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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 2i> High Point Enterprise sunday september 26, 1976school voucher attempt unsuccessful editor s note a it was assumed that parents would use the voucher program to Send their children to the school of thar Choice. And it was assumed that teachers would compete to attract students. Neither Assumption worked out. By Mahy Ganz associated press writer san Jose Calif apr these Are bad Days at Alum Rock. Classes Are starting in the City a poorest school District and the Federal government a in residence for four years to test the controversial concept of vouchers in education a is pulling out its millions of dollars and going Home. Basically dead would be a Good Way to characterize voucher says David Mandel program officer for the National Institute of education. The Institute funded the voucher program at the Alum Rock Union school District serving 15.000 predominantly mexican Arne rican students the Experiment Here the Only attempt by the Federal government to test the voucher idea was heralded at the Start As a dramatic new tactic to save deteriorating Public education. In a voucher system the government pays the parents instead of the schools. Parents Given a voucher for the amount of Money it takes to educate a child can spend it in any school they choose the idea is that schools will improve As they try to attract More voucher dollars the demise of the nearly $8 million program in Alum Hock has left most of those involved a teachers administrators parents and founders a with mixed feelings about the Effort to bring free Market economics into Public education what it brought instead nearly everyone agrees were some innovations in teaching some new ways to run a school District a Little More Parent interest in the schools and a lot of paperwork a a Well never be the same. And that s reflected or William Jefferds the school superintendent who pushed for the Federal dollars and cajoled District personnel into accepting them after four other school districts turned Down the Experiment As envisioned by economist Milton Friedman and others a voucher program would allow parents to spend their educational ious in a Public school a private school or a parochial school a each of which would charge tuition that would equal the voucher that would mean that under a National voucher program state and municipal taxes now the principal sources of Revenue Tor America s Public schools would be used to redeem vouchers at Public private and parochial schools this tax Money now goes directly to Public school districts Eliot Levinson a hand corp researcher studying the Alum rocket pediment said the idea was to give the Power to the Consumers and let the great holy free Market Loose and it will gel rid of the incompetents in the Public schools but in Alum Rock teachers were not excited about the idea of competing especially not with private and parochial schools under pressure from them and from others opposed to a True test of voucher the District and Federal officials agreed instead to offer parents alternatives within the Public schools themselves. As Many as54 Quot mini schools sprang up in the Alum Rock District offering different styles of teaching they were formed by groups of four or five teachers who wanted to work together. Three or four mini schools were located in each of the 14 school buildings where the Experiment was conducted the districts 14 other schools weren to included in the voucher program each mini school had a separate budget determined by the number of children enrolled with their vouchers. The Federal sponsors of the voucher Experiment wanted no limits on mini school enrolment so that popular mini schools would grow and unpopular ones would die. But teachers insisted on enrolment limits so that All the mini schools could survive with at least some students. In addition there was a policy of Quot squatters a guarantee no child would be bumped from his neighbourhood schools. There were mini schools that stressed individual learning Basic skills creative arts and cultural diversity to name a few. Quot it was t much of a real test of a voucher system admitted Richard reves in charge of evaluating the project for the school District. A it was a very sophisticated example of multiple option education. And Iwasa very Good example of although the vouchers Are gone As a Way to fund the mini sch ols. Many of these schools remain in a system the Alum Hock District now Calls alter native education parents still have the option to Send their children to any Itjin school in the District during the voucher Experiment an Effort was made to make the parents aware of the choices available to them the districts it out elaborate brochures that tried to explain the differences Between the various mini schools. By the fourth year of the program a the 1975-76 school year Reyes said nearly 30 per cent of the parents in the Experiment were having their children bused to schools outside their neighbourhoods to take advantage of different mini schools even so. He said few parents were taking an Active role in running the schools As had been hoped Reyes said the mini school setup caused some friction among teachers but was largely welcomed for the Freedom it gave them they Learned he said. That the modified voucher system in Alum Rock did not increase segregation in the schools As some had feared. And. Reyes said while achievement did not necessarily improve Quot in the mini schools it apparently did t drop either according to preliminary test results Daniel welter head of the Rand corp team under Federal contract to report on the Experiment said vouchers were considered in a feasibility studios in Seattle. San Francisco and Rochester and new Rochelle n y. As Well As in Alum Rock but there was fierce opposition from teachers unions and from those who saw vouchers As a left handed Way to slip Money to parochial schools bypassing the constitutional Church state separation Only Alum Rock agreed to consider the proposal further its parents pay one of the highest tax rates in the state but their tax base is Low and it is one of the state s poorest school districts. The Prospect of $7 to $8 million in Federal funds Over several years looked Good. Through negotiations with teachers and staff on the one hand and the founders on the other Randy a Levinson said. Alum Rock administrators accommodated the Federal voucher Model to an All Public system. A a it was assumed there would be two driving forces that run the system a said Levinson Quot one is consumer Choice. And Consumers were not All that interested Alum Rock parents Are conservative poor. They believe in the authority of the schools overnight they re just riot going to turn into sub Urban parents. Quot and the Otier Assumption was that teachers were going to he said but teachers liked working in groups of four and five in the min schools and resisted the kind of Competition that would have brought them Niobe students and larger classes. After four years Alum Rock this year is ending the voucher program r or. Ii the kind of program that More and More thinking parents Are seeking for their children. Jorr. Guarantees a full Day spent on Basic education within an organized Ano disciplined classroom. Err believes that learning can be enjoyable of you believe As believes that traditional education is essential a Jet la Welcome your child neat year., with Only $250,000 in Federal funds to pay for evaluations and paperwork. The new program of alternative education will allow for different learning environments and parents still will have some choices Quot said Gloria Loventhal. A Grade school teacher her a school 2000�?� mini school concentrates on problem solving for the future a we teach subtraction and addition but then we teach she explained. Some of the decentralization will remain Many decisions will be made at he individual school level but not As Many As when each voucher min school was functioning As an Independent unit. Reyes said. Tile school budgeting system this year still shows traces of voucher where the a Dollar follows the child a or the amount of Money each school gets is based on the number of pupils enrolled Carmella Woll. Who sent her two daughters outside of her neighbourhood to take advantage of programs in other schools said she s sorry to see voucher end and even sorrier that it did t live up to its Promise North Ireland s peace people trying to restore some sanity by de Blanche associated press writer Belfast Northern Ireland it p a they Call themselves Quot peace a growing group of protestant and roman catholics who have set aside centuries of bitterness and distrust to Campaign for an end to Northern Ireland s sectarian bloodshed Quot we be started a guerrilla peace Quot declared mrs. Betty Williams the 32-year-old Catholic housewife who launched the crusade in Belfast aug. To that was the Day three children a Joanne Maguire 5, and Brothers John. 22. And Andrew 6 weeks a were killed by a runaway terrorist car whose Driver had been shot dead by British troop is mrs Williams Campaign has not stopped or noticeably diminished the lighting Between protestant extremists and the mainly Catholic Irish Republican army which launched the War in an Effort to end British and protestant control Over Northern Ireland and to unite it with the Irish Republic in the South but she and her swelling army of supporters Are determined to end the feuding in which nearly 1.700 men. Women and children have died we re waging psychological warfare against the terrorist son All she said Quot they won t know who their friends Are any More Quot Well isolate them in the Community we want to show them they represent no one in the last few weeks she has brought an estimated 100.000 people out into the streets to March for peace support grows every week. The response has surprised government officials and others who a month ago predicted the peace people would fad away just like earlier campaigns Quot when they started i did t rate their chances very High 1 a senior British official commented Quot now i m not so sure but it will take a hell of a lot More than peace marches to bring the violence to an end Quot rut Betty Williams tactics Are More hard nosed than other efforts Quot we plan. Whenever possible to physically Stop terrorists and rioters from doing their worst she explained Quot we plan to have peace groups on every Street of every town we be already got nearly 60 groups Active across the mrs Williams warriors have gone out into the streets armed Only with 5-cent whistles they blow to summon support when trouble starts four Hundred of them this month braved barrages of eggs potatoes and buckets of water to rout rampaging teen agers in Belfast s Shankill Road heartland of protestant Militancy Catholic women in the turbulent Falls Road Section prevented Ira supporters from hijacking buses a few Days earlier there have been a dozen incidents like that but its greatest achievement has been to bring protestants and catholics together to break Down the barriers of religion and politics that have divided them for 500 years Quot we be made mrs Williams declared when she led 20.000 Catholic woman into Shankill for a Riant peace rally last month they were embraced by tearful protestant women Many of the women said it was the first time in a decade that they had crossed Belfast s invisible sectarian Frontier airhead Corrigan mrs. Williams a partner and aunt of the Maguire children said. A your aim is to Weld one Community out of the two fear has kept us apart All these years but now that s crumbling the crusade has sparked similar peace drives in the neighbouring Irish Republic and Mainland Britain messages offering support and assistance pour into the peace Peoples Belfast Headquarters from organizations and individuals around the world labor chiefs Community leaders businessmen and newspapers have publicly backed the crusade William Cardinal Conway. Ireland a Catholic primate and leaders of the country s Wain churches praised the women s a courage and imitative and appealed to All Irish christians to give them Quot massive practical and open support the campaigners also have been attacked by extremists on both sides. The Iha s provisional Wing has vowed Quot we will not be deterred by the hysterics of the peace at any Price brigade Quot the Rev Ian Paisley a militant protestant Leader branded the women a spurious instrument of the Catholic clergy Quot and urged his followers to ignore them but there Are indications that the terrorists on both sides Are becoming uneasy As the peace movement gathers momentum Security authorities reported that the number of people using the confidential Telephone system through which they can give Anonymous ripoffs to police has in creased considerably since the Campaign began a senior police officer noted a More macabre statistic 40 men have been Quot knee capped a shot in the Knees by gunmen meting out the Terriss traditional punishment for informers or Rule Breakers a since mid augus that is As Many Kneecap pings As in the first seven months of this year an authoritative source in palls Road a provisional stronghold said 12 of the victims were Ira activists who tried to quiet the movement Atter the peace Campaign began Quot they were crippled As a warning to others who May want to get the source said a the Ira had to make an example of them the women too. Have been branded by the Ira As traitors and British collaborators thugs tried to Burn Down Betty Williams Home in the Catholic Andersontown suburb other campaigners have had their windows smashed tilth poured through their Letterboxes and paint splashed on their Homes they have been spat upon in the Street mrs Williams says Quot i m scared to death but we can t let go now. Not alter we be encouraged so Many people to take the risks and oppose these animals we will not be scared into silence again How Well prepared is no to give defense from Page to \ to s defences at the Middle of the Southern Hank and giving the Warsaw Bact forces their first pea i toehold on tilt Shore since the russians were in it of out of Egypt the soviets can t get at Italy without coming through Yugoslavia if Tho Dies and they go Over to hard line Warsaw pact we re not going to have any warning time Well have to get Back to the drawing Board and change our Way of thinking Quot says maj Gen Ray Robinson chief of staff of the Allied air forces in Southern Europe n Ato s most pressing problem on its Southern flank besides seeking a More stable political situation among the member nations is reinforcements arriving quickly to meet a crisis Quot sure Well have enough Over the 30-Day Perikl after War starts but what about the first two or three Days Quot Robinson asks in recent months the question of How quickly reinforcements could arrive has been the most crucial and controversial in the whole nato picture the time juror began with the disclosure of a nato study by a belgian general detailing How the Warsaw pact nations attacking out of fast Germany with 20 soviet and six fast German divisions using Only conventional weapons could be across the Elbe in three hours and across the Rhine in two Days while the nato allies went about mobilizing their reserves under Complex National criteria or waited for the president of the United slates to unfurl the nuclear umbrella the report by maj Gen Joseph close. Bien Deputy director of the nato defense College in Rome pointed out that some nato key elements such As the dutch corps. Which is normally 200 Miles from its Forward defensive position would take 24 hours to get to its Battle stat Ion during that time the report concluded soviet paratroopers and commando units would have penetrated deep into West Germany their Way prepared by 16.odo undercover agents seizing and destroying Early warning systems Forward Headquarters radio and television stations the report was ridiculed As out of Date and a Mere Homework exercise until German air Force general Johannes Stem off former chairman of nato s military committee Cattie out with a Book reinforcing close s conclusions making the Point that nato forces have become dangerously and increasingly inferior in All categories while a higher proportion of the Warsaw pact ready troops really Are ready especially on the North German Plain where nato is weakest and Russia strongest Stem off scorned the american Quot big lift Quot policy of flying in reinforcements to contain a massive attack nato s Manifest weaknesses some of them As old As the Alliance itself have been offset to some extent by some recent pluses russian adventurism in Angola has helped a number of defense budgets through Legislatures despite rising arms costs and the european recession Portugal is Back in the picture privy to All secrets again after a close Call with a communist take Over France pulled out of the military end of nato to years ago but its Navy has moved Back into the Mediterranean replacing the British and unofficially backing up the . Sixth Fleet Britain and Iceland have ended their cod War. Reducing left Wing pressures to close the important submarine reconnaissance base at Kef Lavik despite Warsaw fact superiority in numbers on the line in Central Europe 900,000 troops. 19,000 tanks and 2.900 lighter bombers against 625.000 troops 7,000 tanks and 2.300 tactical aircraft a nato still has the advantage with better equipment especially a smart laser Range finders ballistic computers and other tank killing systems and More experienced troops troops have combat experience in Vietnam Britain in Ulster Portugal in its colonial wars the turks from the Cyprus invasion the soviet Navy still lacks a major base in the Mediterranean Many of its vessels Are Small auxiliary Craft darted in tonnage by both the French and the sixth Fleet a few Days after the Kiev passed into the Atlantic through the Straits of Gibraltar the Mediterranean was visited by the Carrier Nimitz and the guided missile cruisers South Carolina and California All nuclear surface ships Quot the weakness of the soviet Navy lies in the men who Man asserts capt John Moore editor of a Jane s fighting ships and former Deputy director of Royal Navy intelligence Quot conscripts and officers whose training lays More emphasis on technology than tactics Quot the soviets still must keep 500.000 of the troops and a huge Arsenal of weapons tied Down on the China Border the sudden appearance of multiple warhead nuclear missiles along the German line might not indicate an offensive posture so much As a sign that some ground units have been withdrawn to the Eastern front the differences and weaknesses among nato members As Gen Haig from Page id the latter remaining ignorant of interlining invisible Ink and sending the letter i will write myself to the Friend to give occasion for a reply he said the letters could talk about any nonsense the Friend was Peggy Chew in a Nogent Pawn Andre and Arnold continued negotiations until late september of 1780 when Andre was captured near Tarrytown. N y after he had met with Arnold and had obtained details of the defences of West Point Andre was hanged As a spy to Days liter at Tappan n y when a messenger brought word to Arnolds Headquarters that Andre travelling under an assumed name had been captured Arnold went upstairs to Tell his wife that the plot had failed he then told his unsuspecting aides he was leaving for West Point across the Hudson to get ready for the imminent arrival of Washington. Mrs Arnold became hysterical. Col Richard Varick who by been asked by Arnold to leave Hackensack. Constantly argues Are less important than the common goals and the Reliance upon each other that draws them together despair Over the shortfall in conventional ground forces on the european Central front could Lead to too great a Reliance on the nuclear umbrella and t Ramg to match the Sov n j to be his Secretary tried to Comfort her to him she screamed general Arnold will never return. He is gone gone he was. Fleeing to a British ship in the Hudson he sent Washington a letter asking Quot your Protection for mrs. Arnold from every insult and injury that a mistaken vengeance of my country May expose her to she is As Good and innocent As an Angel and is incapable of doing wrong Arnold asked Washington to permit her to join her family in Philadelphia or join him Quot As she May Washington believed her innocent and let her go. With an escort to Philadelphia there she was ordered by the supreme executive Council of Pennsylvania to leave the state within two weeks her father took her and her son less than a year old. Through the american lines to a British Post in new Jersey she then joined her husband in new York Arnold led British expeditions in Virginia and in his native Connecticut where his troops burned new lets gun for gun could put tomorrow s technology beyond nato s economic grasp natos biggest readiness problem these Days is the readiness of its members to pay the modern High Price of deterrence London in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson then governor offered a Reward for his capture. Arnold was reported to have asked a prisoner Quot if the americans should catch me. What would they do to me0&Quot the Soldier s reported reply Quot they would Bury with in i i i t Ary honors the leg wounded at Saratoga and hang the remainder of you on the Gibbet a after Cornwallis surrendered. Arnold sailed with him in 1781 on a warship to London Peggy with her two children the second Only a few months old sailed on a private ship Arnold of whom it was once said Quot there was always the desire for dabbled in Commerce in Canada and the West indies but was Ever in debt Peggy visited her family in 1789 in Philadelphia where friends treated her cooly she returned to England Arnold died there june 14, 1801. At the age of 60. Peggy who had been Given a pension by the British government paid off his debts before she died of cancer three years later. Aug 24,1804. She was Only 44 Arnold s wife involved in plot

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