about my weight problem developed from eating All that Candy. I shudder to think of the countless i have sat in a cold stadium at football games watching a Bunch of on one of which occasionally encased my Ion run about the Field. I have logged so much time at wrestling matches swimming meets baseball games and other athletic events to see an offspring perform that i developed such a Case of athletes foot that it threatens to endure through the College years. In addition i have sat properly enthralled and watched my kids Little Mouths open and close As a member of a choral group at school. Fingers on both hands would not begin to count the times i spent an hour in a Busy Day waiting for one of my kids to deliver a one liner in a school play. I Learned through the years that there is no Way off this Treadmill until it All stops at the final graduation. That it Short of total rejection of the Little dears i found that the Best Way to Cope is to go off by yourself and holler dammit As loud As you can every once in a while. High Point Enterprise sunday morning september 27, 1976 Page 2a on the scene pts meet the Northeast Junior High school pts will meet Mon Day in the school auditorium. After a program classroom visitation will be held. This meeting will launch the membership drive for the group. Police explorers the High Point police explorers will have a first Nighter for new members at . On monday at the High Point police Academy. New members Are Welcome Veen the Ages of 16 and 2l. Further information is available from Dan Hodgson Community services of the police dept. Dinner meet Greensboro the Piedmont triad chapter of the Erskine College alumni Assn. Will open its solicitation for the 1976-77 Erskine living endowment Campaign on monday with a 7 . Dinner meeting at the Holiday inn four seasons. Chapter Campaign chairman Jimmy p. Miller of Oak Ridge has announced that or. Randall t. Ruble Dean of Erskine theological Seminary will be the guest speaker. New courses Lexington three courses designed for area business and Industrial personnel Are scheduled to begin in october at Davidson county Community College. A course in customer relations and sales services will begin oct. 4 and each monday night following from 7 to 9 . Bob Lyndon sales representative and production supervisor for Jiffy manufacturing co. Of High Point will teach the class. A course in communicating by letter and memo will begin oct 5. Class sessions will be held on tuesday and thursday evenings from 7 to 9 . To Browder will teach the class. Employer evaluation and interviewing will begin on see on the scene on 3a noon in the country activity is absent from this midday scene in Rural Guilford county. The Indian summer Sun reflects off the farmhouse roof and its occupants Are probably taking a Short respite from the heat and chore Side. Polo by or violence part of fairy tales what is violence for children today is a toss up question. Violence is All around them All they have to do is look and listen. Yet parents still try to shield their children from violence exhibiting a natural parental instinct. I be never understood the rating code of the movie Industry which allows children to see All kinds of blood and murder filled scenes float across the scene without be ing encumbered by a pm rating. The rating apparently United Way i the goal i i 1 pledged Only applies to explicit sex Ual scenes. There is no rationale for this. It s like saying kid Dies you May not see people in various Stales of undress but you certainly May see their Heads blown off or see them dismembered right on the for the same reason that i find this kind of rationalizing strange i enjoyed an article in the current Issue of instructor Magazine called Snow White 7 weirdos and in it the author an assistant professor of Educa Tion at the University of Missouri shoots holes in the opinion of some parents that children should not be allowed to read comic books and definitely not in school. This contradicts the theory of Many Reading experts that whatever can be found in the classroom to tune in a child to the Joys of Reading is worthwhile be it a Sears Catalon or a Captain Marvel comic Book. The author of the article was upset because As a fourth Grade teacher he used to encounter parents who thought that comic books with their violence filled plots should be banned from the classroom. Yet fairy tales which everyone approves of says the author Are As gory and violent a form of literature to be found anywhere. His examples some of which i d heard before were interesting. Take for he around by Faye Marks says the Story of Snow White. Aside from the fact that the dynamite Chick is living alone in a commune with seven weird Little men there is a pretty far out Queen who because of jealousy sends the girl into the Woods with a Huntsman who is supposed to Cut out her heart and bring it Back to the Queen in a a violent and bloody begin Ning we d All agree. Then he brings up the tale Hansel and this he says is a Nice Little tale of filial love. In the opening scene is the father a weak Guy being convinced by his new wife that the two kids Are going to have to be eliminated. They Don t have enough food in the House and the children Are taken into the Woods and left to starve or be eaten by animals. They eventually wind he says eating a House made of Gingerbread that belongs to a wicked Witch. She gets mad and locks Hansel in a Cage where she plans to fatten him up and eat him. Cannibalism is a theme you Don t often run across even in comic the old Gal gets her comeuppance continues the author because the lovable kids Cook her in her own How about Jack the giant killer he asks. Jack tricks a giant into slicing open his own stomach. And there is the tinder in which a Soldier obsessed by greed cuts off an old woman s head wraps his Money in. Her apron takes the tinder Box he was supposed to get her and goes on his Way. Also just before he marries the King s daughter he kills both parents of the Bride to be uniquely solving says the author of the article the in Law problems before they begin. There Are plenty of other bloody and violent fairy tales but children love them. And if we really wanted to shield children from Reading about blood and violence we would have to forbid their Reading the daily news paper. Perhaps what we really need to do is to teach children to be discerning about violence to decide what is real what is not what is desirable what is not. To try to teach them that there is no violence in. The world is misleading to put it mildly. When 1 think of the Many children and tee of today have Wilnes their own television s not even consider fictitious ones i Doi any reason to worry their being Exposi violence in comic i they have witness moment by moment of real assassination murder of assassins. For those who did tally View those his dramas the scenes Are part of their heritage. 1 True violence and no Book on Earth could be rival the violence of Day life. 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